Cdrama: Taekwondo/Whirlwind Girl Episodes

English Title: 旋风少女
Chinese/Korean/Japanese Title: Taekwondo/Whirlwind Girl
Cast: Yang Yang, Hu Bing Qing, Chen Xiang
# of Episodes: TBA
Airing Days: Tuesdays and Wednesdays
Broadcasting Station: HunanTV
Synopsis: This scrawny girl is believed to be the next big thing in Taekwondo and she is trained by a very handsome senior brother, wooed by a flirtatious rich boy, and cared for by a perennial sad-looking doctor to-be. Who will emerge as the winner of her heart? For real details, check out this post. [Credit: Kappy]

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– Official Soundtrack can be downloaded here.

***156th COMPLETED PROJECT!!!***

Kappy: Another Yang Yang’s drama because he needs as much love and support as possible! And Chen Xiang too. Just support all the fresh faces, won’t ya?

Our Seashell’s First Impression Rating Chart:
– Story:
– Chemistry:
– Acting:
– Directing:
– Entertainment Value:

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  1. 62 thoughts on “Cdrama: Taekwondo/Whirlwind Girl Episodes

    Thanks for sharing this, Kappy! 🙂 Been wanting to watch this properly ever since I caught some early streams!

    First Impression Rating Chart:

    – Story: ✪✪✪½
    Too early to tell, but so far quite interesting and engaging.

    – Chemistry: too early to tell

    – Acting: ✪✪✪
    Starts off slow but gets better as the actors get more into their character – the relative inexperience of the young cast is obvious but given their age it’s already pretty OK. Our main girl’s relatively flat at first but gets really good in the crying scenes. The subtle expressions in Yang Yang’s face and eyes are very nice and in character for Ruo Bai.

    – Directing: ✪✪✪½
    Pace is quite good so far!

    – Entertainment Value: ✪✪✪✪

  2. 62 thoughts on “Cdrama: Taekwondo/Whirlwind Girl Episodes

    LOL your synopsis is the best – “scrawny girl”, “perennial sad-looking doctor-to-be”… ROFLMAO

    • 62 thoughts on “Cdrama: Taekwondo/Whirlwind Girl Episodes

      Thanks for playing along Shimo!! 😀

      I really dislike doing HNTV productions, lol, have to cut out commercial breaks and their logo and advertisements are everywhere! Story-wise, it’s definitely slow. Chen Xiang’s character has my heart in a hug already according to the description. Let’s see how his character comes alive! Ruo Bai is like a nice senior brother thus far with perfect hair!

      The doctor to-be is cracking me up every time his sad face shows up. XD

      • 62 thoughts on “Cdrama: Taekwondo/Whirlwind Girl Episodes

        LOL yeah I notice the logos and ads are everywhere in HNTV shows! Thanks for your hard work! 🙂

        I dunno how they’ll act this out but Ruo Bai is definitely husband material (according to the book) – he trains Baicao, tutors her in her schoolwork, advises her on where to find part time work (Ruo Bai is poor and also works and studies and trains in Taekwondo – he works to help pay for the hospital fees for his sick father), arranges his schedule to match hers so that when she comes home from part time work she won’t be alone at night, mends her old training gi (yep Ruo Bai can sew), gives up his own right to compete in order to devote all his time and effort into training her to be the best Taekwondo champion she can be…

        And I agree about Ruo Bai’s hair hahahaha! Isn’t it so nice to finally see his face properly? The deliberately ugly hairstyle on Kylin in Lost Tomb will never fail to piss me off. It’s a Goddamn insult to our eyes to cover up 2/3 of YY’s face with awful hair!

        • 62 thoughts on “Cdrama: Taekwondo/Whirlwind Girl Episodes

          Ruo Bai is definitely husband material so I guess that means he’s the ending game? Understandable because they have the same work ethics too. He can cook and clean = doesn’t exist in real life. AGREED! Which means I have to prepare my heart for Chen Xiang. XD Poor kid never gets the girl. Lol.

      • 62 thoughts on “Cdrama: Taekwondo/Whirlwind Girl Episodes

        And RB often does all these (and other meaningful but not noticeable at first) things without saying anything. He’s the silent protector type that would even help Baicao and Chuyuan get together when he finds out that Chuyuan has feeling for Baicao and that Baicao also likes Chuyuan back, because Baicao’s happiness is more important than RB’s own feelings. I swear this type of guy only exists in fiction LOL.

      • 62 thoughts on “Cdrama: Taekwondo/Whirlwind Girl Episodes

        LOL I must admit I also have a similar reaction to the doctor-to-be’s sad face XD

      • 62 thoughts on “Cdrama: Taekwondo/Whirlwind Girl Episodes

        Yep RB/Baicao endgame (according to the original anyway) – Baicao would be crazy to not love RB TBH.

        Don’t worry, while Chen Xiang’s character doesn’t get the girl, his character lives a happy rich life and he’s a flirty playboy type anyway so it’s not like he’s gonna be short of girls…

  3. 62 thoughts on “Cdrama: Taekwondo/Whirlwind Girl Episodes

    Yay for first impressions! I’m enjoying the comments so far and trying to see how long I can resist Yang Yang. 😉

    • 62 thoughts on “Cdrama: Taekwondo/Whirlwind Girl Episodes

      see how long I can resist Yang Yang
      I tried. It doesn’t work 😉

      • 62 thoughts on “Cdrama: Taekwondo/Whirlwind Girl Episodes

        I knew it. 😉 It only took me about two days before I gave in and watched The Lost Tomb. Luckily I’m occupied with Battle of Changsha right now so I can stay away from Yang Yang. For now. Hehe.

        • 62 thoughts on “Cdrama: Taekwondo/Whirlwind Girl Episodes

          I watched Lost Tomb and it was so bad and the only thing that kept me watching was Yang Yang. It also turned me into his fan LOL 🙂

          Lost Tomb was the biggest disappointment of the year but Yang Yang was definitely the highlight – the only one of the main cast that brought his character to life. Fatty was OK but the other lead characters were… *sigh*

          Cheng Peipei’s cameo was completely awesome but she only appeared for a little bit.

        • 62 thoughts on “Cdrama: Taekwondo/Whirlwind Girl Episodes

          So far YY is pretty good in this drama. His movements are graceful and his subtle expressions are nice and in character too. It’s always nice to see great-looking actors who can also act 🙂

  4. 62 thoughts on “Cdrama: Taekwondo/Whirlwind Girl Episodes

    @shimokuren: I didn’t read the Lost Tomb novels so I don’t know how much was changed in the drama, but I agree that Yang Yang was the highlight. He spoke, what, 10 lines in the whole season? And yet he became the sole reason I could finish the whole thing. I think he does a great job with creating the mystery around his identity without being flat, if that makes sense.

    I’m seeing a lot of Ruo Bai gif on weibo and there’s a hashtag of RuoBaiBaBa trending. Oh boy. This is making it hard for me to resist. LOL

    • 62 thoughts on “Cdrama: Taekwondo/Whirlwind Girl Episodes

      Yang Yang’s Kylin is actually a MAIN CHARACTER in the Lost Tomb series. If Wu Xie is Watson, then Kylin is Sherlock. Unfortunately, the drama adaptation failed on all accounts in terms of story and characterization, and HR (the production company) deliberately cut almost all of YY’s scenes because of a personal vendetta against him. There were many scenes filmed but were all deleted during post-production, which is why originally 12 x 60 minute episodes got cut to 45 mins each – the cut scenes were almost all YY’s scenes especially all the big action sequences. If you read the Lost Tomb main post on this site, you’ll see all my rants about how they much they screwed up the drama LOL.

      Yeah the Ruo Bai baba thing is because his character is like the perfect husband – he cooks, sews, cleans, takes care of our main girl, takes care of the dojo and everything else, etc. etc… Ruo Bai is a wonderful character and it’s a great thing they cast YY to play him because Ruo Bai is like cool on the outside but warm on the inside, and YY’s eyes are very good at playing this – watch his eyes in Lost Tomb and you’ll see what I mean…

      • 62 thoughts on “Cdrama: Taekwondo/Whirlwind Girl Episodes

        Wow, I definitely have to read up on this. I kept wondering if we were ever going to see Kylin actually fight because he kept coming back to the group unscathed after battling with Ah Ning’s subordinate. Thanks for the tip!

        I agree with you on his eyes. He acts very well with them. One of the reasons why I’m so impressed is that I jumped from The Four where he was very warm and friendly to Kylin, the exact opposite. The contrast in temperament was definitely clear in his eyes.

        I read somewhere that the Lost Tomb’s author actually handpicked YY to play Kylin. Hope that means YY will still be in the upcoming seasons. Otherwise I’m not sure if I’ll continue…

        • 62 thoughts on “Cdrama: Taekwondo/Whirlwind Girl Episodes

          I haven’t watched The Four yet but I may be tempted cuz of all the hot guys LOL

          The whole deal with Ah Ning and her subordinates were all made up for the drama and is supposed to make Ah Ning look like a main character when in the books she’s a bad guy and nothing more than cannon fodder. The reason why the Lost Tomb drama seems to “skip” in places every now and then is because of all the deleted scenes. Those scenes are important in both story and characterization, plus they are the best scenes in the book and the ones that audience most want to see.

          Yes the author did handpick Yang Yang to play Kylin. But HR wants to replace him in the next season(s) so they cut all of YY’s impressive scenes (e.g. the action scenes) because they don’t want him to make a good impression on the audience. HR thinks the audience is stupid but they underestimated us… I think I’ll stop ranting now because I’ve ranted enough about the whole epic ugly (very ugly) mess in the Lost Tomb post LOL

        • 62 thoughts on “Cdrama: Taekwondo/Whirlwind Girl Episodes

          Ah Ning’s doesn’t even appear till in the 2nd book but they put her in here anyway and elevated her to main character status which is a heap of BS but oh well, I most likely wouldn’t watch next season anyway – I could only stomach watching the whole first season because of YY and if he’s not in it (I pray he won’t be in next season because what’s the point of filming all the scenes if they get cut anyway?) then I can happily forget about the drama and look forward to the movie version instead. Hopefully the cast will be good…

        • 62 thoughts on “Cdrama: Taekwondo/Whirlwind Girl Episodes

          @ chasingpolaris:
          I can’t comment on The Four’s post because comments are disabled, but I just caught up with it and it’s really entertaining! 🙂
          Everyone acted pretty well and wow, you’re right – the contrast between YY as Heartless and YY as Kylin is amazing. Heartless had the most heartbreak in the series and so much angst OMG. I thought YY was really good in The Four, and he was great in Lost Tomb and also pretty good here – I like seeing actors who work hard and show improving acting 🙂

          @ Kappy:
          I think The Four is only 44 episodes because it seems like everything gets wrapped up by the end of ep 44…

        • 62 thoughts on “Cdrama: Taekwondo/Whirlwind Girl Episodes

          Comments are disabled temporarily on older posts because of the incident.

          Thanks for the heads up Shimo, I’ll close that thread then. 🙂

        • 62 thoughts on “Cdrama: Taekwondo/Whirlwind Girl Episodes

          I’ve given up on The Four, and decided to just read the recaps. It’s become too boring as the love relationships have been the main plot of the drama. I sometimes venture to Soompi to read the progress of the story, but the posters there seem to be hormone-driven teens who are only interested on when the main leads will kiss (sorry if I offend anyone here who might like Soompi).

          I haven’t continued on the Lost Tomb and will do someday. For some reason, although I was initially interested with Whirlwind Girl, I didn’t really care to start watching it. But from the comments it looks like one of the better dramas airing at the moment, so I will probably start it one of these days.

    • 62 thoughts on “Cdrama: Taekwondo/Whirlwind Girl Episodes

      Also the reason why YY was so good at playing Kylin is because he was a long time Lost Tomb novel fan even before he got cast as Kylin. He’s so familiar with the novels that he even knows the tiny details that probably only devoted fans would notice 🙂 Out of the main cast he’s the only one who knows the novels from cover to cover and he himself loves the character Kylin very much, which is probably why he acted out the character so well and was the only one of the main cast to act so close to the novel version of his character.

  5. 62 thoughts on “Cdrama: Taekwondo/Whirlwind Girl Episodes

    Thanks so much for uploading!! Not a lot of supportive comments so I will chime in! I love your synopsis too! LOL.

    Our Seashell’s First Impression Rating Chart:
    – Story: ✪✪✪✪✪ I think it’s a unique genre since we have so many office and palace dramas.
    – Chemistry: ✪✪✪ Not much there yet
    – Acting: ✪✪✪ very raw group of actors, i only recognize chen xiang from condor heroes
    – Directing: ✪✪✪ i was in a taekwondo class before and i will say that they put in effort but it comes off as a little too unnatural with the kicks sending people 10 feet away. the senior brother kicks are too feminine. lol. looks like he has a dancer background hence the jump over.
    – Entertainment Value: ✪✪✪✪ fun!

    Use this star symbol ✪✪✪✪✪. Half a star = ½

    • 62 thoughts on “Cdrama: Taekwondo/Whirlwind Girl Episodes

      LOL hehe the 10 feet away thing was kinda funny cuz they did it in like slow-motion as well and I was like “wow let’s just do some aerial backstroke hahaha…”

  6. 62 thoughts on “Cdrama: Taekwondo/Whirlwind Girl Episodes

    I said this before and I’ll say it again: our main girl is really good at the crying scenes. She makes you feel really, really sorry for Baicao – just on this alone I have to give her points! 🙂

  7. 62 thoughts on “Cdrama: Taekwondo/Whirlwind Girl Episodes

    Thanks for keeping up with the uploads for this drama, Kappy! 🙂

    LOL I know I said the girl (Baicao) is good at crying scenes but does she have to cry (and shout) every episode? (Good Lord)

    Baicao’s friend Xiaoying is so adorable and the actress playing her part is very lively and cute. Wu Lei is pretty good as the 2nd senior brother and his expressions are quite natural for someone so young. Chen Xiang is funny and very likeable as the rich playboy with a good heart, while the sad doctor dude is so damn passive and so emotionally/mentally weak (sigh). Ruo Bai’s subtle expressions are great and his growing love for Baicao is so obvious, and it gets even better when he starts angsting 🙂

    • 62 thoughts on “Cdrama: Taekwondo/Whirlwind Girl Episodes

      The Taekwondo special effects are so hilariously bad but at least they make me laugh so there’s that for entertainment value! 🙂

    • 62 thoughts on “Cdrama: Taekwondo/Whirlwind Girl Episodes

      LOL. Shimo, I was waiting to hear that you’re fed up with her crying. Every scene I stop to check for video quality, she’s crying.

      Wu Lei is gonna be a heart breaker for sure! He’s very natural, ever since he acted as the young Yang Guo. =D

      • 62 thoughts on “Cdrama: Taekwondo/Whirlwind Girl Episodes

        Every Goddamn episode, I swear, and she’s either weeping, sobbing, crying, or crying + shouting … well at least her face won’t need so much moisturizer cuz it’s getting enough watering 🙂

        Wu Lei is so cute! I didn’t know he played young Yang Guo but now I see why – he’s such a natural and has the “smart” look about him (especially his eyes). I love his interactions with Xiaoying cuz those 2 are hilarious together! Actually TBH I think the girl playing Xiaoying is a better actress than Baicao cuz she’s so natural with her expressions, and her character is hilarious 🙂

        Tingyi is the big villain of the story but the girl playing her is doing a good job because she’s got the bitchiness and badassery down pat. Her fighting moves look much stronger than Baicao’s. I know Baicao ultimately becomes the strongest but her Taekwondo moves look too soft. I expect more force behind the kicks.

        But all in all the series is quite entertaining provided you don’t take it too seriously. TBH I think it’s more of a romantic comedy than anything, and it feels like a shoujo manga mixed with a sports manga LOL.

        I haven’t seen Chen Xiang in dramas before but I think he’s really quite likeable and charming onscreen 🙂 I also really like Ruo Bai because of his subtlety – I like seeing subtlety in actors, which is why I loved Shu Chang’s performance in Fragrance so much 🙂

        • 62 thoughts on “Cdrama: Taekwondo/Whirlwind Girl Episodes

          Hu Bing Qing needs a little bit more meat on her too. A gust of wind and I’m afraid none of the males can hold onto her frail-looking body. It’s quite unbelievable she will become the best of them all. XD

          I’ve always liked Zhao Yuan Yuan (Ting Yi) so it’s good to know she’s doing good. To be honest, I expected a lot more fanfare/attention for this series, but it’s so quiet. I guess the lack of English Subtitles might play a part.

          Chen Xiang has been in quite a few dramas, starting with Yu Zheng’s productions and slowly branching out. I think more people will notice him as the flirty playboy here.

          Oh Shu Chang….my heart aches for thou still…

      • 62 thoughts on “Cdrama: Taekwondo/Whirlwind Girl Episodes

        I mean, crying because you got kicked out of your home and became homeless overnight is understandable. Crying because your mentor/adopted father leaves you is understandable. Crying because of failing terribly and getting your ass kicked in front of everybody and your dreams of reuniting with your father being crushed is understandable. But running away to cry in the toilet during a victory celebration with friends after touching faces (it was just a game between friends and it’s not like they kissed or anything FFS) with the senior brother who’s always been helping you? Talk about overreaction OMG.

      • 62 thoughts on “Cdrama: Taekwondo/Whirlwind Girl Episodes

        I sympathize with Baicao’s hardships but if anything they should make her tougher, right? Like, switching on the waterworks at the slightest provocation (even when a handsome rich boy is singing love songs and trying to court her made her teary-eyed because she thinks he’s trying to bully her WTF) gets annoying after a while, especially when it happens (often multiple times) EVERY. BLOODY. EPISODE.

      • 62 thoughts on “Cdrama: Taekwondo/Whirlwind Girl Episodes

        This is the first time I seen Zhao Yuanyuan and Chen Xiang in dramas so I’m quite happy with their performances 🙂

        Hu Bingqing is so tiny she looks like a gust of wind can blow her away. Her kicks lack force and Baicao is supposed to be ridiculously strong (in the novel) while Tingyi is supposed to be an expert but not as physically strong. However, in the drama, Tingyi kicks like a badass while Baicao’s kicks are so weak (not even the obviously fake special effects can make them look strong), but Baicao miraculously wins all her matches anyway and KO’s all her much stronger opponents *rolls eyes*.

        [SPOILER] In the newest episode, Baicao meets a new competitor who is an awesome badass with a great personality (Lin Feng), who is only second to Tingyi and is very strong, but oh no, because Baicao is the main character, she miraculously KO’s Lin Feng anyway (WTF). After the match Lin Feng came over to wish Baicao well and everything and hopes that Baicao will win the championship so that way Lin Feng lost to a champion (LOL that’s how awesome Lin Feng is). [/SPOILER]

        Shu Chang is a very talented actress and I really hope to see more of her in the future! Her performance in Fragrance was the most memorable for me 🙂

        • 62 thoughts on “Cdrama: Taekwondo/Whirlwind Girl Episodes

          I understand what you mean, but I think people keep emphasizing Bai Cao’s stamina rather than her strength. They do talk about how she’s supposed to have a lot of force, but Bai Cao’s specialty is supposed to be that she has unusual stamina. That she can continue to be on the offence for all three rounds and not start lagging because of tiredness. Also in ep 28(?) where Bai Cao competes with Jin Min Zhu for the second time in Korea, Yi Feng said that Bai Cao’s strength does look weaker than Jin Min Zhu and that her strength is the strength of grass that never fails to bud. I think that emphasizes her body strength, her willpower and stamina, over the strength of her individual kicks. I know what you mean visually, but I think maybe if you think about if from a different angle, it’s not all the bad.
          Also I think the difference between the actresses is that Zhao YuanYuan majored in dance/ballet (?) (she said it in one of the behind-the-scenes practice videos on
          Also I think people’s argument that Bai Cao’s “prowess” is unrealistic is a tad harsh. I mean, the whole premise of the drama is that Bai Cao is improving under Ruo Bai’s teaching, and I think the show demonstrates that very well, in that in the competitions, if Bai Cao is struggling, Ruo Bai teaches her to approach the match a different way and she gets it. It’s not like she started out weak anyways. When she first started everyone said she has the potential and basis to do well, that she just lacked experience and advanced techniques. And we saw that even though she didn’t receive official training for a long time because of her shifu, she continued to practice her basic skills every day for years.
          Anyways, this is just what I think.

      • 62 thoughts on “Cdrama: Taekwondo/Whirlwind Girl Episodes

        I don’t know about the English sub thing but this series is doing quite well in TV and internet ratings in China…

      • 62 thoughts on “Cdrama: Taekwondo/Whirlwind Girl Episodes

        I guess I’m too used to the badassery of Jet Li, Wu Jing, Donny Yen, etc. – now those guys’ moves are AWESOME (with capital letters!) 🙂 The moves in this series look so weak in comparison (but I suppose I can’t compare idol dramas with the martial arts movies of pros cuz that’s just not a fair comparison LOL…)

        • 62 thoughts on “Cdrama: Taekwondo/Whirlwind Girl Episodes

          Definitely not a fair competition (lol), we can only ask for a bit more force in her kicks. 🙂

          *late for work, chat later*

      • 62 thoughts on “Cdrama: Taekwondo/Whirlwind Girl Episodes

        LOL definitely can’t compare, but at least this part looks good:

  8. 62 thoughts on “Cdrama: Taekwondo/Whirlwind Girl Episodes

    Yang Yang in this drama is soooo handsome and adorable. But the figthing part i don’t really like as it is too much of special effect.

    Has the drama ended? up to ep 12???

  9. 62 thoughts on “Cdrama: Taekwondo/Whirlwind Girl Episodes

    Oh my good lord.

    Why didn’t I see this.

    THANKS SO MUCH GUYS T_________T SOBS. Yall made my day, my month, my year tbqh. <3333

  10. 62 thoughts on “Cdrama: Taekwondo/Whirlwind Girl Episodes

    I feel like so many people hate Bai Cao and the matches, but I actually really like watching the matches and while I don’t love Bai Cao, I don’t really think she’s half as bad as people make her out to be. I don’t know, maybe it’s because I just like the show. Anyways. On it says that there’s a total of 32 episodes and today they broadcasted eps 31 and 32. Obviously the show isn’t over yet (I don’t think), so do you know how many episodes they’re adding? (Actually I’m not sure it’s not over yet; it’s just that I haven’t watched ep 32 yet but since they still have the match with Ting Yi and also the Shi Qing Sai (?), I’m assuming that with the show’s pacing, that’ll take at least a couple more episodes).

    • 62 thoughts on “Cdrama: Taekwondo/Whirlwind Girl Episodes

      Well, this is just the end of season 1 (32 eps). Season 2 will be aired next summer ;______; Hopefully it’ll be the same cast >_<

      • 62 thoughts on “Cdrama: Taekwondo/Whirlwind Girl Episodes

        yeah i really sad watch the ending 🙁 Not as I expected…I hope so there will be a second season with the same cast .. i really love character yang yang love him so much <3

  11. 62 thoughts on “Cdrama: Taekwondo/Whirlwind Girl Episodes

    Thanks for slowly but surely uploading the rest of this series, Kappy! I noticed that there’s no MU link for Ep 22. Are you planning on adding a MU link for that episode as well later on?

  12. 62 thoughts on “Cdrama: Taekwondo/Whirlwind Girl Episodes

    Is there a translation for the book series??? The cliffhanger ending is driving me crazy, I wanna know what happens next!!!!!

  13. 62 thoughts on “Cdrama: Taekwondo/Whirlwind Girl Episodes

    No engsubs out yet right? T____T Wanna watch this badly. Guess will be watching the raws then xD Thanks a lot for the links! <3

  14. 62 thoughts on “Cdrama: Taekwondo/Whirlwind Girl Episodes

    They end in ep 32 but i still don’t get it

    So Yang Yang die or not?

    • 62 thoughts on “Cdrama: Taekwondo/Whirlwind Girl Episodes

      They are planning a second season so Yang Yang probably won’t die. =)

  15. 62 thoughts on “Cdrama: Taekwondo/Whirlwind Girl Episodes

    Hi Kappy, thanks for uploading the rest of the series! Unfortunately, the MU links for ep. 28 and 31 aren’t showing up (like what happened earlier). Would you mind sharing a direct link? Thanks again!

    • 62 thoughts on “Cdrama: Taekwondo/Whirlwind Girl Episodes

      You can always download from one of the other links…

  16. 62 thoughts on “Cdrama: Taekwondo/Whirlwind Girl Episodes

    Thanks for uploading this! 🙂

    But OMG what kind of NON-ENDING is this??! I can’t believe they just left it there like WTF??!

    • 62 thoughts on “Cdrama: Taekwondo/Whirlwind Girl Episodes

      yea, they’re gonna continue the story next year for season 2…

      can’t believe they’re making us wait. ive read somewhere that they have already finished all filming, so no idea why they’re not broadcasting it all now 🙁

      • 62 thoughts on “Cdrama: Taekwondo/Whirlwind Girl Episodes

        Yeah. definitely tough. Did you see the clip hunantv released of the bts with the baby taekwondo kids? Lol the “daughter” called Yang Yang “grandma Ruo Bai”. Def going to watch season 2 next year. Hope I don’t forget about it.

  17. 62 thoughts on “Cdrama: Taekwondo/Whirlwind Girl Episodes

    Are there any English subtitles? I tried looking on the internet but i couldn’t find any :'(
    I really want to watch this but without subs i have no idea whats going on. Everyone here seems to know though :/
    Is everyone here watching without english subtitles??

    • 62 thoughts on “Cdrama: Taekwondo/Whirlwind Girl Episodes

      Idk, have you tried viki? gooddrama? etc. I watched it as it was broadcasted, so I watched without subs.

      • 62 thoughts on “Cdrama: Taekwondo/Whirlwind Girl Episodes

        I have watched episodes 1-4 on viki, but from then onwards they are not subtitled. I don’t even think all the 32 episodes are on viki anyway. I’ll try gooddrama, thanks for replying 🙂

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