Tdrama: Someone Like You OST


01. 空 (片尾曲) (汪小敏) / Empty – Tracy Wang Xiao Min
02. 愛不愛都寂寞 (插曲) (任容萱) / Love Or Not Still Lonely – Lorene Ren
03. 沒有找到你 (插曲) (劉思涵) / Didn’t Find You – Koala Liu Si Han
04. 古耐 (插曲) (黃雅莉) / Gu Nai – Ya Li Huang
05. 愛不愛都寂寞 (溫馨版) / Love Or Not Still Lonely (Warm Ver.)
06. 空 (浪漫愛情版) / Empty (Romantic Ver.)
07. 沒有找到你 (浪漫愛情版) / Didn’t Find You (Romantic Ver.)
08. 古耐 (浪漫愛情版) / Gu Nai (Romantic Ver.)
09. 古耐 (舒心演奏版) / Gu Nai (Pleasant Concert Ver.)
10. 沒有找到你 (搖滾振奮版) / Didn’t Find You (Rock Inspired Ver.)
11. 空 (力量版) / Empty (Power Ver.)
12. 空 (清新民謠版) / Empty (Fresh Ballad Ver.)
13. 沒有找到你 (清新民謠版) / Didn’t Find You (Fresh Ballad Ver.)
14. 空 (可愛奇幻版)/ Empty (Cute Fantasy Ver.)
15. 沒有找到你 (魔法變奏版)/ Didn’t Find You (Magic Ver.)
16. 古耐 (迷幻律動版)/ Gu Nai (Rhythm Ver.)
17. 空 (氣勢磅礡版) / Empty (Magnificent Ver.)
18. 古耐 (心如刀割版) / Gu Nai (Xin Ru Dao Ge Ver.)
19. 愛不愛都寂寞 (悠柔清新版) / Love Or Not Still Lonely (Fresh Ver.)
20. 愛不愛都寂寞 (清唱版) (任容萱) / Love Or Not Still Lonely (Cappella Ver.)


01. I’m Still Missing You – Bii
02. Happy to Hear – Lorene Ren and Alan Kuo

Kappy: Been meaning to watch this drama but I’m caught up with…other things. But it’s okay. I can always marathon it later! Requested by Miss Aryael because she has more than 48 hours in a day to watch dramas! 😀

I can’t find the elegant way to translate 古耐, something ancient? Please help if you can. ^^

  1. 11 thoughts on “Tdrama: Someone Like You OST

    is this good? the stills are beautiful though but the synopsis screams not my taste…dead wife….dead wife’s doppleganger….

    kingone finally a lead in his own drama? i like him. so used to him as a supporting guy. hehehe

  2. 11 thoughts on “Tdrama: Someone Like You OST

    Thanks. So far, I’m loving this drama.

  3. 11 thoughts on “Tdrama: Someone Like You OST

    Kap, I can kiss you for this! LOL
    Didn’t know that I’ll receive such a prompt response to my request.

    Frea, I am currently addicted to this drama. The storyline is not expected. At first, I was cautious going in as well because of the doppelganger thingy but I am now glad I did. I can’t tell you the subtle twist in the story but it is not a story about doppelganger. In fact, I would imagine the leads hesitating going into a relationship because of the twist. The romance itself is pretty straight forward and kind of sweet. Some people might think the development is kind of slow because at Episode 9 (the latest episode), the female lead is still in a relationship with another guy but there are subtle hints here and there to show that emotions are changing and certainly lots of hints to show the male lead’s already fallen for the female lead. Now, we are holding our breaths for when they do actually finally get together. Wonder which episode that will be!

    I love the little comedy here and there – my favourite is the episode where the female lead brazenly ogled the male lead while he was bathing. Not once, not twice, not thrice but many times!!! Man, I wish I was there with her! LOL The best part is her comment afterwards “Boss have a good body BUT….my boyfriend has a better body!” LOL

    The OSTs are very nice too. Hence, my request.

    Thanks, Kap. In return, I am happy to help out if you want. I am currently on a subbing project but if you need someone to act as backup for the episode recaps for Cruel Romance, I can probably do it if time permits. Just drop me an email.

    • 11 thoughts on “Tdrama: Someone Like You OST

      lol….you have to take responsibility then aryael!! if i fall and get hurt from watching this drama!!

      sounds decent but my gosh…episode 9 and still in another relationship with another male…that’s just too slow. how many episodes are they planning to keep running??!!

      instead of writing recaps for cruel romance which is making me mad, why not write a first impression or recaps for someone like you here?? that way i can read and judge! lol.

    • 11 thoughts on “Tdrama: Someone Like You OST

      I was bored and had nothing to do at the moment. =D You’re welcome.

      Now I wonder who is playing her boyfriend cause I did see stills of Kingone’s abs! Magnificent! To have a better body?!

      Thanks for the offer Aryael! I’ll keep it in mind. 😉

  4. 11 thoughts on “Tdrama: Someone Like You OST

    Btw, 古耐 if directly translated mean ‘ancient resistance’ but the more accurate translation in this context would be “the unwillingness to let go” considering the lyrics of the song is about wishing, dreaming, separation and wanting to let go but can’t.

  5. 11 thoughts on “Tdrama: Someone Like You OST

    thank you so much for the ost. im now officially a fan of Bii. lols

    first time i watched the first episode, i wasnt sure if i would continue watching this kind of drama but then here i am.. watching the latest episode of it.. lol
    the storyline itself isnt really my cup of tea, but i have to admit that both actors have the chemistry. although im not a fortuneteller but i could tell, what kind of ending we’ll get hehe..

    thanks kap 🙂

  6. 11 thoughts on “Tdrama: Someone Like You OST

    Thank you so much for posting this!!! I am so loving this drama so far.. so many unexpected twists and turns.. ^_^ I wasn’t expecting her boyfriend to be so evil and kingone having his eye surgery so quickly… I can’t wait to see what will happen next! 🙂

  7. 11 thoughts on “Tdrama: Someone Like You OST

    Hi, just wondering if this album has 20 or 21 tracks? I found a few pages which list 21 track. The last song being sung by Lorene Ren and Alan Ke/Kuo – 聽見幸福. Thanks!

    • 11 thoughts on “Tdrama: Someone Like You OST

      Not sure why it was missing in the first place. Added in the extra section. Enjoy!

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