Gritty promos for Mark Zhao’s Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe

I posted about the two movie adaptations of Ghost Blows Out the Light back in May, written by Zhang Mu Ye. Now we are in full swing of promotional materials in stills and trailers for one of them, Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe, starring Mark Zhao, Yao Chen, Tang Yan, and Jerry Lee. The story follows an expedition group as they embark on horrifying adventures in the deepest and darkest corners of Kunlun Mountains: the Demon’s 9th Tower. It’s nice to finally see stills of Tang Yan because for a while, she seems to be in a lot of movies but with no trace of filming. Lol. The latest news is her replacement of Yang Mi for Bounty Hunter with Wallace Chung and Lee Min Ho. Lucky girl is luckyyyyyyyyy!


 photo Tribe 6.jpg

Mark Zhao.

 photo Tribe 28.jpg

 photo Tribe 4.jpg

Yao Chao looking real badass!

 photo Tribe 16.jpg

 photo Tribe 24.jpg

 photo Tribe 11.jpg

 photo Tribe 21.jpg

 photo Tribe 14.jpg

 photo Tribe 5.jpg

 photo Tribe 12.jpg

Tang Yan frozen in shock, I hope.

 photo Tribe 17.jpg

 photo Tribe 8.jpg

 photo Tribe 15.jpg

Rhydian Vaughan.

 photo Tribe 19.jpg

 photo Tribe 26.jpg

 photo Tribe 13.jpg

Jerry Lee with no hair. Nuh uh!!

 photo Tribe 18.jpg

 photo Tribe 3.jpg

Li Guang Jie.

 photo Tribe 7.jpg


 photo Tribe 22.jpg

 photo Tribe 23.jpg

 photo Tribe 27.jpg

 photo Tribe 25.jpg


 photo Tribe 9.jpg


 photo Tribe 10.jpg

 photo Tribe 20.jpg

 photo Tribe 2.jpg

 photo Tribe 1.jpg


  • Directed by Lu Chuan (City of Life and Death, The Last Supper), Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe hits theaters October 1st.

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    Yao Chen looks good, like a warrior but Tang yan needs a few lessons to look badass. She looks bored for a fantasy thriller!!

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