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On The Wings Of Love~

So now it just seems like I pop in here when there’s anything Jadine related to be had. This is a false assumption T__T I’m just too exhausted to watch things *pout*

Anyway, Yui showed me a new Jadine (read: James Reid and Nadine Lustre) show, and of course, it was the cutest thing ever. But apparently, frea isn’t feeling it, so today’s mission is to convince her (and you all) that YOU. NEED. TO. WATCH. THIS.

If you’re one of those people who are going (゚ロ゚) !(゚ロ゚) !(゚ロ゚) ! 100 EPISODES NUTTIE NO NO NO: In full disclosure, I literally watch ONLY the Jadine moments (and the recaps) so one episode takes me anywhere between 5-15 minutes depending on how many Jadine scenes are there. So this means this is a show that I can actually watch~ And if I can do it, so can you~

So what is On the Wings of Love (or OTWOL, as it shall now be called)? It’s a teleserye from the Philippines, currently slated for about 100 episodes of about 25 minutes each (barring the pilot). It’s basically the product of (what I suspect) were a bunch of fanfic writers going: Listen, dude, we need to make One (1) drama, where we just have fluff, and we need to use all these tropes.

And the director just said:

Here’s a quick trailer….

….and summary (courtesy of Balthyzars) : basically this girl Leah is goes to the U.S. bc she wants to work there/provide a better life for her family (her dad & sister & nephew). she promised a bunch of people important to her that she’s not gonna be a TNT (which stands for Tago Ng Tago, which literally just translates to “keeps on hiding” in english so i think you get the idea that it means illegal immigrant & that Filipinos have a weird sense of humor) in the States but her visa’s about to expire (oh no!) so her ex-boyfriend’s mom (this is an Important Plot Point) suggests that she marry a citizen to get a green card. at first Leah’s like “!!! but??? (to the tune of that Legally Blonde the Musical song) what about love????” but basically she’s out of options sooooo. AND THEN said ex-bf’s mom Tita Jack gets this incredible lightbulb idea and is like “why don’t you marry my nephew aka your ex’s cousin so that it’s not weird???? because that’s not weird at all???? ” the guy, Clark, also has his own Important Backstory but we don’t really have time for that rn. SO SHE MARRIES THE GRUMPY LITTLE F****R and at first they HATE each other like they keep getting on each other’s nerves like she throws a f****** cockroach at him but of course they have to pretend that they’re ~madly in love otherwise Leah gets deported and Clark goes to jail. and i’m sure you’ve read enough fanfiction to know how the story progresses from there.

So, here’re some of the tropes that one can see on OTWOL:

I swear this is diabetically cute!!! Why isn’t everyone watching this???

Ok, ok, you know what? I DARE you to watch this *last ditch attempt*

I mean…



To watch and/or download with english subs, head on over to dramanice~ They have a download link under every individual episode’s video~

Credit for gifs goes to OTWOLgifs, BALTHYZARS (who has some hilarious text posts that I may have err… grabbed convincing material from, as well as some well-written pretty stuff), and FyeahKimmychiu

Give me lots of comments too, btw~~ Preferably about how I’ve wrecked your life with this show~~ I mean, it’s not like I’ve wrecked mine… not like I’m making this post secretly while I’m at work or anything *cough*

And if it’s alright with Kappy, we can make this a discussion post where we spazz about the show! READY, SET, GO!

  1. 16 thoughts on “Nutella’s Recommendation Corner 2~

    Awww Nutella, the effort you in to compile the pictures and links deserve appreciation! I promise to give it a try.

    Not a problem turning this post into a DC. 🙂

    • 16 thoughts on “Nutella’s Recommendation Corner 2~

      Aww thankoo Kappy *hug* I worked veeerrryy hard on this post, you should definitely watch this *cough*

  2. 16 thoughts on “Nutella’s Recommendation Corner 2~

    I had no idea this existed. Looks great so now I love you!

    • 16 thoughts on “Nutella’s Recommendation Corner 2~

      Hahaha, thank you~~~ I hope you enjoy it as much as I am~~

  3. 16 thoughts on “Nutella’s Recommendation Corner 2~

    Nutella you should do more of this i been missing out a lot of pinoy teleyseyre.

    • 16 thoughts on “Nutella’s Recommendation Corner 2~

      Omg vy, I want to do more of these too, but recently I’ve just had sooo little time, and nothing’s really caught my eye… maybe after so many years of drama watching I’ve finally become jaded or something, but I really can’t get into stuff *pout* Which is why this show feels so special to me~ Something was finally able to reawaken my drama senses and get them tingling~

  4. 16 thoughts on “Nutella’s Recommendation Corner 2~

    This drama is so cute! Well, only the parts with the main characters. The other parts, especially with the girl’s ex-boyfriend is so boring. I just skip to OTP.

    But thanks for this recommendation!

    • 16 thoughts on “Nutella’s Recommendation Corner 2~

      Haha, ee, I do the exact same thing~ The OTP is adorable, you only really need to watch them~

  5. 16 thoughts on “Nutella’s Recommendation Corner 2~

    @Nutella how does this differ from any other enemy to lovers story/series though? Don’t get me wrong it’s a pretty cute series … well the ex- is more problematic for my taste. Other than that I’m not seeing the series breaking new ground. When the two actually give into their feelings (more so than what they’ve done so far) I’m not seeing any conflict arising as a result of their fake marriage turning real. The ex-‘s mother/Clark’s aunt will be grouchy for sure but her hang up is going to be keeping her son around and re-building her family with him so pacification at best or “hook him up with someone better…”.

    While the series initially is about the “American dream/coming to America” does anyone actually see Leah/Clark ditching America for a permanent return to the Philippines/Manila?

    • 16 thoughts on “Nutella’s Recommendation Corner 2~

      Heya semi-fly~ So, for me, the difference isn’t so apparent on paper, but rather, in the vibe of the show. The show feels much more homey and cozy compared to the glossy Korean and Japanese dramas.. if I were to make an analogy, it feels like a very well-written fanfiction as compared to a professionally published book.

      I personally liked the series because it makes me smile without giving me a headache/angst… my personal 15-minute daily pick-me-up pill ^u^ And honestly, I’m so exhausted every day that it really doesn’t matter to me whether the series is breaking new grounds or not. I just want to turn my brain off for a little while ^u^ Think of it as fluffy cotton candy.

      And honestly speaking, I kinda like this way better. I’m a bit tired of the contract marriage trope where they’re constantly at each other’s throats, and then a 3-minute montage changes that. I mean, those are fun in their own right, but change is good too na?

      I can foresee the aunt being an obstacle, but I think more than that, the ex himself is a problem. Previews show him to be in America, so that’s going to be a huge pain. Actually, I was thinking it might be the opposite way round from what you said.. Rather than taking the America-based cast to the Phillipines, they might switch it around to bring the dad to the US, because of his heart condition (so that he can receive American healthcare).

      Alternately, they can just make him have the surgery in the Philippines, and make Leah&Clark go there, presumably to take care of Leah’s dad? And that way there’ll be more area to show Clark’s homecoming (since he hasn’t gone to the Philippines since he emigrated).

      The show can go anywhere, honestly speaking.

  6. 16 thoughts on “Nutella’s Recommendation Corner 2~

    salamat nutella.. i really enjoy watching it, but i havent watched ep 24-25 cuz kinda busy… (gonna read recap on soompi 🙂 )


    @semi-fly emm.. that’s my question also.. i wonder, will they stay there and bring their family or.. back to manila emm.. that’s why i keep watching 😀

    • 16 thoughts on “Nutella’s Recommendation Corner 2~

      Walang anuman po~~ Aiiieee go watch episode 24-26, they are so goooooooddd~~~ Plus Clark says something really cute in episode 26… go read the recap~~~

      • 16 thoughts on “Nutella’s Recommendation Corner 2~

        i read it.. ranxie from soompi recap it well so i could imagine here and there.. ^^

        last nite watched ep 24-25. recommended it to my close friends and they asked “no rich man poor woman?” you know, kdrama stereotype.. i told them this drama is one of realistic dramas ever! im glad that the main leads are only ordinary people who pursue their dreams and happiness. i think, i’m gonna make a review after 50 episodes haha.. i rarely make a review half way but this drama worth it. so i hope, it wont turn to ‘makjang’ kind.
        im glad that in this 26 episodes, the PD showed us so many heartwarming scenes and lovey dovey between our leads.. even i found jiggs irritating but his conversation with his mom was one of my fave.

        im glad in this ‘individual’ era, we still find some good neighbors who will help each others. that’s so sweet. no bitch* in this seri, so i like it.

        i saw a pic of james and one ‘future’ cast, i dont know when will she appear, but im so scared for leah.. haha she’s so beautiful and aahh hope she’s not the 3rd party, 4th or else.. hehe

        oops, i wrote so many things haha

  7. 16 thoughts on “Nutella’s Recommendation Corner 2~

    Nice write up! It’s good to see OTWOL getting Love from all sorts of corners of cyberspace. ? If I wasn’t on board this crazy addiction already, your post would surely get me hyped to start! ?

  8. 16 thoughts on “Nutella’s Recommendation Corner 2~

    This show has ruined my life. I follow a blog on tumblr called iwishmylifewereadrama and they kept reblogging gif sets from the show, so I decided to check it out without knowing anything except that it was called OTWOL and I was hooked immediately. The show doesn’t pretend that it’s breaking new ground or anything, they serve it up as it is “a sweet, good vibes” rom-com that is full of heart. It’s the most sane drama I’ve come across from the Philippines, nobody is outright evil (and the closest we get is Jigs but I’m hoping the writers will mellow him out and have him build a relationship with his mother), the lead heroine doesn’t need saving from a rich hero instead they’re both from the same “social class” working overtime to help provide for their families back at home and despite their initial hiccups and whatnot they’ve overcome it, now becoming each others support system.
    I personally don’t see them returning to the Philippines anytime soon, especially from the pictures of them filming recently, they’re very much still in the U.S.

  9. 16 thoughts on “Nutella’s Recommendation Corner 2~

    I saw this twitter page about Jigs @BeastmodeJigs and the description says: angry at everyone except for Leah. The only OTWOL character liked by all the world’s angry people. Lol

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