Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 3]

Oh Gui Gui…. you adorable sweet pie trying to cause trouble. 😛

We Are In Love Episode 3:

  • SiwonxLiu Wen Segment: Aww it’s his turn to fly over to Beijing for their date! Is Siwon gonna give her flower on every date now? I didn’t notice the change in her hair color either Siwon, don’t feel too bad.
  • LOL@at WAEEEEEE WAEEEEEEEEE and WHYYYYYYYYYY WHYYYYYYYYY when Siwon suggested meeting her father. I concur with Liu Wen, they are still in the stage of “getting to know each other.” No rush… no rush… It’s a good thing she’s got the sense to say hold up MAN! =P
  • Their stupid/babo smiles at Siwon’s lame jealousy joke. XD SO CUTE.
  • Ah, so they are going to a photoshoot today. Perfect day-time activity for these two models.
  • Siwon’s bright red dress to represent shyness! haha! And the Liu Wen’s being naughty with the changing room curtain. She is seriously adorable and is coming out more.
  • COOKIE POINTS FOR SIWON! Stopping Liu Wen from tying his shoes. This girl, she likes to do weird things! Personally, I don’t find it romantic when couples tie each other’s shoes….you have hands, use them!!
  • Liu Wen playing it cool when Siwon joked that he would sit at the couch while she changed. They are obviously not ready for that yet. hehe 🙂 Then he headed outside to pick that ugly red shirt and pink pants again! LOL. Terrible fashion sense, Oppa Choi!!
  • The fake wig scene is adorable!! Dopey couple is here!
  • “Don’t be shy, I’m your boyfriend.” – Siwon to Liu Wen when she put her head on his back. ^^ She’s skinny no doubt, he could crush her with his arms.
  • They are already cute, why do you need to add fluffy feathers into the mix!! WEEEEEE~~~~~~~~~~
  • Siwon used a mosquito net to make a veil… OMG. HAHAH XD
  • Is Siwon going too fast? Oh Liu Wen, poor girl is always taken aback by her Oppa. I like that she’s very honest when he’s getting ahead of their progress. If she’s not ready, she says exactly that. Which is refreshing because Oppa Siwon is not accustomed to girls rejecting his ideas/advances. The best line for me is when Liu Wen said, “It’s too K-drama-like.” SAY IT LIKE IT IS. PREACH IT SISTER! Preview of next week! A KISS ON THE CHEEK??
  • Unaired cut of their quick lunch in the park: Click here. Episode 3 English-Subbed Version of their part: Click here.
  • KimixXu Lu segment: Visiting Kimi’s house! I couldn’t stop laughing when the door opened and shades of pink are everywhere in his place. To many, they might say he has princess syndrome. XD
  • He looks so cute as a kid! Those lips! And his crazy monkey hair in that crazy drama with Chen Qiao En. Lol. I forgot the name…was it a movie? My brain can’t recall…
  • It’s sweet that he keeps the photos of his costars but maybe pointing it out to his GF wasn’t the best idea. hehe. But of course, he got her good too by showing pictures of her kissing Joe Cheng in Singles Villa. Why is Xu Lu using the term OPPA again? I find it strange… Or maybe she’s a Kdrama fangirl??
  • Xu Lu’s face when he held her face and moved in millimeters away from her lips… This guy is a teaser!
  • I’m sorry, but where did that big fluffy dog come from!?! He has a dog?!! In a PINK HOUSE? I CAN’T. ROFL.
  • For those who are curious, our little trouble-maker, Gui Gui (The Four) is a house guest today and her section began 41 minutes into the video. I don’t know what they’re trying to pull here, everyone in the industry know Gui Gui’s upbeat personality, how could she be an effective third wheel?
  • Naughty Gui Gui helping out the couple with their skinship!! TEEHEE! But holding hands while cooking….when will the food be done? 😛
  • Gui Gui making trouble is cracking me up because it’s so obvious and she’s kinda failing (in my eyes). MUHAHAH. Maybe because Xu Lu is relatively new so she doesn’t know Gui Gui’s reputation yet?
  • I’m laughing so hard when Gui Gui poked her head into their selfie and they glared at her!! hahah XD
  • RubyxRen Zhong segment: Cooking? But Ren Zhong’s face when Ruby didn’t give an ideal answer to his beautiful food art. Poor guy. heh.
  • How should I say it… she’s very practical to his romantic advances and cheesiness. Different from how a younger girl would react.
  • The added animation of knives as Ruby’s hands cracked me up!! She’s really competitive. The owner’s beads of sweat when she touched him in a menacing way.
  • Ruby’s EVIL LAUGH IS HILARIOUS. Kinda like Fan Bing Bing in Run Brother Episode 1, except the latter is a little off the hook. Lol.
  • The moment Ruby saw the cat and started to call out to it…I envisioned an older Ruby as the neighbor’s cat lady.
  • Listen to Ruby, Ren Zhong, don’t you see her beautiful, flawless face? Next week looks sweet! Finally! Some romantic serenade to sweep our lady off her feet!

Run Brother Episode 3:

  • Great guests! OD and Song Jia were down with the program and didn’t mind getting dirty at all.
  • Its a good episode, but I don’t have much to say except my bed is calling for my name… You folks chat…
  1. 10 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 3]

    Wow, so adorable couples that we are seeing on every week; love is on the air, especially on our dear Ruby and Ren . . Kaptain A is right – it is really different if you are younger . . This series of episodes really brighten our days . . Thank you so much for all your sharing. Todo lo mejor!

  2. 10 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 3]

    i read in other site that my Wallace Chung would be participated in RM, huwow.. can’t wait.. 🙂

    • 10 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 3]

      Yep. He will be on with Boran Jing. Tang Yan also just filmed her guesting episode too!

  3. 10 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 3]

    Siwon and Liu Wen are really adorable. Thanks OP for including the link for Eng subbed as well. My mandarin is limited but I can mostly understand what Liu Wen is saying coz she’s taking it easy with Siwon.

    • 10 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 3]

      Their English is cracking me up too. Siwon’s broken English makes him seem more down to earth, and less the perfect person we thought he was. LOVE IT!

  4. 10 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 3]

    Hi Kaptain,
    I’ve been following your blog for a while now but never worked up the courage to comment on anything…i’m a bad writer and so didn’t want to bleed anyone’s eyes out with my horrendous writing lol.
    but now i can’t keep it anymore, ever since i watch the second episode of WAIL with siwon&liwen segment, i’m totally flatly head over heel helplessly in love with this couple. i haven’t feel this much toward an onscreen couple in such a long time, let alone a reality show couple lol. but gosh this couple, they make me fall in love with them so much that i need a place to vent things out, else i might just explode or drop dead somewhere lol.
    the amount of chemistry oozing out from this couple is just so surreal and out of this world, on top of that their personalities are just too good to be true. here’s choi siwon, handsome rich talented man who’s on top of the world at such young age, yet he seems so nice and humble and sincere. and then liu wen, one of world top models, i was expecting a diva biatch attitude model with an arrogant and cold face who’s all bossy and talk down on people (gisele, naomi campbell, kate moss, ring a bell or any bell at all? lol), but lawr the minute they showed her in the first episode, i’m shocked at how nice humble simple she seems to be. i wasn’t that impressed with liu wen from all her pictures before i watch this show, because she looks kinda older for her age and didn’t think she’s pretty at all, but after the first episode i change my opinion completely, the more i watch this show the more liu wen is so beautiful. liu wen is so pretty with her smile and dimples lol, she seem like a sweet girl too, and she’s so cute the way she gets shy and jealous. she also shined with her personality…oh gosh, i have a girl crush on liu wen, aren’t I? haha…
    i honestly didnt’ think much of this show before because 1) it’s a korean remake, i’m not that impress with chinese remaking korean reality show, it just i’m sorry to say it, not good compare to its original korean version. 2) never a fan of any korean pretty boy idol lol, let alone siwon seems too preppy for my taste 3) a supermodel…
    though i’m so madly in love w/ this couple right now, i still realize it’s just a show so i’m trying hard not jumping into any ship lol. but seem to me liu wen is falling for siwon for real, it shows in the part where siwon ask her to marry him, his face seem so serious and sincere that i think she really buy into it for a minute lol, right at that moment i could it on her face. but the thing is liu wen at the same time also realize siwon can be such a joker, it seems too hard to know who’s the real siwon as he seems so perfectly smooth all the time, you can’t really tell what he’s thinking, she even told him that straight to his face lol, so i think she’s kinda confused right now…as for siwon, i honestly don’t think he feel anything yet, i know they have exploding chemistry but still i still don’t see that “love” in siwon eyes and face lol.
    but i think after this show i might become fan of both siwon and liu wen lol. i don’t know if it’s the real (or at least 50%) them on screen, personality-wise speaking, but if they’re not then i must say they’re very good actors lol, whatever they “faking”, the romance or the personality from each of them, i’m so buying into it lol.
    despite the incredible huge amount of chemistry siwon and liu wen are creating, i’m still not that ambitious, i don’t mind if they can’t be a couple in real life, but i just hope that after this show, some producer can cast them into one of those cheesy modern china dramas so that i can see them more together onscreen.

    as for the other couples, ruby lin and that guy lol uhm….no comment since i haven’t watch them much, but from whatever i’ve watch, sorry to say that no chemistry b/w them at all, they seem kinda awkward in the first episode too. if i have time i might continue where i’ve left off to see how it goes base on some of the stuffs i’ve read from netizens. apparantly according to netizens, they will have some kind of chemistry later on lol, and oh how can i miss ruby’s laugh.

    as for kimi and that girl…uhm…first 5 minutes into the show and i already can’t stand the guy, so let just stop there to stop any unnecessary fan war we might have in here if i continue to say anything lol. but from netizen, kimi seem like a playboy lol and that girl seems to be falling for him for real since she kinda inexperience in love lol.

    once this show is over, two girls might have hard time getting over it since they seem to be kinda somehow maybe seemingly falling in love for real, and we all know ruby isn’t one of them lol.

    gosh, sorry for the long post, so many things to get off my chest lol.

    • 10 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 3]

      Your English is fine! Don’t worry Turtle!

      Yep! Welcome to the Kingdom of Liu Wen’s growing fangirls. I don’t blame you. She’s very honest, humble, and down to earth despite being a super model with everything a girl would want – height, personality, and dimples! =D

      Agreed! He likes her, that is clear, but not the same love eyes she has for him. hehe. What he’s been doing is very generic of a boyfriend and in tune with his gentleman image. I want to see something more personal from him.

      Good, get it off your chest! See you in upcoming chat rooms! ^_^

  5. 10 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 3]

    okay okay. this time they both wore converse shoes and liu wen is as TALL as Siwon. LOL. im sure he doesn’t want her to wear heels in all honesty!!

    xu lu doesn’t know gui gui? i find that hard to believe…this girl is everywhere in cdramaland nowadays…not as leads but plenty as supporting roles….

    i don’t really like this man-made jealousy portion cause it is NOT convincing…not with GG anyway. LOL

  6. 10 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 3]

    I feel like I have the memory of a fish when I watch Run Brother. I lol a lot when I am watching but I don’t actually recall what happened in the episode after. All I remeber is that they play Mahjong and drink squid ink.

    The place Ruby and Ren Zhong went is really pretty especially the hotel they stayed at, I went there a couple years ago and don’t remeber it being that nice. I couldn’t believe my eye when I saw kimi’s house, so much PINK everywhere. Even the rice cooker and toaster over. His dog much be an indoor dog because he is fur was super clean.

    • 10 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 3]

      ME TOO! ANOTHER FISH BRAIN RIGHT HERE. LOL. I was like they played the pick-up-hard-items game but then what happened after all?

      I still secretly hope that house is a rent. THE AMOUNT OF PINK is unbelievable. XD

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