Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 4]

The drama actors come to pay a visit! MORE PLEASE. Maybe a batch of drama actresses in the future!

We Are In Love Episode 4:

  • Siwon x Liu Wen segment (ENG SUB YOUTUBE HERE): Morning phone call to his pretty girlfriend. Siwon is so typical. “Did you miss me?” hehe. It’s so cute he brings a bicycle to her place to teach her! My best friend doesn’t know how to bike either and she’s blushing at this scene. There is a trend with tall people not knowing to bike, isn’t there? How adorable is she, jogging out of her place to meet her boyfriend! A pink BIKE? LOL. Siwon, not all girls like pink! But I agree with Liu Wen, he looks so handsome in a simple black outfit.
  • Siwon pointing out that she should use the brake! HAHA. You’re weight Siwon, girls can also put their hands in their pockets too! That’s why the designer added pockets!
  • Her house is beautiful and clean! But her room could use some colors, so much whiteness, Kimi, help her out! BUT NOT PINK!!
  • Liu Wen doesn’t feel comfortable with Siwon in her room… Interesting. But Siwon’s assumption about her possible collection of sexy undergarments cracks me up!! Such a guy!! And then, she says, “Close your eyes,” and he teases her, “You’re gonna show me your underwear?” OMG. Silly dude.
  • Aww, so she doesn’t want him to see his birthday gift in her closet!! Poor girl had to guard it with her whole body.
  • Wow, her friends are SO TALL. Even Siwon is taken aback and hides in the bedroom to take a quick breath. HELLO! She’s a model. Liu Wen totally asked them to come on purpose to torture Siwon. HAR HAR! Her girlfriends attack him with many questions and he’s at a loss. THEY NEED TO CALM DOWN! YIKES! The girl in blue is Zhang Zi Lin, Miss China World in 2007!! WOW. A stunning woman. The girlfriends are quite nice, love how they gather at the door of the kitchen to watch over the couple. But the little one is demanding! Miss ELLE Director, you’re eating for free, don’t ask for the time! Don’t bother the chefs! Lol. Liu Wen: “Don’t abuse him.” Aww~
  • The ladies steal him to the living room and put on a heart rate monitor. Man, I think it’s true Liu Wen doesn’t like this kind of scenario, pushing her closer to Siwon by doing intimate things that she isn’t ready yet. =( She’s so honest with herself, I can’t…this girl has captured my heart. WHAT TO DO.
  • This scene is so awkward…..Ughhhh.
  • Siwon sounds so pitiful… “She made me beg for it!” That is one ugly-looking kiss. Must have been uncomfortable for both parties. X(
  • OMG!! The preview looks horrible. My heart sank to the ground after seeing Liu Wen near tears. SIWON. DON’T BREAK HER HEART!!! Good thing is Keane is covering next week’s recap for me…
  • Ruby x Ren Zhong segment: Aww Ren Zhong serenading our business lady with a song onstage and she cries! I don’t think he’s a good singer but that doesn’t matter at the end of the day. =) But I can’t believe the amount of tears that come out of her eyes. In streaks. And then he meekly says sorry and offers her his arm to wipe the tears. I think he’s my favorite male from this group.
  • Poor Mr. Zhong, he sits at the park like a child, listening to Ruby’s rambling, not knowing when to interrupt or stop her.
  • Next week looks cute for this couple! Kissing through glasses! Please wipe it clean beforehand! 😛
  • Kimi x Xu Lu segment: Oh boy, our Gui Gui is still here! Lol. I wish they didn’t drag her to be the third wheel. She’s not good!
  • Kimi’s face when GG brings trouble by taking his hand while singing. Dude, you invited her! Xu Lu looks miserable. Sigh~
  • Kimi complaining about his manly image. DUDE! Your house is full of pinkness! EVERYWHERE. Another shade on your lips is fine. MUAHHAHA!
  • Aww the three of them sing and dance to “Little Apple”! His karaoke room is MAGNIFICENT. WOW.
  • He’s getting too close again! Stop teasing the young girl’s heart, you player! =P
  • Bye bye time. Dramatically, he pulls her into a bear hug. That is some good positioning there!
  • Sweet! Making tiramisu cake for her! Next week looks super scandalous! How come only my SiWen couple looks dramatic. =(

Run Brother S2 Episode 4:

  • So I guess my fish brain does remember stuff but it has to include a good number of pretty boys in the house. Lol. This week Angelababy says bye to her members and join 5 pretty boys to form the opponent team (in order of appearance): Jiang Jin Fu, Lay, Ye Zu Xin, Aarif Rahman, and Lin Gen Xin. It’s so funny the boys break down into laughter once they see the adorable and weak Lin Gen Xin again. He was so pale and clumsy in his first appearance of Season 1.
  • The first game: Blowing the candles using their cape. HA! The young team has LESS audience on their side during the first round. That’s oddly satisfying to me. The youngins are all concerned about looking cool so they ALL fail during the game, as expected. Lol. Zu Xin is really attentive, you see him on edge ready to intervene when it’s Angela’s turn, afraid that she might get too close to the candles. 🙂
  • Tug-of-war game is really intense, you can see the vessel beating hard on Jerry’s temple!
  • YES! Water games! My favorite! The boys have to tackle their opponent team off the platform. LOL at Michael! He doesn’t want to reveal his bib-shirt.
  • I’m surprised the youngins put up a good fight in all the water rounds. Aarif is really smart, tackling Jerry’s legs, successfully taking him off guard with one leg and eliminating them both. Jin Fu is scary good. Really quick on his feet and aggressive in his attacks. LOL@ Ryan being thigh-gripped by his own member before even reaching the platform. HAHAHA.
  • And finally Lin Geng Xin surprises me the most with his new stamina! Has filming for God of War improved his strength? He drags both Deng Chao and Ryan with him into the water! The shot of Wong Cho Lam being the last member on his team is perfect. HIS FACE.
  • Michael rolling Angela to the edge while apologizing to her visiting parents. hehe. And then Ryan pulling the foot of his own team member. You doofus! 😛
  • The nametag game isn’t as exciting as I hoped. I wish there is no order and the guys can go all out.
  • But the battle between Jin Fu and Jerry is crazy! Did you see the number of flips and turns they did? Jin Fu has been the only one to confront Jerry head on three times today.
  • Next week should be fun! Nicky Wu, Chen Qiao En, and Du Chun!! More water games!
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    that short lady is elle’s director! dangg…… siwon better be nice to her if he wants to cover ELLE magazine next issue. lol.

    i didn’t like the kiss either… it was horribly timed when both of them weren’t ready…. she was squirming and inching away from his kiss….who would have thought that siwon had to beg for a kiss.. i pity him…its like forcing himself on the girl…and he’s such a gentleman that we know too. those friends are no good!!

    didn’t know understand much of ren zhong’s confession so i had a hard time understanding why ruby cried so much. she must have had crazier confession from guys…maybe its ren zhong? he was like like a kid at the park sitting with his legs crossed!.. LOL.

  2. 11 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 4]

    So many thoughts!

    1. I like the drama actresses…but they’d be so pitiful at the nametag parts. Maybe Happy Camp is still where they are best. It is running MAN, I suppose. On that note, I’m starting to not love Angelababy in some of the episodes. Like — the water thing, why was she acting so helpless there? Her only option was to get Michael to agree not to push her? She couldn’t fight back? Where did all of her Nu Han Zi energy go?

    2. Have you been watching Hua Yang Jie Jie at all? (Sisters over flowers or something like that?) It’s really really cute. I’ve become a new fan of Aarif because of the show — and of Yang Zi. I’ve only watched since Yang Zi came on to replace Song Qian. The clip of them all dancing to “What did the fox say” was hilarious and totally hooked me. I hear Hua Shao 2 is giving a really bad rep to Zheng Shuang. Haven’t watched any episodes of that, but it sounds like Hunan TV is just trying to milk the Zheng Jing couple angle and losing all of the fun of celebrities on travel.

    3. The promo totally showed a different kiss for Liu Wen/Siwon that was NOT as bad. So clearly there’s some intentional editing going on here. I do still think he’s not that into her though, he just seems to be playing a role to me. I wish they’d shown the parts in the promo where he’s asked to do squats carrying Liu Wen too!

    4. I do think Ren Zhong actually likes Ruby…but I can’t tell how much of it is because she’s been like, an idol to him and he’s just awed that he’s paired with her. I thought it was really cute how she thought that they were the most “real” couple, after watching the show’s first episode air. And he was super cute when he worried that he wasn’t the “cute” guy — but Ruby’s answer was good! Honest, but still flattering.

    5. I think the youngest couple is the most “skinship for the cameras” right now. The pull into bear hug thing was TOTALLY straight out of a drama. He has good practice! Again, not sure Kimi is all THAT into her, except that I’m sure he thinks she’s pretty so wouldn’t mind some more kisses/hugs. 🙂

    • 11 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 4]

      1. Unless they invited multiple copies of Fan Bing Bing. LOL! It would be crazy if they got her, Vicki, and Ruby on the show…The three competitive princesses.

      I figured Angelababy weren’t in the mood for fighting that day. She was just chilling with her parents there and all. We have seen her get competitive, but not today.

      I’m surprised at Lin Geng Xin’s strength too! He was so weak before its hilarious they showed old clips of a weak version. XD

      3. I think he likes her but the language barrier doesn’t help their communication. 🙁

      5. Agreed. Kimi is obviously doing it for fun and every thing he does is for camera. Xu Lu is only actively reacting… I don’t think they like each other at all. Just hanging out because it’s a job and the other is attractive enough.

    • 11 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 4]

      1. I was a bit miffed too when she didn’t fight back but I guess she wasn’t in the mood to fight this episode. She was chilling the majority of the hour.

      2. No I haven’t checked out either shows yet (glimpses here and there) since they speak fast and I have a hard time understanding! Lol. Me too, Aarif is really likable! They are trying to milk Zheng Jing couple but somehow Yang Yang got their attention too for being attentive while she was sick. I don’t blame the audience for losing interest.

      3. Ah, yes. The promo did show a different kiss. It makes one wonder how many kissing scenes they filmed altogether to create a perfect one for this “drama.” Maybe Frea is right, next week is some kind of prank? Why they think they can fool us with a total different shot!

      4. LOL! Ruby. Watching and observing other couples.

      5. They are and Kimi is the leader of skinship for cameras!

    • 11 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 4]

      Those bibs they had on during the pool section are so funny looking. I am surprise they were all braved enough to wear them lol.
      I am a week behind on We Are In Love, just watched this episode today. Ren Zhong has be come my new favorite male member of the show.

      1. didn’t they say she had an injury? that might have been why
      2. I do have to agree Huan Yang Jie Jie is really cute and Aarif is really funny. Did you not watch the first part because of Victoria ? i think the first part is worth checking out too there are a lot of funny scenes.
      I am also watching Hua Yang Shao Nian 2 ( mostly because of Ivy Chen). the premise is pretty much the same as HYJJ, but HYSN2 feels very dramatic but at the same time very boring.
      i didn’t dislike Zheng Shuang but i could see why it would give her a bad rep. She is still to young, they give her too much of a responsibility that she couldn’t really handle.

  3. 11 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 4]

    Hola Kaptain A! I am thinking that you will not write since you will be in vacation. . . I wonder how you manage your time . . . you have a super energy within you . . You are still writing for us and we are very grateful for updating us on Ruby and Ren – if only the series has an English subtitles . . Enjoy your free time, dear Kap A!

    • 11 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 4]

      Don’t worry Marilina, another member (Keane) will be covering my chat station next week when I’m away. She understands more Mandarin than I do, so it will be good! =)

  4. 11 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 4]

    Since some of you mentioned it, quick comment to say that they mentioned in the BTS that AB’s right hand was injured during this episode, which was why her fighting ability was close to zero this week. She was pretty frustrated over it too, since she actually found Jerry 3 times in the nametag game, but was completely unable to rip his tag (since it’s hard even when she’s got both hands to use properly).

    • 11 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 4]

      Thanks for the clarification, Seven!

  5. 11 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 4]

    Just a little clarification about the part of Ruby and Ren Zhong at the park. Ren Zhong was trying to build up courage and find a good opportunity to hold Ruby’s hand. So that’s why he looks more timid. Plus he keeps looking between her face and her hand trying to get the perfect chance. Too bad for him, Ruby gestures with her hands too much while talking, lol. I thought that scene was really adorable though.

    • 11 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 4]

      I hope he goes for it next time and surprise his brave lady with a quick move. =D

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