UKMovie: Song of the Sea OST

Song of the Sea OST

Track list:

01. Song of the Sea – Lisa Hannigan
02. The Mother’s Portrait – Bruno Coulais & Kila
03. The Sea Scene – Bruno Coulais & Kila
04. The Song – Lisa Hannigan & Lucy O’Connell
05. The Key In the Sea – Bruno Coulais & Kila
06. The Derry Tune – Kila
07. In the Streets – Bruno Coulais & Kila
08. Dance With the Fish – Bruno Coulais & Kila
09. The Seals – Bruno Coulais & Kila
10. Something Is Wrong – Lisa Hannigan
11. Run – Bruno Coulais & Kila
12. Head Credits – Lisa Hannigan
13. Get Away – Bruno Coulais & Kila
14. Help – Bruno Coulais & Kila
15. Sadness – Bruno Coulais & Kila
16. Molly – Slim Pezin & Kila
17. I Hate You – Bruno Coulais & Kila
18. Who Are You – Bruno Coulais & Kila
19. The Storm – Bruno Coulais & Kila
20. Katy’s Tune – Kila
21. In the Bus – Lisa Hannigan
22. The Thread – Lisa Hannigan
23. Amhrán na farraige – Lisa Hannigan
24. Song of the Sea (Lullaby) [From “Song Of The Sea”] – Nolwenn Leroy
25. La chanson de la mer (Berceuse) [Extrait du film “Le chant de la mer”] – Nolwenn Leroy

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Keane: I love, love, love this animated movie… and of course, its soundtrack is wonderful. I share the audio goodies. The film, itself, is easy to find. If you haven’t seen this movie, then I highly recommend it. Trust me.^ ^ It’s a cute movie. So, so cute. Beautifully done.

After this one, I recommend you follow Le Petit Prince (The Little Prince) animated movie as well coming out this Summer 2015.


Bonus: Lily Allen – Somewhere Only We Know (Keane Cover) | Aude Gagnier – J’ai Dans Le Coeur (Keane Cover)

  1. 3 thoughts on “UKMovie: Song of the Sea OST

    The music from the trailers is absolutely beautiful. I’m gonna watch this one with my little nugget brother.

    Thanks Movie Queen. 😉

    • 3 thoughts on “UKMovie: Song of the Sea OST

      Enchanting, isn’t it? Don’t mention it. 8D Hope you both enjoy this movie as much as I do with my nephews and nieces.

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