Ten beautiful actresses join Hunan new reality show, Up Idol

Wow, what a fanboy-driven show! Heck, I’m a girl and I definitely have a crush on almost all the invited ladies. Up Idol (or Idol Is Coming), is a new reality show produced by HunanTV with ten beautiful actresses of their respected era traveling to different areas, one of them being Mongolia. Just when we complained we don’t have enough sisterhood displayed onscreen, here is a golden chance for creating those precious bonds that might just last a life time. I’m not sure what it is about because the baidu page is pretty unhelpful. But the core of the show is dividing them into two teams and competing them in various games and competitions. The show begins airing on July 25th. There will be male guests in certain episodes and some of the leaked news include Li Yi Feng, TFboys, Kris Wu, EXO, and Lu Han.

Who are the ten actresses? Click to find out! 😀

Let’s go by seniority! First up, and I can’t believe they managed to snatch her is Miss Brigitte Lin, starring in over 100 movies, including Royal Tramp, Peking Opera Blues, and The Bride with White Hair.

 photo Idol 11.jpg

I’m not fond of this milk dress on them…

Born in 1971, we have singer Yang Yu Ying.

 photo Idol 33.jpg

 photo Idol 32.jpg

About five months later, actress Athena Chu (The New Shaolin Temple, Legend of the Condor Heroes 1994) entered this world.

 photo Idol 14.jpg

A year younger is actress Ning Jing (Royal Tramp 2008, Legendary Fighter – Yang’s Heroine).

 photo Idol 25.jpg

Two years later, we have Miss Ada Choi (Beauty at War, Armed Reaction, Where the Legend Begins). She looks the same as ever. A woman with great skin.

 photo Idol 24.jpg

Actress and host of Happy Camp, Xie Na also joins the fun as the bubbly know-it-all sister to the younger ladies. YES. WE NEED YOU.

 photo Idol 10.jpg

Second to be born in the 1980s is Zhao Li Ying, the current goddess of her generation with hit dramas like Female Prime Minister, Shan Shan Come to Eat, and the currently top dog in the ratings chart, The Journey of Flower.

 photo Idol 31.jpg

 photo Idol 27.jpg

 photo Idol 26.jpg

Youthful face Kristy Zhang (Princess of Lan Ling) was born in 1989. Hopefully, her appearance will boost the chances of POLL airing. T_____T

 photo Idol 16.jpg

Actress Gulnazar, popular for Xuan Yuan Sword – Rift of the Sky and The Classic of Mountains and Seas with Zhang Han. She’s looking fiesty with the sleek short cut! I like it!

 photo Idol 12.jpg

 photo Idol 17.jpg

And rounding out the group is the youngest girl – Nana Ou Yang, a cellist prodigy and new face in the acting world. She’s in To The Fore with Eddie Peng, Choi Siwon, Wang Luo Dang, and Shawn Dou.

 photo Idol 13.jpg

 photo Idol 15.jpg

Stills from the show. Baby hanging onto Bri

 photo Idol 35.jpg

 photo Idol 36.jpg

 photo Idol 37.jpg

 photo Idol 38.jpg

 photo Idol 39.jpg

 photo Idol 40.jpg

 photo Idol 41.jpg

Oh Lord, you’re so cute, Kristy!

 photo Idol 42.jpg

This looks so much fun!!

 photo Idol 43.jpg

 photo Idol 44.jpg

 photo Idol 45.jpg

Press Conference held yesterday. I did not know that Gulnazar is that tall! She reigns over the ladies!

 photo Idol 6.jpg

 photo Idol 4.jpg

 photo Idol 5.jpg

Some sexy back from Ada. =D She looks flawless from head to toe.

 photo Idol 7.jpg

 photo Idol 8.jpg

 photo Idol 1.jpg

 photo Idol 2.jpg

Hosts of the show: He Jiong and Wang Han.

 photo Idol 3.jpg


Each of them has a short teaser so I just combined it all together.

Source: 01 // Weibo

  1. 8 thoughts on “Ten beautiful actresses join Hunan new reality show, Up Idol

    wow, has been almost twenty years+ for Bridgett lin to come back? my uncle has her poster from that movie with leslie cheung locked up in the basement when my aunt says no more for fanboy. LOL, she looks like a true grandma now. hope she’s having fun away from the limelight.

    im happy about the cast, a good mix with old and young!!

  2. 8 thoughts on “Ten beautiful actresses join Hunan new reality show, Up Idol

    Wow I wonder how they got Brigette Lin to come on the show. Who powerful people do they have behind Hunan.
    Zhao Li Ying will now have 3 shows airing, excited to see her on a variety show.

  3. 8 thoughts on “Ten beautiful actresses join Hunan new reality show, Up Idol

    What’d they sacrifice to get Brigette Lin to be on this show?!

  4. 8 thoughts on “Ten beautiful actresses join Hunan new reality show, Up Idol

    It was time. All her kids are grown up. Brigitte Lin needs the exposure for future projects not to mention increase sales on her books. I read there are some movie line-ups for her. Even rumors of a reunion movie with her and Andy Lau or Jackie Chan.

    She started snailing back into the industry with a book signing in Hong Kong, or was it Macau, sometime last year? Then it TURBO-ed from there. “Tuck and roll”, Brigitte! Tuck and roll.

  5. 8 thoughts on “Ten beautiful actresses join Hunan new reality show, Up Idol

    Looking forward to this since ZLY is here and it’s going to be my first time seeing her on a variety show ever since I became a fan. I just hope someone/some site would sub this. I couldn’t find any subs of Divas Hit The Road on any site. TT^TT

    Btw, do you know some sites where I can watch Whirlwind Girl and The Interns/Best Get Going with subs? Pretty please. 😀

  6. 8 thoughts on “Ten beautiful actresses join Hunan new reality show, Up Idol

    Dang! There sure are a lot of idols coming!

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