The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 33 – 36 “Reckless actions.”

Much better than last week’s episodes because events finally escalate to one climax of the story and we get some truths of the big picture as well. You know what they say, the road to Hell is paved by one’s love for Bai Zi Hua good intentions. Everyone wants to protect and save him despite the costs. And I will throw out Spark’s epic question: Do the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few…or in this case, the one?

Episode 33 Summary:

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After being caught by a Chang Liu’s disciple with Shifu lying on top of her, Qian Gu tries to explain it’s not what it looks like, but he’s adamant on her seducing their Holy Virgin Sect Leader. Having no other choice, she knocks him unconscious and runs to Dong Fang’s room and discovers that he’s left for Shu State already. Truly alone with no one else to turn to, Qian Gu uses her Pinky Whistle for the first time and we cut to Seven Murder Faction, where Sha Jie Jie broods in his royal chair. If you’re that bored, go visit Bai Zi Hua and you two can braid each other’s hair. Lol.

Our demon lord perks up with worry and arrives to check on her. She begs him to help her and promises to tell him the whole story when all is done with. She then wipes the piece of horrifying memory from her senior brother’s mind and proceeds to remove the shameful conduct from Zi Hua as well. “All the sadness and painful memories, it’s best that you forget them.”

Then she steals Shifu’s deity devices. He has a lot!

 photo Bone33-11.jpg

Zi Hua wakes up looking more sickly than before and has now developed cute panda eyes. LOL. He holds his head and wonders why he can’t remember what happened during the day and his mind wanders to the possibility of Qian Gu’s visitation.

 photo Bone33-10.jpg

Locating Qian Gu sitting by herself on the steps, Tang Bao skips over and shyly relays Shi Yi’s confession to her mother. Aww. He really likes her and wants to take care of her for life. “Even if Shifu (Mo Yan) kicks me out of Chang Liu, I still want to be with you.” Hmmm, this story sounds familiar.

Shi Yi even has the courage to kiss her cheek! DRAMA, YOU CUT OUT THE CUTE? Ughhh. What’s the point of uncut if you’re gonna cut out light and fluffy?

Qian Gu hugs her close, happy that her little Tang Bao has someone in this world to care and love her. Tang Bao observes Qian Gu’s woeful expression and assures her that everything will be okay because Dong Fang promises to fix everything when he comes back.

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Brought to Zi Hua’s door, Qian Gu calls him Shifu and quickly corrects herself. It’s okay with him if she’s still not used to the new title yet. He asks her if she came by to see him this morning and she shakes her head. He seems confused and slightly unconvinced. At her urging for his health report, he distracts her by saying that he has a collection of books for her to enhance her knowledge and they should last for a few years.

He glances to nothingness and declares his plan to leave Chang Liu, open the seal, and give the deity devices to Mo Yan. His retreat will then become permanent to the eyes of the public. I’m not following him no more. She rushes to his side and mutters no to every step of his plan, but he gently grabs her shoulders, declaring that his extended lifespan, thanks to her blood, is already a fortune of all misfortunes, and one shouldn’t be greedy. He reminds her never to kill and continue her cultivation days….at Mount Zu.

 photo Bone33-14.jpg

The idea goes over her head, and she only wants to stay at Chang Liu, where she’s constantly bullied and losing blood. She kneels before him and requests to be kicked out after her 20th birthday, hoping that they can spend it together. At her constant tugging of his robe, Zi Hua softens and lets her stay at Emotionless Hall for three days.

Qian Gu bids goodbye to an upset Tang Bao, advising her to stay at Chang Liu, where she’ll be safe under the protection and love of Shi Yi. She makes Shi Yi swear to heavens to protect Tang Bao and never forsake her. He does so earnestly.

 photo Bone33-18.jpg

That night, Qing Luo, along with other disciples, sends Qian Gu off with a party and there is Shuo Feng drinking by himself in the corner. Later, he catches her by herself and prods into the situation of her and Bai Zi Hua. The two of them have been hiding left and night ever since they returned from Snowy Mountain. First, Zi Hua goes into retreat and then she constantly replenishes her blood, regardless of the deep cut on her wrist. If she insists on keeping her lips sealed, then he would have to reveal these details to everyone.

She comments on his long speech and moves her arm to perform the Absorbing Soul Method. He grips her arm seconds before she can breathe out another word. Caught in the act, she speaks out and Shuo Feng deduces that her solution relates to her trip outside of Chang Liu. Moreover, it’s a dangerous task and his eyes sparkle with emotions hearing her reckless plan to reunite the nine deity devices and locate the Flaming Crystal. He waddles ahead, conflicts etched in his brows, and after a beat, he whispers, “Okay, I’ll help you.” WHAAA?

 photo Bone33-19.jpg

She says it’s not his business and he points out that with two people, the danger is split in half. He asks that she trusts him, trusts that he can help her. Moreover, he affirms the important role Bai Zi Hua plays in this world, thus he cannot die. “If he dies, this world is finished.” OMG. Do we really need another crazy person to preach Zi Hua’s importance to the world and that he must be saved? This plan is crazy as it is with Qian Gu alone…

In the next three days, Qian Gu contentedly spends her days like a child or you can say like a servant, tending after Shifu, making sure his living quarters are clean and food is served. She hides timidly behind a door when Shifu purposely sips his tea, knowing full well she’s watching him. I’m not sure how I’m supposed to feel about this. I don’t think he likes or loves her that way… even if she’s looking at him with moony eyes.

 photo Bone33-28.jpg

During their last dinner together, he even smiles as she feeds him. Did the events of last episode not happen in their universe? Based on the hesitance in her eyes, Qian Gu has tampered with the drinks and Shifu does not have the slightest idea. She plays his harp later and he eventually falls into a deep sleep. She uses this opportunity to steal all his deity devices stored safely in his guts.

Her next move is visiting Zi Xun and asks for a favor. She places the vials of her blood before Zi Xun and pleads her to use these vials and extend Zi Hua’s life for as long as possible. She divulges a vague plan about securing an antidote and needs to be away for the time being. Without much of a choice, Zi Xun trusts her half-heartedly and vows to make her life a living hell if she fails to bring back the antidote. Oh, sweetie, there’s actually a line to torture Hua Qian Gu…and you’re not first.

 photo Bone33-37.jpg

After Qian Gu leaves, Zi Xun mulls over the display of love and loyalty that Qian Gu has demonstrated in a short period of time, which makes her thousand years of love seems trivial in comparison.

Qian Gu decides to leave without Shuo Feng but he knows better and waits for her at the gates. Either he goes with her or he will go back and snitch on her to Mo Yan. HAHAHA. Such a tattletale! He doesn’t explicitly tells her why, only that she will understand his reasoning one day. Man Tian is sooooo gonna love Qian Gu after this adventure.

 photo Bone33-39.jpg

Zi Hua wakes up to the concerned voice of Zi Xun and immediately stabs her heart with two question: “Why are you here? Where is Little Bones?” Where else, dude? You sent her back to Mount Zu and that’s where she’s headed, or so you think. Seeing his vitality decrease, tears sting Zi Xun’s eyes and she blames herself. He replies that his fated calamity can come from another person, if not her. She shouts her questions at him, why doesn’t he care and love himself a bit more? Is he willing to lose Chang Liu and the entire world?…Is…he willing to lose Hua Qian Gu?

Did she undergo a heart transplant?! But being Shifu, he sees things as never lasting, one person will always leave first. I hope it’s you!! heh.

Well, we predicted it. Man Tian blows up the second she learns Shuo Feng volunteered to be Qian Gu’s escort. She tries to get Zi Xun on her side but the woman knows jealousy when she sees it and warns Man Tian to stay the heck away from Hua Qian Gu for now.

Episode 34 Summary:

Once they’re away from Chang Liu and sitting in an inn, Qian Gu vocalizes her “flawless” plan to steal all the deity devices without anyone catching their tails. They will use the No Return Ink, capable of traveling between dimensions, to steal the last four deity devices:

1) Profound Transient Pearl from Peng Lai Sect leader (Man Tian’s father)

2) Mysterious Subdue Ruler from Sky Mountain Sect Leader

3) Immortal Umbrella from Sha Jie Jie

4) Divine Cauldron from Shan Chun Qiu (but Zi Xun has this)

Shuo Feng’s face. XD

 photo Bone34-1.jpg

 photo Bone34-4.jpg

Shortly after, Qian Gu is distracted from her grand plan when the inn owner explains the tradition of releasing Water Lanterns to remember one’s ancestors. She has never done it before because her dad would send her to a nearby temple to stay during the Hungry Ghost Festival to avoid ghostly attraction to her scent. Upon hearing her regret, Shuo Feng quirks up a smile and fulfills her wishes. She skips like a little girl and tells her deceased parents that she has grown up and can protect herself.

Yep, we belieeeeve you, sweetie.

 photo Bone34-9.jpg photo Bone34-15.jpg

When asked why he didn’t release a water lantern, Shuo Feng stares ahead and says in a matter-of-fact tone that his friends and family don’t exist, who would he release a lantern for? Confused, she asks who gave birth to him? His eyes drop to the ground for a moment before he confesses… “Actually…I was made out of a stone.” Her incredulous expression makes him uncomfortable and he quickly adds it’s a joke.

 photo Bone34-27.jpg

She calls his joke lame and his expression grows serious and he fixes his eyes on something, muttering, “Honorable Superior…” Freaked out about her Shifu’s possible appearance, Qian Gu runs behind Shuo Feng and he cracks a smile. HA. So cute. You two cannot be cute okay? I can’t afford to start shipping you knuckleheads together!!

His broad smile makes her realize she has never seen him smile before. He slumps to the bench and says he’s an orphan with no friends or family. Hearing that, she corrects him, because like herself, they have brothers and sisters at Chang Liu. The corner of his lip turns up and he brightens up like a pacified kiddo.

 photo Bone34-43.jpg

She turns serious and wonders why he wants to risk his life with her, wouldn’t Man Tian misunderstand? He doesn’t answer her question and explains his affection for Man Tian is drawn from her passionate nature – whether it’s love or hate, she’s a mass of burning fire and he believes that’s the way one should live – passionately. Qian Gu is envious of Man Tian as well but so many things have happened between them and they are miles apart in personality and beliefs.

 photo Bone34-47.jpg

When they leave the paladin, Dong Fang greets them with a smile. OMG. DONG FANG! I MISSED YOU BOO!! Forget how you got here, as long as you’re here. Qian Gu tells him to go back because this is a very dangerous mission. Shuo Feng speaks up for Dong Fang and it’s finished with 2 VS 1.

 photo Bone34-52.jpg photo Bone34-51.jpg

Using a letter as a means to get close enough to Peng Lai Sect Leader, Qian Gu immediately tries to use the Absorb One’s Soul method to control him but he’s much too strong for her so she uses the Fantasy Dream Bell to put him in a hypnotized state. He becomes vulnerable and sees her as his beloved junior sister and allows her access to his guts and Qian Gu obtains the Transient Pearl without much difficulty. They leave Peng Lai Sect Leader after wiping his memory, and creeping out behind a curtain, it’s Chun Qiu. OH KRAPPPP!! What’s the point of wiping his memories if the whole Sect knows you were the last to see their Sect Leader, Qian Gu?!! You make no sense!!

At the gates of Peng Lai, Qian Gu and Shuo Feng are surrounded by the disciples as their eyes widen in shock at the announcement: Sect Leader Ni is dead. The disciples put up a good fight and Qian Gu uses the Fantasy Dream Bell to deter them and escape with Shuo Feng. Back at the inn, she tells Shuo Feng to return to Chang Liu and stay by Man Tian’s side. “But without me, you cannot get all the deity devices!” Listen to the man, Qian Gu!

 photo Bone34-55.jpg

The news of his disciple killing someone finally reaches Zi Hua and he spits blood upon hearing it. Kneeling in front of Zi Hua, Mo Yan, and Xiao Mo, Man Tian seeks justice for her father’s death. Zi Hua believes that Qian Gu wouldn’t do such a heinous crime and Man Tian barks that since everyone is intent on protecting Hua Qian Gu, she will kill her, using every mean possible.

 photo Bone34-58.jpg

Zi Hua returns to his room and checks his guts, finding it empty of the deity devices. He dares whispers, “In all these years, have I seen you wrong?” EVERYONE CAN DOUBT HER BUT YOU!! Angry, he smashes the Heart-broken flower to the ground. Oh, such subtle symbolism you have show. You nurture the plant and then hurt it out of ANGER. However, unlike the plant, the person might never be put together as one again.

News travel fast and our trio sit in a dead end, not knowing how to carry out their next operation and steal the Mysterious Subdue Ruler from Sky Sect Leader. A knock on the door reveals Browless Assistant, and her name is Lu Qiao. She’s sent by the Pavilion Master to aid in their conquest. Yay! More people to die!

 photo Bone34-61.jpg

She informs them the location of the Ruler – Ninth floor of a Pagoda in Sky Mountain. Scattered throughout the pagoda are booby traps. Lol. Don’t fret yet because Dong Fang has also studied a little about traps. Using the No Return Ink, the four are transported inside the Pagoda and Dong Fang leads the way, easily protecting himself with puppets of his own body, to the surprises of Qian Gu. He’s a gentle scholar after all and must keep up the farce.

Searching through every corner of her library, Zi Xun finally realizes Hua Qian Gu’s goal and hurries off to tell Zi Hua, only he’s passed out on the floor.

Our gang of four reaches another level and engages in a combat with their mirrored selves. Quick on the uptake for once, Qian Gu uses the Abstain sword to annihilate the fake versions of themselves.

 photo Bone34-62.jpg

Feigning innocence, Chun Qiu delivers the horrible news to Sha Jie Jie and he worries about Qian Gu’s safety and impending punishments, wondering why she’s carrying out such a dangerous task. He orders his people to stay put and not to make a move on their own. You’re so lazy Jie Jie, your people are on their 10th move already. Lol.

Guarding the ninth floor of the pagoda is a sleeping dragon. Well, he’s awake now.

Episode 35 Summary:

 photo Bone35-1.jpg

Impulsive Shuo Feng flies upward to reach for the Ruler but a dragon slithers his way up and prevents the intruder. The beast breathes out fire and whips the intruders to scattered areas on the ground. When it gets a taste of Qian Gu’s blood, it grimaces in pain and turns around to attack Dong Fang, who’s holding the Ruler in his hands but Lu Qiao, ever the loyal follower, jumps in and gets bitten in the core by the beast. Qian Gu hurriedly flings her blood at it, forcing it to release Lu Qiao from its teeth and the dragon slumbers back into the deep hole where it came from.

 photo Bone35-4.jpg photo Bone35-6.jpg

Dong Fang supports Lu Qiao from behind as Qian Gu asks whether her blood can save her. Lu Qiao knows it’s too late and apologizes to Qian Gu for being harsh to her. She was protective of the Pavilion Master and didn’t want Qian Gu to drag him down due to her fate. Dong Fang looks down in shame and Lu Qiao admits in liking Qian Gu from the very beginning. When she speaks about staying by the Pavilion Master’s side, she gazes up pointedly at Dong Fang. “Even if I die…I will die with no regrets…” Controlling his calm expression, he accepts the butterfly charm in Pavilion Master’s stead.

Lu Qiao’s hand goes limp and that’s when Sky Sect Leader marches in. But he’s no match for the No Return Ink and they escape without breaking a sweat. Sha Jie Jie arrives two seconds late and smiles gleefully at his sister’s great demonstration of thievery. LOL.

At Chang Liu, Mo Yan finally learns the truth of Zi Hua’s poison and accepts the Sect Leader position for now.

With the cremation of Lu Qiao’s body and Dong Fang’s leave to return to court (he explains he can’t be associated to Seven Murder Faction), Qian Gu and Shuo Feng head to Seven Murder Faction to procure the last two deity devices.

 photo Bone35-15.jpg photo Bone35-11.jpg

Looking more like a dead corpse by days, Bai Zi Hua holds the heart-broken flowers in his hands and looks at them fondly. It’s time to say goodbye and he’s ready to go. Fed up with his attitude, Zi Xun reveals the truth about the medication he’s been taking is made from Qian Gu’s blood. He holds the vial in his hand and tears pool in his eyes, slowly strolling down his pain-streaked face. Zi Xun begs him to stop pushing her to let go if he can’t do it himself. When she walks away, he cradles the vial to his face.

He then plants the flowers in his garden and thinks to himself, “From now on, I will no longer care of you. I hope that you can thrive in your own environment and be well.”

 photo Bone35-18.jpg

With the death of her father, Man Tian becomes the new sect leader of Peng Lai, giving her access to the forbidden methods. You know what evil transformation looks like ladies. New darker wardrobe the next time you see Man Tian!

 photo Bone35-19.jpg

Shuo Feng and Qian Gu fight at the entrance of Seven Murder Faction and Mr. Veins intentionally makes it difficult and the projected hologram of Sha Jie Jie puts him and his lackeys in their place and welcomes Qian Gu inside.

His worries for her are brushed aside as she quickly asks to borrow his deity devices. It’s not a problem but the Banish Immortal Umbrella is in Chun Qiu’s possession. Jie Jie grumbles that without his immortal umbrella, the sun has leave its mark on his face. LOL! He can sneak in beauty comments at any time! That’s a talent.

 photo Bone35-22.jpg

Jie Jie is so adorable, patting her cheeks, concerned that Bai Zi Hua is bullying her again. He picks her up and swings her around, hoping she would stay here and he could feed her. Shuo Feng watches their affectionate interaction with a small knowing smile. But they have no time and Sha Jie Jie must give in to his short screen time (BOOOO), he speaks his order to a shell and gives it to Qian Gu so she can safely pocket the Umbrella from Chun Qian when she locates him at the East Sea.

After Qian Gu, Bai Zi Hua shows up and asks Sha Jie Jie where Qian Gu went, and then after him, it’s Zi Xun’s turn to ask where Bai Zi Hua went. LOL!! Our Sha Jie Jie huffs and puffs that no one wants to play with him and I can’t help but do this:

 photo Bone35-26.jpg

It’s a windy day at the East Sea and Chun Qiu suggests a trade. He wants to have all the devices once Qian Gu is done using them. She balks a “no” at him and he reveals that he’s been watching her all along and is privvy to her ultimate plan. At his cackling, it dawns on her that he killed Ni Sect leader and he concedes to it.

 photo Bone35-28.jpg

They exchange a few blows and he freely hands over the umbrella to their utter confusion. Just what game is he playing?

On their way back to find Zi Xun, she presents herself and voluntarily gives up the Divine Cauldron. Heck, at this point, everyone is just handing her the devices to see what unravels next.

 photo Bone35-32.jpg

In a secluded little island, enough for two people, Shuo Feng and Qian Gu arrange the deity devices in a circle. Shuo Feng marvels at Qian Gu’s haste and ability to gather all nine devices within a span of several days. “Maybe it’s heaven’s will. But Qian Gu, even if your life turns out horrible and you have no name, with the entire world looking down on you, are you still willing?”

Qian Gu: “With all my heart.”

He tells her to remember the decision she’s made today. “In the future, do not regret it.”

 photo Bone35-37.jpg

He then asks for the protection charm on her neck. He keeps hitting at something that we don’t know and it scares the crap out of Qian Gu. She wants to know what he’s doing and forces him to stop. He rips his shirt open and reveals his chest baring a glowing tattoo. “I’m not anything.” WHAT? The one time a manly man ripped his shirt open for us and he confessed he’s not a MAN??? Oh heavens.

Episode 36 Summary:

 photo Bone36-1.jpg photo Bone36-4.jpg

Shuo Feng explains that he finally understood his mission on this earth after thousands of years. “My existence is made to give you fulfillment. The necklace you’ve been wearing is the Flaming Crystal and I’m the missing piece to its corner.”

OMG. MY MIND IS BLOWN. HE’S PART OF THE FLAMING CRYSTAL!!?? Only with his death will the Flaming Crystal becomes whole again.

The burden of killing a friend to save her Shifu hangs over Qian Gu’s head and she wants to give up. He wrestles her to face him and then embraces her in a fierce hug. D’Aww…

 photo Bone36-10.jpg photo Bone36-13.jpg

Shuo Feng: “Qian Gu, I understand that you don’t want to harm a person to save another, but I also know that once Bai Zi Hua dies, you’ll have nothing to live for.” He compares himself to dust and that his death won’t be remember by anyone, won’t matter to anyone in this world. Qian Gu shakes her head, “It’s not like that, I will feel sad…And so will Ni Man Tian…Everyone will feel sad!!”

 photo Bone36-16.jpg

It’s her turn to hug him fiercely, preventing him of reuniting with the Flaming Crystal, and he thanks her for teaching him the meaning of friendship and alleviating him the icy pain of loneliness in the past thousands of years.

 photo Bone36-32.jpg

He breaks away from her and disintegrates into tiny flaming particles. His last wish is for her to give the shell containing his parting words to Ni Man Tian. Qian Gu slumps to the ground on her knees, piercing cries escaping her lips.

Are you happy now Hua Qian Gu? Sacrificing so many lives for one person.

Next mission: Save Shifu from Chun Qiu (they had a small fight last episode and Shifu, in his weakened state, was captured). Mo Yan and the other Sect Leaders head to the East Sea to rescue Bai Zi Hua too.

 photo Bone36-36.jpg

Chun Qiu’s exhange is quite fair. All the deity devices for Bai Zi Hua’s life. Lol. But props to Chun Qiu’s genuis move. He knew that Qian Gu would use the Absorbing One’s Soul method on him to pry out Zi Hua’s wheresabout and had cleverly gave order to his underling to hide Shifu – without telling him the location. The more power she uses, the more nutty Chun Qiu becomes and Qian Gu stops to aim at a different angle.

A letter sent by Chang Liu asks Xuan Lang to help save Qian Gu and he heads out with 10,000 soldiers and Qing Shui at his side. Sha Jie Jie also receives the news and goes straight to the East Sea as well. Good, she needs all the help!!

 photo Bone36-38.jpg photo Bone36-41.jpg

Thanks to the Profound Transient Pearl, Qian Gu discovers her Shifu lying unconscious in a clam shell. She places the Flaming Crystal on Zi Hua’s forehead and lets it go to work, detoxifying the poison from Shifu’s body. She looks at the Crystal and tells Shuo Feng to come back. Silly girl! Chun Qiu drops by with an enticing offer to revive Shuo Feng, requiring only a small drop of Qian Gu’s blood. Cautious of his endless tricks, she decides to do it anyway and drips a droplet of her blood onto the necklace/flaming crystal.

Next thing we know, that’s what needed to open the seal as all the deity devices find their way back to each other, opening up a seal in the sky. You stupid girl! Then she has the nerve to cry out, “You lied to me!! You lied to me again!!”

 photo Bone36-46.jpg photo Bone36-42.jpg

She doesn’t understand why her blood is that powerful and he explains, “You still don’t know who you are? Only one person knows. BAI ZI HUA! You, along with the other gods, sealed away the Great Desolate Power! You are the descendent of goddess Nuwa!!”

 photo Bone36-47.jpg

Standing at the edge of the East Sea, various Sect Leaders and disciples guard for a chance to capture Qian Gu. Unfortunately, with the seal opening up, its power begins to suck up some people into the hole, leavig everyone to struggle in horror. Employing all their pwoers, they are able to withstand the power for now but the effect of the evil force ripples through the crowd, triggering their innermost desire to possess the world’s greatest powers. Everyone bustles about in panic.

 photo Bone36-48.jpg

Qian Gu leaves Shifu in Zi Xun’s care and heads back to fix her wrongdoings. When he’s awake, Zi Xun softly adds that it’s all too late. Qian Gu tries to get the Sect Leaders to listen to her and reunite but their eyes are focus on killing her. No one can because Sha Jie Jie has come! We learn from Chun Qiu that in seven days, they can gather the Great Desolate Power and summon the Demon Lord. Qian Gu asks if that’s what Sha Jie Jie really wants. He doesn’t give her a clear answer but he promises to watch the sect leaders, giving her time to enter the seal.

 photo Bone36-51.jpg

He sends her flying away, and she sincerely states, “I’m sorry, even if I have to sacrifice my life, I still cannot let everyone fight and destroy lives because of the Great Desolate Energy Force.” She bids goodbye to everyone (like they care) and enters the seal.

—————————- END ——————————

Kap: Now that was one heck of a great cliff hangar!! I need the next episodes now!!

Did anyone else think Bai Zi Hua is somewhat suicidal in these episodes? I actually feel bad for him. He’s been shouldering the responsbility of protecting the world for way too long and I think his poisoned state left him understandably destructive. He didn’t want Qian Gu’s blood and he even threw away Zi Xun’s medication. When he wants to give the title of Sect Leader away, none of his sect brothers want to accept the job, each citing a different excuse for their own weakness. I don’t understand why there’s only ONE person to protect the world. Why only ONE? Don’t they see that when the said person falls, chaos is imminent? Why put all eggs in one basket? Everyone looks to Bai Zi Hua to show up when things are tough, to save the day, to defeat evil. No wonder why when he gets the chance to wither away, he actually wants to take it and break free. This narrows down the story to one person and makes it less interesting, less complex and far from tangible.

And Shuo Feng’s story arc was so random, I’m not sure how I feel about it. I wished there were more hints dropped along the way instead being revealed all too conveniently on the spot. How did he know? He just knew he’s a stone, part of the Flaming Crystal when Qian Gu looked for it? And his dying wish for Qian Gu to forgive Man Tian made me roll my eye. There’s a difference between crazy and passionate, dude. The moment I started to like him, he’s sent to hell. Writers!

I also must commend Jiang Xin’s display of acting subtlety this week through various emotional stages of her character. When she’s allowed to breathe into the character like a real human being, her nuances make Zi Xun a sympathetic character. How ironic that only when she lost the ability to live forever does she truly begin to live. Maybe it’s the same for Bai Zi Hua.

My sentiment for next batch:

 photo Bone36-43.7.jpg

  1. 16 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 33 – 36 “Reckless actions.”

    Yayyy, new recap! You’re catching up with the episodes. Hang in there, there are still 18 torturous episodes more to cover before we can finally take a deep breath and curse the ending together :)))

    The picture where HGQ smiles innocently knowing SF is dying cracks me up big time, even upon second and third glance :D.

    It also perfectly sums up HGQ’s reckless actions (though of course she doesn’t intend to harm others), and it’s frustrating from the outsiders’ point of view. She always loses her sensibilities when it comes to BZH. I can understand her motif, but to be honest this makes her less likeable. It is always after a bit late that she realizes the consequences of her actions. And it almost always takes other people’s intervention (particularly BZH) to correct them. I feel like we’ve been talking about HQG’s recklessness since the beginning of the series, LOL. One impulsive girl, she is. And apparently she never learns *sigh*

    I also wish there’s a little bit more background story for SF. Like, how does he know that he’s the missing part of the flaming crystal. And since he always knew, why can’t he tell that HQG is the descendant of the Nuwa goddess? When he observes why NMT’s fiery spirit is important for human, he sounds like Data (of Star Trek The Next Generation).

    BZH does look suicidal. Maybe he’s just too tired. I’m quite mad at his sect brothers for refusing to take over Changliu leadership despite seeing his condition. They can’t even let the poor man die peacefully. He also has to exhaust himself to find his successor? Useless immortals!

    What is it about the series’ fascination with feathers? After Mount Zu, now Peng Lai’s inauguration is also marked with a feather. I must say PL is a little more sophisticated, as they’re using what seems like a peacock feather.

    I have come to the conclusion that DFYQ is Doraemon’s previous life. See what Tang Bao says? “He’ll come to fix things.” He has all the necessary tools in his gut! Including the Anywhere Door!

    Speaking of Tang Bao… teens, they’ve become so disrespectful. She now calls her parents by their first names! But I’m not surprised — they always spoil her!

    • 16 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 33 – 36 “Reckless actions.”

      I’m all caught up with the uncut version. *fist pumps*

      18 more episodes… Oh lord. I don’t know whether I can do this…Seems like most people are tired of this drama and just want to see the transformation and then the ending. Recaps seem useless in the big picture. Sigh~

      Hua Qian Gu lost her likability to me eons ago. She’s the type of nice person who could get away with murder because of her “good” intentions. There’s a time and place for everything and one needs to make a better decision as one matures. Nope! Not for her! Bai Zi Hua above the rest!

      Tang Bao’s parents don’t even discipline her…. ever!

  2. 16 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 33 – 36 “Reckless actions.”

    Lol!!! Sha jie jie as Google map!! Hes so adorable but has no more story to develop. Only needed when the plot or Qian Gu is in trouble. Thats quite a waste!!

    Thanks for the hilarious recap!

    • 16 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 33 – 36 “Reckless actions.”

      I know. He’s a convenient plot device to save Qian Gu when her other protectors are busy. I wonder whether he’s more in-depth in the novel.

      • 16 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 33 – 36 “Reckless actions.”

        Hi Kappy!

        SQM does not have that much of depth of story in the novel either in terms of backstory because the story is seen from HQG’s point of view. We do see more of his storyline in the later part of the novel (but this was explained already in the story arc of his ‘sister’ in the drama), especially when he meets Zhu Ran (Liu Qiao’s boyfriend). The writers have changed the storyline here because in the novel LQ is not really SQM’s sister but someone who he looked after and she loved him first before she fell for someone else. Hence he felt is was his fault that she suffered a terrible fate.

        ****Spoiler alert based off the novel**** (Read at your own risk, lolz….) :

        When QG comes back from the deserted wilderness and tries to save the Xiao Yue (a.k.a the demon god in the form of the young boy, you will see him in the next episode you’re up to) SQM gets hurt fairly badly and kisses QG passionately before he goes into a coma and tells her he loves her. The kiss was a very public kiss in front of ALL- immortals, demon realm, DF and BZH (jealous much?? , lolz…). Hmmm….. I wonder if they will put this in the drama? I really like this part, it was so sweet and sad at the same time.

        In the later part of the story our SQM (he wakes up just before HQG dies) does play a key part in saving QG’s soul which he keeps from BZH for 30 years trying to repair it as best he can before sending it to reincarnation (god love him!). And in the epilogues that the author wrote for the novel, he does have parts here and there and he and BZH become ‘friends’, lolz….


        As for SF, I really hate the fact that the writers gave him a love arc with NMT, seriously!!! That chick deserves no one, lolz…. But in the novel readers got the hints here and there that SF was different from the others because he always showed no emotions (like a rock, lolz…) except when he hung around HQG and there was this beautiful scene that they did not include in the drama where he and QG are chasing these quick darting ‘flying’ fishes at the surface of the water just after the annual Chang Liu festival and it was sweet because we had not seen QG happily smiling and playing since BZH got poisoned. I too felt that they suddenly threw the SF story arc too quickly on the viewer. The lantern part actually happened much earlier in the novel when he said he came from a rock like the ‘monkey king’ so already as a reader we knew there was something ‘funny’ about SF earlier on. But the writers decided to throw it all in these last couple of episodes for the SF story arc. Plus in the novel, SF does explain how he knew who he was and how he has been part of the stone and ‘understanding’ his fate in more depth and why he would sacrifice himself for BZH and HQG. So it made his sacrifice far more noble, I feel. I was sad when I got to that part and cried when he ‘died’, poor SF. That is why I feel that SF should not have fallen for NMT, I see why the drama writers would do that to create more angst between NMT and HQG but I felt it did his character a dis-service. Humph! lolz…..

        That’s my two-cents anyway, hahaha….. I hope I didn’t spoil too many things for anyone or said the wrong thing.

        P.S I love your screen caps, as always they are full of quirky comments that have me laughing, hahaha….. Keep your summaries coming, though I’m up to the latest episodes and have read the book, I’ll not stop reading your posts because they are always so fun to read.


        • 16 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 33 – 36 “Reckless actions.”

          Wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut? Hot Shifu and Jiejie friends?! Fanfix write themselves at this point 😀 But how is Jiejie alive? Most of the spoilers i read online said that he dies and is later resurrected. i am getting confused :/

        • 16 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 33 – 36 “Reckless actions.”

          Thanks for the tidbits Nhube! I like the sister’s arc more than the love arc for Sha Jie Jie. Hehe, it makes him seems more relatable than the love knuckleheads we have so far. LOL. I don’t think we will be seeing any kisses between the two, which is okay with me since I see them more as siblings. =)

          I will never understand SF’s affection for the bratty and evil NMT. His request is absurd!

  3. 16 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 33 – 36 “Reckless actions.”

    @Kaptain A

    Thank you so much for your recaps. It’s always good to read recaps from the perspective of others. Your text captions are so funny. xD


    Feathers are used to symbolize the sect leader, just like how the jade seal represents the Emperor.


    I’ll share your laughter. Sha Jiejie was so mad when no one wanted to stay around and have tea with him. xD
    I wish there was more development to Sha Jiejie as well. I want to know his backstory, starting from his birth. 😀

    • 16 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 33 – 36 “Reckless actions.”

      Thanks for chiming in! =) Making those captions is probably the most entertaining part of this drama (for me).

    • 16 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 33 – 36 “Reckless actions.”

      Thanks, Lyra. Yea, I notice that feathers are associated with the sect leaders. I wonder if this is a wide-known wuxia concept, or just in the author’s universe.

      Sha Jiejie is especially stunning in ep. 35 and 36, smooth and glowing complexion.

  4. 16 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 33 – 36 “Reckless actions.”

    Omg that last screen cap…puhahaha so funny. Exactly my face when I try to skim through the episodes.
    Kudos to you for pushing through this far and actually recapping everything! I’ve stopped long ago; what a disappointment. Blech. I really need some new dramas soon.

    • 16 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 33 – 36 “Reckless actions.”

      It’s all the love I have for ZLY pushing me forward while being frustrated with her character to the 9th level! B)

  5. 16 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 33 – 36 “Reckless actions.”

    Thank you, Kappy, for the wonderful recaps! * sends hugs and kisses from the other side of the world *
    Your dedication and perseverance are amazing! I beg you to bravely continue recapping so that those of us who haven’t given up on HQG have somewhere to share their thoughts. We exist and we suffer with you! *

    First, the good stuff. The powers that be finally decided to humanize the resident “crazy” women in this story. ZX continues her upward trend of emotional enlightenment that began previously. Once you remove the weird obsessive behavior, her scenes become much more interesting and engaging to watch. Goood. Now, NMT, on the other hand, is not that lucky.Too little, too late. With the death of her father she finally received the much needed excuse to hate QG with the red hot intensity she has displayed so far. I knew she did not like QG for whatever reason but not one of the reasons given so far explained the “passionate” (according to SF) anger and hate she felt toward QG. It would have been better if this tragedy happened earlier in the show or her “evil b**ch” switch was flipped later (like right about now) to give us better character development. And, I’m not saying this because I want more NMT (i want less, much , much less) but since whoever is in charge of this show is determined to shove her into the spotlight (you should see the screen time she got during the last batch of episodes :/, seriously, what’s up with that?! ), they could have chosen a more nuanced approach to the character.

    The second good thing is the absolutely gorgeous styling of the cast. I know I always say when i comment that Jiejie is pretty. And he is, especially during the stand off (amazingly beautiful) but the truth is all of them look good.Whoever does styling in this show deserves some sort of award for their work. Wow!

    The third good thing – the “i’m dying- drink my blood, Formerly Hot Shifu – NOoooooo! – drinks anyway” routine is over. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! *does happy dance* :)))) Bring on the drama , plz ! 😀

    * That said, I understand the desire to drop this show. It’s getting weirder and more uneven with every new batch of episodes but since I invested so much in it already, I’ll continue watching it until the end.

    • 16 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 33 – 36 “Reckless actions.”

      Ni Man Tian is Zi Xun VER 2.0. The two should just share tips and meditation advice on how to get over their unreasonable hatred towards Hua Qian Gu. But yes, I agreed with you about a more nuanced approach for Ni Man Tian. She was good friends with Qian Gu for about two episodes and turned her back just as quickly.

      Hopefully, the end is worth it…or maybe not. XD

  6. 16 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 33 – 36 “Reckless actions.”

    ooops, I meant to say “Bring on the action, plz !” 😀 (can you edit posts here?)
    i don’t really mind drama, I just want a bit of diversity to it.

  7. 16 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 33 – 36 “Reckless actions.”

    wallace looks cute with the panda eyes!! LOL!!

    zly smiling while SF dreading his death!! hehehe!! so appropriate!!! that selfish girl!! so many deaths for shifu!!

    but she was soooo cute with SF. i hope they star together in another drama.

    poor sha jie jie….hahaha google map. i think they add that part to be funny!!

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