Revealed Cast for Gigi Leung’s Summer’s Desire Movie

This is an odd turn-out. On the one hand, the new actress previously confirmed to play Yin Xia Mo in the movie adaptation of Ming Xiao Xi‘s novel, Summer’s Desire, is officially out and another new face is in. On the other other hand, the rumored boys to join are now confirmed in their respective roles. Unexpected. Well, let’s meet the full cast on their beautiful filming locations! Acting-wise, I’m very worried. They look so bubbly!


Gigi Leung as the producer of this movie production.

 photo Desire 28.jpg

From left to right: Him Law, Gigi, Huang Can Can, and Jerry Yan Yu Hao.

 photo Desire 33.jpg

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The leads. Him Law will play Ou Chen (Peter Ho’s role in the drama), Huang Can Can plays Yin Xia Mo, and Mr. Sunny Boy, Jerry Yan Yu Hao as Luo Xi. I don’t know, I think he’s naturally too bright (and cute!) for Luo Xi’s dark and dangerous vibes!

 photo Desire 29.jpg

Pictures of the filming locations. Such nice and cozy places! I want to live there!

 photo Desire 27.jpg

 photo Desire 26.jpg

 photo Desire 25.jpg

 photo Desire 24.jpg

 photo Desire 21.jpg

 photo Desire 22.jpg

 photo Desire 23.jpg

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  1. 4 thoughts on “Revealed Cast for Gigi Leung’s Summer’s Desire Movie

    waaahh, my focus in on the house, it looks super ordinary outside but very nice and looks warm inside..

    i only know Him Law, watched some of his movies and dramas with Rong Ng.. i like the drama version and i used to ship Luo Xi and Xia Mo, i always fall for a pitiful 2nd lead, haha.. but i know, xia mo will ‘always’ end up with ou chen.

    • 4 thoughts on “Revealed Cast for Gigi Leung’s Summer’s Desire Movie

      Isn’t it so pretty? I want to live there but knowing how messy I am, I don’t want to ruin the perfection of it.

      Me too. Second lead syndrome always gets me. =(

  2. 4 thoughts on “Revealed Cast for Gigi Leung’s Summer’s Desire Movie

    The new girl hopefully can convince us with her acting because I am sorry to say she’s currently lacking the cold beauty look that is associated with the character. Xia Mo had deep mesmerizing eyes.

    She reminds me a bit if this other actress in New Reincarnation that I don’t know the name of.

    I have not liked anything I’ve seen Him Law in. Hopefully he does well because Peter’s character was the only one I fell for in the drama.

  3. 4 thoughts on “Revealed Cast for Gigi Leung’s Summer’s Desire Movie

    I really cannot imagine a better trio than Barbie, Huang Xiaoming and Peter Ho. Tee guys were so prefect for each character. It did not feel like acting at all, all three pulled off a intense romance drama. I did hope Xia Mo ended with Luo Xi but Ou Chen love for her was deep from the start at 14yrs old.

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