Green Hill Fox Legend releases first character stills

A Tangren production with their upcoming batch of youthful stars led by Jiang Jin Fu and Gulnazar. But if you’re watching Wu Xin The Monster Killer, you will recognize half of the cast members too. Green Hill Fox Legend consists of 6 supernatural stories and folktales about fox spirits and ghosts taken from Strange Tales from a Chinese Studio (or Strange Tales from Liao Zhai) written by Pu Song Ling, one of China’s gifted authors in spinning creative fictions with subtle humor and meaningful life lessons. I really loved the second season of TVB adaptation back in 1998 (I still have the opening and ending themesongs playing in my playlist! Old soul…here.) One of the stories was also adapted and many might recognize Barbie and Daniel Chan’s Chinese Ghost Story in 2003.

Jiang Jin Fu. He and Guli are main characters for the story Heng Niang and the others are Feng San Niang, Ying Ning the Laughing Girl, Hu Si Xiang Gong, Pavilion, and Chang Ting. Everyone looks great in their outfits! Quality materials right there!

 photo Fox 13.jpg

Gulnazar. Is it me but this young lady is taking up a few lead roles under her belt?

 photo Fox 12.jpg

Kiton Jiang. The lead in Perfume Woman with Han Dong.

 photo Fox 11.jpg

Gina Jin. The female lead in currently airing Wu Xin The Monster Killer! She looks like Tinkerbell here. Very lovely.

 photo Fox 9.jpg

 photo Fox 2.jpg

 photo Fox 30.jpg

Oww….owww…owww…..owww… Mine, not hers…

 photo Fox 32.jpg

Chen Yao.

 photo Fox 10.jpg

Youngest of the cast, Xiao Cai Qi.

 photo Fox 8.jpg

Then there’s also Thai Actor, Mike D’Angelo. Does he speak Chinese?

 photo Fox 7.jpg

Little elf ears… hehe.

 photo Fox 29.jpg

Mike with Tina Tang.

 photo Fox 6.jpg

 photo Fox 5.jpg

 photo Fox 4.jpg

Zhang Ruo Yun.

 photo Fox 16.jpg

 photo Fox 31.jpg

Other Pictures.

 photo Fox 1.jpg

 photo Fox 3.jpg

Absolutely love the cinematography already! Real snowy mountains and rivers!

 photo Fox 14.jpg

 photo Fox 15.jpg

 photo Fox 17.jpg

 photo Fox 18.jpg

 photo Fox 19.jpg

 photo Fox 22.jpg

 photo Fox 23.jpg

 photo Fox 25.jpg

This is simply breath-taking!!

 photo Fox 27.jpg

 photo Fox 28.jpg

Directed by three directors: Lam Yuk Fan and Danny Ko (both collaborated for Wu Xin The Monster Killer), and Xu Hui Kang (Mystery in the Palace), Green Hill Fox Legend have 40 episodes.

Source: 01 // Weibo

  1. 7 thoughts on “Green Hill Fox Legend releases first character stills

    Aaaah… The TVB adaptation from 1998 brings back so much good memories… I wish I could watch it again… If you know a place where I could, please do tell me!!! It’s so hard to find it now. ^_^

    • 7 thoughts on “Green Hill Fox Legend releases first character stills

      It’s hard to find old tvb dramas, I think you can find them dubbed in Vietnamese and Thai? But the songs and special effects back then = nostalgia.

  2. 7 thoughts on “Green Hill Fox Legend releases first character stills

    ohmygawwwwd what is up with the hairdos?

    it’s funny you mentioned Dark Tales. I still remember snippets of the show really clearly. I watched it as a kid and learned a bit of life lessons from the morals of each story. Who says watching dramas is useless? Haha…I was thinking about this show the other day, particularly the one with Benny Chan in it (he’s the one whose mom is a ghost…). In that story, his female love interest was raised by her master, who then fell in love with her…and it was gross and everybody disliked it. *coughflowerofjourneycough*

    • 7 thoughts on “Green Hill Fox Legend releases first character stills

      Lol. I think the boys are okay but the girls could use some hair remodeling… XD

      I rewatched Season 2 a few months back and the story between Jackie Lui and Noel Leung makes my blood boil every single time… it was realistic and just too sad.

      Benny Chan was adorable back then. He owned that weak scholar vibes. LOL@Flower snide!

  3. 7 thoughts on “Green Hill Fox Legend releases first character stills

    I don’t think I watched the second season of Dark Tales in full but I really loved the first season. My favorite story was Chang Ting and it makes me happy to see Gina Jin play that role now. Loving her a lot in Wu Xin. Even better is that Wang Kai is playing Shi Dabu, her other half. The rest of the cast looks great so far too.

    Wow, Mike. I don’t recall him ever learning Mandarin back when I was a fan of him and his brother, but he is also in Wu Xin. Maybe he’s foraying into the Mainland market now.

    • 7 thoughts on “Green Hill Fox Legend releases first character stills

      I haven’t caught up with Wu Xin yet. Lol. Need to see Mike’s beautiful hair. The guys have better hair and costumes than the girls. XD Gina looks great here compared to her rice-bowl bangs in Wu Xin.

      • 7 thoughts on “Green Hill Fox Legend releases first character stills

        Her rice-bowl bangs are part of the charm! XD

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