The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 21 – 24 “The Alternatives.”

I know I’m slow, if only I were a robot, recapping would be a breeze! So let’s keep spoilers from future episodes away from this post (we can discuss book changes, of course!) Last recap was really fun, thanks to everyone who chimed in. The discussion was lively and I think we all learned a thing or two, even if we are on different shipping camp. It’s okay to think differently than others (it is after all subjective), as long as we keep the discussion polite and respectful, I think we can make it to episode 54 without losing anyone. Lol. Let’s promise that you guys will watch and suffer with me through this arduous journey because the death count is officially on and you never know when your favorite character is on the chopping block!

Episode 21 Summary:

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Going with his brother’s idea of holding a celebration to mark the royal family’s harmony, Xuan Lang and Qing Shui enjoy the dance performance, while Dong Fang looks ill at ease. When the dance performance is over, Elder Bro steps up and says it’s time for the main event of the night and suddenly the drapes turn into Ninja Killers of the Night. Elder bro’s goal is clear – he wants to usurp the throne. With a knife to his throat, Dong Fang thinks to himself, that maybe this incident will make Xuan Lang realize what running a country is all about and what family means at the end of the day for a royalty. Shocked, Xuan Lang asks whether brotherly love means anything to Bro, and his bro spits back at him, “Ever since we were little, you’ve stolen everything from me!” See what you did, dead emperor? Showing favoritism in your own family will result in nothing good.

Big Bro feels neglected and cheated through his childhood and into adulthood, and Xuan Lang tells him he can have the throne if he wants to because he, on the other hand, only values the love between them, not the royal chair. Xuan Lang’s compassion instantly dies the moment Big Bro reveals that he has sent General Lie and his army to hell already. That provokes Xuan Lang’s anger and determination to avenge for their deaths. He challenges his brother to take the royal seal with his strength and when Big Bro draws blood from Xuan Lang’s arm, the sword in Xuan Lang’s hand awakens – transforming into its true form as the Sympathy Sword, one of the ten deity devices. From a distance, Zi Hua and Qian Gu catch sight of the shining light and they hurry over.

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Qing Shui takes injured Xuan Lang and fights her way out of the palace. With the powerful sword in hand, Big Bro tries to convert Dong Fang to his camp. He doesn’t budge, only reminding Big Bro to hold onto his position carefully.

Outside the palace, Zi Hua stops the incoming attack and I laugh when he kinda puffs out his chest when he easily subdues them with one palm strike. hehe.

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Later that night, big bro returns to his residence and quickly calls out the dark figure in his chamber. We should know who he is, the bad twin, Yun Yi. He’s here to offer the new king a helping hand in completely removing the problem at its root, making Big Bro aware that Xuan Lang is a disciple of Chang Liu and he can always ask for reinforcement and then Big Bro would find himself outnumbered in skills and people. In this world, only Seven Murder Faction has the guts to fight against Chang Liu, so the new king should be wise and side with them. Big Bro isn’t fooled by the pretty words and asks for the conditions, and Yun Yi smirks, “In exchange for killing Meng Xuan Lang and securing your throne, you will give us the Sympathy sword.” We don’t hear the rest of the conversation.

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Xuan Lang wakes up with some coughs and a tear rolls down his cheek as he realizes last night’s assassination was real. His older brother, the one he loves and respects, had truly wanted to kill him. He tells Zi Hua about the sword and gets up to leave the residence for a change of air. He walks aimlessly down the street, keenly aware that Qing Shui follows right behind. The palace guards’ announcement of increasing taxes grabs their attention and Xuan Lang listens to the complaints with sorrow. It dawns on him that the people of Shu State are living in constant fear and hunger, he has disappointed his deceased father.

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When a group of of palace guards try to arrest the citizens, he and Qing Shui save them, only to turn around and confront Chun Qiu and Yun Yi. They are here on behalf of someone to end Xuan Lang’s life. Of course, Qing Shui stays with Xuan Lang and takes a blow for him during the process. Before they can deliver the fatal hit, Zi Hua and Qian Gu appear to fight them off. You two are becoming experts at stalking, huh? How about arriving before they get injured? Lol.

Kneeling before Zi Hua, Xuan Lang implores for his help. He promises to better himself and be a King his people can depend on. Normally, Chang Liu won’t interfere with court matters but now that the Seven Murder Faction has set their eyes on the Sympathy sword, he needs time to conjure up the perfect plan. First, he needs Qian Gu to find someone. FIND? PSHHH. Dong Fang is always readily available.

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Armed with a mission to teach Dong Fang a lesson for colluding with Big Bro, she charges into Dong Fang’s residence and swears to teach him a lesson. He tells her to calm down, there are ears within the walls, and it was his idea to have Zi Hua send her here. He has warned Xuan Lang before about his Big Bro, but the immature emperor wouldn’t listen. When the spy servant nears the door, Dong Fang asks her to put on an act of cursing and cutting off their friendship. She even adds a “HUH” at the end of her sentence. The silly servant falls for the lame act and reports back to Big Bro.

While Xuan Lang broods about his pitiful state as the throne-less prince with not a single soldier on his side, masked Yun Yi strikes for the second time. Outside, Dong Fang leads Qian Gu to Xuan Lang’s place so she can hear for herself that the young emperor was at fault for not caring about court matters. I can’t believe Dong Fang has to prove himself. You have so little trust in your friend Qian Gu? This is the man who has risked his life to save you. Not just once!! Adding Qian Gu to the fight and Yun Yi has to back down before he risks revealing his face.

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Zi Hua places an enchantment over the room so they can converse in peace. Now THIS here is a trick I think villains need to learn. Lol.

Once the room is sealed, Dong Fang launches into a wake-up speech that shames Xuan Lang for not acting responsibly to the title of emperor – he always wanted to return to Chang Liu and meet Hua Qian Gu. He never paid attention to his people and his country, allowing his Big Bro to command the officials and led the usurp to success, all because he neglected his responsibilities. “Since it came to this, why should you care who the emperor is?” Dong Fang takes a deep breath afterwards and Zi Hua decides to split the work into two groups.

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One team: Dong Fang, Qian Gu, Qing Shui, and Xuan Lang attempt to infiltrate the palace through Dong Fang’s scholarly status but the entrance has been tampered with and doesn’t allow Chang Liu’s disciples to enter. Failing miserably, they return home and inform the one-man team. Yep. Bai Zi Hua sitting pretty on his bed. LOL.

On the one hand, they can’t enter the palace, on the other hand, Big Bro won’t leave the palace. Seeing the situation at hand, Xuan Lang screams in frustration and everyone concludes that they need to have soldiers on their side if they desire to win this fight at all. Hearing the word soldiers, the camera pans in on Qing Shui’s face and Zi Hua asks to speak with her alone. We don’t know the content of their conversation because she’s sent away for three days. Hmmm?

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A few days later, Zi Hua receives a letter from his messenger bird and Qing Shui directs them to meet up with her at a place ten miles from the city. Minus Shifu, the other three arrive at a little canopy next to a river. The servants open the veil and we witness a glamorous Qing Shui, wearing a new set of clothes with lavish jewelries adorning her head and neck. After she dismisses the servants, she declares her real identity – the princess of Zhou State. She has talked with her royal father about providing soldiers for Xuan Lang in his quest to regain the throne. He agrees to aid on the condition that the person he’s helping will be his daughter’s future husband. Standing up to protest, Qing Shui says he doesn’t have to treat it as a real deal… Girl, are you trying to start a war? If he lies then your dad will go after his head!

Grateful for her willingness to help, Xuan Lang refuses the offer. This plan has to do with her reputation and happiness, and he can’t be the one to ruin her future. She insists that she’s content being a fake couple with him for the rest of her life, as long as she’s by his side forever. THIS GIRL. What’s wrong with her?

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Since Xuan Lang won’t agree to it, Dong Fang comes up with another plan. He will copy Xuan Lang’s handwriting to write a letter to Qing Shui’s father and stamps it with the royal seal stolen by Qian Gu. Why am I the only one who finds this terrible? They’re pushing him into a mission for life! Qian Gu, how can you do this to your friend? She has the nerve to think that one day when Xuan Lang finds out the truth of how much Qing Shui has sacrificed for him, he would melt. Yea, into a bowl of boiling rage at the betrayal!

With a secured son-in-law, the Zhou state sure acts fast. The generals report to Big Bro that three of their cities have been captured by the Zhou army, so Dong Fang encourages Big Bro to fight in the battle himself to boost his army morale. That night, Chun Qiu pays Big Bro a visit and tells him it’s a trap if he enters the battle personally, but Big Bro has nothing to lose now and asks Chun Qiu for help in exchange for the Sympathy Sword.

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Day of the fight and I actually laugh out loud at the set up. The two armies literally face each other like good boys about to play soccer, all aligned and quiet. Xuan Lang shouts at his brother for being a horrible emperor, forcing him to fight back for his life and for the people suffering under his rule.

To prevent innocent deaths, Xuan Lang requests a one-on-one fight. Big Bro has the Sympathy sword and each blow proves a hard hit for our young emperor. Sensing that he might lose, Qing Shui intervenes with the battle, prompting Yun Yi and Qian Gu to join the fight as well. Big Bro defeats Xuan Lang and Qing Shui with a few strikes, until Chun Qiu attacks him from behind to steal the Sympathy sword. Inches away from obtaining the sword, Zi Hua descends from the sky and snatches it. You can practically see red hot air coming out of Chun Qiu’s ears, having his plan ruined repeatedly by Zi Hua. He flees the scene with Yun Yi.

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Severely injured, Big Bro coughs up blood, and Xuan Lang hurries to his side, but it’s too late for big bro and he dies in little bro’s arms. Qing Shui consoles Xuan Lang that maybe death is Big Bro’s escape from his greed. However, there’s a silver lining in all this darkness because galloping towards the scene is Dong Fang and General Lie! He didn’t die after all, thanks to Dong Fang’s insight and planning.

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As promised, Xuan Lang gives up the Sympathy Sword to Zi Hua and Qing Shui requests to stay behind with the young emperor. A shade of defeat runs across Xuan Lang’s face as he looks from Qing Shui to Qian Gu. Sigh. What a life. Some things are unattainable and some things you can’t chase away. Poor you, kiddo. At least, Qing Shui is not cray-cray, Xuan Lang.

The episode ends with Qian Gu combing Shifu’s hair and asks to visit Mount Zhu.

Episode 22 Summary:

To celebrate Yun Yi’s ascension to Sect Leader of Mount Zhu, he has invited various other sect leaders to join the occasion. Keep in mind that this is Yun Yi pretending to be his good twin, Yun Yin. I know, the names are getting me confused.

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The sect disciples kneels before Qian Gu when she arrives and this ticks Yun Yi off, making it’s impossible for him to suppress the flaming anger in his eyes. His harsh tone when addressing the other disciples startles Qian Gu and she takes notes. She brings it up to Shifu and he thinks it’s the pressure of becoming a new Sect Leader. Oh Shifu, how could you fail to see the non-existent kindness in the evil twin? I thought you knew everything!

Sitting in her room, Qian Gu worries about making foolish mistakes tomorrow. She pounds her tiny head in annoyance that Tang Bao isn’t around to keep track of the rules and regulation of the ceremony for her. A voice suddenly asks, “Is it enough if I’m here?”

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It’s Dong Fang, always the savior, here at Mount Zhu as the Ambassador for Shu State. Beaming, Qian Gu breathes a sigh of relief and relays her headaches to him. He can’t believe that a small thing like the ceremony is causing her such grievances. It’s not a small event and Qian Gu confesses that she’s not good in front of a big crowd. “Then why don’t you ask your Shifu for advice?”

Qian Gu: “I’m afraid Shifu will think I’m stupid.”

Dong Fang: “Then you’re not afraid I will think you’re stupid?”

 photo Bone22-18.jpg

She says it’s different because she won’t feel nervous talking to him. It doesn’t feel like a burden and she can freely say what she wants, even if it’s not right. The anxiety lifts off her chest and she wriggles her arms, looking forward to the peaceful night of sleep. Dong Fang watches her smile with joy.

After instructing a fellow disciple to keep a close eye on Dong Fang and Qian Gu, Yun Yi carries the tray of food down to a hidden jail where his good twin, Yun Yin, remains chained.

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A shadowy figure wakes Qian Gu up in her sleep and she screams, believing that it was all a nightmare. Shifu rushes in immediately and when she asks him to keep her company. He sits at the table and they just stare at each other, he even cracks a small smile her way. Coming a little too late, Dong Fang creeps by her door, trying to get her attention and see if she’s okay.

Shifu tells him everything’s okay and that HE will keep her company tonight. That doesn’t sit well with our scholar and he speaks his mind about the inappropriateness of the situation. Zi Hua: “Whether it’s appropriate or not, it doesn’t concern you.” The men hard-stare each other and we cut to the next scene – Zi Hua playing his zither outside the room to lull Qian Gu into a deep sleep while Dong Fang looks on in dismay.

Next morning, the ceremony is in session, and when a disciple reports the missing of Tai Bai Sect Leader, Qian Gu follows the Dong Fang and Shifu’s approval – she starts the ceremony, keeping the flow going while searching for Tai Bai Sect Leader in the background.

There’s a cute little scene where Zi Hua shows his green-eyed monster. Ha. He cannot keep his cool.

 photo Bone22-30.jpg

 photo Bone22-31.jpg

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Before she bestows the temple feather to Yun Yi, a golden robe – Tai Bai Sect Leader’s robe, falls from the sky without his body. With a murder on hand, the ceremony comes to an abrupt halt. And I cannot stop laughing as everyone watches behind a veiled curtain while Dong Fang performs a quick biopsy of what’s left of the body (just a layer of skin). Our scholar apparently has a license in Forensic Pathologist! LOL.

 photo Bone22-35.jpg

I don’t know how and when he saw the deceased’s eyes, but Dong Fang deduces that he must have known the killer for he looked confused and furrowed his brows. The other Sect Leaders are gonna sit back and see how Zi Hua expose the killer because they really don’t have anything else to do but grumble, and grumble some more. Yun Yi edges in a word and tries to get the ascension ceremony completed, but Peng Lai Sect Leader (Man Tian’s father), scoffs that it’s better to postpone the ceremony until everything is cleared up.

Unlike Shifu who didn’t find Yun Yi’s behavior abnormal, Qian Gu broaches the subject with Dong Fang about the greedy look in Yun Yi’s eye when he focuses on the temple feather. He agrees with her assessment and tells her to be careful. “You can know a person’s face but not their heart. Trusting people too easily is your biggest weakness.” Ah-huh. No comments.

He goes on. “In this world, you can only trust yourself.”

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She looks down, not accepting his cold teaching about the people in this world. When her eyes lift up to his face, she smiles. “No, I trust Shifu.” She then reaches out her hands to hold Dong Fang’s face. “I also trust you.” D’awwwww. There is a flicker of solemnness in Dong Fang’s features but he covers that up with a shy smile. With the emerging troubles, Dong Fang has no choice but bid goodbye for now because he needs to keep the emperor updated.

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Qian Gu visits Yun Yi and wonders aloud whether he’s hiding some things from her. He hastily says no, he’s completely loyal to her. She then asks which cliff did the bad twin fall into but Yun Yi confirms that his body most likely disintegrated into pieces at the bottom of the abyss. He pretends to be gripped by sorrow of his brother’s death to get Qian Gu off his tail. Later, he attends to the chained Yun Yin and sees that he hasn’t touched his tray of food at all. He shoves the new bowl at him, “Eat! You owe me this much! You have to eat and live well.” That does the trick and the prisoner gobbles the food.

While Qian Gu prepares to take a bath, Yun Yi steals her Pinky Whistle and blows into it, calling Sha Jie Jie to the scene. Yay! One good thing you do, bad twin. Bring Sha Jie Jie to my screen!

 photo Bone22-54.jpg

Sha Jie Jie appears behind Qian Gu after her bath and she lets out a scream, later confessing that she has never blown the whistle. He doesn’t care now that he’s here and wants to have a closer look at her cute face. She takes a few steps back, suspecting Sha Jie Jie, but directly asking him about his involvement in the murder. He scoffs at her question. “What a joke! That little Fei Yan is not worthy of my attention.”

She’s relieved. “Then hurry and leave.”

His eyes widen. “You’re kicking me out when I just got here?” I know right! This crazy girl!

Though she does have a point – someone lured him here to be an escape goat. Too late, Yun Yi, along with the other Sect Leaders, appears and launches a circle around the two suspects. When Man Tian’s father points to Qian Gu and calls her a spy for Seven Murder Faction, Sha Jie Jie steps in, shouting, “You can freely frame me, but if you dare frame Little Bones, I think you must be tired of living!” =D Yes, Jie Jie. Take him! Take him!

 photo Bone22-59.jpg photo Bone22-57.jpg

Yun Yi tries to stir up more troubles for Qian Gu but with just one look, Sha Jie Jie identifies him as the evil twin. However, that doesn’t matter any longer because he has decided to kill them all tonight. He unleashes his power despite Qian Gu’s protest and sends all the righteousness-on-the-lips-but-evilness-in-the-heart men back a few feet. As always, Zi Hua chooses when all has fallen to appear and block Sha Jie Jie’s attack. Qian Gu jumps right in the middle of the fight, forcing both men to pull back their Pew-Pew power strikes for a few seconds. She pleads both of them not to fight, and Sha Jie Jie gives in. “Little Bones, come with me.” She shakes her head, leaving him no choice but to knock her out and carries her away on his phoenix.

 photo Bone22-64.jpg

Bai Zi Hua gives chase on his sword and Sha Jie Jie turns around to mock him, “My phoenix can go for thousand of miles. You can’t keep up! MUAHHAHAHA.” Lol. You’re so crazy Jie Jie. Now we all know why he uses a phoenix. Exerting his body to sweat will smear whatever products he uses. XD

The Sect leaders and Yun Yi blame Zi Hua for being an inadequate Shifu, not being able to reign in his student. He accepts the responsibilities and asks for a few days to fully investigate the matter.

 photo Bone22-71.jpg

Resting in Sha Jie Jie’s chair, Qian Gu comes to as he commands his followers that she’s his guest and everyone shall treat her nicely. If a strand of her hair is injured, he will skin them all alive. Somewhat rattled by the situation, Qian Gu requests to go back to Mount Zhu because that’s what a proper Sect Leader should do. Therefore, Sha Jie Jie tasks Chun Qiu to uncover the truth behind the murder and assures Qian Gu that no one can harm her precious Shifu except for him. hehe.

Seeing no way out of here, Qian Gu asks earnestly for a trip to Mount Tai Bai. She’s determined to find Yun Yin’s body and he takes her to her living quarters, where she sits down glumly at his insistence in keepig her here. “Little thing, don’t be mad at me. I’m just worried about you.” She reminds him that somone blew the pinky whistle on purpose to lure him to Mount Zhu, and if they identify that person, everyone will know he’s innocent. He likes the idea of finding the culprit in exchange for her 7-day stay at Seven Murder Faction.

Through his power, they see the person blowing the whistle as Yun Yi.

Episode 23 Summary:

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In the dead of night, Yun Yi, the bad twin, sits in Mount Zhu leader’s chair, and mumbles at his deceased master. “You never thought I could become the Sect Leader huh?” complete with crazy eyes and a nutty expression. He breathes that no one can stop him – not him, Yun Yin, or Hua Qian Gu, and starts crackling, his laughs echoeing through the empty halls.

A shadowy figure flits behind him and lures him into the forest. It’s Chun Qiu. He congratulates Yun Yi on becoming Sect Leader and he’s here to procure the Complete Book of Six Kingdoms. At his focus on getting the book, Yun Yi wonders why, and Chun Qiu explains that a person who goes by the name of Shi Yan Mo recorded all of poison techqinues inside a demonic manual and the location is stored in the book. Chun Qiu is interested in a pellet called the Xing Shi. Upon taking the pellet, the affected individual will become completely loyal and submissive. Yun Yi thinks for a second before blurting out that Chun Qiu wants to control Sha Jie Jie. Oh no! Someone burn the damn book!

Zi Hua sips his tea slowly, flashing back to the time Yun Yi masquerading as Yun Yin acted strangely and the truth finally clicks in his head.

 photo Bone23-3.jpg

Mr. Veins brings a blue vial to Chun Qiu, inside is the Xing Shi pellet. Taking it in his hands, Chun Qiu wistfully says that since he can’t fulfill Sha Qian Mo’s wish of reviving his dear sister, he will make him forget that painful piece of memory. OMG. Is he truly loyal to Sha Jie Jie and wants the best for him? Why am I feeling a sudden rush of warmth toward my heart? I did not expect to feel sympathy for Chun Qiu at all.

Chun Qiu finds Qian Gu in Liu Xia’s untouched room and it astonishes him that Sha Jie Jie would let her live there. Like me, she sees and feels something different about Chun Qiu today. “You look like you really care about Sha Jie Jie.” He tears his gaze away from her probing eyes and she makes a deal with him. Since neither of them likes each other, he should let her go, and he agrees too quickly for my taste. Of course, he sends someone after her, telling them to take her head so that the Holy Ruler never sees her again.

 photo Bone23-4.jpg

Sha Jie Jie broods in his throne, twirling a dragonfly in his hand. Chun Qiu delivers a bowl of soup which contains the Xing Shi pellet to him. Sha Jie Jie asks whether what he did [keeping Qian Gu at Seven Murder Faction] was right. “She’s mad at me and she was never mad at me before.” Turns out it’s Liu Xia’s death anniversary in seven days and he only wants her to keep him company during the most sorrowful day of his life. Aww, you poor thing. You don’t have to capture me, Jie Jie, I’ll bring my butt over and cry my heart out with you!

Chun Qiu lies that Qian Gu made the soup for him and Sha Jie Jie wastes no time to gobble down one spoonful. When he realizes it’s not a simple lotus soup, he passes out like a dainty flower. Approaching the slumped figure, Chun Qiu tells sleeping beauty to forget about Liu Xia and the pain of the past, and only focuses on reuniting all the deity devices. He bows down respectfully to the start of a, hopefully, new Demon Lord.

At Mount Zhu, Yun Yi rallies up the disciples and elders that they can’t go on like this without a Sect Leader in place to lead. Of course, the disciples point to him but the chubby elder thinks they should seek out Zi Hua’s opinion. A few seconds later, Zi Hua asks to speak with Yun Yi alone.

 photo Bone23-10.jpg

Standing near the edge of the cliff where Yun Yi supposedly dies, Qian Gu jumps down and searches the area, coming to the smart (FINALLY) conclusion that Yun Yi didn’t die and could’ve pretended to be Yun Yin this whole time. On her way to tell Shifu, she’s halted by Mr. Veins and his lackeys, and as always, they have come for her head. They never learn. But she’s no longer the little helpless Qian Gu of the past (well, at times…) and blows them back with her power before fleeing the scene.

 photo Bone23-13.jpg photo Bone23-14.jpg

Our sleeping beauty wakes up from her afternoon nap and Chun Qiu touches base on the deity devices to get him on the same page. Upon hearing that they only have one deity device – the Immortal Disgracing Umbrella, Sha Qian Mo flips out and slaps Chun Qiu. Unlike us normal people, the slap triggers the past happy days to Chun Qiu, and a slow grin spreads across his face. To make the day even sweeter, Sha Qian Mo doesn’t recall the likes of Liu Xia and Hua Qian Gu.

However, the smile on Chun Qiu’s face quickly fades when Sha Jie Jie asks about Little Thing. LOL. So in all your planning, you forgot about Qian Gu’s nickname? Epic fail. Sha Jie Jie runs around looking for her and when he learns that she has run away before the 7-day promise, he bellows, “Why did she run away?! Why can I not compare to Bai Zi Hua? WHYYYYYYYY?” He shoves Chun Qiu and runs out.

Meanwhile, an injured Qian Gu makes it back to the arms of her Shifu. After he pushes the poison out of her body, she apprises him of the situation but he has figured it out and tells her Yun Yin is still alive somewhere because the brothers are linked together and without the Sympathy Sword to unlink them, the bad twin can’t harm Yun Yin.

 photo Bone23-17.jpg photo Bone23-18.jpg

Their short conversation is interrupted by Yun Yi. He makes his visit short, warning Zi Hua not to overstep his boundary and intercept with Mount Zhu’s business, and Zi Hua clarifies that he only wants to bestow the Sympathy Sword to him. Now that he’s the Sect Leader, it makes sense for his sect to protect one deity device. Quirking his brows, Zi Hua completes his plan with a thinly veiled smirk.

 photo Bone23-23.jpg photo Bone23-21.jpg

The sounds of a sword being dragged squeak against the hard concrete in the dungeon of Yun Yin’s prison, where Yun Yi is headed to kill his brother and unlink the curse between them. A flashback brings us to the battle between Yun Yin and Yun Yi at Tai Bai, where the latter opens up about the curse of twins in their family. Ever since he was a child, Yun Yin was never hurt or feel pain, thanks to the curse that reflects all bodily injuries to the younger brother. When they were eight, a playful Yun Yin was trapped in a fire and Yun Yi’s face was disfigured as a result, forcing him to join Seven Murder Faction to have Sha Jie Jie fixed his face. Our upright Yun Yin grimaces in pain for his younger brother and decides that they will switch identities, so that Little Bro can experience all that he has and live well.

 photo Bone23-25.jpg photo Bone23-26.jpg

Big Bro knows his time has come and accepts death with peace and no regrets. Yun Yi tries to stab his bro but stops and convinces himself that Yun Yin owes him this life. His second attempt is blocked by Zi Hua. When asked, Yun Yi confesses that he didn’t kill Fei Yan Sect Leader, but he did the other horrible things. Yun Yin kneels before Zi Hua and pleads for him to have mercy on Yun Yi, “I will change him for the better and not let him harm other people.” The latter doesn’t appreciate the kindess and screams at the top of his lungs, “You want to change me? I have lived in hatred for twenty years! I don’t want to [change]! I don’t want to!” He runs into the Sympathy Sword held by Big Bro and ends his life. Oh…that’s sad.

Yun Yi: “This time…I can…truly…break away…”

 photo Bone23-30.jpg

More troubles brew in the darkness for the righteus sects as Zi Hua learns from disciple Wei Xi that her Sect Leader of Xiao Bao has also died in the same way as Fei Yan Sect Leader. The murder doesn’t look like the works of Seven Murder Faction, and Zi Hua wonders what and who are swimming in the dark and attacking the Sect Leaders, capable of such cruelty and power.

 photo Bone23-34.jpg photo Bone23-33.jpg

Qian Gu awaits for her punishment (for what?) from Shifu but Sha Jie Jie, under the influence of the pellet, arrives and looks a bit more cray cray than his usual self. He wants to take her away but Shifu descends and places himself between them. He declares that Qian Gu has colluded with Seven Murder Faction, causing much chaos at Mount Zhu, and he should kick her out. Though if she cuts all ties with Sha Qian Mo and finds the real murderer, she can remain. IF, if I were Qian Gu, I would have said screw you, Shifu!

The forcing of cutting ties enrages Sha Jie Jie and his eyes flame red, memories of him saying the same words to Liu Xia about breaking it off with her Chang Liu’s lover fill his mind. He sees Liu Xia in Qian Gu and asks, “Liu Xia! what’s so good about him?!!” Overflowing with concern, Qian Gu rises and steps closer, then gets yelled by Zi Hua to stop where she’s at. Zi Hua uses a deity device to trap Sha Qian Mo in a circle when he begins to attack frantically at no one.

Afraid that he might inadvertently hurt others, Zi Hua refuses to let disconcerted Sha Qian Mo out of the entrapment, despite Qian Gu’s pulling and begging at his knee.

 photo Bone23-44.jpg photo Bone23-45.jpg

Day grows into night and Qian Gu visits Sha Jie Jie and goes along with his delusion that she (as Liu Xia) didn’t die and everything was just a nightmare. She apologizes on behalf of Shifu and removes the entrapment once his suffering and and cries turn unbearable. Standing behind her, Shifu asks the obvious, “You let Sha Qian Mo go…” DUH. Qian Gu promises to break ties with Jie Jie as long as Shifu let him go.

Chun Qiu and Mr. Veins jerk up their heads when Sha Jie Jie asks who they are. Sha Jie Jie looks like a scared puppy. T___T They take him back and shoo Qian Gu out of Seven Murder Faction.

Episode 24 Summary:

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Next destination for Zi Hua, Qian Gu, and Tang Bao (yep, Shi Yi brought her down and Shifu doesn’t mind her tagging along): Xiao Bao Sect. Only the entrance is guarded by a tornado and only certain people are allowed in. Look what the girls are doing, hiding behind Shifu? Aiyaya….

Since the rules of Xiao Bao Sect deny entrance to men, Zi Hua proposes that he waits nearby and Qian Gu, along with Tang Bao, can investigate indoors. He wants her to flex that brain of hers and shows him what she has learned so far under his wings. Look at you Shifu, trying to push the work to your disciple again while you goof off.

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Wei Xi escorts Qian Gu and Tang Bao to her deceased Sect Leader’s room and the girls cover their noses and mouths when hit by the stench of decay. Nothing out of the ordinary happened the day she died and Qian Gu doesn’t have a clue to lead her forward. The next few days, Qian Gu interrogates the disciples and learns that beside Wei Xi, Sect Leader’s other student is Mei Er, who reportedly eloped with a man two months before the incident.

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Zi Hua’s friend is one of the five immortals that we have only met through flashbacks. Meet Wu Gou (Zeng Hong Chang), who’s now living and cultivating his power in peace at Lian Chang. They chatter about old friends, listing off each person’s characteristics, over a game of Chinese Chess. At Zi Xun’s burden of love, Zi Hua mutters softly, “Zi Xun is an arrogant person. I cannot give her love, neither my coldness. My only hope is for her to put things down soon.” I thought I told you it’s at episode 54!

At the mention of his own disciple, Zi Hua compliments her great character and endurance, but a harshness materializes in Wu Gou’s eyes.

Two men carrying heavy bags of grocery stumble into Xiao Bao’s ground and when they see Qian Gu and Tang Bao, they bow and plead the girls not to pry out their eyes. Qian Gu finds the rules horrifying and Wei Xi steps into view. “That’s just a small punishment for men who want to indulge in feminine beauty.” Whatever lady, you don’t get to view manly abs either!

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She advises Qian Gu to be watchful of men’s flowery words and I have to grin because Shifu’s name has the word flower in it. She’s doomed. Shortly after, Qian Gu breaks down her suspicion to Tang Bao, she thinks Wei Xi is the most suspicious person. They need evidence and after Qian Gu tags the two delivery men with a firefly, allowing them to be tracked, Tang Bao follows and listens to their conversation about a man named Da Hai who fell for Xiao Bao’s most beautiful disciple and never made it out. Also, many delivery men have mysteriously disappeared in the past year as well.

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Later that night, Qian Gu and Tang Bao check out the kitchen for clues, and chance upon a hidden corridor. After passing the swarm of hairy bugs and bats, they enter a room with multiple skeletons lying around and Qian Gu deduces from their clothes that they were the missing delivery men. According to the poem craved on the wall and the love letters (one of which was written by Wei Xi), Sect Leader Ti Sha was not forgiving when it came to punishing the lecherous men and her corrupt disciples. Engrossed in reading the letters, the girls are unaware that someone stands just a few feet away.

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They chase after Wei Xi and she leans against a tree in tears. Tang Bao is quick to conclude that she killed her Sect Leader because she murdered her lover. Judging from her sudden tears, Qian Gu postulates that Wei Xi only found out about her dead lover when she followed them. Cue sob story: Wei Xi didn’t want to become Sect Leader and stay locked up at Xiao Bao. Two years ago, she asked to be released with her lover and after he passed all of Shifu’s tests, he abruptly disappeared, leaving behind a letter, disclosing that he has fallen for another woman.

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Back in their bedroom, the girls are back to square one with their investigation. Not to worry because a voice calls out to them. It’s Dong Fang, clutching his chest in fear of being discovered. Yo, how did you get here? Looks like anyone can enter this realllllllllly secretive sect now.

Qian Gu looks through her Complete Book of Six Kingdoms and unravels a common factor to the whole mystery – all of the dead Sect Leaders somehow increased their power significantly within a short period of time before accepting the sect leader position. Exactly what method they employed to increase their power, Qian Gu would have to pick the brain of her Shifu. She sends a message to Zi Hua.

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Next morning, Qian Gu tells all that she knows to Wei Xi and she reveals that Mei Er also had a sudden surge in power right before she eloped (or so they think). They visit Mei Er’s room and Qian Gu glances around the room, picking up a scrap of paper with the word Qian Ji written on it. She shuts her eyes and scans the paper with her inner vision, discovering that the note has all kind of powers buried in it that are forbidden. This also explains why the deaths of many sect leaders are kept a secret because they are afraid that rumors would spread and smear the sect’s reputation.

Bai Zi Hua arrives outside the gate of Xiao Bao and listens to Qian Gu’s case. He’ll bring her to meet his old friends and they can seek out Mei Er’s best friend, who’s a maid at Lian Chang palace.

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Elsewhere, the brow-less assistant of the Pavilion of Decay greets Dong Fang as….her Master. This is the first time Dong Fang’s identity is revealed to us very innocent viewers. ;D

He promises to put Bai Zi Hua through utmost torture, pain that is worst than death.

————————— END —————————

Kap: These episodes were all about the “bad” people in Seven Murder Faction and I have to say, they are a bunch of miserable folks. First off we have the bad twin Yun Yi and his tortured relationship with a brother who didn’t know he existed. I didn’t expect for him to die so soon, even though his fate was sealed the day he was born as the younger brother. I wanted to know more about the curse on his family. But then after spending 20 years in hatred and pain, I guess the easy way out is death.

The most surprising revelation of all is that Shan Chun Qiu has a heart. I originally thought he was going to murder Sha Jie Jie and steal the throne for himself. But the moment he confessed that he wanted to remove the pain that torments Sha Jie Jie, I definitely melted inside. This gives his character more dimension and deserving of some sympathy. I do wonder what he thinks about their ultimate goal, if they have all the deity devices, what’s next? Would they be happier?

On the other hand, the “righteous” Sect Leaders are proving to be a bunch of lame hypocrites.

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  1. 33 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 21 – 24 “The Alternatives.”

    awww i missed on out the fun last recap!!

    1. qing shui – as princess of the nation, i really do not get her low self-esteem at all. she only wants to stay by his side…but what about his feelings? she’s nice and all but i can’t help but think it’s passive-aggressive move on her part.

    2. lol that pic of shifu is spot on…he wants to separate her from all the guys!!

    3. sha jie jie looks so scared i just want to give him a hug. i was surprised that shun qiu is at heart really loyal to sha jie jie.

    4. Is Dong fang behind the murder of the sect leaders? that would be scary!!

    im with you kap! to the end may we all live!!

  2. 33 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 21 – 24 “The Alternatives.”

    HAHAHA I love your cute captions on that scene between BZH and DF. But it’s true, DF is the best. ;p

    I’ve caught up to episode 26. DF is not getting enough screen time and credit for what he does, and his Little Bone is using him to cover up the fact that she is actually in love with her Shifu. This is never going to make sense to me. But it’s okay, like all second leading males, they are made for the audience to love while the leading male is just for the leading lady.

    I agree about Shan Chun Qiu. All along the way he acted made it seem like he’d get rid of Sha Jie Jie any moment now. But he’s not forgiven for driving SJJ crazy with that potion. Can we please get back the vain and normal SJJ?

    Looking forward to your next recap!

  3. 33 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 21 – 24 “The Alternatives.”

    My mind is not as keen as it used to be… The twins Yun Yi and Yun Yin are actually played by real life twins (Cao Jiang and Cao Hai, for sea and river.) I knew they look slightly different…the younger brother doesn’t have perfect straight teeth but I was too occupied to think it through.


    frea, noooo, I don’t want DF to be that bad…. T___T….but who else could it be?

    chasingpolaris, LOL! Last week you didn’t want to watch and now you’re at ep. 26! Girl! XD

    • 33 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 21 – 24 “The Alternatives.”

      LOL! i didn’t know they were real twins!! i was gonna compliment the actor for doing such a good job playing twins…. omg!! hahaha

    • 33 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 21 – 24 “The Alternatives.”

      The twins definitely fooled me!

      I still want to finish it, just to see what ending they are going to use. LOL

    • 33 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 21 – 24 “The Alternatives.”

      Good thing my fishy radar flagged red and I checked or else we would be fooled forever! XD

      • 33 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 21 – 24 “The Alternatives.”

        I too was so surprised to find out that they actually used twins to do the roll. Like frea I thought the ‘one’ actor was doing a perfect job of playing the duel roll, hahaha…. It was only just a couple of days ago when I was on weibo and saw some of the promo pics of them that I did a double take and was like ‘Whoa” there’s two!
        But looking closely their are quite a few differences between the two actors and both did a good job in their respective roles.

  4. 33 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 21 – 24 “The Alternatives.”

    I love your summaries and your thoughts on them, it’s so funny! On the other hand, I can sympathize with Shan Chun Qiu too although his methods may be a little too cruel. I love Sha Jie Jie, and he definitely needs more screentime *flails around when he appears*. I don’t feel much love for Bai Zi Hua, and despite my liking Wallace Huo a lot, I just feel that his character seems to be… bland. And surprisingly, I find myself to be liking Hua Qian Gu too, and I, although it’s definitely impossible, hope our little demon goddess get together with the demon lord =D

    • 33 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 21 – 24 “The Alternatives.”

      Thanks for reading Sofia!

      Bai Zi Hua should count his blessing for meeting Qian Gu because after hundred of years, someone can actually make him smile!

  5. 33 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 21 – 24 “The Alternatives.”

    Dong Fang must have Doraemon’s Anywhere Door, because he goes to all places, even the most seeeeecret ones.

    I have watched the series until the latest episode, but I always look forward to Kaptain’s recaps for the entertainment, and often times things that I missed when watching. I was fooled by the twins too!

    Anyway, I take back my previous words about Zhang Danfeng not delivering DF’s cold side. He does. SPOILER: DF is not involved in the murder of the sect leaders. So let’s give a group relieved sigh 😀

    • 33 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 21 – 24 “The Alternatives.”

      He’s not? YESH! *group hug* You guys watch so fast, I have to dodge spoilers everywhere I go! Lol.

      I’ve never watched Doraemon so I googled that door and I’m in agreement with you. DF is the maker of that freakin door! =D Now I know what my next meme is gonna be… MUHAHAHA!!

  6. 33 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 21 – 24 “The Alternatives.”

    Thanks, Kap, for the Illuminating and funny recaps! 🙂 As always, it was a pleasure reading them. Hereby, I solemnly swear that whatever madness descends upon us by the hands of Hot Shifu, Demonic Flower, Pretty JieJie or Sneaky Scholar I shall suffer with you. If matters concern the crazy/evil ilk (ZX, NMT, MY, etc.), however, I may or may not abuse the FF button. Can’t stand them, sorry..

    Unfortunately, these episodes mark the beginning of a dark period of our journey where will will not see much of Sha JieJie. I haz all the sads… 🙁

    Now the good stuff:
    1. The twins.Yuup, I also didn’t know it was actual twins playing the characters until I saw a post in the HQG soompi thread about them. That’s some good work from the actors.
    2. Found the palace intrigue kind of boring but the story had all my favorite characters in one place so it was pleasant to watch. Plus, DF vs. BZH is always great entertainment.
    3. I loooove Eyebrow Minion’s devotion to JieJie. I just wish the make up on the Eyebrow Minion’s forehead matched the rest of his face. I know it’s a superficial complaint but it’s noticeable and it annoys me every time I see him.

    I’d like to ask, if anyone can guess how many episodes more until QG turns into a demon goddess? I have not read the book so I don’t know where in the timeline are we supposed to be.

    • 33 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 21 – 24 “The Alternatives.”

      I think you pretty much cover the madness that we will watch and suffer, Nell. Welcome to the world of tears! ^_^

      Sha Jie Jie doesn’t have enough screen as it is and now we’ll be seeing him less? Hmph!!

      If I have to guess when our demon goddess transforms, it would have to be after all the torture and the brief hell period she falls into. I’m hoping that we see her in episode ~40 so that we have 14 episodes of her revenge on all the bad people!

  7. 33 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 21 – 24 “The Alternatives.”

    Thanks for the awesome recaps and I maintain my stance that Zhang Danfeng and Ma Ke are the highlights of the entire series. Their acting is superb and they bring the awesome characters of Dongfang and Sha Qianmo to life. Zhang Danfeng is an experienced actor so it was great that they cast him to play a character as complex as Dongfang – truly a man of many faces. Ma Ke is the dark horse of the series and most audiences and reviewers have commented on that. For such a young actor and first time playing a major role, Ma Ke is doing a great job – he can be fierce and powerful yet gentle and/or vulnerable at the same time. 🙂

    LOL all through the book I was complaining (as a reader) that Sha Qianmo doesn’t get nearly enough screen time. (I may be biased because Sha Jiejie is my fave while Dongfang is a very very close second)

    Bai Zihua, compared to Dongfang and Sha Qianmo, isn’t nearly as interesting, but his internal struggle is a highlight of his characterization. Unfortunately I still haven’t been able to see Wallace (as much I love him) deliver in that respect.

    • 33 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 21 – 24 “The Alternatives.”

      LOL I dunno why but I always feel like Shan Chunqiu acts like a jealous/jilted lover when it comes to Sha Jiejie … like, he’s so possessive of Sha Jiejie and hates Qiangu just because Jiejie likes her better 🙂

      • 33 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 21 – 24 “The Alternatives.”

        Because that’s exactly what he looks and acts like. I got the jilted lover vibe from the very beginning with him. Would ship them, but JieJie doesn’t even notice him, me thinks…

      • 33 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 21 – 24 “The Alternatives.”

        Agree with Shimo and Nell. Ooohh… the drama is all about unrequited love! 😀

      • 33 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 21 – 24 “The Alternatives.”

        Jilted lover! You guys are giving me ideas for my future memes aren’t ya? 😀

  8. 33 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 21 – 24 “The Alternatives.”

    Hi Kappy,

    Thanks for another great recap! Even though I too am up to the latest episode because I can’t wait for the uncut versions to come out. But I always love reading your thoughts and funny comments and recaps.

    Though I agree with all the others here in loving DF and SQM and the respective actors who play them, I’m still a BZH shipper and love Wallace’s interpretation of him. I think when I listen to the audio book I picture Wallace as my BZH and feel the drama’s direction has done a great job of him because he is that expressionless and cold immortal watching over the world and protecting humanity. Their is always a cause greater then his own needs and that of HQG’s (though he does love her deeply) and though it’s tragic, I think that’s what made HQG love and respect about him.

    As to the murder mystery apparently, this story ark with the murders and Wu Gou is from one of the 4 epilogues that fresh guo guo (author of HQG) wrote to highlight the fact that it’s impossible to escape the fated calamities that BZH thinks he can control or change. When you watch further in the next few episodes you will know what I mean because I don’t want to give too many spoilers away and spoil it for you, lolz…. I’m happy that they added it because I think it gives viewers a better understanding and more holistic view of BZH’s character and fate in the story-line. Because readers of the book would know that the story is told from HQG’s point of view of so a lot of times its leaves out perspectives from BZH’s point of view and so apparently two of these epilogues written by the author give us a better understanding of BZH’s thoughts and decisions.

    Can’t wait for you next recap and thoughts! 🙂

    • 33 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 21 – 24 “The Alternatives.”

      Aww Nhube, I hope you don’t stone me for mocking BZH in my recaps. Lol. That happens to emotionless and “perfect” characters. I can understand the he’s all about the world and why QG loves and respects him as her shifu, but that romantic tingling is not what I’m feeling between the two – seems like the connection/chemistry is missed between these two gorgeous people (for me). Of course, it’s my perspective only and others may love them to death. And it’s okay. More colors in this world is never a bad thing. =D

      Do drop by to chatter with us! ^_^

    • 33 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 21 – 24 “The Alternatives.”

      I agree, diversity is what we need here! So never hesitate to pronounce your love for BZH and Wallace 🙂

      I must admit that I am so glad to find a community that shares my love of DF, since everywhere else I feel like I’m in the minority. Shimo mentioned earlier that many readers actually root for DF and SQM, but Wallace has managed to turn the table with his interpretation and — of course — his good look. Granted, his interpretation doesn’t move me, but the majority of viewers apparently love it.

      By the way, is there anyone who is as annoyed by the human Tang Bao? I miss the caterpillar form. In the novel, she hasn’t transformed into human until much later. And she’s like a walking, er, crawling encyclopaedia/ancient Wikipedia/ancient Google to HQG. Here, she’s like the nagging little sister (although she does care a lot about HGQ).

      • 33 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 21 – 24 “The Alternatives.”

        You’re not alone, lenje! I’m rooting for DF although my favorite is Sha Jiejie. Bai Zi Hua bores me to tears even if Wallace is VERY good looking.

        DF has so many layers that we have yet to see and I still think he is the best match for HQG even if she doesn’t agree.

        Tang Bao in human form is OK. I think it’s the voice that annoys me the most.

        • 33 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 21 – 24 “The Alternatives.”

          Awww.. thanks Polaris! That’s why I feel at home here LOL!

    • 33 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 21 – 24 “The Alternatives.”

      From what I read, all the fans here love Wallace Huo…what they don’t love is Bai Zi Hua, the character. There’s a difference. Some like emotionless character, others like more emotions, so no need to get hurt if someone doesn’t like your character. =)

      Thanks for the recap + ost, Kappy! Love reading your recaps and amusing mocking throughout. It’s harmless and at least it’s coherent and not all fangirly like other recaps I’ve read.

      @lenje, I agreed with you, Tang Bao was much cuter as the worm! LOL. Her human character becomes quite….slow…and not smart at all. Sometimes, she’s even more clueless than her mother! I wish they didn’t make the female characters in this story so frustratingly naive…

      • 33 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 21 – 24 “The Alternatives.”

        Yuuup, I may profess my love for JieJie openly but that doesn’t mean that I don’t like our Hot Shifu. I like him and I also like DF. But, above all, I like QG and I want what’s best for her. At the moment, none of the guys fulfill the criteria, so I have trouble settling on a ship. I read spoilers on various blogs and forums and I know that the current OTP (QG&BZH) will most likely remain the OTP until the end. So, it’s BZH for QG whether I like it or not 🙂 I just wish they had believable romantic chemistry …

        about TangBao:
        I don’t mind her current form even though the caterpillar form was cuter. In human form she can have her own romantic plot with ShiYi. 😀

      • 33 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 21 – 24 “The Alternatives.”

        I really like Tangbao’s character whether it is in human form or worm form. I think she’s super adorable and funny either way. I really enjoy her interaction with Qian Gu, and how she’s so loyal to Qian Gu. I actually like her voice dub because it matches her character, childish and cute.

  9. 33 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 21 – 24 “The Alternatives.”

    Thanks for the recap! The only thing I’m worry about right now is the pacing of the drama because we’re already up to ep 36 and angst just started…they need to speed up the process because I want 10+ episode of badass Qian Gu in her true form getting revenge for those who wrong her..and also getting back at Bai Zi Hua!

    • 33 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 21 – 24 “The Alternatives.”

      I know. I feel like we won’t get 10+ episodes of bad girl Qian Gu and I desperately need to see her dominate for at least that amount!! =(

  10. 33 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 21 – 24 “The Alternatives.”

    I revisited one of the previous JoF posts, and stumbled upon the paragraph about DF’s childhood, in which he was kidnapped by the 7 Murder Faction, and his father was killed by Dong Hua (one of the immortals) — which prompted him to take revenge. I’m curious how he grew up later — raised by his family? How did he learn such powerful magical skill?

    PS. OK, I’m officially DF obsessed now. It’s shameful that I still think how badly HGQ’s obsession to BZH is. *sinking head*

    • 33 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 21 – 24 “The Alternatives.”

      I’m curious as well about DF’s background!! I love this man to bits and want to see him more on my screen! I hope the drama doesn’t just gloss over his story arc because it’s so darn juicy and angsty!

  11. 33 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 21 – 24 “The Alternatives.”

    Hello everyone. I’ve been lurking around for a while now and decided to write my first post after seeing all the SQM fans here. *jumps aboard the crowded fan boat*

    Ma Ke is prefect for the role of SQM. He can portray a whole host of emotions – i.e. anger, fear, grief, happiness, etc. His skills are on par with that of a veteran actor. I’m glad Ma Ke took the director’s advice and auditioned for the part of SQM instead of MXL as originally planned. It would have been a waste of his talent if he hadn’t played SQM. This is the first time I’ve heard of the term “dark horse” and I agree that this suits Ma Ke as I’m sure many people didn’t expect to see him explode in popularity when the casting was finalized for the drama. I believe Ma Ke will be forever immortalized as SQM. I want to see so much more of SQM in the drama and I hope Ma Ke will be cast in more roles like this in future dramas. 😀

    • 33 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 21 – 24 “The Alternatives.”

      Yay to de-lurking! This is what keeps me going forward to the doomed future ahead of us!

      Ma Ke (and the cast) is getting recognized more and more so that’s good! He started out as a child actor so it’s a nice transition for his career. He’s also in Hua Yu Xin as one of the generals but he looks so different (without the heavy makeup) that many fans don’t recognize him. Lol. Pictures below:

      • 33 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 21 – 24 “The Alternatives.”

        It’s quite an unfortunate hair styling, is it? None of the male characters, save for Yuan Hong, looks good in this style. (But YH can almost always get away with ANY style).

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