The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 5 – 8 “The men.”

Alrighty, so all the important men in Qian Gu’s life have made an appearance in these four episodes and she gets to meet all of them. And I don’t think this drama is good for my blood pressure. Looks like getting tortured is her second job or something. She does not care about my health at all. Her little worm, Tang Bao, is so cute. 😀

The Journey of Flower Episode 5 Summary:

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At Chang Liu, the new recruits enter the main hall and there’s a new face among them who wasn’t at the test at all. Meet Meng Xuan Lang (Joe Xu Hai Qiao), the special student this year. Everyone gazes at him, curious about his identity and upset at his special treatment. In particular, Qing Shui’s eyes cannot leave the handsome man. Ha. Someone’s smitten at first sight. One by one the students let one single blood drip into their own magic life stone. The stone retains their identity and history and tracks their well-being and location. So basically, the ancient GPS device. Qian Gu’s blood lights up a different color but is quickly subdued by Zi Hua’s swipe. Senior brother Mo Yan then announces that out of twelve students, only one will get chosen as the Sect Leader’s personal student. Qian Gu is visibly encouraged and I’m like, he’s gonna torture you silly girl!

Qian Gu tends to Man Tian’s wound and the bratty girl lectures her about being too simple-minded about the world. “One cannot have a scheming heart but we cannot NOT have a careful heart.” Truer words.

That night, Qian Gu takes out the ancient troll she received from Taoist Priest Qing Xu before he died and reads about the history of the Demon Deity and how his soul is sealed within the ten deity devices distributed among the righteous sects. Don’t ask me why she likes to learn about history in the dead of night when others are sleeping. Girl has already found the fountain of youth. She no care no more.

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First lesson as a student: use their mental strength to make the wooden sword fly. Lol. They fail at picking up the sword! Qian Gu adorably mock-laughs the new mortal student Xuan Lang for struggling with a measly sword as well. She’s so freakin’ cute.

Shou Feng and Man Tian pass the test without a sweat and the other students eventually get the hang of their mental strength too, all except Qian Gu and Xuan Lang, and they become the targets of taunting for the two chirpy students. Seriously, these two characters talk so much.

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It’s night time and Qian Gu lugs her wooden sword around and encounters Xuan Lang crouching in the grass. He asks her to join him in catching crickets since they are in the same boat and she hisses at him. He wonders whether she wants to become the Sect Leader’s disciple and she lowers her head, saying that she just wants to do well and become an immortal being. He slips that he’s not here willingly if not for his Imperial fa-. Ha. So he is the prince! He asks why she came to Chang Liu and she openly says it’s for a person – a friend who was there to protect her during her difficult time alone.

Bai Zi Hua just happens to pass by and hears their conversation because yunno Chang Liu is a puny-sized island. Touched by her sincerity and simplicity to better herself and not be a burden to others, Xuan Lang stands up with force, announcing his plan to practice hard and shove his success in the other students’ faces!

Epic fail. Next morning, the two are pinpointed by Shi Yi to go to the sideline and practice lifting the sword while others move on with lesson number two: flying with the sword. Xuan Lang cracks me up, cheering Qian Gu to raise the sword with a very expressive face.

All I can think about is the following:

 photo Bone05-15.jpg

 photo Bone05-16.jpg

 photo Bone05-17.jpg

 photo Bone05-18.jpg

 photo Bone05-19.jpg

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Zi Hua drops by to check on the students and calls out Qian Gu to show him flying with the sword with a plain simple sword he magically created. She can’t and he warns her that if she can’t do that within a month, she’ll be forced out of Chang Liu. Before he leaves, he produces thick logs of wood and orders her to chop them with her own hands. Aish! The silly girl actually does it! You’re human! You cannot chop logs thicker than your bone. Man Tian, Qing Shui, and Xuan Lang watch her karate-chop in vain for hours, upset at the system but unable to do anything to help. Zi Hua also peeks at her bloodied hand from a distance. I’m liking you. I’m liking you A LOOOOOOOOOOTTTT.

 photo Bone05-22.jpg photo Bone05-25.jpg

Then miracle happens and she uses her inner force to slice the log in half! That’s my girl. Stay here so he can torture you more! I wonder whether Zi Hua realizes he’s smiling when Qian Gu successfully achieves his demand.

Qing Shui helps wrap up the wound while Tang Bao stays on the side and adorably muses whether she can blow the pain away. She’s so cute calling Zi Hua a scoundrel for bullying her mother. I love her.

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In class, Qian Gu sleeps her way through it and is found out by the grumpy teacher. He figures she doesn’t know anything and tests her knowledge of Chang Liu’s history, which she does know because she read it from the Complete Book of the Six Kingdom. Upset that she would link Immortal Sect with the Seven Murder Faction, he calls her a liar and brings her before the seniors to get punished for fabrication and defamation. Who’s the judge? The three honorable persons of Chang Liu? Okay…

Senior brother Mo Yan labels her a liar and a spy for not presenting the said book to his viewing. Do I really need a close-up shot of Mo Yan’s big mouth, director? Give me Zi Hua anytime.

Mo Yan orders for her to be caned fifty times. T_____T

So hard to watch! The most powerful immortal beings watch as an innocent, helpless girl, gets beaten for no good reason! I HATE YOU ALL. Qian Gu bites down her lips and endures the pain because she can’t let them know that she’s Mount Zu’s temporary Sect Leader.

Zi Hua visits her in jail with a vial of medication. Thanks a lot, she’s gonna lather that liquid on her butt for the world to see. You don’t even have curtain for the poor girl! He gives her one more night to confess before sending her out of Chang Liu.

 photo Bone05-31.jpg

Alas, Zi Hua discovers the pure feather that she’s wearing and precisely guesses the truth. Mo Yan spits out angrily, annoyed at Qian Gu for messing up the hierarchy of the two sects in an improper manner. A Sect Leader in one and a student in another?! Junior brother Xiao Mo has more sense and thinks that they should take some responsibility for the current situation of Mount Zu. Softened a little, Mo Yan leaves the decision to Zi Hua and he finally settles that between the two titles, she can only pick one. He adds, “And I want you to return to Mount Zu as soon as possible.”

Episode 6 Summary:

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A small introduction to Zi Hua’s Immortal clique, carrying out good deeds and rids the world of evil. During one of their fights, senior brother Dong Hua kills a man who was only trying to save his son from the Seven Murder Faction. He felt so guilty that he disappears soon after and the little boy grew up to be a vengeful man wearing a peacock mask at the Pavilion of Strange Decay. He vowed as a child to kill them if they ever commit a mistake they promise to stand by.

Zi Hua pays him a visit and asks him why he sent Hua Qian Gu to his side and the Pavilion Master isn’t shy about what he did. Zi Hua warns him to stay away from Qian Gu now that she’s a disciple at Chang Liu.

Qian Gu sits by the river and broods about leaving her friends and Chang Liu. Xuan Lang tries to lighten up her mood by inquiring about her swordsmanship and she barely opens her mouth to speak before the party of two is intruded by a third person. Shi Yi reprimands them for being lazy instead of practicing hard like other students.

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The message has reached Mount Zu and senior brother, Yun Yin, is sent to pick up their lost and confused Sect leader aka Hua Qian Gu. When a Chang Liu’s student points out that Hua Qian Gu is flying with a friend, he looks up just as she loses balance and falls off the sword. BAI ZI HUA TO SAVE THE DAMSEL AGAIN. Cue more staring from Qian Gu. C’mon Wallace, just spit out your skin care routine to the poor deer already. Actually, I wanna know too. 😛

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Yun Yin convinces Qian Gu that only she can repair the destruction to Mount Zu because she’s specifically asked by the deceased Leader. Surprisingly, she agrees after a short pep talk. You’re so easy Qian Gu! Oh wait, I’m glad you’re leaving this hell hole of Chang Liu. Even though she’s leaving tomorrow, Qian Gu diligently practices with her sword and Zi Hua appears to give her a free car sword ride, mumbling nonsense like merging your body with the sword, blah blah blah blah. Qian Gu is here for the ride. Look at her face. Lol.

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As they walk back, Zi Hua gifts her the sword of Abstain Thoughts, hoping that it would protect her on her journey back to Mount Zu. How sweet of you but you’re not the only sweet man around because Xuan Lang waits for her outside the dorm to give her his protection charm as well.

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Elsewhere, our demon lord Sha Qian Mo enters an icy cold room and touches the surface of a coffin holding a girl inside. He recalls a painful memory of his sister’s death and the last words she screamed was “So your deity devices are more important than me! I hate you guys!” Back to the present, he begs her to wake up, he’d give up anything and everything in the world, including the search for the deity devices.

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However, his underling, Dan Chun Qiu, has no desire to follow his footsteps and plans to take matters in his own hands. On the one hand, he drops in on the Pavilion Master to ask for the location of all the deity devices. In exchange, the Pavilion Master wants Taoist Priest Qing Xu’s body. On the other hand, his veiny-faced assistant and Yun Yi, attack Qian Gu and Yun Yin. Before the sword can stab Qian Gu, a mysterious figure flies in to help. Judging from the eyes, it’s Zi Hua’s missing senior brother, Dong Hua.

 photo Bone06-40.jpg photo Bone06-41.jpg

The lost and confused Sect Leader Qian Gu reaches Mount Zu, thanks to the relentless help of Yun Yin, and then her near-collision entrance cuts ten years off of the elders’ ages, to their dismay. Lol. They grumble about her youth and inexperience and request a performance of Mount Zu’s sword techniques. She looks like she’s doing good until somehow the sword escapes her hand and comes very close to chopping off the chubby elder’s weewee~~~

Once inside the hall, the students and two elders continue to badger Qian Gu about her seniority and sword skills. The chubby elder thinks that if she can beat him using Mount Zu’s Sword technique, she could continue as Sect Leader. To quiet the mouth of all, Qian Gu raises her voice and agrees to compete with Chubby Elder at the succession ceremony three days later.

Episode 7 Summary:

Yun Yin and Tang Bao chide Qian Gu for boldly and rashly accepting the challenge from Chubby Elder; she has no measurable inner strength or sword techniques to fight with him. Seeing that there is no other way out of this sticky situation she created for herself, she seeks help from Yun Yin to learn as many sword techniques as possible in three days.

 photo Bone07-5.jpg photo Bone07-3.jpg

That is not happening, Yun Yin, but thanks for the positive reinforcement. Dong Fan emerges from the trees and proudly claims that he can help Qian Gu defeat chubby elder. His appearance puts a smile on Qian Gu’s face and he jokes around for a bit about her growth in height before teaching her a way of increasing her inner power in a short period of time. The only drawback is the inner power does not last very long so Qian Gu has to wrapped up Chubby Elder reallll quick.

 photo Bone07-13.jpg photo Bone07-15.jpg

Soon Dong Fang begins to have doubts about teaching her this method because she practices days and nights to the point of injuring her hand. As he wraps a linen around her injuries, his soft and strained eyes speak volume of the guilt he’s having. But she hastily breaks off the guilt-ridden atmosphere and brings him some medicine. Turns out our scholar is very weak and fragile, prone to sickness.

 photo Bone07-18.jpg photo Bone07-17.jpg

At the demons’ residence, Sha Qian Mo leads the scar-faced traitor student of Mount Zu to a pool he created to raise the dead and fix appearance. Lordy, he looks exactly like the Yun Yin! Are they twins?! His first mission with his pretty new face is to go back to Mount Zu and steal Qing Xu’s body for Dan Chun Qiu.

 photo Bone07-24.jpg

The succession ceremony day has arrived and Qian Gu follows Dong Fang’s instruction to provoke Chubby Elder in order to make him angry and lose precision. She starts by giving Chubby Elder the first opportunity to display three moves. LOL. What an arrogant elf! She looks so wicked cute and strong doing the reverse steps Dong Fan taught her. He is proud!

 photo Bone07-27.jpg

That night, Qian Gu comes to the funeral hall to say goodbye to Qing Xu before his burial session tomorrow and meets Yun Yi, but she thinks is Yun Yin. Yea, I’m confused too. While she swears to protect and rebuild Mount Zu, Yun Yi raises a palm, intending to strike her down. He’s interrupted and disappears in a flash when Yun Yin enters the scene, leaving Qian Gu confused.

Dan Chun Qiu chides Yun Yi for his first failed attempt and his words are hilarious: “I gave you a good face but you can’t perform good things.” LOL. Is he saying he’s ugly indirectly? But not to worry about stealing the corpse because the Pavilion Master has other plans and instructs Dan Chun Qiu to attack Mount Zu and have them surrendered.

 photo Bone07-30.jpg photo Bone07-33.jpg

Before Qian Gu attends the succession ceremony, she’s called away by Yun Yi, and he leads her to an empty forest, attempting another assassination. His odd behavior makes Qian Gu cautious and she recognizes the baleful glint in his eyes. “You’re not Yun Yin! You’re Yun Yi!” She wonders why they have the same face but he says it’s too late for her to know. WHAT! Hey, that is not how we do it in the Wuxia World, man. The rule is, if you’re gonna kill someone, let them know ALL your secrets so that they die without regrets OR don’t die and go tell the world. =P

Yun Yi flings out a red string to tie Qian Gu to a tree and asks her to hand over the Complete Book of the Six Kingdoms. She refuses to speak a word to him and he smiles wickedly, “Then be prepared to be split in multiple parts!” Not too fast, Mister, Sha Qian Mo appears out of nowhere and saves the day. Aww! Finally, he meets Hua Qian Gu!

 photo Bone07-36.jpg photo Bone07-34.jpg

Qian Gu is in awe with the walking beauty in front of her and slips out, “Big Sister…you are…?” Her words send him back to the days when his sister would put make-up on him and call him sister. Listen to that deep voice, Qian Gu. Not a girl!

Sha Qian Mo: “You called me Big Sister?”

 photo Bone07-41.jpg photo Bone07-44.jpg

Then after he takes a good look at her, he muses, “You, this tiny thing, is Mount Zu’s new Sect Leader?” LOL! He bursts into a sweet, somewhat mocking, smile at her innocent “yes.” Then Qian Gu points our how beautiful he is and yet he has small breasts. LOL! He covers his smile with a hand and asks, “Beautiful? How beautiful am I?” Okay, Mister, that is enough. XD After she calls him the most beautiful person (in your face Bai Zi Hua!! XD), he softly pinches her cheek and then heals the wound on her neck. “Do you have other injuries on your body?” I do, Big Sister! I do!

All the sweetness from his face disappears the second he sees her with the Abstain Thoughts sword. He recognizes Bai Zi Hua’s sword and is taken aback at how generous the immortal has become. She explains that she’s Chang Liu’s disciple and hence Bai Zi Hua lend her the sword for protection.

 photo Bone07-53.jpg

Before he leaves, he gives her a first-meeting present. My jaw drops when he breaks off his pinky finger and hands it to her like it’s a normal thing. YOU SEE? PRETTY PEOPLE ARE WEIRD. Qian Gu gasps out loud in horror and then in amazement when his pinky magically grows out again. He tells her to bring this with her; whenever she’s in danger, she can blow it and Big Sister will come to save her. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. I WANT A PINKY WHISTLE TOO BIG SISTER! I live in the hood!!

Yun Yin and Dong Fang locate her and she fills them in about her latest encounter with Yun Yi who shares the same face as Yun Yin. The latter refutes the possibility of their relation but promises to investigate further. A bell rings at Mount Zu and draws them back.

 photo Bone07-60.jpg

It’s Dan Chun Qiu and his gang of demons, ready to launch their attack. The news reach Bai Zi Hua and his junior brother Xiao Mo. The younger one plans to monitor the situation using the Water Mirror but when he turns around, Bai Zi Hua is no longer in his seat. HAHAH XD

Back to the precarious situation at Mount Zu. Dan Chun Qiu gives them three days to relinquish the temple feather aka the sect leader’s seat, if not he will make sure that blood flows like a river at Mount Zu.

 photo Bone07-64.jpg

Facing such a big threat to their lives, Dong Fangs packs up their clothes, intending to leave, but Qian Gu won’t. She’s Mount Zu’s Sect Leader and is ready to go through thick and thin with everyone.

The Elders think otherwise, as long as they protect their lives, they can always rebuild Mount Zu. I think I agree with them this time since it’s obvious they can’t win. But a big voice echoes through the hall, it’s Qian Gu declaring her loyalty to Mount Zu, “Even if I lose my life, I will do it without hesitation.” I like her voice like this. Very determined! But I don’t agree with her! Looks like everyone also loves her sense of loyalty and bows down in agreement.

Qian Gu takes a luggage bundle and pleads Dong Fang to leave Mount Zu with Tang Bao but he won’t budge without her, “Since young, I have mastered invisibility, I can definitely be a helping hand!” I don’t know what he’s doing but he’s arranging a chessboard-like field at the entrance of Mount Zu with big rock soldiers in various places.

Episode 8 Summary:

Dong Fang’s offense field does not hold up long against the fierce attacks of Dan Chun Qiu and his men. With no defenses left and too powerless to launch an offense, Qian Gu rushes the disciples inside and orders them to leave Mount Zu. And why didn’t you do this in the first place!!? She will single-handedly battle with Dan Chun Qiu. When Dong Fang and Tang Bao protest, she knocks them out. Woah, when did she become so good?

While the commotion happens, Pavilion Master has already sent his assistant, the brow-less lady, to retrieve Qing Xu’s corpse. He sends an order to Dan Chun Qiu and tells him to retreat but the latter is in high spirits and refuses to back down until Mount Zu is destroyed.

 photo Bone08-11.jpg photo Bone08-6.jpg

Qian Gu faces Dan Chun Qiu outside the main hall and implores a deal with him. She will take three palm strikes from him and if she can still stand up after the third strike, he has to leave Mount Zu and never return. However, if she loses, she guarantees that the students will leave Mount Zu forever. Big talk for a little girl without much power!

 photo Bone08-17.jpg photo Bone08-18.jpg

After the first strike, Dan Chun Qiu brags that he only used 3/10 of his power, and Qian Gu barks back, “Really? I only used 1/10 of mine.” LOL. The second blow sends her flying backwards and spitting out blood. Yun Yin hurries outside and offers to take the last strike but she orders him to move out of the way. When she strikes against Dan Chun Qiu for the last time, her power sends me him flying backwards. For a second there, I thought she has tapped into her demonic powers or something but Yun Yin’s shocked face reveals that someone is behind her, providing her with unlimited power.

She turns around and sees Zi Hua standing there. Okay, that was sweet. She stares at him as relief washes over her body, allowing her to be consumed by exhaustion. She passes out in his arms and he holds her tight, whispering out her name ever so gently, “Xiao Gu, Xiao Gu…” He strikes Dan Chun Qiu and Sha Qian Mo descends from the sky to absorb the attack and neutralize the power from both sides.

 photo Bone08-21.jpg photo Bone08-20.jpg

Sha Qian Mo air-slaps Dan Chun Qiu for harassing Mount Zu and divulges that Taoist Priest Qing Xu has once saved his life so he forbids anyone from pestering Mount Zu. Just then the news of Qing Xu’s missing corpse reaches the scene and the fight is dismissed.

Zi Hua treats Qian Gu’s wound and once she learns the corpse is missing, she berates herself for being useless. He thinks she did her best already and should rest while he settles the rest of the problems. The next day, the two elders warmly accept Qian Gu as Mount Zu’s Sect Leader, thankful for her fortitude and selflessness. They want her to continue to lead Mount Zu but our clumsy Qian Gu only desires to stay and learn martial arts at Chang Liu. At the elders’ plead, Zi Hua allows Qian Gu to go back and study at Chang Liu while maintaining her Sect Leader status at Mount Zu. This way, the two sects can help each other and strengthen their relationship.

At the pavilion, our Pavilion Master forces Qing Xu’s dead body to reveal the location of the deity devices to no avail. What he knows, he keeps his promise to Dan Chun Qiu and tells him the information. Whether or not he can obtain the deity devices is a different story and all his own problem.

 photo Bone08-24.jpg

Things are not looking good for Dong Fang because Zi Hua labels him as the guy without origins and unknown intentions. Dong Fang doesn’t care about his opinion and only searches Qian Gu’s face for her acceptance. Of course, she trusts him as there is no reason not to. Since the first day they met, he has only helped her. Zi Hua adds a twisted statement, “Someone who helped you once can easily hurt you too.” Something is fishy here. Dong Fang, please don’t be the guy I think you are.

Their conversation is abruptly interrupted and Yun Yin carries in bad news. Another Sect has been attacked and Qian Gu guesses it’s the work of the Pavilion Master. They head over to confront him and he’s good at deflecting the blame and challenging Zi Hua to make a move, which he cannot because of his status and principles. Qian Gu steps up and kneels before the Pavilion Master, asking for his help. He helps her stand up and shakes his head. He wants to help her but in this matter, he cannot.

After luring Qian Gu to leave the place, Zi Hua returns to the Pavilion of Strange Decay and has a quick combat with a mysterious man whose skills reminds him of an old friend (Senior brother, Dong Hua). However deep he digs his brain, he can’t think of a sound reason why the aformentioned friend would linger around the Pavilion of Strange Decay.

 photo Bone08-27.jpg

Back at Chang Liu, the meeting with the Sect Leaders is held and they are not pleased with Zi Hua’s arrangement. He wants them to hand over the deity devices they are protecting so he can re-distribute them to a new location.

Arriving at the entrance of Mount Zu, Qian Gu is greeted with good news: Qing Xu’s body has been returned. They pay their respect and in the corner, Dong Fang stands quietly, guilt written all over his face. You’re gonna expose yourself soon! Put the poker face back on, dude!

 photo Bone08-30.jpg

The next day, Qian Gu officially accepts the role of Mount Zu’s Sect Leader. Good news travels fast and her friends at Chang Liu rejoice at her new status, all but Man Tian and she huffs exasperatedly.

 photo Bone08-32.jpg photo Bone08-31.jpg

Zi Hua, Mo Yan, and Xiao Mo gather around to talk about the upcoming Immortal Sword Assembly, which usually is the day the Sect Leader picks their own disciple. Mo Yan believes in this year’s class, Man Tian and Shuo Feng stand out from the rest and either of them is worthy of taking that title.

Seeing that she’s doing fine now, Dong Fang bids goodbye because he still has the scholarly exam to take. At the same time, Qian Gu leaves Mount Zu and makes her way back to Chang Liu.

——————————– END ——————————–

Kappy: I don’t know whether I should envy Qian Gu or feel sorry for her. She’s destined to bring harm to those around her and yet every single young man she meets has this strong urge to protect the little lonely girl. The trailers released make me dread for each of their ending. Like riding on the train of doom – knowing the imminent ending and yet still sitting on the said train.

Of all the male characters, I’m confused by Sha Qian Mo the most because of the way he dresses and carries himself. Every time Qian Gu calls him big sister I have to choke back a groan. My mom and I disagree on this point: I think he looks beautiful but not enough to be mistaken as a girl but my mom is determined he could pass off as one. Also, does he want to be Qian Gu’s sister/brother or something more? They are cute together but not on the romantic front….yet.

There’s not enough information on Meng Xuan Lang for me to comment on but his deep affection for Qian Gu stemmed out of nowhere, making it hard to root for him. I wish they would spend more time to develop these relationships instead of taking the first-sight-eternal-devotion routes. The writer also turns Man Tian into a jealous hag too fast for my taste.

I also really really like Dong Fang and it appears he does have ulterior motives approaching Qian Gu. It’s quite obvious he is the mysterious Pavilion Master with the peacock mask, which makes him more interesting than the clumsy bookworm he wanted us to believe. While he wants to kill Zi Hua, he is always mindful of Qian Gu’s well-being. This should make for some interesting tension in the future.

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    lols….your captions!!! why make toilet joke, had me choking on my orange soda!!

    Sha Qian Mo is really weird to me…from the book description, he’s beautiful but manly…right? but heere……he is a bit gay? LOL. no offense, i still like him but why would a man go around like being call sister? hua qian gu needs to check her eyes!!

    thanks for the recap alice!

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      I don’t know…. he definitely likes colors and flowers. If he were born in the 21st century, he could be a Kpop Flower boy! 😀

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    Thanks for the recap… I love the captions !!!!

    I don’t know if you have watch the trailer which was screen for the Festival de Cannes, so many things was spoiled in this trailer… Somehow I’m disappointed watching it.

    I know too many things …

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      Not only the trailers, the opening and ending clip are full of spoilers as well. Not sure why they didn’t hide some parts.

      Poor thing, I don’t go anywhere anymore for spoilers. I’m just gonna watch and see how things go!

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    I think the drama is good so far. Its pretty fast pace right now..Also I love Dong Fang, but Wallace as BZH is just so swoon worthy.. even if he is really uptight and causes HQG more pain than its worth. Will look forward to when HGQ no longer take anymore of BZH’s crap and turn badass

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      Wallace’s Bai Zi Hua is too uptight for me. Lol. I want someone who can make me smile, and not like…pick the torture weapons over kisses! ;D

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    Thank you for recapping. I am not totally in love with ZLY here, I like her in Legend of Zhu but she doesn’t really suit playing in ancient dramas. Something about her styling is off here. My all time favorite ancient beauty would be Liu YiFei hands down.

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      Liu Yi Fei is not of this world’s standards though! heh. XD She’s too perfect in ancient dramas. I don’t think anyone can top her yet…in this generation. Beauty-wise.

      I like Zhao Li Ying’s hair when she’s at Mount Zu, her silly buns at Chang liu are not cute.

      ^ Perfect! And yep, her styling in the upcoming Zu is dazzling. 🙂

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        I meant Legend of Lu Zhen, I got the name confused with her upcoming drama with Nicky Wu and William Chan ‘Legend of Zu”. So far her hair style looks great in the teasers of Legend of Zu.

        And yes, Liu Yi Fei is just too goddess like for ancient dramas, i hope she acts in wuxia soon but i highly doubt it since she’s into movie industry now. Movies bring in more money and less stress, so I can see where she’s going.

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          Also, Liu Yifei said she wasn’t gonna film wuxia drama series anymore because Return of the Condor Heroes left her with spinal/neck injuries and she had to rest for a while in the US after that. Ever since then she’s been filming movies, etc.

          Sha Qianmo and Dongfang are my favorite guys in the novel hands down, and the drama versions here don’t disappoint! Wallace is gorgeous but his Bai Zihua is too uptight and passive for my tastes. Ma Ke and Zhang Danfeng are AWESOME in their roles and TBH I rather watch them than Bai Zihua – and this is coming from a Wallace fangirl (me)! I never even knew these 2 actors before this series but so far they’re impressing me so much with their performance! 🙂

          Sha Qianmo is described in the novel as being so beautiful that no man, woman, immortal, or demon can match his beauty. He is so beautiful that Hua Qiangu mistook him for a woman (because surely no man can be so beautiful, she thinks) when she first met him, and he took a special liking to her because she reminds him so much of his beloved little sister (more like a sworn sister), and his sister also called him “Big Sister” because Sha Qianmo fussed so much about his beauty (LOL). This is probably why he doesn’t mind HQG calling him that 🙂

          Dongfang has his own agenda against Bai Zihua, but at the end of the day, he really does love HQG and he’s always there to help her when she needs it (and when BZH doesn’t do anything) and he’s always looking out for her – just like Sha Qianmo. These 2 guys sacrifice everything to protect HQG so it’s only because of the author’s love for Master/student romance that made HQG only fall for Master and stays devoted to him, even when Master hurts/kills her (WTF).

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    (Oh and btw Sha Qianmo’s lackey’s name is Shan Chunqiu)

    • 18 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 5 – 8 “The men.”

      Oh and Kappy, if you dislike Master now, you’re probably gonna hate him as the series progresses cuz he hurts Hua Qiangu so much and always chooses the people / world / Changliu over her, and even though he has romantic feelings for her, he always tries to deny them because it’s “not right” (according to the world and himself), etc.

    • 18 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 5 – 8 “The men.”

      I saw Viki changed his name to Shan Chun Qiu in the new episodes but I stuck with the old one so readers wouldn’t be confused. Lol. He’s the bad guy anyway! XD

      You and me both, Shimo. Uptight guys are not our thing. XD Some of my friends love uptight guys though so they do have charms in some ways that we can’t see. hehe. Less girls to fight with for Dong Fang and Sha Sha Jie Jie.

      • 18 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 5 – 8 “The men.”

        Count me in to be part of Dong Fang’s groupies as well! 😀 So far he’s the most interesting character in the drama.

        I’m a little underwhelmed with Tang Bao’s transformation (or is it transfiguration? Metamorphosis? Was she actually a worm or a caterpillar?). I know the drama should be safe for work, but seriously, how does a nekkid worm/caterpillar change into a girl FULLY CLOTHED, hair styled and decorated too?

        • 18 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 5 – 8 “The men.”

          Yay! Another Dong Fang’s fangirl!

          I haven’t gotten to Tang Bao’s transformation yet… Going by the uncut version. =P

  6. 18 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 5 – 8 “The men.”

    omg omg I agree with your note at the beginning, Tang Bao is seriously cute with her squeaky voice matching its character. :))))

  7. 18 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 5 – 8 “The men.”

    I live in the hood! ok I just love the little comments you add after the recap!

    • 18 thoughts on “The Journey of Flower (Hua Qian Gu): Episode 5 – 8 “The men.”

      I’m not joking though, I do live in the hood. LOL. XD

      Thanks for reading! =)

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