Unexpected action scenes in Hollywood Adventures trailer

I didn’t expect all this action scenes…especially from Vicki Zhao. I knew she had it in her to do them since she was in Mulan, So Close, among other films. I just thought this is a pure comedy! Turns out, Huang Xiao Ming and Tong Da Wei will be her lackeys as she infiltrates into the hooded areas of Hollywood. Do we need any other reason to watch this? LOL.

New Stills:

 photo H00ly 49.jpg

She’s holding a gun, jumping across building, and running away from explosions.

 photo H00ly 45.jpg

 photo H00ly 43.jpg

Run, Barry, Ming Ming, Run!!

 photo H00ly 44.jpg

This photo gives me neck pain…

 photo H00ly 42.jpg

This looks fun!

 photo H00ly 48.jpg

Lol. Perfect way to spend the afternoon…

 photo H00ly 46.jpg

There better be an explanation for Mr. Babe’s repeated promotion.

 photo H00ly 47.jpg

The two bumbling friends. ^_^

 photo H00ly 35.jpg

Ming Ming’s dream comes true.

 photo H00ly 33.jpg

Press Conference a few days ago.

How adorable are they?

 photo H00ly 34.jpg

 photo H00ly 41.jpg

 photo H00ly 39.jpg

 photo H00ly 40.jpg

I wouldn’t stop smiling either if I was being lifted like that too…

 photo H00ly 37.jpg

 photo H00ly 36.jpg

Merry-go-around never gets old…

 photo H00ly 38.jpg

 photo H00ly 30.jpg

Trailer & BTS Video:

  • Dang, this movie is very veryyyyyyyyy naughty, did you guys catch all the naughty scenes? LOL.
  • See it in theaters June 26th. Before that, you can catch Vicki and Tong Da Wei in Tiger Mom starting this Sunday! WOOOHOOO!

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  1. 3 thoughts on “Unexpected action scenes in Hollywood Adventures trailer

    Damn this look like a straight up american action comedy movie…. I’m in! hopefully the english is not ear bleeding

  2. 3 thoughts on “Unexpected action scenes in Hollywood Adventures trailer

    So they are filming a film within the film???!!

    Is that Tong daweis heaf in the chicks breasts???!! Lol.

    Vicki looks great!! Her hair!!!

  3. 3 thoughts on “Unexpected action scenes in Hollywood Adventures trailer

    I think I like Huang Xiao Ming better when he is playing a silly role like this. Can’t wait for this movie.

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