Kdrama: Orange Marmalade & School 2015 OSTs

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Orange Marmalade OST

— Part 1 —
01. Hwanhee – 아프다 Heart-Breaking
02. Hwanhee – 아프다 (Instr.)

— Part 2 —
01. Monsta X ft. Kihyun & Jooheon – 끌리는 여자 Attracted Woman
02. Monsta X – 끌리는 여자 (Instr.)

Download Parts 1-2

— Part 3 —
01. Lily M – 겁이 나 I’m Afraid
02. Lily M – 겁이 나 (Instr.)

— Part 4 —
01. Orange Marmalade – 괜찮아요 Gonna Be Alright
02. Orange Marmalade – 너에 관한 기억 Memories of You

— Part 5 —
01. Park Jimin (15&) – 자꾸 보고 싶어 I Keep Missing You
02. Park Jimin (15&) – 자꾸 보고 싶어 (Inst.)

Download Parts 3-5

— Official Album Season 1 —
01. 아프다 – 환희
02. 끌리는 여자 (Performed by 기현, 주헌) – 몬스타엑스
03. 겁이 나 – 릴리 M.
04. 자꾸 보고 싶어 – 박지민 (15&)
05. 반전몽아 Dream With A Twist – Orange Marmalade
06. 어떤 사람 Someone – Orange Marmalade
07. 괜찮아요 Gonna Be Alright – Orange Marmalade
08. 너에 관한 기억 Memories of You – Orange Marmalade

Download Album S1

Who Are You School 2015 OST

— Part 1 —
01. Tiger JK ft. Jinsil [of Mad Soul Child] – Reset
02. Tiger JK – Reset (Instr.)

— Part 2 —
01. Baechigi ft. PUNCH – 바람에 날려 Fly With the Wind
02. Baechigi ft. PUNCH – 바람에 날려 (Instr.)

Download Parts 1-2

— Part 3 —
01. t [Yoon Mi Rae] – 너의 얘길 들어줄게 I’ll Listen To What You Have To Say
02. t [Yoon Mi Rae] – 너의 얘길 들어줄게 (Instr.)

— Part 4 —
01. Byul – Remember
02. Byul – Remember (Instr.)

Download Parts 3-4

— Part 5 —
01. Younha – 기도 Pray
02. Younha – 기도 (Instr.)

— Part 6 —
01. Jonghyun & Taemin [of SHINee] – 그 이름 The Name
02. Jonghyun & Taemin [of SHINee] – 그 이름 (Inst.)

Download Parts 5-6

Keane: Since Blood was over, I thought I’d give School 2015 a try. I have to admit, I got hooked for the craziness bullies in school put their victims through. Sick individuals. I have a feeling School 2015 may even be better than its predecessor School 2013 because I like the shift in attention given towards the students more than the teachers. Season 1 (2013) had Jang Nara and Daniel Choi stealing most of the limelight from Lee Jong Suk, Kim Woo Bin, and the rest of Sophomore class 2-2. The teachers had far stronger presence than their students. Season 2 (2015) has Kim So Hyun playing double roles as identical twins, she’s nailing her lines, and two heartthrobs (Yook Sung Jae and Nam Ju Hyuck) winning her over.

As for Orange Marmalade, it hasn’t even premiered yet but its soundtrack receives buzz. Weird to me, but whatever! Jail bait, aka Yeo Jin Gu, may woo so many noona hearts but I for one am not that easy. LOL! I’m gonna watch this for Lee Jong Hyun, because I’ve set him along with a list of other actors I’d like to see in my vampire fantasy world. I can’t tell ya more unless you’ve watched A Gentleman’s Dignity and sorta get my drift. Haha~ His fate. Oh, Collin Black, you naughty vampire-to-be. I likey. Fulfilled fantasy, or not? I shall wait and see. Tell me who you are watching this drama for, and I don’t mean to be bias leaving our male Drifters out of the loop since I have no interest in any of the female costars, but you guys can surely voice your opinions.

I’m moody today, don’t mind me.

  1. 7 thoughts on “Kdrama: Orange Marmalade & School 2015 OSTs

    There’s a reason why I favor Kim So Hyun over many child actresses. I just love love love that she has portrayed many roles before – bullies, bullied, villains, evil second leads. There’s a tap of deeper emotions in her acting. She has fun with each role and you know me, an underdog who climbs up the ladder to become a main lead is my favorite trope.

    I’m waiting for the day she gets rid of her bangs, that will bring on a more mature face too. 🙂

    Oh heck, she’s a teenager. Do whatever you want. Lol.

    • 7 thoughts on “Kdrama: Orange Marmalade & School 2015 OSTs


      i commented on dramabeans also about her. i watched school 2015 for her (while school 2013 i didnt like it, i love woobin but not so into another main lead i forgot his name, sorry fans).
      i havent watched angry mom, since her friend also played on it.. with YJG, they are 3 musketeers 🙂
      and she didnt disappoint me! she’s such a talented young actress, she could bring two different personae.. daebak.. i miss her antagonist role 😛

      thanks for the ost keane. cuz now im kinda addicted to school 2015 and for those who havent watched falling for soonjung/innocence.. i highly recommend this drama also 😀

    • 7 thoughts on “Kdrama: Orange Marmalade & School 2015 OSTs

      its funny that their dramas air at the same time and yet our three musketeers are not together!! i saw the first episode, kind of like eun byul more than eun bi but now she’s gone. =(

  2. 7 thoughts on “Kdrama: Orange Marmalade & School 2015 OSTs

    I believe the drama (orange marmalade) originates from korea online webtoon (manhwa). I remember reading it, it is pretty good. Do give it a try at mangafox.me!

  3. 7 thoughts on “Kdrama: Orange Marmalade & School 2015 OSTs

    I definitely loooooove School 2015 way more than it’s predecessor. I don’t know why but maybe because they cast the leads to be those of a much more younger actors and actress (remember when they cast Lee Jong Suk and Kim Woo Bin and they were both like 80-liners playing high school teen was just something hard for me to digest.) Or maybe I like it simply because they cast Kim So Hyun in it. and that girl nailed every part of her character. And a more astounding applause should be given to her as she can play both the twin character with fairly distinctive figure that leave me in awe at how different their characters are, having been played by the same actress. and the male lead. Hmmm I kinda have an ambiguous feeling about both but it appear to me that Yook Sung Jae’s character have more layer in emotion while Nam Joo Hyuk…for the time being his character seems superficial without any depth. I hope that will change through the course of the story though.

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