Cdrama: My Best Ex-Boyfriend OST

01. 期待你的爱 (Waiting for your Love) – JJ Lin
02. 如果时光倒流 (If You Could Turn Back Time) – Silence Wang
03. 十年 (Decade / Ten Years) – Essay Wang
04. 一程 (One Ride) – Wang Zhen
05. 被风吹过的夏天 (The Summer Day Blown By The Wind) – JJ Lin and Kim Sa
06. Waiting for your Love (Instru)
07. If You Could Turn Back Time (Instru)
08. Decade (Instru)
09. One Ride (Instru)
10. The Summer Day Blown By The Wind (Instru)


Kap: For such a crazy trailer, the soundtrack is surprisingly very calming. I haven’t had a chance to watch this drama yet but looks like a cult is slowly gathering?

  1. 8 thoughts on “Cdrama: My Best Ex-Boyfriend OST

    i think it was whitediamond who recommended this drama in one of the posts. i need more people to tell me it’s good before i watch. knowing cdramas and their tendency to spiral in the latter half…im worrird as is!

    but the songs are nice. The Summer Day Blown By The Wind is my favorite! thanks for sharing! *hugs*

    • 8 thoughts on “Cdrama: My Best Ex-Boyfriend OST

      Thanks for posting all the sound tacks in one artilce. And yes, that’s me who recommended you to watch. I am not holding much of sanity knowing how CDrama gets so pretentious after two third of the drama. Still, i would say this one is a quality drama and very watchable compared to lots of other Cdramas. The plot is really going back and forth between our main four leads.

      JJ lin insert song that you like is also my favorite, i even went to My Best Ex-Bf baidu bar to find out song title right after hearing it in one of the eps. You should give it a try putting ur hesitation aside. 😛

  2. 8 thoughts on “Cdrama: My Best Ex-Boyfriend OST

    Watched till E06 and the story is pretty good. Subbing pace on Viki were the fastest ever compare to all Asian daily drama including Korean one. I never be a fans of Jerry Yan work and fortunately there’s Ron Ng who has all the look and charisma in this series ^_^

  3. 8 thoughts on “Cdrama: My Best Ex-Boyfriend OST

    i like this drama, already watched it to ep 20 and now going to watch the next episodes.. thank you for uploading the ost 🙂

    my fave is JJ Lin’s.. i dunno why but i always like every song of him, haha..

    this is one of my fave dramas, besides Yongpal and Koinaka.. ^^

  4. 8 thoughts on “Cdrama: My Best Ex-Boyfriend OST

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