The Legend of Zu Gallery Part 1 (Cdrama, 2015)

I know this drama will tease us with batch of little stills like this so here’s a compiled picture post so I don’t drown you guys with Zu posts. Lol.

LAST UPDATED: 4/21/15 , 4/27/15


Really like the fantasy painting of each character!

 photo Zu 70.jpg

William Chan as Ding Yin.

 photo Zu 69.jpg

 photo Zu 71.jpg

 photo Zu 68.jpg

Zhao Li Ying as Yu Wu Xin.

 photo Zu 65.jpg

 photo Zu 64.jpg

 photo Zu 76.jpg

Nicky Wu as Lu Pao.

 photo Zu 67.jpg

 photo Zu 66.jpg

 photo Zu 75.jpg

 photo Zu 79.jpg

Ye Zu Xin as Xiao Zhang. Ding Yin’s good friend.

 photo Zu 63.jpg

 photo Zu 62.jpg

 photo Zu 73.jpg

 photo Zu 93.jpg

The boys going at it.

 photo Zu 77.jpg

 photo Zu 78.jpg

 photo Zu 80.jpg

Janice Man as Zhou Qing Yun.

 photo Zu 61.jpg

 photo Zu 60.jpg

 photo Zu 92.jpg

Liu Si Tong as Zhuge Zi Ying. She got injured recently on the set and needed 6 stitches on her ear! Sigh. Speedy recovery!!

 photo Zu 59.jpg

 photo Zu 58.jpg

 photo Zu 94.jpg

Vengo Cao as Dan Chen Zi.

 photo Zu 72.jpg

 photo Zu 91.jpg

Other characters:

Roy Wang as 5th Ghost.

 photo Zu 90.jpg

JJ Jia as Tu Mei.

 photo Zu 88.jpg

Louis Fan as one of the elders.

 photo Zu 85.jpg

More elders. Li Jin Long.

 photo Zu 86.jpg

 photo Zu 87.jpg

 photo Zu 82.jpg

 photo Zu 81.jpg

 photo Zu 83.jpg

 photo Zu 84.jpg

Yu Xin standing with the good guys against her dad.

 photo Zu 74.jpg

Han Yu Qin.

 photo Zu 89.jpg

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  1. 6 thoughts on “The Legend of Zu Gallery Part 1 (Cdrama, 2015)

    The paintings are totally awesome but the stills remind me so much (a little too much) of Ancient Sword. It feels like Ding Yin is Baili Tusu Redux or something…

    • 6 thoughts on “The Legend of Zu Gallery Part 1 (Cdrama, 2015)

      PS. I would translate her name as Zhuge Ziying

      • 6 thoughts on “The Legend of Zu Gallery Part 1 (Cdrama, 2015)

        Thanks Shimo. The costumes of the last two girls are a tribute to Ancient Sword for real! I guess Sect followers back then like colors. 😀

  2. 6 thoughts on “The Legend of Zu Gallery Part 1 (Cdrama, 2015)

    I really like Ye Zu Xin’s painting in particular — really captures a “feel” that even the photo does not.

    One note on the graphics: when I first read that Nicky was making all of his comments about how he’s spending SO much more on special effects than other productions and how the effects here were going to be SO good/etc etc — my thought was: “really?” The pictures all seemed pretty normal — even the trailer seemed not THAT impressive. I felt like it wasn’t that different from the CGI in like, for example, Hu Ge’s “Shen Hua” from, what, 2009?

    However, I recently did a quick spin on some other recent Chinese productions (both wuxia and not) just while I was bored and trying to find something to pass the time for an hour….and compared to the average production, he does seem to have spent a little more in making this one more professional. It’s still far from anything approaching hollywood, but at least effects are generally smooth and not distracting in a bad way.

    Mainly this is a sad commentary on CGI generally in Chinese productions…

  3. 6 thoughts on “The Legend of Zu Gallery Part 1 (Cdrama, 2015)

    I like the fantasy photos! Set them apart from the other. The girls wearing blue and purple looks like they belong in ancient sword legend. Lol.

  4. 6 thoughts on “The Legend of Zu Gallery Part 1 (Cdrama, 2015)

    Always love Zhao Li Ying film… so many film but still no news where they will airing …hike.

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