Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 2]

Liu Wen is my new girl crush. Just oh so cuddly and adorable. Her hands-on attitude and humble nature get me right *HERE*.


We Are In Love Episode 2:

  • How many times did Ruby roll her eyes at Ren Zhong’s clumsiness? Lol. She looks like a big sister about to off the little brother. XD
  • These two are HORRIBLE at Jenga!! How they managed to collapse the whole building with just one move. Ai ya!
  • Looking at their interactions, I don’t think Ruby likes him romantically…. it could change, who knows. Right now, they are more like friends (Ruby’s part) enjoying each other’s company…somewhat.
  • What an old-schooled boyfriend Siwon is….giving her a bouquet of flowers first thing in the morning and then a walk under the cherry blossoms.
  • Its tough having a famous boyfriend Liu Wen, more when he is known as the manner guy in his group.
  • LOL@ Siwon looking right and left before saying, “Will you be wearing a bikini?” in response to her question, “I don’t know how to swim, can you teach me?” Awww, I want to see this date happens! Should be refreshing to see a model confident in a bikini instead of the usual shyness we see so often!
  • It started to rain when they wanted to bike! Heavens! WHY!?
  • Siwon’s serious face when he asked her to open the trunk! But then a parade of balloons and a gift box made her smile non-stop. He bought her a dress. Not revealing but rather subdued and casual. Now I know why she wonders why she’s picked to model for Victoria’s Secrets! LOL!
  • It’s his birthday and he would like to celebrate with her. She didn’t prepare a present but he said it’s okay – you’re my gift already.
  • Nope, that answer did not work. She personally went to the kitchen and cooked a noodle dish for him. But Siwon found her anyway after waiting a long time for her return. He ate it all in one sitting! Without sharing with her. Lol. What a cutie. I agree that he’s boring but maybe she can open him up more – be more naughty Siwon!! 😉
  • Xu Lu and Kimi = the hip hop couple! She’s becoming more like him!
  • She said Thank-you Oppa? Girl, have you been sneaking over to Siwon and Liu Wen’s recording session? 😛
  • They look good in horse-riding outfits. I have always wanted to ride on a horse too!
  • LOL@ Xu Lu trying to get the horse to move. “Go! Go?”
  • Poor horse, stuck between the lovers’ water fight. Kimi is mean, he soaked her with that hose for real!

Gif Moments of the Week:

 photo WGM2_1.gif photo WGM2_2.gif
 photo WGM2_4.gif photo WGM2_5.gif
 photo WGM2_6.gif photo WGM2_7.gif

Run Brother S2 Episode 2:

  • So disappointed with this episode. It was so boring that I dozed off multiple times.
  • The Korean version has the same theme and they did it better because they have established roles and quirks of each individual so that it was entertaining. There was also good twist.
  • I’ve always disliked episodes where members are split up individually for long periods of time. Which was this whole episode. Run Brother failed to see that magic is when they are together – interacting and having fun.
  • Huang Xiao Ming…. was okay.
  • Next week looks better. Guests are host/singer/actor O.D and actress Song Jia.
  1. 26 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 2]

    Hola! Kaptain A:
    Wow! you indeed have a detailed analysis on our 3 lovely couples! It seems that as days passed by this blog here are getting more exciting and interested . . . Anyway, we are still on the look-out for Ruby Lin and Ren Zhong. Todo lo mejor . .

    • 26 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 2]

      Lol, my analysis is only half-baked because of my limited understanding of mandarin.

  2. 26 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 2]

    she cooked for him, and he ate it all!! siwon is boring…kinda like he likes that sexual quality. LOL. but for now, they will do.

    kimi is such a know-it-al and show-off, it cracks me up.

    ruby and zhongi are boring…looks like she prefers smarter guys. ROFL.

    • 26 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 2]

      YES! That’s the words to describe Kimi. That phone call too! He’s playing it up and Xu Lu with her knowing smile. 🙂

  3. 26 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 2]

    I haven’t seen the entirety of the Kimi portion yet — but I’m looking forward to seeing how his threat of going to the first restaurant he sees in response to a girl saying “whatever, you choose” for dinner worked out. 🙂 I felt like Kimi was being way too possessive on the whole “don’t think about other guys” thing when filming — though maybe it’s just a show for the show. Especially since he’s an actor, he should recognize that it comes with the territory…

    I would normally be super sucked into the Liu Wen/Siwon pairing for all its cuteness and white-prince/fairy princess feel, but it’s hard to not be cynical and assume someone is just doing it for the cameras. If they were being totally real, they’d be coming on SUPER strong — all her “I’ll wash your clothes for you!” type comments and him with the preview about wanting to meet her dad and wanting to know about her marriage thoughts. I have a hard time taking it too seriously because I saw an interview somewhere where he seemed to say that he would only consider marrying someone who was 1) Korean, and 2) a Christian — Liu Wen is definitely not 1 and probably not 2…hoping she doesn’t take this too seriously as her first “relationship” and then get let down!

    Ruby…I agree on your take and don’t have high hopes for this couple — she’s just so strong in her personality…and I think she really wants/needs an equally or even stronger personality as her other half to really work — and I’m not sure Ren Zhong is that…

    Running Man — I agree it was boring.

    Also, isn’t that rabbits and chickens math question for Chen He actually pretty simple? Don’t you just do like Chickens = X, Rabbits = Y — and then X+Y = total number that they gave him” and then “2*X + 4*Y = total number of legs they gave…and then just solve for either X or Y? What was with all that “if the chickens raise one leg” deal? Maybe I missed something, but it seems that test shouldn’t have taken him so long…where’s the strength in Chinese primary school algebra now? 🙂

    • 26 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 2]

      I think we can agree that all the things said onscreen is done for the cameras – some couples amp it up, some play it down. Kimi is definitely the former. He’s like a flirty butterfly. Next week is gonna be a riot with Gui Gui in the mix!

      With Siwon-LiuWen, I don’t view them as the princess and the prince but more of a traditional couple, down to the T. Siwon is never known for his aggressiveness, so I buy that he is boring. Lol. The cuteness for me is mostly from Liu Wen; I find myself just looking at her smile, even with the handsome Siwon by her side, my focus is on her. I remember that interview and I’m a little worried for our model!

      That’s the good thing about this program – just a possibility of dating and not going through the fake wedding ceremony like the Korean version with guests and vows and a house to live in.

      After years of watching variety shows, I’m not surprised when actors/idols fail math. LOL. They spend so much time rehearsing, reading lines, that simple math problems prove difficult. Most of them don’t even finish high school before walking on the path of fame. Not sure about Michael’s education…

    • 26 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 2]

      For run brother ^^:

      Idk…. it is true that huang xiaoming was extremely boring in this episode (instead of playing the role of the evil gangster), he totally shielded angelababy and made the whole episode so predictable xD But then again, that is wat I expected from his appearance on other variety shows… just his personality ^^

      I actually really enjoyed the individual time in the cells >< and the game in general 😛 Not the best episode but still really fun

  4. 26 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 2]

    The beginning of Ruby and Ren Zhong’s segment was boring period. Then it got interesting when the Jenga game started. They both brought out their competitiveness and playful side for viewers. IDK if Ruby is just a natural actress, or the real her showed up in the near end confession, but I like it that RZ is capable of breaking down Ruby’s wall of defense already in the second episode. She has high expectations, so because she’s multi-talented her time means to her is very valuable. She weighs in a lot to give up her time to someone she wants to get to know them better.

    The dimples couple – Siwon and Wen Wen – still feels like a hardcore scripted duo to me. First episode, Siwon keeps looking for the camera, and now Wen Wen does it more in the second one. One thing I ought to mention, maybe it’s just me but I feel the Chinese version to WGM wants to make Liu Wen into the Chinese Jeon Ji Hyun in some aspect. IDK? I did get a good chuckle when Wen Wen sorta emphasized if Siwon is okay with giving so many presents to her in a day (during the car trunk “event” scene), more like is he “capable”, and Siwon responded “ahhh, Oppa is capable, it’s not an issue” which got me laughing. There HE IS, a glimps of the Choi Siwon all SuJu members know off-cameras.^ ^ I’m sure her manager or production staff briefed her on Siwon’s profile yet it is kinda sweet of her to test the waters on his generosity. Another funny thing, is how Wen Wen is this VS model yet is terrible behind the lens than in front of it. LOL! It’s true, I know of a few models whom also are bad photographers. I like Wen Wen’s sass though, so I don’t mind her being Siwon’s Sassy Girl.

    The maknae couple – Kimi and Xu Lu – are pretty fit for each other. They both are so endearing most times and don’t mind letting loose that facet of themselves where the other two couples keep guarded at the time being. This keeps them attractive for the show. Showing much feeling right off the bat. Some viewers eat that up like a buffet. Haha~ Next week’s guest, Gui Gui, the instigator, will bring on the drama. Nice one.

    We all shouldn’t feel weird hearing Korean terms in a Chinese-Korean production, Kimi? Get with the program. LOL!

    I’m gonna skip Run Brother for now, since I barely skimmed through episode 01 with utter boredom. I can sense the second episode isn’t so thrill seeking.

    Love your gifs, Kappy. I was wondering when you’ll start gif-bombing these shows. Pahehe~

    • 26 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 2]

      It feels more scripted too because Siwon is not a spontaneous guy – he has routines he carries out and everything must be planned accordingly. As an idol and model, they are very in sync with the cameras. Lol. Siwon and Ruby are quite guarded while their partner is easily read. 😀

      Run, Brothers need to have more small games and keep their members together. Running Man this week was a RIOT. LOVED Jessi and the gag lady. XD

      I thought I could resist the giffing…but so cute. ^_^

  5. 26 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 2]

    Wow! I felt so lucky reading all your good posts; thank you so much Kaptain A; Frea, Zlidia and Keane! You’re so superb and we are getting some thorough understanding on this lovely show, “We are In Love” . ., especially on the segment of Ruby and Ren . . We love Keane’s words on the playfulness of the said couple . . Jenga game is interesting to play with . .
    Our understanding of Mandarin speaking shows are so limited. We only know Ruby Lin earlier (2 years ago) and was fascinated with her – since her TV series on Schemes of Beauty with Sammul Chan was translated into Arabic, Spanish and Philippine languages for which most of my group here in Canada belonged . . From then, we always followed whatever show Ruby is in, notwithstanding our knowledge on Mandarin, spending time looking for English sub-titles everywhere . . Sometimes a tedious task and a happy thing to do . .
    Anyway, muchas gracias por su hermosa compartir. Thank you so much for all your beautiful sharing! We are always smiling reading Kaptain A’s writings, it has always some funny notes . . .
    Todo lo mejor! All the best for this Virtual Voyage . . We kept reading everything here, even on extra time at work!

  6. 26 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 2]

    Ruby and Ren zhong is my fav couple. I am sure RZ is not ruby’s ideal deep chemisty at 1st episode.
    But in 2nd epi, they are sooooooo cute.
    RZ is very caring and sweet. But i think he is unexperienced on love.
    Ruby is the person who afraid of falling in love. In many of her interview, she said she effected from her parents’s divorce when she was very young.

    One is inexperienced and the other is lack of faith.
    But both of them looks much better in 2nd episode.

    Love their game scenes, and ruby’s saying to him so touching. Cant wait upcoming story.

    Need more time for this couple.
    Thx captain A for wonderful posting. 🙂

    • 26 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 2]

      It’s pretty sad that Ruby tells RZ how she normally doesn’t get to experience wholesome family outings unless she needs to play a role for them.

      RZ was darn adorable with his apron fiasco. Awww~

    • 26 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 2]

      Thanks for the info about Ruby’s divorced parents, Bee! That explains why she’s quite guarded with her feelings and knows what she wants. Maybe this clumsy guy will sneak his way in. 🙂

      • 26 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 2]

        Thank you so much, Kaptain A, Keane and Beefestar for more details on our fav star, Ruby Lin; your info added to our knowledge on Ruby Lin’ personal life.
        We are getting excited as days passed by. we all love your comments here and get some more tidbits on other move star’s acting . . .
        Yes, we are still for Ruby and Ren Zhong . . . Ren is a playful one, it seems he knows some tactics to get Ruby’s attention . . Looking forward for the next episode. . .

  7. 26 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 2]

    Stopped lurking to join in the conversation! 😀

    Ren Zhong/Ruby: The previews from last week made me so nervous for poor Ren Zhong! The editing made it look like Ruby was going to be mad/frustrated at him the whole trip.. but he eventually got them out of the tangled kite knot fiasco, phew. Poor guy doesn’t stand a chance. I was surprised to see Ruby be so frank about the things she didn’t like (though it’s kind of refreshing!) but Ren Zhong is also hilariously terrible at matching her preferences. It looked like they really did have fun after they settled down for dinner/games, though. The sweetest part was Ruby’s story about how she never ate shrimps when she was little because it was a hassle to peel them, so she told her mom that if her boyfriend peeled shrimps for her, she’d marry him.

    Liu Wen/Si Won: Loveeee Liu Wen! Kaptain A, you’re not the only one with a girl crush! She’s so down to earth, you could totally imagine grabbing drinks with her and giggling over “oppa is capable.” I agree that the relationship doesn’t feel organic yet, but his reaction when she cooked birthday noodles for him felt genuine. But even if they made no more progress for the rest of the show, they’re so good looking together that’s almost enough in itself haha.

    Kimi/Xu Lu: The only drama I’ve seen Kimi in is Female Prime Minister, so it took an episode to adjust to his real life persona. Suuuuch a smart aleck, but more cute than annoying 🙂 I believe him when he says he’s dated 8.. or more.. times! I’m glad Xu Lu isn’t just eating everything up with a spoon and seems to have her own opinions about his ridiculousness. Her “piao liang!” catchphrase is adorable.

    I think this is my favorite out of the new crop of imported-from-Korea variety shows! Thanks for posting about it 🙂

    • 26 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 2]

      There we go! Join in with the fun Panda! =D

      I think one of the reasons why Ruby’s so frank is because of the role she took up in the past few years – as a producer she must know what she wants for her productions and where to go to get the right investors. Also, she is a mature woman and has experienced much in life – no time for second-guessing. It is refreshing.

      hahha! The more the merrier – that’s what I feel about Liu Wen too. She IS a basket of puppies. Even if they don’t go anywhere, this show will open more doors for Liu Wen in the future. 😉

      • 26 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 2]

        I believe so too, Kappy, since Wen Wen wants a career as an actress or stylist if she retires from modeling. She made $7M last year according to Forbes… wow, I wonder how much Siwon made last year alone.

        I’m still bitter, they both pretended to eat the cotton candy and what was all that forced eating/acting bit at their dinner? If the girl is starving herself, then stop showing meal scenes please show. Feels depressing seeing the food go to waste for ratings sake. It’s a pet peeve of mines being raised by strict parents. I was raised to clean my rice bowl/plate… well, I was more over threatened by my mom when I was little, warning me if I didn’t finish every speck of rice off my bowl then I will be tortured in hell to eat a live worm for each grain that I left behind. Scared the krap out of me, so it worked. Now, it’s been an ingrained habit. It should be a crime wasting food. I know what my nieces and nephews would like to do with that cotton candy. Haha~

        • 26 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 2]

          lol, keane, wen wen is a model, she has strict diets – that cotton candy scene is played up for the romance because siwon is so boring and doesn’t know what else to do. i betcha she only ate a few bites for camera and that’s it.

          the dinner scene, dont worry, the crew member will clean it up if the two models don’t finish. LOL. sad reality.

        • 26 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 2]

          I understand the strict diet, but she didn’t even lick her cotton candy. She just pecked at it. LOL! I want to believe although she’s a model she can eat a good healthy portion of food, or at least act the part. It’s called acting. Hello! Just don’t show me anymore meal scenes please. Make up activities or something. Stop with the wasted food scenes. At least in that dept. Siwon never disappoints though; he can wolf down three bowls of noodle soup if he wants.

          Now, Xu Lu, that girl can eat. Heart her more for being more carefree.

          Maybe I shouldn’t be tough on the supermodel. Maybe she woulda been yelled at by her manager if she ruined her diet and was caught on camera for it. Whatever!

          See, I’m PO-ing over the fact that the show is making it toooooo obvious that their match is heavily scripted. Go ahead and sucker me believing more, but do it in a more natural sense. So forced. What a turn off! Squeeze in some time with an acting coach for their next meetup or something then. LOL! (I can be mean.)

          ENDS RANT.

        • 26 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 2]

          I got curious and looked up Siwon’s salary, hehe. Some websites say he makes $2 million annually but others cite his overall net worth as $35 million?? I never realized his family was so wealthy, too!

          It makes mes sad, too, to see a table full of food and Liu Wen saying she wants to eat the salad 🙁 I guess it’s only fair that she gets to look good in absolutely everything she wears and I get to eat all the cotton candy I want 😀

        • 26 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 2]

          cant compare xu lu to liu wen – apples to oranges. you ARE tough on our super model keane! she’s not an actress…yet! so i find her not being able to act relatable and endearing since everyone else on this show is an actor or actress. they are pros.

          blame the person in charge of not having more fun activities for them. lols.

  8. 26 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 2]

    Eng Sub for Siwon-Liu Wen segments. Looks like we have to wait longer for the other couples.

    Ep. 1:
    Ep. 2:

    Lol, so the noodle was tasteless! Sweetie Siwon, we never expect anything else from you. 🙂

    Him trolling Liu Wen on weibo, calling Shu Qi his girlfriend, then saying it’s okay because it’s Shu Qi.

    • 26 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 2]

      I believe Shu Qi and Stephen Fung have set a date to get married, right? I like Shu Qi’s, err, boho chic style.^ ^

  9. 26 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 2]

    Xu Lu and Kimi are adorable 🙁 I’m sad that there aren’t any Eng subs yet. I’m looking forward to their part next episode though!! I feel like the Chinese version of WGM has a faster progress with the skinship. The Korean one kind of moves a bit slow and they don’t really hug or do any of what We Are In Love has. Maybe that’s why I enjoy it more, I don’t know.

    • 26 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 2]

      It’s definitely being pushed for skinship progress because they don’t have the luxury of 30+ episodes like the Korean version. China likes to keep these remakes short and sweet. Plus, they have bigger stars with other commitments.

      I do have to agree with you though – the slow progress makes the experience more realistic and natural for many people. They enjoy watching how these couples get to know each other through time.

  10. 26 thoughts on “Chat Station: We Are In Love & Run Brother S2 [Episode 2]

    My 2nd girl crush since meeting Hwangbo on WGM! Liuwen’s smile is so infectious. She shines with her dimples, sincerity and approachable vibe. Siwon’s boring but I think it’s hard for him not to fall for her after a while. She’s just so nice as a supermodel. It’s amazing how she tops the modelling industry without being a bitch.

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