Love versus Money in Francis Ng and Ma Tian Yu’s Love Without Distance

hahaha! The role reversal for this movie is just too cute. I’m sure you guys remember Hong Kong actor Francis Ng as the strict and principled Captain Tong from Triumph In the Skies 1 & 2, while Ma Tian Yu (or Ray) has made a name for himself as the cute, reliable younger brother in the industry, so to have them play against type is gold. Francis isn’t really a cupid like the posters suggest; he plays a tyrant CEO in a town with Ray as his serious and scheming secretary. When Francis learns that he is terminally ill, he decides to do something crazy to be remembered by…


Francis started out playing comedic roles in his career, but he’s more well-known for playing serious characters. His curly fringe in here is gonna kill me! Lol.

 photo Lu 4.jpg

 photo Lu 5.jpg

 photo Lu 6.jpg

 photo Lu 8.jpg

His lady love in the movie is Anna Yao (EX-Files, Fiji LOVE).

 photo Lu 21.jpg

 photo Lu 20.jpg

 photo Lu 18.jpg

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 photo Lu 7.jpg

Ray and his perfect suits. Boy always looks good! Too bad he’s a villain, plotting the downfall of his boss!

 photo Lu 10.jpg

 photo Lu 11.jpg

 photo Lu 13.jpg

 photo Lu 14.jpg

Ray also has his eyes on the same woman as his boss. Not a good idea!

 photo Lu 16.jpg

 photo Lu 9.jpg

 photo Lu 19.jpg

See what I mean?

 photo Lu 12.jpg

 photo Lu 1.jpg

 photo Lu 22.jpg

 photo Lu 23.jpg


  • Directed by Lin Ai Hua (The Truth About Beauty) and written by Wang Gang, Love Without Distance will greet you on May 20th, 2015.
  • Looks like a fun movie. With the acting talent of Francis anchoring the show, I wonder how the youngins will fair!

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