The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 25 – 28 “Deep slumber.”

You know you’re at the half-way mark when you don’t recognize the opening theme song because it’s a new one, “Through the Ages” by the very talented Alan Dawa Dolma. And it’s a much slower song than the previous one. Not sure I like it yet but the power of brainwashing is very strong for this series…if you catch my drift. Ha. And when I say deep slumber, it takes on both literal and figurative meanings. What’s the benefits of being immortal if you’re gonna be miserable all the time? It’s a pass for moi!

Episode 25 Summary:

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The first friend that Zi Hua introduces to Qian Gu is Tan Fan. He, who is in love with crazy Zi Hun for the past centuries, now resides in seclusion deep in the forest where he can cultivate his power in peace and cleanse his soul. What he needs is a new pair of eyes! Upon arrival, Qian Gu sees three Tan Fans walking around and doing different chores, she thinks they are triplets…this girl, is she so new to the world that such duplicate power amazes her? Writers!!

Tan Fan takes them out to eat the purest food possible – white tofu soup with white rice. Our little bug frowns when there’s no meat, and Qian Gu eats happily, getting a compliment from Tan Fan that she has good eyes and a great air around her. Lunch is finished and only Zi Hua’s bowl remains full and he asks Tan Fan about the recent murders of the Sect Leaders, and he replies that people’s business does not concern him. Moreover, he doesn’t want to see Zi Hua ever again. *poofs* He disappears in a flash.

That night Tang Bao updates our clueless heroine about the love triangle between the three immortals – Tan Fan, Zi Xun, and Zi Hua. Qian Gu doesn’t understand why they are punishing each other, it’s okay to love someone, but it’s also okay to reject someone’s love. Well, my dear, there is this emotion we call HURT. And hurt makes us do crazy things.

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Fishing outside his house, Tan Fan is joined by Zi Hua, who asks him, “Do you still blame me?” Tan Fan: “Why should I blame you? You did nothing wrong. You just didn’t do anything.” And that basically sums up Bai Zi Hua for you. Zi Hua wonders why he lives in seclusion here, and Tan Fan splashes more cold water at him: “I like being a mortal now. In the time that I was away, I went to many places, places that are more exciting than your cold Hall of Emotionless.” LOL. I like you Tan Fan. Say it as it is! He says that Zi Hua has changed, to think that he could accept a bright and bubbly student like Hua Qian Gu was impossible in the past. He further implies that she must have created a lot of troubles for Zi Hua as well.

Zi Hua doesn’t disagree and hence he must solve the murders quick and exonerate her from the crimes she didn’t commit. He hands Tan Fan the piece of paper that Qian Gu discovered last episode because Tan Fan has photographic memory and is from Mount Fan Jing which carries all the secret books of all martial arts practices. Taking the piece of paper, Tan Fan gazes at it with interest but doesn’t provide anything useful. He’s rather surprised that Emotionless Zi Hua came all the way here to look for him for his disciple.

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Putting away his fishing line, Tan Fan confirms that his feelings for Zi Xun never wavers, but it was hard for him to watch her suffer, so he left. “You’re the only one who can bring her happiness and yet… Forget it. Saying it many times makes it meaningless. You aren’t even kind to yourself.” Without looking at his friend’s face, Zi Hua mutters, “Tan Fan, your obsession is too deep.”

Not letting the words affect ONLY him, Tan Fan bites back with a great response. “What about you? You’ve suppressed all your emotions, given up all hopes, isn’t that a type of obsessive behavior?” HA. Thank-you! Thank-you!

Since this visit equals a waste of time, Zi Hua and the girls take their leave the next morning. Tan Fan stops them and gives Zi Hua a bottle of medicine to give to their friend, Wu Gou. Upon inspection, Zi Hua and Qian Gu find nothing special about the medicine.

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At Seven Murder Faction, Sha Jie Jie wreaks havoc and injures his fellow followers, apparently still under the effect of the Xing Shi pellet and looking for Zhu Ran, the man who caused his sister’s death. Mr. Veins and Chun Qiu take turn back-hugging their holy ruler. Lol. I know what you girls are thinking. A lot of jilted lovers in the same place! Each time Sha Jie Jie sends Chun Qiu flying, he comes right back with a tighter hug, until Sha Jie Jie eventually calms down and passes out. Stroking his ruler’s face, regrets dart across Chun Qiu’s expression and he holds Sha Jie Jie closer. D’Aww.

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The trio arrive at Lotus City where Wu Gou reigns over the people as its master. Upon meeting bubbly Qian Gu, she’s stopped in her tracks and Wu Gou eyes her curiously. He says that she’s the opposite of what he expected in Zi Hua’s student. “She’s quite ordinary, not worthy of being your disciple.” BURNNN.

Zi Hua: “It’s enough that I’m satisfied.” Qian Gu brightens up a little.

When asked about Mei Er’s best friend, Yun Ya, Wu Gou states she was kicked out a year ago for having bad habits of stealing from his residence. Qian Gu asks to check out his palace and searches for clues, and he nods, having heard of the request before from Zi Hua. Zi Hua hands over the medicine and at one sniff, Wu Gou calls Tan Fan caring but doesn’t understand why – he’s not sick. Wu Gou: “Is he throwing childish fits at you again?”

Zi Hua answers with, “He’s fine. He understands everything but love.” From someone known as Emotionless, you’re not qualified to say that, Shifu.

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Cut to a scary scene of Wu Gou opening a cell where a female, bloody and bruised, is tied up. She begs him to let her go, repeating that she won’t do it again. His cold response insinuates his involvement with the murders. “They have investigated up to you and even came here! The safest solution now is to kill you.” He points his sword at her in anger. “But how can I kill you so easily.” Oh boy, we have a creeper in the house.

At her own palace, Zi Xun has a beautiful dream with her and her immortal friends smiling and enjoying life when suddenly Qian Gu flies in and stabs Zi Hua to his death. She wakes up from the nightmare, breathing Hua Qian Gu’s name out with irritation. Stirred by memories of the past, she visits old friend Tan Fan. He thanks her, his eyes never leave her smiling face. She comments on the cheap-quality wine he’s serving and he balks that the person is no longer by his side, so all the wines taste the same.

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She thinks he’s torturing himself living like this and he scrambles to explain that he’s living well – with a purpose and chores to do every day, which leaves him little time for trivial matters like the past. Perhaps the next time she comes, he might have married and have several children. She’s happy for him and he flips the table on her, encouraging her to pursue the same happiness. She stands from her seat, confessing that unless time could go backwards to the days they were together as five immortals, she wouldn’t be happy. There’s NO pleasing her, people.

She continues; she cannot stand aside and watch Zi Hua go down the road of hell. Tan Fan doesn’t understand what she’s referring to and she tells him that he’s the person she’s most thankful for and also the person she owes the most in this world. “You must take care of yourself.”

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Dinner is served at Lian Chang palace and it’s absurd how Zi Hua warns Qian Gu not to eat too many fruits grown in the dessert because they are very sweet. Shifu, please give me a break. She can’t even eat fruits now? How many times is she gonna go to the dessert anyway? When the maids serve wine, Qian Gu notices that the girls cover their faces – marked with a tattoo, with a veil. She lifts up the wine cup all too readily and Zi Hua snuffs his nose out to get her attention. Wine + Qian Gu = EMBARRASSMENT. This, I agree with you Zi Hua. Smash that cup!

The brief exchange doesn’t go unnoticed by Wu Gou and he speaks up, which prompts Qian Gu to defend her teacher, clarifying that her alcohol tolerance is shallow. She then asks about the maids and their markings. He explains that the marking is a reminder of their crimes in the past. They were supposed to be killed but he took pity and let them stay here as maids. Sometimes, it’s important to save a criminal than killing him. The same applied to Yun Ya but she didn’t learn from her mistakes and kept eying the Thousand Eye Colored Glass Clusters at his palace. The piece of jewelry is believed to ward off all illnesses.

A servant rushes in and says he has something urgent to tell Wu Gou. He leaves the table and puts up an enchantment spell immediately. That small trick only keeps Qian Gu and Tang Bao from listening to his conversation. Does he not know who Bai Zi Hua is? Through Shifu’s ears, we are apprised that the prisoner has escaped. Wu Gou sends several men to go after her.

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Instead of running far away, the injured prisoner hides in a cave and cries out, “Yun Ya, you have to save me! You have to save me. I’m sorry!!” Oh? Is she Mei Er then?

Qian Gu and Tang Bao retreat to their room, where they adorably fight over the sweet grapes, which Qian Gu took to quench her cravings. On the other side of the palace, Shifu engages in a conversation with Wu Gou over a game of chess. “Compared to Tan Fan and Dong Hua (the missing immortal), you prefer to reform people. I still remember the time you told me that no matter how many things a person has done wrong, as long as they have the heart to change, it’s not too late to be forgiven.”

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Things have changed and Wu Gou claims that not all consequences can be made up for. He changes the subject to Zi Hua’s troublesome disciple. “The scariest thing in life is when you trick yourself.” They play chess all night and in the morning, Zi Hua cuts the pretenses, “Do you have to continue killing? Tan Fan made those medicine to ask you to come back. I never thought that the person who killed those sect leaders would be you.”

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Without denying the truth, Wu Gou admits he killed them. Why? That’s not important. “They all deserved to die!” Zi Hua stands up from the chess table and gently tells Wu Gou to come back to Chang Liu and face his punishment. Smirking, Wu Gou says, “I won’t go back with you. After I kill the last person, everything will be finished.” He waves his hand and flings a chess piece onto the table, starting up his enchantment spell and trapping Bai Zi Hua in the room.

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Wandering around the halls, Qian Gu seeks for more information about Yun Ya and Wu Gou, but the maid looks terrified to give any answer. When Qian Gu sees Wu Gou hurrying off, she follows him, heading towards the direction of Sect Xiao Bao. She loses him halfway, finds the prisoner in the cave, and confirms her identity to be Mei Er.

Then they run right into Wu Gou. CRAP.

Episode 26 Summary:

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With just a few moves, Mei Er and Qian Gu are thrown to the ground, the latter spitting out blood. She asks why he has to kill Mei Er and Wu Gou barks that she caused Yun Ya’s death. “Should I not get revenge?!” She reminds him of his words, “Isn’t it more important to save the one who did wrong than to kill them?” News for you Miss Gu, he has changed! “There are many things in this world that cannot be made up for! And only death can make up for it!”

Flashback. Yun Ya sneaks into Lian Chang palace and tries to steal the Colored Glass Clusters but is caught by Wu Gou. Turns out the curing of illnesses is all but a rumor and the necklace doesn’t do any miracles. Wu Gou takes pity on her poor background, allowing her to stay at the palace. She slowly develops feelings for the immortal and carves a clay figure and places it on his desk. Unfortunately, he displays no emotions when he sees it. She asks about the books he’s looking for – the Four Desolate Sacred Books, passed down from the ancestors of Lotus City, said to include technique of increasing one’s power within a short period. The downside in practicing the technique is the cut down of their lifespan. These books were stolen years ago by four people in black.

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He then looks solemnly at Yun Ya, discouraging her from having romantic thoughts within the palace or else he will kick her out. However, when he’s attacked from behind by a traitor, she jumps in to block the attack and gets stabbed in his place. He calls her ridiculous, how many people can actually harm him these days? She looks up at him. “That’s right, I forgot in a moment of panic. Since I owe you one stab, let me return it with this one…” She passes out and Wu Gou, for the first time, looks shaken.

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He slowly bonds with her over time just to have fate tests his determination. One day, Yun Ya chances upon his Test of Life stone and it lights up. Shock arrives in waves across Wu Gou’s features and he stares at the woman he has grown fond of over the years. He kicks her out instantly and she kneels at the entrance, asking why why why, in the rain. That night she sneaks into his chamber to clear up one thing. “What did I do wrong? Just tell me and I’ll change.” He casually says she stole the pearl necklace and drags her out. She’s sent tumbling down, crashing the clay figure along the way. Ah, so those are the pieces of the clay figure Wu Gou keeps in his room and was seen by Zi Hua before their chess game.

Although he kicks her out, he still keeps tabs on her well-being, and when one of the disciples report that her test of life stone has shut off, he’s engrossed in pain.

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Back to the present, Mei Er staggers to a stand and laughs out loud, finally understanding the whole story of her best friend. She then explains what fated calamity is to Qian Gu and we are brought back to the past again.

It’s night time and Mei Er accidentally sees her Sect leader enters a room secretively with three other Sect Leaders. But when she enters the same room, no one is in there, so she waits behind a pillar until they emerge from the hidden compartment. She enters the room a little bit later and uncovers one of the Four Desolate Sacred Books.

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The next day, Mei Er consoles her inconsolable friend Yun Ya, who is determined to find the missing necklace and clear her name so she can return to Wu Gou’s side. Mei Er tells her the other option, she knows where the sacred books are and if they can procure them, maybe Wu Gou will forgive her? And there we have it, a crazy girl entering the tiger den to steal the books, however, she sustains great internal injuries from the four sect leaders and hides out in the forest to take a few last breaths. Mei Er finds her and is tasked with returning the books to Wu Gou. Yun Ya’s final words: “Ask him to…forgive me.” What do you think Mei Er does? She secretly learns the techniques, of course.

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Back to our present time line, Mei Ei confesses that she feels sorry for breaking her promise to Yun Ya and practicing the dark technique. She points at him. “You’re the person who caused her death!” Her words provoke him to tweak her neck, ending her life right there. Unlike before, she’s happy to be relieved from this world. “Yun Ya, I will accompany you soon…”

Wu Gou then steps closer to Qian Gu. “You think you could’ve followed me here so easily?” Then it dawns on her (and me) that she’s the one he wants to kill. What what?

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Cut to Zi Xun entering Wu Gou’s room, locating Zi Hua sitting in the entrapment. Her original plan is to bid goodbye to old friends now that she’s decided to kill Hua Qian Gu no matter what. That gets Shifu’s attention and he furrows his brows together. She lets him into the secret, Wu Gou didn’t allow her to die and said he would take on the responsibility of removing Hua Qian Gu from this earth. How nice of you guys, working together to kill an innocent life.

Zi Xun babbles on and on but Zi Hua, and myself, no longer has time for her self-loathing anymore! Spitting a little blood out, Zi Hua finally breaks free of the enchantment and hurries off to save his disciple.

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Out in the forest, Qian Gu sits at the other end of the sword. “What did I do wrong?”

Wu Gou: “You must die! Your existence is wrong! You are your teacher’s fated calamity!”

The truth sends Qian Gu into a state of mental turmoil. “That’s not possible…that’s not possible.” When she screams, her power sends Wu Gou back about fifty feet, and a dark figure attacks Wu Gou. Qian Gu slumps into a deep coma.

Taking in the man’s swordsmanship, Wu Gou bellows, “It’s you? Why are you here?” The mysterious man sees Zi Hua and disappears.

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Zi Hua tries to talk some sense into Wu Gou, that killing their fated calamity isn’t the solution but the latter refuses to believe that Zi Hua hasn’t fallen in love with his cute disciple …yet. Zi Hua: “I have not.” He gives Zi Hua a lopsided smile. “So in this world, there are people who like to trick themselves more than I do! Kill her, Zi Hua, or your end will be a thousand times worst than mine.”

Looking straight at his friend, Zi Hua states, “I don’t believe I cannot change it!” Since it’s like this, Wu Gou promises to give a proper response to the sects and tells Zi Hua to leave.

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A moment later, Wu Gou throws his sword up in the air and lets it pierce his heart on the way down. Hearing the scream, Zi Hua returns to Wu Gou’s side and the masked man is stopped by the peacock man from interfering. In his last breath, Wu Gou whispers, “This is the final punishment I’m giving myself.” His body disintegrates and specks of life flutter up to the sky. The four remaining immortal friends watch as he leaves this earth.

Under a canopy, the masked man (who is obviously Dong Hua) laments the death of his friend, while Dong Fang interprets it simply – Wu Gou was wrong, so his punishment was befitting. Dong Hua: “If this is what you wanted, then congratulations.”

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Dong Fang: “You’re wrong. This is only the beginning.” He only has eyes on revenge, and nothing else. Dong Hua begs him to stop. “Just kill me and forgive everyone else.”

That won’t do and Dong Fang motions to his hand and balls it into a fist, sending Dong Hua into a fit of pain. “You life is in my hands. I will not let you die like that.”

Episode 27 Summary:

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Bai Zi Hua sends a letter to Mo Yan and upon reading it, he glazes past the line that says Qian Gu has been injured during the fight with Wu Gou, and has to be told by Shi Yi about her injuries. They are now at Mount Zu recuperating. Yo, nobody cares about you either, Momo. Stop making yourself out to be important!

Senior brother Shi Yi wants to bring medicine to Qian Gu, but Mo Yan refuses to let him leave because the Immortal Sword Assembly is being held soon. What? Another Sword Assembly?

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Practicing swords beside a beautiful waterfall, Man Tian tosses her sword to the ground in a hissy fit. She complains to Shou Feng about everyone loving and spoiling Hua Qian Gu – she gets to investigate murder cases, travel out of Chang Liu, while she’s better at everything and yet she’s stuck here. When asked what she wants, she juts up her chin, “I want you to go outside and play with me.” Did I miss something important? Why is someone as sane and calm as Shuo Feng babysitting Man Tian?

Turns out, Man Tian wants to barge into the Pavilion of Strange Decay again, and I’m a little shocked Shou Feng doesn’t reprimand her when she hurts the citizens in line and accompanies her into the Pavilion. Of course, the assistant’s smirk gives away her intention of letting them pass.

 photo Bone27-3.jpg

Shou Feng fights the ninja shadows, allowing Man Tian to pass through and meet with the Pavilion Master. He likes to collect rare things in exchange for answering questions. And this time, he wants Man Tian’s life cauldron, of course, after she dies of natural causes or untimely death. Without hesitation, she agrees to his offer and her question: “How can I beat Hua Qian Gu at the upcoming Immortal Sword Assembly?”

Pavilion Master says it’s not entirely impossible, unless she practices the forbidden technique her father has at Peng Lai Sect. Is this helping her or paving her way to hell?

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Meanwhile, Tan Fan interrupts Zi Xun’s path, stopping her from another attempt at Qian Gu’s life. I’m so tired of the same conversation they keep on having with her. It won’t go through. He begs her to stop interfering with this fated calamity bullcrap and let nature take it course, but she doesn’t care. “Even if Zi Hua kills me, I’ll have no regrets, as long as he can live on.”

Tan Fan: “But only Zi Hua can solve his own fated calamity!”

Crazy Obsessive Woman: “I must at least try!”

He follows her and swipes her unconscious. Only she has mastered the skill of illusion/duplication too and bids him goodbye while he carries a fake Zi Xun away.

 photo Bone27-7.jpg

 photo Bone27-6.jpg

Deep in her slumber, Qian Gu has a nightmare: Zi Xun chases her relentlessly through the woods and when she runs into the arms of Zi Hua, he stabs her with his sword. In actuality, Zi Hua sits beside her and says to Yun Yin that her injuries are mild but something shocking is keeping her from waking up. She needs to depend on herself to get out of it.

Not knowing why Man Tian has to sneak into her own home, Shou Feng watches the coast while she searches and grins when she discovers the book of forbidden techniques. They are caught by her uncle and then her father. He can’t believe she would resort to learning from the book and explains in anger that the book is designed for men and if she learns from the technique, she would slowly become a man. She doesn’t believe him and calls out his regret of not having a son. Those words do the trick and he raises his voice to bring out household punishment – a smacking pan.

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Before he hits her, Shuo Feng steps in to take the punishment. His face winces in pain as she stares up at him, not understanding the sudden loyalty he’s displaying. Father stops half-way and thinks it’s better to burn the book. “From now on, it won’t harm you anymore.” D’aww. You might be a bad person, but you’re a good dad deep down. His words thaw her stubbornness and she kneels at his side, asking for forgiveness and promising not to kidnap the book. They rekindle and hug each other in tears.

 photo Bone27-14.jpg

Zi Xun arrives at the Pavilion of Strange Decay and asks for help in killing Hua Qian Gu. Pavilion Master chuckles and agrees to help her. His price? She’ll know then. That doesn’t sound very positive. He gives her a purple dagger – that looks like something Sailor Moon would use for her house party. Known as the Immortal Punishment, the dagger is made up of 100 types of poisonous blood. Hearing that, there is slight hesitation in Zi Xun’s eyes. The downside includes drawing power from the owner, so essentially, she’s killing her victim and hurting her power in the process.

I see Shuo Feng’s days as numbered now that he’s showing signs of affection for Man Tian. She’s punished for leaving Chang Liu and needs to copy the rule book five hundred times. As she’s locked in the crevice of the mountain copying those boring rules, he sits on a rock above in meditation.

Hearing the news of Qian Gu’s incident with Wu Gou, Tang Bao and Dong Fang hurry to Mount Zu. Only when Zi Hua leaves the room, does Dong Fang approach Qian Gu’s bed, with a worried expression, accompanied by Tang Bao’s sobs. He sighs and leaves the room to have a chat with Zi Hua.

 photo Bone27-17.jpg

Acting like he’s NOT privy to the whole situation, Dong Fang inquires the events that transpired in the woods that day but Zi Hua firmly says it’s in the past and he doesn’t want to mention it again. Dong Fang: “Whether Wu Gou deserved to die…his death must have affected you greatly, right?” Zi Hua mutters that Wu Gou killed himself and you can feel the rising smirk in Dong Fang’s face, “If he did something wrong, of course he must die. Isn’t this your motto?”

Zi Hua: “Just exactly who are you?” That’s not important, says Dong Fang. “No matter who you are or what plans you want to achieve, you won’t get it. I believe that evilness cannot trump good,” Zi Hua replies with a sharpness to his voice.

 photo Bone27-19.jpg

The quiet night dwells on the beautiful sounds from the magical harp played by Zi Hua to chase away Qian Gu’s nightmare. The masked man with Dong Fang, exclaims that Zi Hua has changed. The opposite is true for Dong Fang: “The more painful he looks, the happier I become.” He addresses the masked man by his name for the first time. “Dong Hua, come have a drink with me.”

 photo Bone27-26.jpg

As he pours the wine, Dong Hua asks sarcastically, “Are you really happy? Is this what you really want?” causing Dong Fang to stop mid-action.

“Even if you destroy Hua Qian Gu, this wouldn’t matter either?” Dong Fang places the wine pot down on the table and mulls over the question for a moment. Then, he says, “The show has just started, why would I stop my plan at this point?”

Dong Hua worries that his obsession with revenge might drive him crazy and Dong Fang assures him with a sip of wine. “You worry too much. I have never lost my mind.” Suuurre!

 photo Bone27-29.jpg photo Bone27-31.jpg

Just as Tan Fan realizes how stupid he is for falling for the illusion Zi Xun created, the crazy lady descends on the grounds of Mount Zu. She smashes through the enchantment placed in the room and knocks Tang Bao out of the way before accosting right into….Zi Hua. Shifu, thanks gods for your speed! He carries Qian Gu outside and hands her over to Dong Fang so he can take on Zi Xun.

 photo Bone27-34.jpg photo Bone27-33.jpg

He hits her hard and she spits out blood, much thanks to the purple dagger reflecting its power…and she falls back…right into Tan Fan’s arms. Both men are shocked at the results and Tan Fan leaves with Zi Xun while Zi Hua retrieves Qian Gu. Back in his room, Dong Hua comments that his plan has failed, both Zi Xun and Tan Fan left alive, and Dong Fang’s jaw tenses. “It’s not finished yet, how can I let them die so easily? They need to die more tragically for it be satisfying.” His chilly smile emerges.

 photo Bone27-54.jpg

After spending more than 90% of the episode sleeping, our heroine jerks awake and asks for her Shifu immediately. When she learns that he’s injured, she thinks it’s her fault and tells Tang Bao to pack up their things. She wants to return to Lotus Flower village because she’s homesick. And this time, she doesn’t want Shifu to come along. Later, she broods on rock and bids goodbye to Shifu. “I cannot bear to let you go…but I cannot stay by your side anymore.”

Locating her, Dong Fang takes in her pale face and she asks him about fated calamity. He knows a little bit and tells her that there’s no other way around killing their fated star to avoid the inevitiable demise. She doesn’t tell him why she’s bothered by it.

 photo Bone27-55.jpg photo Bone27-56.jpg

Tan Fan tries to cure Zi Xun but she slumps into his body, weak and on the verge of death. Pavilion Master, along with Dong Hua, pays a visit to gloat. He’s not taking the blame for the failure and the injury because he did warn Zi Xun about the dagger’s power. She barks for him to leave and Tan Fan attacks Pavilion Master with a few swipes but Dong Hua deflects all moves easily.

At the edge of desperation, Tan Fan shouts out for a trade. “As long as Zi Xun can live, I can trade anything with you!”

There’s one method. A life for a life. Oh….

Dong Hua steps up to protest but Pavilion Master motions out his arm. “Only one of them can live, who do you want to see die?”

 photo Bone27-57.jpg photo Bone27-58.jpg

Tan Fan duplicates himself three times and as each one fully charges Zi Xun with their power, the body goes poof into thin air. The last one – his real body, drops to the floor with a thud and he vomits blood. Zi Xun comes to and pulls him into her arms, calling him silly because she’s not worth it. He wipes away her tears, for her, he’s willing to fork out any price.

Episode 28 Summary:

 photo Bone28-2.jpg

As his body crumbles into thin particles and float up towards heaven, Zi Xun reaches out to grab them ineffectually. His final message: “Zi Xun, even if I become a spirt, I will always be by your side.” Oh great, now we’re gonna get ghost Tan Fan?

Zi Xun balls her fist to her chest in pain and doubles over. When she lifts her head, her face sports a new darker make-up, the classic trope of becoming fully evil in dramaland. I love these make-up artists.

 photo Bone28-5.jpg

Qian Gu brings some Peach Blossom soup to her bed-hair Shifu.  He’s totally leaving it uncombed on purpose so his maid, aka disciple, can brush it for him, which she does.

As she brushes his hair, she advises him not to overwork himself, take frequent walks, and find someone to keep him company; all the things he should do when he comes back to Chang Liu. Her solemn expression doesn’t escape Shifu’s eyes and he asks what’s bothering her. She lies and spins the question back to him. He’s worried that something terrible has happened to Zi Xun because the dagger she used was extremely powerful and filled with hatred.

 photo Bone28-10.jpg

At the Seven Murder Faction, Sha Qian Mo looks like he’s back to normal as he examines his face wtih a mirror and grumbles that his skin has wrinkles. Amused, Chun Qiu assures him that he looks just as bright as any other day. Lol.

He’s going into retreat for three months and forbids anyone from disturbing him (unless it’s Little Thing). WHAT? 3 months? The drama will be over by then Sha Jie Jie!

The news sends Chun Qiu into a bliss and he tightens his fist. The cat is away and the mice will play!

 photo Bone28-15.jpg

With the loss of her immortal status, Zi Xun stirs up trouble with Mr. Veins. Seeing her plunge to the mortal realm as heaven’s sign for his rise, Chun Qiu wants to collaborate in her quest for revenge. The plan has Zi Xun capturing Sect Leader Wen and his disciples.

 photo Bone28-17.jpg

Dong Fang brings the horrible news to Zi Hua in regards to the new “female demon” in town and how she wants to speak with Zi Hua in person if he wants to save the captives. Oh Dong Fang, the mirth in your eyes are exquisite. All her plans of leaving Shifu evaporate the moment Qian Gu hears that he’ll be confronting Seven Murder Faction and she asks to come along. Nope. He tells her to go back to chang Liu and prepare for the Immortal Sword Assembly. She’s reluctant but replies yes to his order.

Back in “their” room, Dong Hua tells Dong Fang not to underestimate Bai Zi Hua. Without Hua Qian Gu to hold him back, there’s no guarantee anyone can trap him. It doesn’t concern Dong Fang because no matter who wins this round, he will come out on top.

 photo Bone28-26.jpg

Using her dark powers, Zi Xun obtains the Divine Cauldron from Sect Leader Wen.

Bai Zi Hua steps foot onto Snow Mountain and he’s not alone. He ousts Qian Gu’s hiding location – behind a tree. That is a verrry big tree, I’m impressed at her ability in picking such a discreet location. Since she’s here, he allows her to tag along, and she beams at him.

 photo Bone28-29.jpg photo Bone28-30.jpg

She marvels at the sight of pristine snow while Shifu trudges right by, having no time for beautiful landscapes. She finally gathers the courage to tell him about the fated calamity. He shortens their distance with a few strides and faces her. “There must be a way to fix this fated calamity. Believe in me.” She wonders why he keeps her by his side despite their twisted fate, and he confesses that her fight and determination during the Immortal Sword Assembly gave him new insight – maybe having a disciple wouldn’t be that bad. Such a simple reason, she notes.

Then Qian Gu gets mischievous as they walk. She starts throwing snowballs at Shifu and as he shouts for her to stop, we see that he also picks up the balls and flings them right back. They smile and have fun. Am I dreaming this sequence? Then Qian Gu begins to roll in the snow….down the hill…and over a cliff. *facepalms* This girl is something else. Shifu saves her and swings her around…

 photo Bone28-34.jpg

As they tranverse deeper into the mountain, Qian Gu is attacked by the various illusions set up by Chun Qiu (or so they think, it’s Zi Xun and her Divine Caldron). They enter the Underworld Cave and get attacked by ghostly beings. Unsteady on her feet due to the release of hallucingogen scent by Zi Xun, Qian Gu’s knees buckle and she crumples to the ground.

Zi Hua asks the master mind to show their face and Zi Xun’s voice bounces off the walls. “Didn’t you say that Hua Qian Gu is only your disciple? I want to know if it’s true.” Under the effect of the scent, Qian Gu looks at Shifu fondly and wonders why he’s dressed as a groom. Perturbed, Shifu tells her to keep her thoughts clean. LOL. Are we going to naughty places now?

 photo Bone28-37.jpg photo Bone28-39.jpg

Slowly succumbing to the scent, Shifu’s dream betrays all his pretenses. It’s their wedding day and his bride is Qian Gu and she seductively asks, “Do you want me? Want me?” Okay. This is getting creepy.

 photo Bone28-40.jpg

Facing the truth of their feelings, Zi Xun gasps. Hey lady, YOU ASKED FOR IT.

 photo Bone28-41.jpg

As the fake Zi Hua cradles fake Qian Gu’s face, prepared to kiss her, the real Zi Hua loudly asserts, “NO. You’ll always be my disciple! We are only tiny specks of dust in this universe, why speak of love and hatred?” He strikes the dream, shattering all naughty thoughts.

They escape the cave and Shifu heads off by himself for further investigation, leaving poor Qian Gu to be surrounded by more illusions and she falls into a different location, belatedly realizing that it must be another illusion.

 photo Bone28-42.jpg

Shifu notices that something is amiss and comes back to check. He runs into Zi Xun as she tells him in tears how much pain her heart was in to witness Tan Fan’s death. She blames everything on Hua Qian Gu and disappears. In his search, Shifu stumbles upon Sect Leader Wen and saves him.

Zi Xun joins Qian Gu in her illusion and casually lies that her Shifu might not be alive anymore to come and save her. Qian Gu calls out her lies, Shifu is not just anyone, he wouldn’t be captured so easily! She guesses that as long as she beats Zi Xun, she can escape. She pulls out her sword. At that, Zi Xun smiles and proceeds to duplicate herself mulitple times. That’s cheating!!

 photo Bone28-43.jpg photo Bone28-45.jpg

She gives Qian Gu three chances to kill the real Zi Xun, and at the last swipe, she cuts Zi Xun on her shoulder blade, provoking her to fight for real. Shifu arrives at the lair and tries to break into the Divine Cauldron.

 photo Bone28-48.jpg

Qian Gu finds her chance to stab Zi Xun during her speech but the person who takes the stab…is Shifu. WHATTTTTTTT? Zi Xun continues to say that the stab wound has been tampered with the powerful posion from the Divine Cauldron and no one can cure him now.

 photo Bone28-52.jpg

Working in despair, Qian Gu sucks out the poison with her palm, astonshing Zi Xun of her loyalty to Bai Zi Hua. “Are you crazy? I said it’s poison from the Divine Cauldron, do you want to risk your life?!”

 photo Bone28-58.jpg

Tears sting Zi Xun’s eyes as she realizes another hard truth. “Hua Qian Gu, you truly love him….? Love him to this extent….” Oh no, it’s the fake Shifu!!

 photo Bone28-59.jpg photo Bone28-60.jpg

The sky of the illusion opens up at the prodding of Bai Zi Hua and he dives down. Outside, Chun Qiu gleefully tries to force the cauldron to close and crackles at the thought that the three of them will be burnt by the cauldron’s fire. Purple-lipped now, Qian Gu realizes her stupid mistake but there’s no time to waste and Zi Hua pushes Zi Xun out of the illusion first. He then sucks out the poison from Qian Gu’s body as their surrounding bursts into flames. If they don’t get out now, the cauldron’s flames will turn them into dust.

 photo Bone28-64.jpg photo Bone28-63.jpg

Reprimanding herself to be the cause of Shifu’s suffering, Qian Gu wants to stay and die with him. He won’t let her and pushes her away but as she flies farther and farther, her eyes flicker red and she screams, “Shifu, I want to be together with you forever! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.”

—————————- END ——————————

Kap: The story of Yun Ya is ovbiously set up as a foreshadowing for Zi Hua and Qian Gu’s main story arc and it’s up to the writer to make the story worth telling. Will it serve as a learned lesson or the classic history will repeat itself for the main couple? The key difference this time around is that Qian Gu now has the knowledge of her fate. So when we start blaming, she takes a minor part in the ultimate punishment as well, though she’s mostly driven by her naivety/teenage hormones at this point and ancient artifact aka Bai Zi Hua should accept 85% of the blame. Have you guys thought why Zi Hua keeps Qian Gu by his side? After his conversation with Wu Gou, I no longer think it’s purely based on kindness and pity. If you think about it, he’s a bored immortal and this situation is a once-in-a-lifetime challenge for him. Like Sha Jie Jie, Bai Zi Hua also has an ego and excessive pride in his ability to overcome obstacles too.

And Dong Fang…oh Dong Fang. How I love to hate you. Have you noticed that most of his scenes now are directed with very little light? Only highlighting his eyes and small smirk to signify his dark side/life with very little happiness? He may be a villain but he works with principles, only exposing the errors these so-called immortals swear they would never make. He makes himself out to be the most knowledgeable man out there and let THEM seek his help. He doesn’t directly kill, but he’s the head of the orchestra team, formulating and aligning chess pieces, allowing them to fall naturally into his traps. Please, please, shed more light on his background and how Dong Hua came to become his right-hand man! Is it Dong Hua who taught him these powerful skills?

  1. 21 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 25 – 28 “Deep slumber.”

    lols…..naughty thoughts. sorry, i have no naughty thoughts for bai zi hua and his teenage disciple!! people say it’s not but it is creeeeepy. he could be her greatttt greatttttt greatttttt grand daughter.

    bai zi hua is cocky, just like dong fang and sha jie jie, their greatest punishment will come soon enough, but its at the expense of everyone else…. its sad.

    im so tired of zi xun’s crap talking too!! she caused the death of two of her immortal friends! her nerve to blame qian gu, just blame her immortal self that she’s weak in planning and executing those plans.

    im upset with sha jie jie too. he hasn’t done a thing these past few episodes and he’s going into a retreat? for what? no other way to include his character in the storyline? arggggg

    thanks for the recap! im surprised at your tenacity kappy. usually, you would be done with a series already. LOL

    • 21 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 25 – 28 “Deep slumber.”

      I wonder if scenes had been cut out. The last time I saw SQM he was crazy and then all of a sudden he seemed to be back to normal. How exactly did that happen? Did he forget about his sister as SCQ had planned? Did he remember that SCQ had tricked him into consuming the pill? He didn’t forget about HQG, so that’s a relief.

      It would make sense for him to go into seclusion to cultivate and regain his good looks. All those headaches and angry outbursts must have taken a toll on his beautiful face. 😛

      • 21 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 25 – 28 “Deep slumber.”

        i don’t think it’s cut (future cuts due to the bloody scenes in upcoming episodes **hint hint) because the writer treats sha jie jie like crap, not giving him enough screen time for development, he’s there only when bones need him. there’s a possibility that they don’t even remember his last scene…sad life pretty boy has!! lols.

  2. 21 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 25 – 28 “Deep slumber.”

    Thank you, Kap! You made my day. I always look forward to your recaps and the chance to discuss my current obsession. 😀
    Assorted thoughts related to the recaped episodes:
    1. I was sad to see WG & TF die. Mostly because they were not in love with our Hot Shifu and were not afraid to point out his BS. I wish that instead of talking to ZX , BZH was talking to them during previous difficult moments. Not that he would listen but, at least, we would know that sanity and reason were not completely gone from the immortal world. Speaking of which…
    2. How the hell did all 5 Immortals actually become immortal?!If becoming immortal requires to you to relinquish all emotions then most of them are not capable of achieving it. ZX is obsessed with BZH, TF with ZX, DH is consumed by guilt. BZH is ok, may be also WG before facing his fated calamity. Or it’s something like once you achieve it, you have the capabilities even after you stop being worthy? So confusing …
    3. I was surprised to learn that the wedding night is BZH’s dream , not QG’s. I thought it was the opposite. Hmm ..if so, it’s actually better. At least, it’s not always QG who is swooning over her Shifu 🙂 Naughty thoughts are also creeping inside Hot Shifu’s mind. :)))

    Also, I read on soompi that the number of episodes is reduced to 50? Can someone who can read Chinese confirm or deny that, please! 🙁 I know that TJOF is super popular in China so why would they do that?! Isn’t it good to have more episodes with such high ratings?!

    • 21 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 25 – 28 “Deep slumber.”

      1. I liked Tan Fan, too bad he never got a new set of eyes to see that he’s wasting his effort on a woman undeserving of his love and sacrifice!
      2. Good question! They never really explained that part and put out the rules for gaining immortality and losing it. I’m sure ridding of emotions is not one of the requirements or else all five of them would fail. HARD. Maybe it has to do about reaching a certain level in their powers?
      3. I think the wedding is both of their inner desires….QG imagines the groom and ZH imagines the bride. They weren’t clear but we can guess based on Zi Xun’s heart-broken tears. XD

      The tv version will indeed end at episode 50 but the uncut version stays at the original 54. I haven’t heard of any changes unless this is behind the table? Lol.

      • 21 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 25 – 28 “Deep slumber.”

        Do you know why they cut the number of episodes to 50? What will be left out?

        • 21 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 25 – 28 “Deep slumber.”

          It has been like that with Hunan (and some other tv stations), unless it’s their in-house productions, all other dramas get cut down. China does not operate like Korea, where they want to prolong a series for as long as possible if it has high ratings. Hunan has a lot of dramas under their belt to air. I don’t know whether you’ve noticed that the tv version cut out many small scenes (and are shorter), so just watch the uncut version instead.

  3. 21 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 25 – 28 “Deep slumber.”

    As always, your recaps give the entertainment and new perspectives on this series, especially since I tend to skip some scenes.

    I had to rewatch the wedding dream again, because my impression wasn’t the same with what yours, i.e. ZX is shocked upon discovering that BZH reciprocates HQG’s feeling. I think she gets heartbroken for the umpteenth time when BZH reconfirms that he’s cut ties with emotions and that love and hatred mean nothing to him. On the other hand, it looks like ZX senses that BZH has indeed started to develop a romantic feeling toward HGQ unconsciously, so for ZX at least it gives her hope that BZH CAN have emotions.

    Seeing the 5 immortals now, I do think Tan Fan comes out having the best life. If not for his undying love for ZX, he’s probably much happier, distancing himself from all immortal affairs. Probably because he is the least arrogant of all the immortals and prefers to live a humble mortal life. I agree that BZH is pretty arrogant deep down, thinking that with his power he can overcome fate; Wu Gou decides who should die and who shouldn’t; ZX definitely thinks no other woman but her is worth BZH. I don’t know much about Dong Hua to suggest anything, though.

    BZH is so tight up about his – and his disciple’s – diet! Also, hygiene issues. I noticed that the reason he didn’t eat all in the restaurant where Tan Fan took them is probably because he saw the waiter’s finger was in the soup when carrying the bowls LOL. Can’t blame him, I’d probably be put off too :))))

    Of course I shall end this lengthy comment by declaring my love to DFYQ, whose villainous side is as much appealing to me 😉

    • 21 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 25 – 28 “Deep slumber.”

      We need more info about Dong Hua fast before he shares the same fate as his immortal friends. I don’t even know what kind of friend he is to allow them all to die one by one without much protest against Dong Fang.

      Shifu needs to be starved to understand the hard labor the farmers put in to bring him that bowl of white, fluffy rice! Just eat it plain without the soup! You spoiled child! LOL.

  4. 21 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 25 – 28 “Deep slumber.”

    I thought the same thing when I saw Wu Gou and Yun Ya’s’s totally foreshadowing BZH and Qian Gu’s fate. You’d think BZH would learn from Wu Gou’s mistakes..but yet he falls right into it, and in the end become so emotionally damage at the death of Qian Gu that he desire death over living. Sigh…I think that out of the 5 immortals, I like Tan Fan and Wu Gou’s personality the best. Wu Gou seems more kind and forgiving out of the 5, while Tan Fan is more relax and peaceful(when ZX is not involve). I think that my favorite part out of all these episodes was when Qian Gu and BZH were playing in the snow because BZH actually full out smile and look like he’s enjoying himself..even if the scene only last for like 30 seconds lol..

    • 21 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 25 – 28 “Deep slumber.”

      Not a fan of Dong Hua because he remind me of those nasty uptight hypocrites who claims to be good but is actually evil inside. Hated how he rashly killed DongFang’s father without even getting a reason first, and just assumed things! But after seeing him with hanging around Dongfang and begging for the mercy on his friends does make me pity a little..only a little.

      • 21 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 25 – 28 “Deep slumber.”

        tbh, you can say this about all immortals in this story. BZH wanted to kill QG because his master told him to kill his fated calamity and everybody agreed and actively encouraged him to do so even though at that point that would mean killing a random, possibly innocent and harmless, person. Good thing that BZH is the most merciful of the bunch and someone who actually sees how morally wrong that would be. ZX attempted to kill many people because of this calamity thing and only pure luck or BZH 😀 prevented her from doing so. DH seems to be strike first,ask later kind of guy, which leads to DF’s revenge. TF doesn’t care about stuff unless it’s ZX related. Wg kills several people, some of them innocent and doesn’t even blink when he tries to kill QG because he thinks he’s doing his friend a favor. Actually, nobody cares (like, at all) about anyone else doing terrible things.
        Example, ZX flies into Chang Liu, attacks 3 people (one of which BZH’s personal disciple), mortally wounds one, would probably kill all of them if she could and nobody does anything. Nobody wants to punish her, they don’t even ban her from entering Chang Liu. What the f**k? And keep in mind that these are same people who beat QG bloody for not giving them some lousy book that could potentially make them look bad. I reaally, really don’t know how to define good and evil in this world because they all do the same stuff, just the “evil” gang does it openly.
        Sha JIejie is <3 ! 😉

      • 21 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 25 – 28 “Deep slumber.”

        basically, all the immortals and leaders of the righteous are two-faced people!! mo yan is the worst. he knows that zi xun has feelings for zi hua and that the latter doesn’t like her and blah blah blah about having no emotions and yet he allows her to be a teacher in chang liu! someone needs to shut this man up!!

      • 21 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 25 – 28 “Deep slumber.”

        Looking at the whole story, not just the romance part, this has started to seem like a commentary on social system, no? The righteous sects, highly regarded by ordinary people, are actually the most hypocrite, ruthless, egotistical, and arrogant — they think they are above all. While the so-called evil side, as nell pointed out, are not worse, only they do it openly. (Note: How the righteous sects finance their activities should be questioned as well!).

        And how about a king who is so immature that he takes everything for granted, and thinks little of his responsibility? (Before his brother usurps the throne) We have seen too many examples in real life, already.

        Earlier I thought that HGQ-BZH romantic arc is a glorification of a teenage love, romanticization of puppy love/infatuation, and I thought it’s dangerous to portray such hormone-driven obsession as romantic. But now I kind of view it from another perspective: it actually implies that obsessive love is not healthy, and leads only to destruction, not only for the involved parties, but also to the others.

        The life stone arc demonstrates that blind obedience is just as much destructive. The immortals’ teacher says that should any of them meets their fated calamities, the latter should be killed immediately. But all we see suggest that it is actually the blind belief that causes the calamities. When their teacher told them that, didn’t it even occur to them to ask him WHY fated calamities? Oh well, perhaps critical thinking never exists in the immortal realm *sigh*

        • 21 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 25 – 28 “Deep slumber.”

          Beautifully said Lenje. Everyone in here has an unhealthy obsession, and if that’s the theme the writer were going for, I hope we can get some positivity out of the miserable bunch. =)

  5. 21 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 25 – 28 “Deep slumber.”

    Thanks for the recap, Kappy! 🙂

    I made it up to episode 26 and have been stuck there for a week now, so I’m “moving on” by reading your recaps hehe.

    There’s more Dongfang in these episodes so yay for that!

    • 21 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 25 – 28 “Deep slumber.”

      Hey, hey, hey, girl. Don’t be cheating now! Suffering is only fun with more people. ;]

  6. 21 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 25 – 28 “Deep slumber.”

    I really like Dongfang’s character. He can be so evil and cunning, but yet so funny and caring. When he’s in his Lord of Strange Decay character, he’s all bent on getting revenge for his father. But when he’s in Dongfang the scholar character, he is more soft and caring. He pushes Qian Gu toward BZH when he’s Lord of Stange Decay, but when he’s DongFang he warns her about the dangers that she will face the closer she gets to BZH. Really love his inner struggle of his love for Qian Gu. As much as I love Dongfang’s character, I will always like BZH better. I think that the angst BZH goes through is very deserving for what he did to Qian Gu, but yet I have this soft side for him. He has so many responsibilities to uphold and should not feel any emotion of attachment, but yet he went against it…and just the fact that he becomes so emotionally ruin because of her that it just makes me pity and cheer for him Wallace plays him(I may sound shallow but its true).

    • 21 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 25 – 28 “Deep slumber.”

      Did he go against all or did he think hes better than the other people that he could fix his fated Calamity? There were exanples for him to see too! Thats an interesting question all on its own.

      He deserved all the ruins for all the pain he caused Qian Gu! I dont feel bad at all for him, not even a speck of pity! Lol!!

      • 21 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 25 – 28 “Deep slumber.”

        His principle is ‘wrong is wrong’ ‘right is right’. He doesn’t look at the in between or the reason why people commit wrong, but when things concern Qian Gu, he tends to bend the rules. He lets her get away with feeble things, but when she’s done a major wrong he has to punish her but yet he tries to protect her at the same time. He gives her the lighter punishment and take on the harsher ones by claiming that she is his responsibilities in order to protect her and ease her punishment a little bit. Also, he knew her real identity but because of his affection for her, he chooses to protect her even though she’s a threat to everything that he is responsible for. And yes, BZH is an egolastic because after all he is suppose to be the ‘strongest’ in all the realms so of course he would think that he can overcome his own calamity. What I really like though was in the epilogue, he suckered up to all of Qian Gu’s demands and tries to mend the things that he did wrong. He did everything for her the way that he should’ve done before and it really earned my pity for him.

        • 21 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 25 – 28 “Deep slumber.”

          Are we talking the book zi Hua or drama zi Hua? Drama zi Hua is not unreasonable, he agreed with the punishment but still listened in to his reasons.

          Dont know whether or not the drama wi include the epilogue so we cant conclude now that its a good drama adaptation.

          The damage has already been done, no use if he regrets it later. It just to make his guilty heart feels better.

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