The Time I’ve Loved You: Episode 2 Recap

The interns are on the move! Both So Eun and Seong Jae get closer to their bosses, and as a result, Won and Ha Na become one step closer to winning that $5,000. We also see more from the past, getting a peak at the leads’ hidden feelings for each other. I found this episode much more enjoyable than the first. And I’m starting to like this drama for what it is~

Episode 2 Recap:

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After the wedding debacle in episode 1, we begin episode 2 with Ha Na facing the aftermath. She comes face to face with a group of her coworkers who voice their disdain and disappointment. As they’re backing her into a corner, the scenery suddenly changes from the workplace to a train platform. Step by step, Ha Na is forced to the edge of the platform and just as she’s about to fall, she reaches out and grabs onto her boss’s tie. Turns out it’s a nightmare and the tie transforms into the strap of a lady’s purse and Ha Na wakes up on the subway.

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Ha Na makes a stop at a coffee shop and she’s on the phone blaming Choi Won for getting her into this mess while waiting for her coffee. As she’s getting herself worked up, debating whether or not to take a few days off work, we see L in the background taking notice of Ha Na. She gets her cup of coffee and leaves the shop when L comes after her bringing papers that Ha Na had left behind. He suggests that they’ve met before and asks if Ha Na remembers him. She has no memory of the encounter and instead begins contemplating whether or not he’s hitting on her. Quite satisfied with what’s happening, she thanks him for the papers and struts away.

Ha Na’s mood quickly turns sour once at work when she finds out that her special sale for the storage shoes (aka the Gu Yeon Jeong shoes) has not been successful. There’s still a surplus of shoes, and her boss is not happy about it. She manages to barely placate him by promising to plan a special promotion as well as continue the hunt for Gu Yeon Jeong.

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Escaping the wrath of her boss, Ha Na is back at her desk when she realizes she’s misplaced her glasses. She’s on the floor looking under her desk when Assistant Hong comes in to introduce the new intern to Ha Na. She knocks her head on the table getting up and is embarrassed to find none other than L, or Gi Seong Jae as he introduces himself, standing in front of her. Surprise, surprise, guess who the new intern is! The hit to the head must have jogged her memory because she later recalls that they really have met before. Ha Na had been struggling to carry a stack of shoeboxes to the department store and Seong Jae had stepped in to help her out.

Meanwhile, at the airline company, we find out that the clueless intern perhaps isn’t so clueless. She brings drinks that are personalized to each co-worker’s tastes. Choi Won’s bonehead co-workers begin openly discussing how perfect of a match Won and the intern, So Eun, would make. Won keeps things professional and sternly tells them to knock it off.

Ha Na and her intern go out to take care of some off-site work. On the elevator down, Ha Na thanks him for his help during their first encounter, letting him know that she remembers the incident. The conversation takes a slightly unprofessional turn as Seong Jae admits to her that he almost hit on her at the coffee shop because he thought they were the same age.

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Shortly after the pair arrive at the department store, an angry customer storms in asking for a refund on her heels. Ha Na keeps her cool though and negotiates with her politely. They come to an agreement that the company will customize the heels, and if she’s still unhappy, then she can get a refund. Ha Na practically throws in a free foot massage and the once angry customer skips away with joy. Seong Jae watches the exchange, and is thoroughly impressed by the end. Such contrast from how things unfolded when Chen You Qing was in the same situation.

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Back at the office now, Ha Na is working overtime. Seong Jae brings her coffee, surprising her as she thought she was the last one left. He tells her that it’s dangerous for a woman to stay alone, so he’ll wait outside for her. Uncertain of how to interpret this, Ha Na later calls to consult with Won. She acknowledges to him that some of Seong Jae’s words have been inappropriate, but she strangely didn’t say anything to him about it. He warns her that the intern is just a sweet talker trying to get on his boss’s good side. Ha Na scoffs and says he’s just jealous that he’s not getting any love from his interns.

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Right after hanging up, Choi Won hears So Eun calling him from behind. They end up sitting next to each other on the bus ride to…I have no idea where they’re going to be honest. But anyways, she thanks him for his help last time with the feverish passenger and offers to buy him a meal to show her gratitude. Won thinks back to his earlier conversation with Ha Na and takes her up on the offer.

Ha Na, who has now returned home, is looking up the whereabouts of Gu Yeon Jeong on the internet when she gets a text. It’s her intern who is checking in to make sure she got home safely. She replies with a simple “yes”, and he texts back “see you tomorrow” with a heart emoji. This throws her for a loop and she briefly considers if there’s any romantic intent to the text, but brushes it off.

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Still in the midst of the thank you dinner, we learn that Won is cousins with Ms. Head Honcho Stewardess. Also that she is in fact a diehard fan of MBLAQ’s Mir. So Eun says she’s jealous of their sibling-like relationship, revealing that she’s always wanted siblings. She takes the opportunity to smoothly ask if she can address Won as oppa. He isn’t able to reject her, and the intern takes it as a yes. Just then, Choi Won gets a call from Ha Na. He tells her he’s at dinner with a company hoobae but Ha Na overhears So Eun call him oppa. He explains that the intern is just joking around, and they end the call shortly after. Curious, So Eun asks if the call was from his girlfriend. He tells her it’s just a friend, and she questions if pure friendship can exist between opposite sexes. Even so, she’s happy with his answer because it either means he’s single or he cares enough to lie to her about it.

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Walking home after dinner, Won ponders the question that So Eun brought up. Is it really possible for a man and a woman to be just friends? His mind wanders back to when he and Ha Na were in college. Both are persuaded by their respective friends to come out to a group blind date. Won cutely practices his suave moves in front of a mirror and Ha Na switches between several outfits before finally being satisfied with an S.E.S. inspired get-up. Both finish getting ready and come out of their houses at the same time. Neither want to admit where they’re going so Won says he’s going to the library and for Ha Na, it’s church.

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Of course their lies fall through when the 2 end up across from each other at a table of 4 girls and 4 boys. The girls are each to put one of their items on the table, and the boys are each to pick an item so that they can pair off. Ha Na glances left and right to see what items the other girls are using. Then she leaves the table to “use the restroom” and motions Won over for a secret rendezvous. Once alone, Ha Na shows him the peach hairband that she’s planning on placing on the table. They agree to avoid ending up as a pair and they go back in after cheering each other on. Faced with 2 peach hairbands on the table, however, Won is at a loss and ultimately ends up picking Ha Na’s item.

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The two head over to an arcade for their “date”. They’re bickering over the hairband while playing a fighting game. Ha Na says he must be stupid for not being able to recognize her hairband even after she showed him. But Won retorts that she should’ve told him that it was spotted in the first place. After fighting it out, they take a bike ride through a park, and Won gets love-struck when Ha Na turns around and smiles at him.

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Choi Won resurfaces from his memories and takes out a box. He pulls out a stack of pictures of him and Ha Na as students. Smiling at first, he suddenly gets sad and his gaze glances back into the box where The One-Eyed Fish’s Love book is poking out.

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The next day, Ha Na gets to her work and finds out that the happy newlyweds (Min Ji and Ho Joon) are back from their honeymoon. Her assistant also lets her know that the mysterious Gu Yeon Jeong is back in Seoul. Ha Na is headed out the door to track the actress down, but spots Min Ji coming her direction as she walks down the hall. She steels herself to face Min Ji, but at the last second chickens out and hides behind a pillar.

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She finally makes it to Gu Yeon Jeong’s house with Seong Jae. Of course, the actress isn’t home, and they wait in the car to keep watch on the place. They wait for hours and it’s now dark out. The intern starts talking about how he can empathize with the actresses because he’s been in a similar place emotionally before. As he’s getting more serious, Ha Na accidentally lets out a small but distinct fart. They both turn away and Ha Na starts humming, trying to cover up the awkwardness. Seong Jae, being a gentleman, tries to continue where he left off. The smell must have started wafting because Ha Na suddenly gets an urge to enjoy the outside weather and rolls down her window. Eventually they give up on the stakeout and Seong Je gives Ha Na a ride home.

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The next morning it’s the start of the weekend and Ha Na is lounging around watching Friends on her laptop and her room is a mess. Story of my life, lol. Her mom comes in, disgusted at what she sees, and helps Ha Na tidy up while making sarcastic remarks. Back downstairs, her family members start talking about how pathetic Ha Na’s love life is and mom gets ideas about setting Ha Na and Won up.

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Ha Na has now moved to her bed and out of the blue she remembers her phone call with Won where he was called “oppa”. She starts considering the various men in her life to see if there’s anyone suitable for her. First up, she thinks of celebrity athlete Chu Sung Hoon and singer/composer Yoon Sang Hyun. Because clearly they’re single and attainable men. Up next, CEO of an online shopping mall, Ohn Joo Wan, walks in and starts doing a whole slew of sleazy poses. But he gets ousted for being cold-hearted and stingy. Then Seong Jae appears but she eliminates him for being too young. Finally her mind wanders to Won, but she becomes even more adamant that it can’t work without stating any actual reasons.

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Ha Na’s mom calls her down for dinner and she finds Won in her kitchen. Her family needs to go to the store so they thoughtfully invited Won over for dinner so that Ha Na wouldn’t have to eat alone. Ha Na and Won ditch the dinner table and the heart shaped fried rice and opt to eat directly from the pot while watching tv. Ha Na takes this time to question Won about the hoobae who she overheard address him as oppa. She criticizes it as unprofessional, and Won turns it around by asking how her intern addresses her. She tells him that Seong Jae just refers to her as “team leader”, and she keeps a strict line separating love and work. (Sure you do, sure you do.) Won says that he’s fine with it though, and doesn’t see the fuss.

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Just then Won gets a call from his cousin/roommate (Mi Hyang, aka head honcho stewardess) asking him to do some grocery shopping for her. Ha Na and Won head to the supermarket and comfortably bicker as they shop. Once home, they help Mi Hyang cook dinner for Mir. Apparently the cousin is the fanclub president and often gets asked by Mir’s manager to cook for Mir. Ha Na asks Mi Hyang if she would consider a serious relationship with Mir if he ever asked her out despite the age difference. She replies that age is just a number, and it gets Ha Na thinking about her own situation. Won sees her considering this and turns away looking a little blue.

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At work the next day, So Eun is rolling her carry on through the airport when she comes across an elderly grandma struggling with her luggage. She helps the grandma pick up the bulky bag, forgetfully leaving behind her own carry-on. The baggage turns out to be a bit too heavy, and the intern struggles to make her way to the front. Won sees her from afar and comes over to lend a hand. With Won now carrying the luggage, So Eun takes over Won’s carry-on. They realize that her own carry-on is missing, and she turns around to spot her bags a few feet back. Won watches her, amused.

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Things continue to progress for Ha Na and her intern as well at the department store. Their hands touch while passing each other shoes, Seong Jae offers to climb the step ladder to reach for higher up shoes, and they get a little too close for comfort while trading places. He notices her massaging her legs during the day and thoughtfully borrows a pair of slippers for her to wear on the walk home.

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Won happens to be taking the garbage out when he sees Seong Jae walking Ha Na home. Interested, he stops to watch the pair. As the two continue talking, Seong Jae slips out a “noona”. He says that they’re no longer at work so she’s no longer team leader, and he’s no longer an intern. They say their goodbyes and just as Ha Na turns to enter her house, she spots Won. He comes over and she introduces the two men. After Seong Jae takes off, Hana and Won decide to grab a late night snack.

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On the rooftop, armed with their snacks, they begin discussing Seong Jae. Won thinks Ha Na is falling for him, but Ha Na denies it. He then asks why she didn’t object when he called her “noona”. She can’t come up with a reply though, and Won calls her out on her hypocrisy. He jokes whether he should start preparing to pay his $5,000 in installments. She starts rough housing him and says she’ll only accept a lump sum.

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The following day, Won gets off work and it’s pouring outside. He asks Ha Na out for some spicy chicken feet and tells her he’s on his way over to pick her up. Ha Na misses the texts though, and she comes out of her building unsure what to do without an umbrella. Ultimately she decides to use her purse as a shield and make a run for it. Suddenly an umbrella appears over her head. Surprised, she turns to see who her savior is. In the next scene we see Won still walking with his umbrella and someone from behind calls out “oppa”. So Eun pops out and ducks for cover under Won’s umbrella. Back to Ha Na, we see that the umbrella is being held by Seong Jae.

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Flashback: Won is standing by his front door checking his watch. He’s hidden by the wall but he peeks around to see Ha Na racing out of her front door. He pretends like he’s just now rushing out of his house, and we’re back at the scene where they play the game (I have no idea what this little Korean game is called) and Won loses. Fast forward and we’re now watching the intense boys vs. girls backpiling game. Ha Na jumps onto Won’s back and almost falls over but an arm reaches from below and steadies her. Fast forward one more time and we see the two in front of their houses right before they head off to the group blind date. After they saying their goodbyes, Won turns back around and takes notice of the spotted peach hairband atop Ha Na’s head.

——————————– END ——————————–

hess: Won you big softie you! I see you trying to act all distant and snarky, but really you’ve been completely smitten by Ha Na all these years. I felt pretty neutral about Choi Won’s character in episode 1, but I’m now totally onboard. We don’t really see much of Ha Na’s hidden feelings in this episode, but we get a few glances. For example during the group date, she definitely saw the girl next to her fiddle with her peach hairband. Putting in a similar looking item gave her the chance to pair up with Won. Although we find out later that it wasn’t actually left up to chance.

As far as the interns, I find So Eun more likable than Seong Jae. Seong Jae’s advances come across as too inappropriate. But maybe my opinion is being swayed by what happens in the original. For those who haven’t seen ITWY I’d love to know what you think here. I’m not as averse to either couple as I was in the original though. I think since LDR’s pining for CYQ was so blatant from episode 1, I wasn’t as open to the idea of other couples forming.

And this time around the flashbacks were enjoyable and well integrated. In the first episode it seems like they had to get a lot of background things out of the way in order to set the stage. The actual flashbacks weren’t as entertaining and at certain points it felt like whiplash with all the jumping back and forth. Hopefully with it all out of the way, this trend will continue from here on out.

  1. 6 thoughts on “The Time I’ve Loved You: Episode 2 Recap

    I love ha ji win in most of her dramas but the constant hair-brushing and touching were so distracting in this episode. Did they purposely change the personality to inject korean culture. I like you Qing even though she is sometimes cold and too logical.

    Lee Jin wook is good so far but Bolins pining face is more obvious.

    thanks for the recap!

    • 6 thoughts on “The Time I’ve Loved You: Episode 2 Recap

      Hahaha, it really was distracting. The scene where she meets L as her new intern, she brushes her hair away shyly even before she sees who it is. Come on now, that isn’t necessary… I find CYQ much more likable, I still kind of can’t believe how many people didn’t like her. I’d rate her as a more likable female lead than 90% or more of the dramas I’ve watched.

      I think it’s also just part of his character that he doesn’t wear his heart on his sleeve as much as Bolin did. LJW is more cool and distant. Bolin is simple and pure hearted. So far both likable characters.

  2. 6 thoughts on “The Time I’ve Loved You: Episode 2 Recap

    i’m glad that 2nd episode was soo good. still could feel the ITWY feeling, similarities here and there but the package in this kversion was kinda different. the chemistry and characters gave it a new feeling of watching an adaptation drama! i should say that hajiwon really has the chemistry with WHOEVER she acted with! even with the young L, she made it!

    i still love Bolin more than LJW. Bolin gave me a ‘friendzone’ feeling more than LJW..
    Ha Ji Won.. haha.. my fave scene was she had a fight with LJW’s character. cuz that’s what i used to see! while the aegyo parts, sigh.. kinda weird but still lovely..

    i started to like L’s acting, haha. he’s adorable yet manly here 😀

    thanks for recap hess 🙂

    • 6 thoughts on “The Time I’ve Loved You: Episode 2 Recap

      Hmm, about the whole friendzone thing, I get what you mean. CYQ and LDR’s relationship as best friends comes off as more comfortable and natural. LJW and OHN have been best friends for a longer period of time, but to me it seems like CYQ and LDR are closer.

      And yeah, Ha Jiwon does a great job creating the chemistry. This couple is more likable than CYQ-Nic. And L’s doing great too. I’ve never seen him act before, but he’s pretty natural. There were still some parts here and there where I think he could’ve put more in, but it’s a much better alternative than if he were to overact and become a distraction.

  3. 6 thoughts on “The Time I’ve Loved You: Episode 2 Recap

    Hana’s preference of shoes has been highlighted several times these first two episodes. It’s definitely a metaphor for her taste in men as well. Chasing after the perfect chaebol boyfriend not realizing that the comfy, old-schooled pair of sneakers fit her best. 🙂

    Thanks Hess!

    • 6 thoughts on “The Time I’ve Loved You: Episode 2 Recap

      I noticed how much they emphasized that, but I didn’t make the connection! Funny how L brings her slippers to wear after work.

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