Adrenaline is sky-high in Eddie Peng’s To The Fore

First post written by ghost Kappy!

You know I can’t leave you guys without nothing to read right? So there are pre-written posts scheduled to publish every 1 or 2 days. This way, you won’t feel my absence at all, except in the comment section. heh. Have some pretty pictures of the hard-working cast in To The Fore as they prepare to bike their way into your heart this August 7th! The scenery of each biking competition is worth your time, not that these pretty boys and girls aren’t appealing enough. I remember the last time we talked about this movie, it was all about their pervie uniform in the diaper area. heeehee! 😉


 photo TTF 42.jpg

 photo TTF 43.jpg

 photo TTF 38.jpg

 photo TTF 45.jpg

 photo TTF 49.jpg

 photo TTF 46.jpg

 photo TTF 41.jpg

 photo TTF 48.jpg

 photo TTF 40.jpg

 photo TTF 35.jpg

 photo TTF 34.jpg

 photo TTF 33.jpg

 photo TTF 32.jpg

 photo TTF 50.jpg

Wang Luo Dang.

 photo TTF 36.jpg

 photo TTF 21.jpg

 photo TTF 47.jpg

Nana Ou-Yang. I’m surprised when I looked up her bio. A famous child prodigy in the field of cello performances. Impressive.

 photo TTF 37.jpg

The scenery…So pretty. How could anyone focus?!

 photo TTF 31.jpg

 photo TTF 30.jpg

 photo TTF 29.jpg

 photo TTF 28.jpg

 photo TTF 27.jpg

 photo TTF 26.jpg

 photo TTF 25.jpg

 photo TTF 24.jpg

 photo TTF 23.jpg

 photo TTF 22.jpg

Where do I sign up for this type of job? Gently pushing a biker from behind ~~~~ LOL!

 photo TTF 20.jpg


  • I’m seriously about to take up cycling now. First, I need a bike. Second bike of my life.
  • When a man says, “This is my ambition, it’s not a dream.” You know he’s the real deal!
  • Can’t believe my Mr. Bright Pearls is a villain! Losing on the track and in love? Pitiful lad.

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  1. 4 thoughts on “Adrenaline is sky-high in Eddie Peng’s To The Fore

    omg! I didn’t realize this was an actual movie…I keep seeing biking pics in their instagram and I thought it was interesting they’re both at the same events…multiple times…. -________________-

    • 4 thoughts on “Adrenaline is sky-high in Eddie Peng’s To The Fore

      LOL! Tis okay. I would love to be at the same event too….I could be a wheel…a helmet…. etc. 😛

  2. 4 thoughts on “Adrenaline is sky-high in Eddie Peng’s To The Fore

    Uwowww.. delicious men! haha.. but why movie?? i want drama with this flower boys! 😀

    • 4 thoughts on “Adrenaline is sky-high in Eddie Peng’s To The Fore

      My screen would caught on fire with three handsome men at the same time. XD

      I don’t mind buying another screen…just saying!

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