Kdrama: Blood OST

Track list:

— Part 1 —
01. Tiffany [SNSD] – Only One
02. Tiffany [SNSD] – Only One (Instr.)

Download Part 1

— Part 2 —
01. Song Ha Ye – Be Alright
02. Song Ha Ye – Be Alright (Instr.)

— Part 3 —
01. Ha Hyun Woo [of Guckkasten] – I Can`t Stop Loving You
02. Ha Hyun Woo [of Guckkasten] – I Can`t Stop Loving You (Instr.)

Download Parts 2-3

— Part 4 —
01. MC Meta feat. Taru & Jin Hyun – Cell
02. MC Meta feat. Taru & Jin Hyun – Cell (Instr.)

Download Part 4

— Official Album —
01. Only One – 티파니
02. Be Alright – 송하예
03. I Can’t Stop Loving you – 하현우 (국카스텐)
04. Cell (Feat. 타루, 진현) – MC 메타
05. 한 사람만 사랑합니다 Only Love One Person – BBAhn
06. 블러드 Blood
07. 뱀파이어의 사랑 Vampire Love ~ MY FAVORITE! ~
08. Evil
09. Dream
10. 생명선 Lifeline
11. The Legend
12. 누군가의 아픔 Someone’s Pain
13. 사랑과 구원 Love and Salvation
14. 열정이 된 슬픔 A Passion For Sorrow
15. Vampire vs Vampire
16. Survivor
17. Wake Up
18. Game of Death

Download Album

— Extras —
01. Guckkasten – Frame

Keane: Fell in love with Tiffany’s voice for this soundtrack. The lyrics are wonderful (and embedded in Hangul/English). Enjoy!

Oh man, I really like this drama. You know, I like Ku Hye Sun since BOF days because she’s multi-talented and a starlit from YG Entertainment (*shrugs* I’ve always been bias towards YG’s artists). I’ve kept tabs on her projects small and big. The reason why I like her in this series is because she plays a snobby-to-almost-prissy-like doctor but she swears a lot. Her character makes me giggle every time she does cuss a storm. Then, oh my, Ahn Jae Hyun’s deep voice with that baby face. It’s so wrong, for the right reasons. I’ve caught up to ep.06 this week, and I love the latest episode very dearly. The poolside scene is awesome! AND… we get the first piggyback ride herein scene. Yay! I know I’m not the only one raving about last Tuesday’s episode.

credit: Soompi’s Blood Forum

  1. 19 thoughts on “Kdrama: Blood OST

    I know right! XD There are sooo many people criticizing her acting but I think it’s on the spot. I’m not Korean so I don’t know about the pronunciation thingies that they’ve been nagging at since the first episode, but to me, her tone of voice, attitude and ‘tantrums’ makes such a unique and lovable character. 😀
    Ahn Jae Hyun is pretty much perfect in my eyes. XD Have you heard of his song in You’re All Surrounded OST entitled ‘That was you’? And his performance in the music videos of Sistar19’s ‘Gone Not Around Any Longer’ and Urban Zakapa’s ‘The Space Between’ is soooo dreamy… XD
    BTW, thanks! I’ve been looking for this song… 😀

    • 19 thoughts on “Kdrama: Blood OST

      I know… RiTa is refreshing to watch; I love her snarks which all amuses me. I had a great laugh at the show’s Mr. Spock (aka Leonard Nimoy, R.I.P) homage. So apted. Love, loved it!

      OMG-sh, you’re AJH’s hardcore fan!^ ^ I really need to check all those tidbits of AJH. Thanks. And you’re welcome.

  2. 19 thoughts on “Kdrama: Blood OST

    i stopped watching this episode at ep.6, i just couldnt stand her acting, im sorry.. im a YG Stan, and she’s a YG Family but im not biased, her acting was supeeeerrrrr meh.. and that Mr. Ahn, emm.. he wasnt ready yet for being MALE LEAD!, sorry for this drama fans, no offense.. peaceeeee (Ahn Yoo Na’s KMHM Style) 😀

    i love the antagonist, that ajjussi was my fave but he only had a few scenes in one episode, but still, i wont watch it anymore. this time i agreed with K-netizen hehe

    • 19 thoughts on “Kdrama: Blood OST

      i meant this drama* at ep.6 hehe

  3. 19 thoughts on “Kdrama: Blood OST

    I suppose, given a swoon worthy ep.06, y’all can expect ep.07+ to tone down a bit with some numbing tell tale divergences to split the audience. AJH had to have start somewhere for male lead, he’s got the whole package, it’s just that there’s not much chemistry between the two leading couple maybe. The writer has to put more heated tension between OTP for some fireworks displayed onscreen. I was fine seeing them bickering like husband and wife at the start. I don’t see much of that lately, so this cooling off period gets boring, however I’m sure things will pick up again soon.

    I’m still curious about the new drug and its effects. I still think there’s something special about Ji Sang’s metabolism in a way to create an anti-serum. The best thing out of ep.07 was knowing Ji Sang’s gel pill suppressants were made from corpse extract. Ew and wow, at the same time. I’m fascinated in a way so I’m still tuning in. Honestly, OTP can remain friends for life and I’ll be okay with that. The only possibility I don’t look forward to, is something off the open ending to Dracula Untold, that the vampire meets his destined love eon’s later reincarnated. I really don’t want that for this show’s ending. Deadpan, I will.

  4. 19 thoughts on “Kdrama: Blood OST

    Does anyone know the title short soundtrack that comes on when the episode ends? (sometimes it comes on in the middle to)
    My mother and I are DYING to know (Q.Q)

    • 19 thoughts on “Kdrama: Blood OST

      OH MY GOSH! im srry i dont have the answer to your question but the moment i saw ur comment i jst wanted to say I FINNAAALLLYYYY found someone who’s tryna find this instrumental soundtrack as well. i’ve been searching for days i cant seem to find it, but if i magically come upon it ill make sure to tell you.

  5. 19 thoughts on “Kdrama: Blood OST

    can anyone tell me when does ost part 4 come out? i rly love their music. plz tell me asap

  6. 19 thoughts on “Kdrama: Blood OST

    Anyone knows the soundtrack or instrumental background music in this drama? I’ve tried searching for it but no where to be found.

    If someone there can help me 🙂

  7. 19 thoughts on “Kdrama: Blood OST

    Yeah, tell me about it! I was hoping for a full album to release with a few original scores but that seems non-existent after the finale ended last week. We may never know.

    Ahhh, it was a nice ending. Good show with a surprising twist. I likey.

  8. 19 thoughts on “Kdrama: Blood OST

    hey they just released it, but you have to buy it though. the tv soundtrack

    • 19 thoughts on “Kdrama: Blood OST

      Got it, pretty late release though huh; will post it up soon. Stay tune~

  9. 19 thoughts on “Kdrama: Blood OST

    Thank you for sharing >.<
    I've downloaded the album but I can't find the music I was looking for.
    do you know the music in blood eps 4 in mid-film
    I was desperately looking for the music 🙁
    Thank you

  10. 19 thoughts on “Kdrama: Blood OST

    I can’t download the link you given, the full ost part.. is it still working?? I really looking for the ost, please help.. thank u…

    • 19 thoughts on “Kdrama: Blood OST

      Link still works, Nita. In case you are not familiar with this file host, then you may need to go to our F.A.Q. page at header above for “How To…” illustrations provided for this file host. We show you step by step. Happy listening!

      • 19 thoughts on “Kdrama: Blood OST

        Thanks… I got the ost… really gomawo…

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