I Remember You (Hello Monster): Episode 3 & 4 Recap

Hello again! If you haven’t read the first two episodes’ recap, you can check it out here. I apologize again for the liberal use of nicknames, I get so confused with Korean names.

Recaps written by Runaway for AVV.

I REMEMBER YOU EP 3 Rambling Recap: Thou shall not kill, but…

The face of the criminal is finally revealed. It seems he’s not really bothered by the hair color but the hair length of his victims. (I forgot to suspend my disbelief… afk… ok i’m letting that go) Victim can’t pretend ignorant of her visitor’s plan anymore and attacks him first. He easily dodges it and chokes her.

 photo You3-1.jpg photo You3-2.jpg
Another smirking face joins our Smirkdex. Smirkmon species: Chaebolirk.

When Ji-An finally reaches the victim’s house, our victim lays unmoving on the floor while the killer stands over her body. Cocky, he smirks at her and puts his hands up to surrender. She reports to Hyun of their arrest and thanks him for his help because the third crime didn’t happen. Meanwhile, Hyun records over the tape with his own message to Joon Yeong.

 photo You3-3.jpg

The perpetrator, Yang Seung Hoon, fits the profile Hyun built earlier: bold, arrogant, and disrespects authority. A former rower, he’s the youngest son and a second generation chaebol who got away with a lot of things because of his status. He’s baiting Ji-An and even objectifies her as she interrogates him because he’s confident he’ll be able to bend the laws again. The victim swung first and he’s defending his actions on the guise of self-defense and mutual assault.

Hyun is outside the interrogation room and reaches the conclusion that Yang Seung Hoon is not Min.

 photo You3-4.jpg
You can’t sway me with your cuteness kiddo.

The other detectives with Chief Hyun Ji Soo are also observing the interrogation. Chief points out they’ll need evidence like the burner phone or drugs to pin the perpetrator to the other two crimes. Senior Colleague assures her they’re currently sweeping the victim’s place and nearby places because he wouldn’t be able to easily dispose of them given the 10 minute time frame between Ji-An’s phone call and arrival.

Unaware Hyun is behind them, they’re startled when he speaks up.

 photo You3-5.jpg
Old habits die hard.

Hyun can’t believe they can set the bar even lower for their incompetence. Team Leader defends that because of them they saved the life of the victim. Hyun points out that because they called the victim to warn her, they’ve also warned the criminal. His insult flies by Team Leader and his subordinates had to explain he’s insulting them.

 photo You3-6.jpg photo You3-7.jpg
Special Clueless Unit.

Hyun explains the insult is not for them but for himself because he forgot how stupid Ji-An can be and should have been given her more explicit instructions. Senior Colleague explodes so Nerd Colleague has to stop him from causing bodily harm to Hyun. Chief diffuses the situation and brings back the focus to the case. She allows Hyun to stay and participate in the investigation ignoring protests from Senior Colleague.

Meanwhile, Flower Boy Colleague is at the hospital to interview the victim. The doctor assures him she’s alright and her injuries are superficial. As they talk, someone wearing a doctor’s coat is with the sleeping victim. As she opens her eyes, she recognizes the man and looks scared.

 photo You3-9.jpg photo You3-8.jpg

Flower Boy Colleague notices the man as he passes by him on the corridor. He goes on his way to the victim who’s looking for the police. She’s visibly distraught as she tells the officer she’s not going to make an official statement because she attacked first thus it was her fault in the first place. She’s not going to press any charges. He tries to convince her but she denies about the flowers and says she bought it.

Suspicious of her change of mind, he asks if someone visited her. She tries to lie but her face confirms his suspicions. He remembers the man and swiftly ran out of the room to find him.

 photo You3-10.jpg
Maybe there’s hope you’re not very clueless after all.

Back to the interrogation room, Chaebol Killer continues to feign ignorance because he knows they have nothing concrete on him and taunts them to bring a witness first. He denies he knows the other two victims or what he did on the days of the other two murder since he can’t even remember what he ate this morning.

Hyun has had enough because the interrogation is going nowhere. He gathers things for a cover and interrupts the interrogation pretending he’s an intern. Apparently Chaebol Killer will use his right to remain silent if a male officer interrogates him. The other detectives outside waits and allows the situation to play out.

A narcissist, Chaebol Killer is not threatened by Hyun’s submissive fumbling act so he allows him to stay and join the interrogation. He lines up three pictures of women and asks him to point out if there’s someone in the pictures he has killed before. Chaebol Killer bursts out laughing and plays along.

 photo You3-11.jpg photo You3-12.jpg
Who won’t fall for that cute little dimple?

Hyun continues and puts pictures of women one by one. A picture of a woman who looks alike the other three victims catches the Chaebol Killer’s attention and he leans to look at it closely. They found the very first victim.

The criminal asks to take the pictures away; he finally gives something away and commits his first mistake. Hyun gathers the pictures but clumsily lets that one slip out. He repeats the fumbling again but this time pushes the picture again to Seung Hoon.

The woman in the picture was Kang Ji Seon, Seung Hoon’s ex-girlfriend. She died of strangulation and her case remains unsolved. Hyun teases him that she probably dumped him before she was murdered. He hypothesizes that maybe she got a bad feeling about him and cuts their relationship. He couldn’t accept her rejection so he kills her.

 photo You3-13.jpg photo You3-14.jpg

Ego hurt, he turns his chair to Hyun and demands more. Hyun did just that and rattles his cage some more. He delivers the final nail on the coffin; he killed her because he felt inferior.

But Hyun is not done and delves to the Chaebol’s family. The fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree; his father is also a womanizer and prefers them younger than her daughter. He speculates that his children are from different mothers. His offsprings are all executives in Korea but the killer is the only one sent to China. Hyun targets his ego again: either he’s really intelligent or really stupid. Chaebol Killer’s face has lost the smirk at this point.

 photo You3-15.jpg photo You3-16.jpg

He was sent to China because he’s already considered a failure. He wanted to prove them wrong and receive validation from his family but the revenue figures of his branch is not good. He was too bold so he invested in risky undertakings and too arrogant in his abilities resulting in another failure. The stress has triggered his psychopathy.

Homesick and lonely, Kang Ji Seon reminded him of his mother. Her rejection added to his stress and emphasized his failure. When he killed her, it gave him a thrill and he felt invincible because he now has the power over her. That’s why he kept repeating the same murder because he wants to feel that rush again and relive the feeling of superiority. He targets women who he can easily overpower.

 photo You3-17.jpg

Narcissism goes hand in hand with inferiority complex. Faced with the truth of himself, Chaebol Killer breaks his calm facade and finally shows a real emotion.

Hyun is still not done though. There’s something he hasn’t figured out, the method of his murder. Chaebol Killer is too narcissistic and impulsive for his chosen method. Hyun emphasizes that he doesn’t have the capability of planning and executing such perfect murders. Someone must have taught him or is helping him find the victims, make preparations, and get rid of the evidence.

A narcissist like him will be satisfied with baiting the police and dangling the next target’s location with the semaphore code. As Hyun keeps badgering him about this superior accomplice, Chaebol Killer explodes. He almost fell into Hyun’s trap and confesses everything when his lawyer, the man who paid our victim a visit earlier, arrives.

 photo You3-22.jpg
That feeling when your football team misses an open goal tap-in in the 90th minute.

Ji-An tries to finish the confession but Chaebol Killer, with his lawyer’s hands in his shoulder, has regained his cool and is calmly denying everything.

Flower Boy Colleague calls to report the victim’s withdrawal. The victim doesn’t want to press charges so they can’t charge anything to Chaebol Killer. Once again, he wiggles his way out of the law.

Attorney Jeong meets Chief in her office. He remarks they have nothing on his client so they shouldn’t be making accusations and question him again without anything to back it up. He warns them passive aggressively to not drag his client’s name in public or try to arrest him again because they might see their task force disbanded. He sees and gets the paper where the code is written and asks if it’s a geographical coordinate. Team Leader snatches the evidence away. Attorney Jeong jokes if he’s a suspect now because he solved the code.

 photo You3-23.jpg photo You3-24.jpg
Captain Obvious obviously speculates he is Min.

Hyun and Chaebol Killer are alone in the men’s bathroom. And as expected of a guy with a huge ego who’s now safely behind his castle walls, he taunts Hyun that he did kill those women so they’ll need to get him before he leaves the country or he’ll kill him. Hyun is nonplussed with his antics and asks him again who’s behind him. He laments how disappointed he is Chaebol Killer doesn’t even realize someone is controlling him.

Before he leaves the restroom, he compliments Chaebol’s taste in artwork but Seung Hoon doesn’t remember any painting. Hyun concluded he’s really just a pawn instructed to leave the painting behind. Remembering what it was, he says he often gives people paintings so he got confused. He’ll assures Hyun he’ll hang the same painting after he kills him since he likes that artwork.

Attorney Jeong is on the phone about some family gathering when Hyun and him crosses paths on the hall. As the lawyer passes him by, Hyun turns and stares at his retreating back.

 photo You3-25.jpg
Doctor Who Monster Threat Level: Adipose.

Team Leader reaches the conclusion that they must really find an evidence. Senior Colleague is sure they’ll find evidence but they’re running out of time. He sees Dave, and yet again Nerd Colleague corrects him, and acknowledges their mistake for not stopping the lawyer enter the room when they’re about to get the confession. Hyun brushes off whatever he has to say and asks Ji-An’s permission to use her computer. He needs to check his mail (don’t you have a phone?) and re-check the autopsy reports of the two cases.

 photo You3-26.jpg
Dear God woman are you that messy?!

She unlocks her laptop and warns him not to look at anything else. Clearing some files on her table, she sits beside him. They discuss the case so far and what they’ll do next. Hyun is skeptical they’ll be able to catch Seung Hoon. They won’t be able to bait him again by hurting his ego, they won’t be able to get a ban to stop him from leaving the country, they can’t find the phone and drugs for evidence, the witness is refusing to cooperate, he has a good lawyer, and he has a psychologist ready to confirm his instability if push comes to shove.

And even if by the good grace of the Lord they’ll be able to file a case against him, his family’s money and power already tips the scales of justice in his favor. And if they’re really blessed and he’s found guilty but he pleads not guilty by reason of insanity, he can use this to get bail or hospital arrest.

Frustrated by their powerlessness, Ji-An swears she’ll do anything to get rid of him. Hyun offers to kill him.

 photo You3-27.jpg photo You3-28.jpg
Dexter Korean remake?

We return to the past at a Catholic church with Little Hyun praying alone. A girl, Ji-An, is hiding behind the church’s side door. Hyun enters the confessional, the girl follows him and quietly enters the other side. She’s gasps when Hyun confesses that his father died because of him. When she tries to look at his face, Hyun sees her.

In the present, Ji-An almost falls over her chair as she sleeps but the Medical Examiner catches her head. She shares they’ve hit another dead end and he tells her he found nothing either after rechecking the bodies. Medical Examiner asks why don’t they ask that jerk she mentioned for help. But Ji-An leaves him again with nothing because of her irritation at the mention of said jerk.

 photo You3-29.jpg
Is it a dream or a memory? I really can’t tell. Damn you Inception!

Ji-An remembers Hyun’s offer to dispatch the killer and her casual reply to go ahead but remember to call her so she can arrest them both. She’ll surely get a special promotion after arresting two psychos. Hyun assures her he’ll do but in the meantime she shouldn’t bother calling him again because he doesn’t have any interest on the case anymore. That ban includes her face. Ji-An’s blood temperature increases a notch.

Meanwhile Team Leader and Chief are in the office of a superior. He’s the man that asked Chief to cover up the case of Hyun’s father; like Chief, they both climbed the ladder of the police force and he’s now a three star from a one star in 1996. He chastises them for making an official request for a warrant without any basis. Team Leader rants that every request they make is denied by the higher-ups and somehow they want them to present an evidence out of thin air. If the suspect doesn’t have any money and influence, he would have been arrested by now.

 photo You3-32.jpg
(*slow claps*) Not the hero we deserved but the hero we needed.

[Nerd Colleague Trivia Time: It’s unimportant but I was curious how much their careers progressed since they covered up the incident. Superior was a Superintendent General (Head of a Bureau of a local police agency) in 1996 and now a Chief Superintendent General (Head of local police agencies) which is one step away from the head of the Chief of Police. Meanwhile, Chief was a Senior Inspector and now a Superintendent; Hyun’s father previous position. Source]

I don’t know why I even researched this.

The team is not only at a dead end, they’re at the world’s end. They’ve interviewed the third victim’s family and they don’t know Chaebol Killer is even connected to her. And now that she is moved to the VVIP room at the hospital, they can’t meet her again without a warrant. A warrant that they can’t get because their requests are being blocked.

The stress is visible in their faces and Senior Colleague has ran out of clean underwear. He asks the other two if they can lend him one. Flower Boy Colleague tells him to just go home. Nerd Colleague has one but he doesn’t want to lend it and advises him to just buy one or wash them in the bathroom instead. Ji-An, ever the practical lady, says he should just wear it inside out.

 photo You3-33.jpg

As they wonder how the drugs and burner phone disappear into thin air, Team Leader enters to deliver the bad news that higher-ups are not going to help them as well as an inspirational speech to keep their passions flaring. Unfortunately, the rest of the team goes back to their work ignoring him and Senior Colleague walks away in search of undies.

Ji-An sets aside her annoyance and contacts Hyun. He’s at his hotel room pondering who actually sent him the email. Seung Hoon doesn’t know anything about the painting. Was it Joon Yeong? Min? What if it’s neither of them? Ji-An?

 photo You3-34.jpg
Too bad it wasn’t a light bulb moment.

Ji-An’s call interrupts his line of thought. When he didn’t answer her call, she rings his hotel room. He was about to close the door after seeing her face but she stop it with her foot and inserts her body. He pushes her face out of the door but she was able to barge her way through. She realizes she was too close to his face when she stumbled inside and takes a step back.

He at least talks to her but pushes her face away from his vision. She caters to his pettiness and holds her head away from his eyes. He informs her she’s on the list of people he suspects that sent him the email. He clarifies she’s on the bottom of said list.

Chaebol Killer is going to leave the country in two days and the police is running out of time. She lists their plight: no evidence, no witness, no warrant, no time left. Hyun just stares at her uninterested. So she unleashes her feminine wiles again, this time with sad puppy eyes.

 photo You3-35.jpg photo You3-36.jpg
Someday he’ll fall for those wiles… someday…

Feminine wiles failing yet again, she changes her tactical plan and entices him to the idea of how much she’ll hate being indebted to him. No reaction. She tries flattery; he might not have a great personality but at least he’s blessed with great intelligence. Hyun finally reacts. She tries to come up with another compliment.

 photo You3-37.jpg
Men… stroke their ego…Bingo!

Desperate, she’s willing to use any means necessary to lock up Seung Hoon. As usual, he helps in the end anyway but there’s a price. With no other choice, she agrees.
Hyun tells her they’re going to find the missing evidence and brings her to the art museum where Art Dealer Hyung works. On their way, Ji-An receives an email but it’s all in Chinese. She thinks it’s a spam.

Art Dealer Hyung thought Hyun is visiting him for any update of the identity of the artist but Hyun is collecting another favor from him this time. As usual, he still can’t follow their conversation. Hyun wants him to admit to the hospital so Ji-An can visit him. He asks himself how did he owe Hyun so much. Ji-An realizes the dangers of being indebted to Hyun.

 photo You3-38.jpg photo You3-39.jpg
The perils of dealing with the devil.

One favor repaid, Ji-An has now allowed access to the VVIP hospital area on the pretense of visiting Art Dealer Hyung. She sneaks into the third victim’s room and talks to her but the victim remains uncooperative. Ji-An continues anyway and asks her to confirm her suspicion.

Hyun told her earlier to think of every possible scenario. They begin to go over the scenario again.

Ji-An found nothing on Seung Hoon’s body, nothing on the victim’s house, or outside for any thrown items. As they speak, we see Chaebol Killer pinning down the victim and questioning her about the caller’s identity. She reveals it’s the police and they’re on their way. He lets her go and calls someone (his puppet master) to ask what he’ll do because the police are on their way.

 photo You3-40.jpg
When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.

Ji-An found the victim unconscious so they rush her to the hospital. At first glance, her injuries looked serious but as the doctor later confirmed, they were superficial and non-threatening. She was moved to a treatment room upon arrival to the hospital and her tests were delayed because, Ji-An and Hyun concludes, she was waiting for somebody. The victim handed the evidence to Attorney Jeong.

The victim tells Ji-An she’s making it up but her face gives her away again. She implores her to think about the past victims and the others that’ll be victimized but the victim ignores her pleas. She knows the police won’t be able to catch them even if she cooperates. They won’t find the evidence and they won’t be able to protect her. The victim threatens to call security.

Ji-An tries one last time. She reminds her that there’s always a consequence for every decision then gives the victim her business card. After Ji-An left, Yoon-ji breaks down as she remembers Attorney Jeong’s threat. She’s now an accomplice to the crime.

 photo You3-41.jpg photo You3-42.jpg

Hyun is eating dinner alone at a restaurant when Ji-An calls her to report she fails to persuade the victim. They suspect the lawyer now has the evidence but they won’t be able to touch him. She asks what she was doing and offers to eat with him but he turns it down and hangs up. He then receives a text from Art Dealer Hyung demanding why he is not visiting him. He replies that if he’s done resting, he can get himself discharged.

Hyun thinks about Ji-An’s question if he doesn’t feel lonely eating alone. And we see why he doesn’t.

 photo You3-43.jpg photo You3-44.jpg
It’s Okay, This is Normal.

In the morning, Ji-An receives a call from the Chinese customs officer. She doesn’t understand whatever the caller is saying and asks if it can be in English. Unfortunately, a shit ton of cars decides to pass by her and she didn’t hear anything.

Chaebol Killer is on the plane and calls Hyun to flaunt his escape in his face. Hyun tells him to stay in Korea and give the detectives more time. Seung Hoon laughs and enjoys the idea of Hyun begging. Hyun tells him again, stay in Korea. He assures Hyun he’ll come back secretly to kill him. Hyun tells him he did warn him but he’s not listening. It flies over the narcissist as he continues to gloat on his victory and hangs up. (this gonna be good *rubs palms together*)

As the killer’s plane flies to China, our team of detectives are disappointed, tired, and drained. In Hyun’s house, he returns the tapes to its position on the shelf and reads the sixth commandment: Thou shall not kill.

The plane has landed in China and we see the trap Hyun has set for Seung Hoon. Chinese customs arrests Seung Hoon for possession of drugs. And as he’s being dragged out of the plane, Hyun narrates a line from a poem: “Do not kill. However, it’s not necessary to try to save someone in vain, either.”

 photo You3-45.jpg
Poetic justice is literally poetic…

[Nerd Colleague Trivia Time: China executes drug offenders. He really should have stayed in Korea at least he’ll be able to buy his way to innocence.

The poem Hyun mentioned is from Arthur Hugh Clough’s The Latest Decalogue, a satire to the religious Victorian England and its hypocrisy. Full text here. The original bit Hyun:

Thou shalt not kill; but needst not strive
Officiously to keep alive.]

Still unaware of the development in China, Team Leader joins Senior Colleague who is poring over the security tapes again. They’re still not giving up. Timely, the younger detectives bursts into the room and delivers the good news. The drugs Chaebol Killer used on his victims are the same drugs hidden in his house in China. Too bad it wasn’t a big amount and he might not get executed but rather slapped with life imprisonment.

Meanwhile Ji-An is still figuring out why she keeps receiving calls and emails from China. She sees a sent draft written in Chinese while Chief questions her about the unauthorized request. She finally realizes the reason why Hyun wanted to use her computer.

 photo You3-47.jpg photo You3-48.jpg
Where is that light bulb when you need it?

Chief is flustered by her underhanded tactics of delivering justice and demands an explanation. Ji-An excuses herself and rushes to confront Hyun. He gives her the address of his house. (as if she didn’t know already heh) She arrives at his house but he’s not answering the door. She knocks a couple of times and was about to break open the door when it gives. It’s open but he’s just not answering it. Ji-An’s blood pressure is close to exploding.

He greets her calmly as he reads a book. Ji-An explodes and throws her bag at him. (so much for gratitude) She accuses him that all this was his machination but he reminds her of her request in his hotel room: Catch him by any means necessary. He used her name because he doesn’t have any authority to do so. Dumbfounded, she realizes the price of his cooperation was her cute butt on the line. But he has already used her computer before she made that request, she argues. He just smirks at the problem he brought her. She threatens bodily harm on his person.

 photo You3-49.jpg photo You3-50.jpg
You got served.

Hyun turns the tables and interrogates her. He backs her up into a wall and asks her how many times she’s been at his home. She feigns ignorance and jokes. Unfortunately her earlier boiling anger gave her away because Hyun texted the wrong address. If she was really innocent, she wouldn’t be able to find and barge into his house immediately.

Because he’s got a lot of time in his hands, (and she is her only lead at the moment) he tells her that he’s going to solve ‘the least interesting puzzle of the three’, her identity. He stares at her again and asks for the umpteenth time, “What is your identity?”

 photo You3-51.jpg photo You3-52.jpg
You got served 2.


Another solid episode. The eye-candy visual with the music just makes each scene engaging. I’ve been pausing on particularly beautifully framed scenes. As I said previously, our first serial killer isn’t really that special and even Hyun remarks on it. What made it different was the unknown puppet master. Consulting criminal anyone?

I can’t help but see Hyun as Sherlock (but then again, almost every detective story is patterned after Sherlock) in how he delivers his profile, how he solves the case, and how he interacts with Ji-An. It’ll be even more amusing if there’s going to be a version of Moriarty here. In BBC Sherlock, Moriarty has inserted himself on the police force as a tech guy and dated the medical examiner.

I don’t watch Elementary so I’m not sure if they patterned Ji-An to the female version of Watson. But she seems to be Hyun’s Watson. The key points of the case are always done while both of them are discussing the case. Their dynamic that of his assistant and doormat is also there. Like Watson, she’s also learning to solve the case as seen in this episode where Hyun didn’t spoon-fed to her the mystery of the missing evidence.

The banter of our leads are also enjoyable. There’s no sexual tension yet but hey someday, Hyun’s going to fall for Ji-An’s allure. Our group of detectives still has been delegated to deliver comedic moments although Flower Boy and Team Leader had their moments of usefulness in this episode. I’m not bothered by it since we have enough mysterious characters so we need some innocent looking ones (not saying one of them won’t be a surprise) or we’ll be too paranoid of everyone.

Growing up watching movies where the police arrives last as the hero finishes killing every baddie and saving the world, I’ve come to accept that it’s a TV fact of life: Police are incompetent.

The mentioned literature so far in this drama are also really interesting. It’s amusing that they literally used a poem for the poetic justice ending. Not everything is perfect but I really appreciate shows that tries to pay attention to the minutest detail as possible.

I’m glad I’m doing this recap… ^____^

I REMEMBER YOU EP 4 Rambling Recap: The Suspect, Lee Hyun

On her way to Hyun’s house, Ji-An is having a war inside her brain over Chaebol Killer’s arrest and Hyun’s use of underhanded tactics. Her amygdala (emotional) is full of great joy that justice is served but her anterior cingulate cortex (rational) is upset of the punishment she’ll receive because of it. Unlike the murdering husband in Hyun’s lecture, her orbitofrontal cortex is not won over by the pleasure of the perp’s arrest. Hyun jeopardized her name and job, in other words, her self-interest. (That’s a nerdy way of explaining it but I wanted to insert Hyun’s lecture in episode 2 hehe)

 photo You4-1.jpg photo You4-2.jpg
Hyun would be so proud you’re brain is working so hard.

As Ji-An deliberates if she’ll come clean to Hyun after he tricked her to showing her hand, she remembers their childhood. She’s quietly following him when Hyun rounds a corner and suddenly disappears from her sight; he caught her sneaking about and confronts her. Little Ji-An answers she’s his partner. Hyun dismisses her. Multiple times. Because she persists on befriending him.

 photo You4-3.jpg photo You4-4.jpg photo You4-5.jpg
Third time’s not a charm.

Remembering Hyun’s confession in the church that he’s responsible for his father’s death, Ji-An sticks to her answer. She’s just a fan. Hyun scoffs at this; few people knows his past. The best lies are half-truths, Ji-An while avoiding his eyes explains to him what are saesang fans. He likens them to stalkers.

Hyun pretends to believe her answer. He removes the little space between them and asks what kind of fan service she wants. Flustered, she has enough of his teasing and warns him away because she’s been hurt by his ignorance of her existence and tries to leave. He stops her and jokes of reporting his stalker to the police. She clarifies that she has left his fanclub as soon as she saw him again because she now stans EXO, young and lively oppas, so unlike Hyun. She extends a hand of friendship and asks him to forget the past and have a platonic investigative partners in the present. He kicks her out of his house.

Attorney Jeong are making inquiries of who was responsible for his client’s arrest. He thought it was David Lee but learns it was Cha Ji-An that made the official request. Next in the detective’s office, Chief Superintendent General storms angrily and calls Chief to his office.

 photo You4-6.jpg
I want to take you seriously but I can’t with that 90s hairstyle.

Their superior chastises Chief and Team Leader about how the case was handled. Team Leader, who showed his ideological side last time they were reprimanded, answers back that they were left no choice when every investigation path was blocked. His qualms were shut down and Ji-An is to be demoted and transferred somewhere remote as punishment. Both of them refuse; Team Leader, the unappreciated hero, promises to protect his members. When Superior threatens to dismantle their team, Team Leader loses it and punches the desk quite hard and shouts at his father.

Outside, the other detectives are listening in curious of Ji-An’s faith. While the other two are concerned for Ji-An, Senior Colleague was more concerned that their team is also going to suffer. Ji-An was behind them the whole time. Attorney Jeong interrupts them to talk to Ji-An in private. He quite easily fished out the information that it wasn’t Ji-An that sent the request.

While cleaning his house, Hyun finds handcuffs which fell out when Ji-An threw her backpack towards him. He pockets it and steps outside his house for some fresh air and he finally meets Lee Joon Ho, the Medical Examiner. The latter accidentally showered Hyun with the hose as he attempts to control it. (Sure, “accident”)

 photo You4-7.jpg
Another member of Hyun’s sasaeng fan club.

Joon Ho offers a handkerchief which somehow he can’t find in his pockets while also emptying out and a pair of gloves, a microscope, and pens. Hyun also empties his pocket in search of a handkerchief but he only has his phone and the handcuffs. The items clued in both of the other’s profession.

Medical Examiner invites Hyun to his house to dry up and have some tea. It’s fortunate that he recently he went shopping so he has extra towels and clothes ready. He hands the towel and change of clothes to Hyun and for some reason dries himself there and then. (It’s probably a normal guy thing?)

 photo You4-8.jpg
All the while in my mind, it keeps chanting… “So gay” and “what a creep.”

After they have changed into dry clothes, Joon Ho points a scalpel at the back of Hyun’s neck. To cut the tag of the shirt. (lol) He jokes he hasn’t used the scalpel on people and has no plan on doing so. Hyun comments that he must be expecting a guest. Joon Ho explains he’s always waiting because he’s lonely since his family is abroad.

As they sit down for tea, Joon Ho stares intently (creepily more like) at Hyun. Caught staring, he explains he’s just happy to finally have a neighbor.

 photo You4-10.jpg photo You4-9.jpg
Still a better love story than Twilight.

At an abandoned building, a mysterious hooded man leaves a mangled body while asking God for forgiveness.

Attorney Jeong is speaking with his client, who’s dressed quite sharply for an inmate, in China. He explains they’ll have to follow the Chinese law for now since he has no immunity and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is still under negotiation. Chaebol Killer slams his fist in anger when he hears Hyun and Ji-An are probably fine and swears he’ll get his revenge. Attorney Jeong touches his hands and soothingly asks, “Don’t you think the easiest choice is best done last?”

As expected, Ji-An is demoted to a desk job at a police station. Her previous team is investigating a new case. She drops by and tries to help them but quickly hides behind them when the Chief Superintendent passes by.

 photo You4-11.jpg
The cat becomes the mouse.

Depressed by her situation while experiencing signs of withdrawal because apparently she became a detective for her love of stalking, she confides to her aunt — who kindly cleaned up her house. In truth, she’s really itching to know what Hyun is doing but she has no reason to see him again because she already denounced her admiration at his face and she got kicked out the investigative team.

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Speaking of the devil, Hyun visits his old prison which apparently opens via one of the wall lamps. (Was this the secret he shared? Curiouser and curiouser) When he was young, he found it while he was knocking on the walls. Excited by the discovery, Min and Hyun rushed inside.

As Hyun settles in to resume listening to the tapes, a former colleague of his father contacts him. Hyun wasn’t interested at his request to meet but he agrees after his father’s colleague tells him he has information on Lee Joon Yeong. The latter has been trying to track down the escaped convict on his own. They agreed to meet at the caller’s house at 9 o’clock.

Father’s Colleague is leafing through his notebook full of his investigation on Joon Yeongwhen someone rings his doorbell at 8:45 p.m. Thinking Hyun arrived earlier than expected, he opens the door but it’s not Hyun. A hooded man attacks and stabs him.

 photo You4-13.jpg

(We finally learn why Joon Yeong is imprisoned, some sort of robbery and murder which explains how he was able to arrange his escape. Psychopathic serial killers are lone wolves by nature. Joon Yeong is part of an organized crime. This really feels like a Moriarty kind of plot.)

Hyun arrives at the apartment while Father’s Colleague is bleeding on the floor. As he rings the doorbell, the attacker turns off the lights inside. Hyun calls the Colleague’s phone and hears it ringing inside. He enters the apartment when he realizes the door is unlocked and finds the body. He calls the emergency number and tries to apply first aid. Before the victim dies, he tries to say something but it’s inaudible.

Realizing the killer is hiding in the closet, Hyun prepares for his attack. He tries to unmask the killer but gets stabbed and in the end the killer jumps off the window and escapes limping. As he walks away, he mutters another prayer for forgiveness. While Hyun searches for whatever the victim was supposed to give him, the first responders arrive so he leaves the crime scene.

The detectives are called in and they sweep the house for evidence. Flower Boy Colleague and Team Leader found the only CCTV in the area but it has been tampered days before due to a robbery. Team Leader notices a parked car that has a camera. Meanwhile the others inside the house has received the recording of the emergency call. They immediately recognize Hyun’s voice. More evidence against Hyun, the black box of the camera in the car — which was parked while the commotion inside happened — confirms Hyun exiting the crime scene.

 photo You4-15.jpg
Quite fortunate that a car with a camera is left in such perfect position.

Senior Colleague immediately jumps to the conclusion while Flower Boy (Fangirl) Colleague disagrees. Medical Examiner creeps silently by them and immediately leaves quietly after Nerd Colleague zooms in the video and confirms it’s Hyun.

 photo You4-14.jpg
Special Clueless Unit Deduction Process: 1+1=2.

Senior Colleague calls Ji-An about Hyun and instructs her to contact him immediately if Hyun calls her because he’s the main suspect. She immediately rushes to his house and opens the door via the hidden key at the knocker. He’s not there though.

He’s at her house playing video games. Startled to find him there, she yells at him and he jokes it’s a surprise event for his former stalker. She chastises him for going to her place and he casually asks where she’s been. Caught, she moves for her handcuffs and Hyun dangles them in her face. Before she can arrest him for the second time, he asks if she really thinks he killed someone. She answers that he might have. He insists on his innocence because he doesn’t commit murder if he can help it since ‘normal children rebel against their parents’; his father had expected him to be a monster, he rebels by trying not to be one.

As always, the person he’s talking with doesn’t understand what he’s saying.

 photo You4-16.jpg photo You4-17.jpg

Ji-An asks him again why he chose to hide in her place. Hyun jokes he’s just collecting the favor she owes him. But later admits he has nowhere to hide and only one person he can trust. She relents after torturing herself for passing up the golden opportunity of handing him to the police and getting her old position back.

The rest of the team are still on the hunt for Hyun. Flower Boy Colleague is on a stakeout at Hyun’s house. Chief calls Hyun’s phone but it’s turned off. Nerd Colleague is reading something. While Team Leader asks the important question, Hyun’s motive. Senior Colleague doesn’t care.

Attorney Jeong along with other lawyers are listening to an old rich man narrating a fictitious case about two boys. They were practicing with their bows and arrows when the other was accidentally hit by the other. It was deemed an accident but the old man believes it was a premeditated murder. He shares there’s an actual crime similar to the story and what’s interesting is that child grew up well and appeared in front of him. Someone asks who it was and the old man just smiles to Sun Ho.

Alone together, old man asks Sun Ho a favor to act on his behalf as he recovers from his stroke. The latter doesn’t look happy at the request.

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Ji-An is again rationalizing inside her brain. She’s harboring a fugitive. No she’s not betraying her team but rather, closely monitoring the suspect. She realizes that her stalking paraphernalia and old pictures are out in the open and casually tries to hide them. After Ji-An fails to get any information out of him about what happened or persuade him to surrender, she goes along with his plan. As usual.

 photo You4-20.jpg
The cat falls into the mouse’s trap as usual.

Ji-An tricks the guarding policeman that she’s still part of the investigation team and breaks into the crime scene with Hyun. He finds a pill and hides it quickly. Unable to find any distinguishable characteristic beyond his height, weight, and exceptional fighting skills, he shifts his focus on the victim. The lack of defensive wounds while he was stabbed multiple times is strange. It’s instinctual to try and defend an incoming attack. As a policeman, the victim should have been able to defend himself even better than an average persona attacked out of nowhere.

While they hypothesize, they hear incoming footsteps so they quickly hide in the closet. It was Team Leader and Senior Colleague. Senior Colleague admits he’s not buying Hyun is the culprit and wants to look at the crime scene again. After all as he mentioned in the past, his cells are full of investigative experience. He just really really really dislikes Hyun’s rude existence and would have wanted to slap personally cuff his rude hands. Hyun is left amused after hearing Senior Colleague’s sentiments.

 photo You4-21.jpg photo You4-22.jpg
Special Instinctual Unit Deduction Process: 1+1= something smells fishy.

When Senior Colleague checked the victim’s computer, it’s full of birds. Innocent Team Leader asks if the victim is a bird-watcher and the former clarifies it means porn. Pure Hearted Team Leader is flustered by this revelation and says he doesn’t look at those things and Senior Colleague just gives him an all-toothed smile. (There’s a program in the Korean version of Windows that renames the a new folder to bird names instead of ‘new folder’. Source: Ji Suk Jin in a Running Man episode)

Senior Colleague vows to find a woman of his own but he can’t find someone to date because of their work. Team Leader suggests Ji-An and the former scoffs and asks if she’s even a woman. A woman, in Senior Colleague standards, have big butts and busts. As the saying goes, ‘eavesdroppers seldom hear anything good of themselves’.

Still trapped in the closet, the closeness has induced Ji-An to hiccup.The two detectives hears the noise coming from the closest and they proceed to approach, gun and fist ready.

 photo You4-23.jpg


After the poetic ending last episode, this was quite a letdown. Nothing much in this episode apart from that creepy meeting of Hyun and the Medical Examiner. It felt totally scripted and arranged by the latter. What kind of grown man, who reveals his toned body later, can’t control a rogue hose? If this was a rom-com, I would have rolled my eyes at the cliche.

We get a slight glimpse of our next killer. Someone is framing Hyun and we’ll have to wait and see if somehow this hooded killer is responsible for it or somehow connected. I doubt it. His method of killing is messy, disorganized, and impulsive. If BBC Sherlock is indeed their inspiration for things, Moriarty was extremely subtle on how he framed Sherlock into the villain.

I can’t help but smile whenever our leads banter. Both are too cute. It’s not in any way sexual and yet I can’t wait for it to be one. Ji-An’s character though quirky because of her addiction to stalking, is still a bit shallow compared to the depth built by Hyun’s backstory. Maybe we haven’t seen hers yet but I hope it can be as good as Hyun’s. Since Ji-An is patterned after Watson though, I’m not really surprised her character really shines when interacting with Hyun and seems bland alone. The moon needs the sun to shine some light.

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