26-minute trailer for The Legend of Mi Yue with Liu Tao and Sun Li

Wow. The levels of women power in this drama is no joke. From the same team that brought us Legend of Zhen Huan (Empresses In The Palace), The Legend of Mi Yue features a solid line-up with Sun Li, Liu Tao, Jiang Xin, Ma Su, Alex Fong, Huang Xuan, and Gao Yun Xiang. They are expected to stir up a storm this Christmas. Are you ready to give up your presents and gift-wrapping time to pull some hair (hopefully not your own)?


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Adapted from the novel by Jiang Sheng Nan, the drama details the legendary life of Mi Ba Zi, a young girl who lived in Chu during the Warring States period. She was sent to Qin as a concubine and part of her sister Mi Shu’s dowry, separating her from first love Huang Xie. Ying Si passes away while his sons are still battling for the throne, and ultimately, Ying Dang comes out as the successor. Mi Yue is banished to Yan with her son. However, Ying Dang suddenly dies, leaving Qin in a state of chaos. Mi Yue enlists the help of Yi Qu of Xiongnu’s army, successfully returning to Qin, suppressing political revolts and instates her son Ying Ji on the throne. Thus, Mi Yue became the first Empress Dowager in China’s history. [Credit: Wiki]

Sun Li as Mi Yue and Liu Tao as Mi Shu. They are sisters and when Mi Shu marries the Emperor of Qin – Ying Si (Alex Fong), Mi Yue becomes a consort.

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Alex Fong as Emperor Ying Si.

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This is a very creepy picture of Sun Li (to me.)

 photo Mi 21.jpg

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Mi Yue and her childhood sweetheart, Huang Xie, played by Huang Xuan (Imperial Doctress). He went missing after saving her and falling over a cliff. As always in wuxia/period dramas, falling over a cliff means that the person will show up later unharmed. Heeee!

 photo Mi 18.jpg

I can’t take you seriously with the crooked bun, Mister. Lol!

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Ma Su as a petty character. Always scheming to break the bond between the sisters.

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Jiang Xin as Concubine Ju.

 photo Mi 5.jpg

Love the blue dress below. She’s so tall. XD

 photo Mi 16.jpg

Mi Yue with her boy man from the tribe, played by Gao Yun Xiang. She enlists his help to return to Qin and become the Empress Dowager. Hmm, then what happens to our man here? She ditches him afterwards?!!

 photo Mi 2.jpg

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Finally, Zhu Yi Long as Mi Yue’s son, Emperor Ying Ji. I find this so funny.

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  • Directed by Zheng Xiao Long (Legend of Zhen Huan) and written by Jiang Sheng Nan (author) and edited by Wang Xiao Ping (Legend of Zhen Huan), The Legend of Mi Yue has a whopping 80 episodes and premieres on November 30th on Beijing TV.
  • I don’t know, I think palace dramas are not my thing anymore, unless they are funny. These are some capable actresses and I do wish they can stretch their acting in these roles.

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  1. 9 thoughts on “26-minute trailer for The Legend of Mi Yue with Liu Tao and Sun Li

    Lol the pic of Sun Li that you said was really creepy, I thought that it was the evil queen (Mao Lin Lin) from Lan Ling Wang from before she was queen (in the flashbacks when she was still a serving maid person). Doesn’t she looks exactly like Sun Li in that pic from the dress to the hair to the smile.
    Also, loving the actresses (the premise, not so much), but what’s with the costumes? When the female characters become evil and powerful (Sun Li, Ma Su), they don the red lip, and most importantly, the crow frock! Mi Yue gets this outfit lined at the shoulders with wispy black stuff (with Ma Su in the same crow design in the back) and later in Ma Su’s pick, she gets a shiny black fur wrap…And there’s a lot of yellow red black going around. This costume design doesn’t really look very realistic…

    • 9 thoughts on “26-minute trailer for The Legend of Mi Yue with Liu Tao and Sun Li

      hahah XD She looks like she could pull out a blade and stab you while smiling. But yes, the evil queen!

  2. 9 thoughts on “26-minute trailer for The Legend of Mi Yue with Liu Tao and Sun Li

    Girl power indeed! But how come Jiang Xin is barely seen in the trailer? Her face only appears by the end of the trailer. Glad to find out Sandra Ma is in too! I hope this one doesn’t have too many episodes (like 70s. I’ll probably skip it, esp if it isn’t subbed). PS: Sha Jiejie’s peacock fan timetravels to the palace 😉

    • 9 thoughts on “26-minute trailer for The Legend of Mi Yue with Liu Tao and Sun Li

      With 80 episodes, I think she will have more scenes but might not be playing an important role in the grand scheme.

      Good eyes for catching Sandra Ma! I only skimmed through the trailer. She looks quite older wearing darker robes.

  3. 9 thoughts on “26-minute trailer for The Legend of Mi Yue with Liu Tao and Sun Li

    I don’t usually watch harem dramas but I’ve always been fascinated by the styling and the clothes. On one hand, soooo pretty, on the other hand, just looking at them makes my neck hurt. Lots of hair, always up in complicated hairstyles, heavy decorations from gold and jewels. Chronic neck pain must have been hell to deal with.

    • 9 thoughts on “26-minute trailer for The Legend of Mi Yue with Liu Tao and Sun Li

      No one beats fan Bing bing though as empress, I felt like her head might Crack!

      But that to this story, I dont know why they are making sun li basically playinh the same role again? Fighting with different womem for the kings affection again? Her acting seems very unnatural here, as if they are trying real hard to look young for their roles. With 80 episodes they could have asked a younger actress to play when shes young.

      • 9 thoughts on “26-minute trailer for The Legend of Mi Yue with Liu Tao and Sun Li

        IKR, her hair probably had its own gravitational pull :))) Although, tbh, I don’t think it was FBB’s biggest problem. She must have been boiling inside the bulky clothes when she was in her empress regalia. These costumes probably weight a ton.

  4. 9 thoughts on “26-minute trailer for The Legend of Mi Yue with Liu Tao and Sun Li

    Does the emperor’st chief eunuch from ZH get to be in this one? I loved that guy.

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