A Scholar Dream of Woman with Han Dong and Zhang Meng

Oooooo. I like the cast. Filmed late last year and finished in early of 2015, republican drama A Scholar Dream of Woman reunites Han Dong with one of his wives, Zhang Meng, from Duke of Mount Deer. And get this, the adorable supporting leads are Mao Zi Jun (The Four) and Janice Wu (My Sunshine). I like the cast but the vague synopsis does not give me hope that this is one of the better produced series, even though everyone looks lovely. Fingers crossed?


The quick synopsis: Our heroine is a talented, smart girl who wishes to infiltrate the reading society and earns the right to read intellectual books (this is a first!) She also wants to find out the truth behind her father’s murder and decides to give up her happiness, marrying into the Xuan Family. From there on out, internal troubles and conflicts erupt in the Xuan residence one after another over money and power.

 photo Scho 43.jpg

Han Dong plays the third young master of the Xuan family.

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Zhang Meng.

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 photo Scho 41.jpg

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The youthful baby who stole the limelight right under Tang Yan’s nose in My Sunshine a few months back. Janice Wu as Han Dong’s younger sister. While I don’t think she fits this era hairstyle and aura, she looks cute.

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Her romance with Mao Zi Jun.

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Mao Zi Jun. So handsome!

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 photo Scho 26.jpg

I don’t know about chu guys but I thought he was Huang Xiao Ming at first glance, then second….then..then…

 photo Scho 24.jpg

In a fist fight with Han Dong.

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 photo Scho 32.jpg

Press Conference two days ago. Zhang Meng looks so much more womanly and alluring.

 photo Scho 9.jpg

Han Dong, we need a new hair for ya, that hair ages you forward a couple of years!

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 photo Scho 2.jpg photo Scho 3.jpg

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 photo Scho 4.jpg photo Scho 5.jpg

Awww so cute!! Their colors matched. ^__^

 photo Scho 8.jpg

Really? I need you two to focus at the camera!! ;]

 photo Scho 18.jpg

 photo Scho 16.jpg photo Scho 17.jpg


  • Directed by Jiang Jia Jun (Love is Back, Love in the Forlon City Profile, Love together) and written by Huang Zhao Yong, A Scholar Dream of Woman airs on July 20th on Shanghai TV.

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  1. 10 thoughts on “A Scholar Dream of Woman with Han Dong and Zhang Meng

    Is it me or has zheng meng gotten plastic surgery, she looks really different. Her skin is all plastic looking now

    • 10 thoughts on “A Scholar Dream of Woman with Han Dong and Zhang Meng

      she looks older too….many chinese actresses feel like their baby face is a death sentence sometimes. i think she looks pretty now…should not get addicted like yang mi and zheng shuang….

      • 10 thoughts on “A Scholar Dream of Woman with Han Dong and Zhang Meng

        Zheng Shuang looks almost unrecognizable from her original face! I really liked how she looked before so I think it’s a damn shame she’s gotten so much PS now – I think she looks much better before…

        Same deal with Yang Mi. She was beautiful to begin with but she’s got so much PS I can’t even tell which part has or hasn’t been worked on… *sigh*

      • 10 thoughts on “A Scholar Dream of Woman with Han Dong and Zhang Meng

        But I stopped caring about Zheng Shuang anyway ever since I saw what a horrible person she is in RL – too bad she’s the lead in so many dramas I wanna watch. Oh the dilemma.

        • 10 thoughts on “A Scholar Dream of Woman with Han Dong and Zhang Meng

          ohh!!! what happened?? did her appearance on that show maim her image? i know she got flacks but didn’t know the specifics.

      • 10 thoughts on “A Scholar Dream of Woman with Han Dong and Zhang Meng

        Watch Divas Hit the Road (Season 2) and you’ll know why. ZS is a spoiled, self-centered bitch with zero compassion, no sense of responsibility, no team spirit, and is so self-absorbed that she refuses to apologize even when she’s clearly in the wrong. The show was clearly meant to make her look good and win her fans, but her horrible personality had the opposite effect on some audience who sees her for what she is. Of course she’s still got lots of fans and studio backing so that’s why she keeps getting all the good roles but oh well, who said the world was fair. People gave Zhang Han so much shit for the break up with ZS but I think Zhang Han dodged a bullet with the breakup.

        • 10 thoughts on “A Scholar Dream of Woman with Han Dong and Zhang Meng

          I watched all of Divas Hit the Road (Season 2) and did not get the same impression for ZS. She definitely has communication and self-awareness issues. She’s not a friendly person, and seems to be anti-social with trouble emoting. But she took her role of tour guide seriously and was always helpful. I also don’t think she’s a very good actress, so all her emotions during the show felt real (particularly the emotional farewell between her, Ivy Chen and Ning Jing).

          Was there an incident where she was clearly in the wrong and did not apologize? Is this the situation where Yang Yang was left behind? My take on that was that Xu Ching (I think she’s the self-centred person with no team spirit and a whacked sense of reality) was the one who left Yang Yang behind as she was supposed to share the van with him for the final return trip. I also felt that Yang Yang wasn’t looking for an apology for being left behind, but was sad because he felt that he was insignificant in the group. And her behaviour when he returned made him feel more so. I think it was great that he was comfortable enough to tell her this near the end of the trip.

          Ivy Chen, Ning Jing and Jing Boran were awesome and it says a lot that they are all close with ZS (IMO).

        • 10 thoughts on “A Scholar Dream of Woman with Han Dong and Zhang Meng

          Nah it’s not the thing with YY (although ZS’s behavior in this event also helped give this impression), it’s more like the overall impression I get from her behavior during the whole season. I had a good impression of her before watching Divas but after watching the series it turned me off entirely. She whines/cries so much and gets people to comfort her, etc. She acts like a prissy diva and is a lousy “tour guide” (any tour guide who acts like her would’ve been fired ages ago). But I understand we all interpret things differently which is why audience responses to her are different.

        • 10 thoughts on “A Scholar Dream of Woman with Han Dong and Zhang Meng

          And the unfriendliness also doesn’t help her image either…

  2. 10 thoughts on “A Scholar Dream of Woman with Han Dong and Zhang Meng

    Aww, thanks for including so many pics. I haven’t watched Zhang Meng in any of C dramas yet.
    But i remember Han Dong from Cuo Dian Yuan Yan. Almost can’t recognize Janice Wu (Zhao Mo Sheng younger version from My Sunshine). Difference in hairstyles, outfits really change their appearances. Mao Zi Jun looks really handsome without wuxia costumes. He looks great in republican style but modern outfits can beat any of them. Janice Wu and Mao Zi Jun look so cute together, i think i will end up liking those two more than the two leads if I watch it.

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