Press conference for the cast of A Journey through Time with Anthony

Another star-turned-producer and this time it’s Zhou Xun (Painted Skin, Red Sorghum). It’s based on a novel of the same name, A Journey through Time with Anthony, written in the form of a diary by Anthony as he detailed his life during the ages of 20-23 as a newly graduate being shipped to study overseas, where he gains perception of life and grows as a person. The titular role is handed to top model, Liu Chang, as his movie debut and his leading lady is a face frequently seen in theaters this past few weeks – Bai Bai He (Monster Hunt).

Does the premise remind some of you of a Japanese movie?


I think he looks older than he is. Standing at 6’2″, Liu Chang was born in 1988.

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Bai Bai He. He meets her in Japan under the beautiful cherry blossoms.

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Tina Tang, one of Anthony’s friends.

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More stills.

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This gotta be the cutest thing, Liu Chang and his model friends promoting for the movie. Them long legs at work! =D

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Press Conference, one in Feb to celebrate its production stage and one this past week.

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Liu Chang and his manner legs. 😉

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Does this woman look 40 to you?!! At times….at times….

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Jin Shi Jia or Kingscar Jin. He’s looking very handsome lately with that neatly trimmed beard…

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Teasers (2 in 1):

Behind the Scene/Cast Interview:

  • Zhou Xun describes her role as a producer as interesting – like being a chef, being able to pick and choose the ingredients that go into the pot. The movie is said to be very light-hearted and gentle.
  • The Japanese movie I mentioned above is called A Story of Yonosuke, starring my bias, Kengo Kora, as the awkward Uni student and his positive influence on the people around him. It is a very endearing story that is very simple in story structure but hits all the right notes of nostalgia.
  • Liu Chang is pretty new so I’m a bit nervous for his movie debut.
  • Editing the script is Amy Chin (Born Wild, La Lingerie) and directing is Chun Siu Chun (The Four movie franchise), A Journey through Time with Anthony premieres in theaters on October 16th.

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    He doesn’t look good close up. LOL. But the story sounds like a nice, easy-going film to watch. A lot of models are debuting as actors this year, from yang mi’s camp of flower boys to various movies.

  2. 2 thoughts on “Press conference for the cast of A Journey through Time with Anthony

    zhou xun looks younger with the right make-up. other times, older.

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