Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (7)

——> ♦ Chen Xiao‘s new project isn’t a modern one after all. He’ll be returning to the ancient period, pairing up with classmate Lin Peng in a Yumama-produced drama tentatively known as Twilight of the Empire. It tells the story of Prince Gong from the Qing dynasty, the sixth son of Emperor Dao Guang, his controversial life, which eventually led to what they called a disgraceful death. I’m intrigued and might read more into this historical figure.

 photo Cnews7 33.jpg photo Cnews7 32.jpg

 photo Cnews7 34.jpg

The production unveils the opening themevideo a few days ago, “Heaven and Earth”, by Xu Zi Wei.

——> ♦ Run, Brother releases new posters and trailer for Season 2. I like the posters but they special effect of skin-peeling feels a bit too much for a variety show, so is the crying in the trailer. O_o.

 photo Cnews7 41.jpg photo Cnews7 40.jpg

 photo Cnews7 39.jpg photo Cnews7 38.jpg

 photo Cnews7 36.jpg

 photo Cnews7 37.jpg photo Cnews7 35.jpg

More confirmed guests: Joe Chen, Nicky Wu, and Du Chun. They are portraying guards from The Four! LOL!

 photo Cnews7 60.jpg

 photo Cnews7 59.jpg

S2 Trailer:

——> ♦ China’s Real Men called Takes A Real Man reveals pictures of the full cast. Yes. Wang Bao Qiang has decided to join Real Men as opposed to Run Brother. The full male cast from left to right, down: Wang Bao Qiang, Yuan Hong, Zhang Feng Yi, Guo Xiao Dong, Du Hai Tao (Happy Camp’s chubby host), and Liu Hao Ran (born in 1997! A baby!)

Takes a Real Man premieres on April 10th, 2015.

 photo Cnews7 31.jpg photo Cnews7 29.jpg

 photo Cnews7 30.jpg photo Cnews7 28.jpg

 photo Cnews7 27.jpg photo Cnews7 26.jpg

——> ♦ Tang Yan‘s Women on the Breadfruit Tree starring Bosco Wong, Sonia Sui, and Ryan Zheng did not air as expected in December 2014 but it is likely to air in the upcoming weeks. Because you know we haven’t had enough of Tang Yan on our screen yet this year. 😛 On a serious note, the girl needs to take care of her health as I read news of her being sent to the hospital on the set of Diamond Lovers last week because of exhaustion. Need I say more? REST.

Anyway, check out the new stills and trailer below. Keep tabs on my massive Cdramas Airing Schedule for precise dates.

 photo Cnews7 25.jpg

 photo Cnews7 24.jpg

 photo Cnews7 23.jpg

 photo Cnews7 22.jpg

Ryan with his stooopid wig again. hehe.

 photo Cnews7 21.jpg

 photo Cnews7 20.jpg

——> ♦ Next drama to follow Love Weaves Through A Millennium is… I don’t know how to translate the title (爱你,万缕千丝). A revenge story led by Eva Huang with two men (brothers too): Gavin Gao Yun Xiang and Kenny Kwan. Watch Trailer below.

——> ♦ Zhang Han‘s movie with Chen Qiao En, I’ll Never Lose You. The premise is nothing new in movie land, following the budding romance of two friends from college to graduation, to daily work life. Stills and posters.

 photo Cnews7 11.jpg

 photo Cnews7 10.jpg

 photo Cnews7 9.jpg

——> ♦ Speaking of Joe, let me share her new photoshoot here. I don’t know about you guys, but women in their 30s and 40s are super attractive. Yes, yes?

 photo Cnews7 8.jpg

 photo Cnews7 7.jpg photo Cnews7 6.jpg

 photo Cnews7 5.jpg photo Cnews7 4.jpg

——> ♦ Joe’s movie, The Queens, where she starred beside Tony Yang unveils some smoking pictures of the two and a general music video. 😀 The movie is set to come out in May.

 photo Cnews7 66.jpg

 photo Cnews7 65.jpg

 photo Cnews7 64.jpg

 photo Cnews7 63.jpg

 photo Cnews7 62.jpg

 photo Cnews7 61.jpg

——> ♦ Empress of China will start airing on TVB station soon…and instead of chopping off the breasts like China did, TVB colors in a silk panel. LOL! This is too funny. What should we call it? Breast-canceling CGI?

 photo Cnews7 1.jpg

——> ♦ Stills for Lin Geng Xin‘s God of War Zhao Yun with Godfrey Gao, SNSD’s Yoona, and Goong‘s Kim Jung Hoon. Somehow, I’m very meh with this drama.

 photo Cnews7 19.jpg

 photo Cnews7 2.jpg

 photo Cnews7 14.jpg

 photo Cnews7 15.jpg

 photo Cnews7 16.jpg

 photo Cnews7 17.jpg

 photo Cnews7 18.jpg

 photo Cnews7 42.jpg

Godfrey and Gu Li Na Zha. AH~. Pretty.

 photo Cnews7 13.jpg

Shorter News On Weibo:

——> ♦ Remember the movie I wrote about last time with Zhao Li Ying and Zhang Han? Well, due to scheduling conflict, Zhang Han is confirmed NOT to take part. *happy dance* Please don’t hate me. I’m just a fangirl who wants new pairings for her beloved girl crush. 😀

——> ♦ Ady An‘s new rom-com drama with Zhu Yi Long, Sister Is Coming. Don’t know the details yet but keep it in mind for now. Filming has already begun.

 photo Cnews7 3.jpg

——> ♦ Produced by Johnnie To (Mad Detective, Drug War), the film, Three’s Company (or Three for now) that stirs our excitement when they invited Vicki Zhao, Wallace Chung, and Louis Koo to film, held a press conference two days ago. I want a teaser!! T_T Have some pictures for now ladies.

 photo Cnews7 56.jpg

Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate, and Mr. Caramel. xD

 photo Cnews7 54.jpg

 photo Cnews7 53.jpg

Is someone shy? hehe.

 photo Cnews7 52.jpg

 photo Cnews7 51.jpg

 photo Cnews7 50.jpg

She looks good with both men.

 photo Cnews7 58.jpg

 photo Cnews7 57.jpg

——> ♦ Vivian Hsu announced her pregnancy at age 40 (??!!). Aww! Hoping her a safe and happy motherhood ahead! ^_^

 photo Cnews7 12.jpg

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  1. 20 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (7)

    What a humongous post! Thanks for sharing!!

    Joe looks hot with Tony in those stills….omg…. Now I have to watch it to erase cruel romance from memory!!

    Chen Xiao new costar looks so much older than her real age.

    Lol@zlys movie with Zhang han.

  2. 20 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (7)

    wow, thanks for all the updates! (and I thought I knew what was going on in the C-entertainment these days..)

    Chen Xiao’s Twilight in the Moon may be interesting and I think I am gonna give it a try. But, I feel like he played this type of character a lot already (Legend of Lu Zhen, Yun Zhong Ge and others I forgot the names :P). Also, I am surprise he is back at Yumama, since I was sure this evil producer had focused all his promotional tactics on Zhang Zhehan. Oh well…

    As for the others, I will try out Joe Chen’s The Queens and Ady An’s Sister is Coming. I love those two actresses :3

    Maybe it is me, but as a big fan of Zhao Zilong character, I am quiet excited for the God of War Zhao Yun drama coming up this summer!!!

    • 20 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (7)

      i think the production of Zhao zilong lost credibility the moment they decided to cast a KOREAN IDOL in an ancient drama for a LEAD ROLE. the linguistics of period dramas are double the difficulties of modern ones too… like Really?? she can’t even speak chinese, much less understand the whole thing.

      we have ton of young chinese actresses, but of course….popularity wins.

      joe and tony look so hot together!!! unreal!!

      • 20 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (7)

        I bet SM paid for Yoona to be casted because she is definitely not the most popular k-idol in China. 😛 I actually don’t mind Korean actors in C-drama (especially since I like Yoona a lot). Since I watched Mischievous Princess with Jang Nara, I think it is possible for K-actors to do well in China. Stay optimist! After all, I am sure this role won’t ask for much acting skills 😉

        And I know! How can Joe look so good with all her partners?? *_*

        • 20 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (7)

          i don’t mind them if they actually put in time to learn and immerse in the culture, like jang na ra and chae rim who spent years in china. this is only quick money, which is an insult tbh. but who am i say when chinese productions do what they do. bleh.

          joe just clicks with everyone. wish i had her power! lols.

    • 20 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (7)

      We love the same group of actresses! 😎

      Frea hit it out of the ball park with her explanation. How am I supposed to buy the OTP interactions and love story? T_T

      • 20 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (7)

        8D Plus, I am a big fan of Zhao Liying too!! <3
        Hehe. Except the second half of Cruel Romance, I think no Joe dramas had disappointed me! As for Ady An, she just has too many good dramas for me not to root for her success :3

  3. 20 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (7)

    Alice — sorry for not responding re: Chen Xiao’s new movie! I’m feeling very “meh” about the series so couldn’t pull myself to go read the synopsis. 🙂 I do hear that it’s a serious drama (正剧), so I’m wishing him the best. The director has a good history (done a lot of acclaimed historical dramas), and Yumama is only signed on as a producer, as opposed to script-writer, so crossed-fingers for him. His career has been in kind of a rut for the past year or so, hopefully 2015 will be the year he bounces back with some new hot stuff.

    Re: Zhao liying’s new movie — I saw that the movie’s official weibo account is following Li Yi Feng…I would be excited for that pairing. I don’t know how to do Weibo screen caps — but hope you didn’t miss her recent bear outfit and her mini-reunion with Ryan Zheng in Hengdian while he was visiting from shooting an episode of Running Man/Interns. The jacket/shirt is ridiculous, but still adorable somehow! 🙂

    Finally, did you see the news about how they’re turning Shan Shan into a movie? I would NOT want to be the actress who has to step into those shoes…

    • 20 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (7)

      yea, alice posted on twitter about shan shan movie several days ago and she i think almost spat blood. LOL

    • 20 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (7)

      Is it a coincidence that ChenxLing are both entering “serious” drama phase? heehee!

      If it’s Li Yi Feng, then my wish came true! HAR HAR!! SAY YES! FENG FENG! I saw the photos! Her Zhu Mountain Make-up was still there. 😛

      I did spat blood… Lol. While Shan Shan isn’t my favorite character (I’m not really into cute/clumsy characters), ZLY portrayed her to a T. Shoes are too large to be filled by just anyone.

  4. 20 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (7)

    Ooohhh, I remember watching Zhu Yi Long in that drama with Yang Rong and being like, he’s hot. I’d totally ditch the rebel for him instead lololol. Hope this one turns out well!

    And Qiao En looks busy, no surprise there. Hope she and Tang Yan watch their health! It’s great seeing her everywhere, but not so much if she gets sent to the hospital because of it.

    And the TVB solution to the boobage…. ~_~ Well I guess it beats awkward headshots.

    Thanks for the news round up! 😀 These are so awesome~ >w<

  5. 20 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (7)

    The post is long so i need to go back to the beginning to see what I want to comment about.

    I want to see Ady An new drama. It just started filming so hopefully it will come out by the end of the year. Her costar is hot, such an eye candy but i haven’t seen him in any drama yet.

    As for Tang Yang, i thought she finished filming another drama again but it’s a good thing it was filmed last year. That girl only has bone left on her skin. She has 3 dramas and 2? movies done when it’s only March for this year. She should rest after wrapping up the movie Diamond Lover with Rain.

    Wallace new movie is more action oriented, all 3 casts are big stars so i think the movie will do quite well. I am still not completely over with He YiChen’s character in Wallace Chung. He’s so fine for someone who’s 40 yr-old. nice to see Vickie zhao back on screen too.

    Yoona is pretty but she can’t pull off chinese ancient look. She suits modern dramas more than ancient ones. The yellow costumes she’s wearing is too bland. I am quite reluctant about it but will check it out since i like most of the casts in the drama.

    • 20 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (7)

      Lol. Sorry dear! I compiled this at the beginning of last week, so it got pretty long now that I look at it. Maybe I should keep it shorter next time, as to not confuse readers on what to comment about. 🙂

      Ady’s co-star, Zhu Yi Long, was in Love For Three Lifetimes (情定三生) with Yang Rong, if you want to check that out.

      I believe Diamond Lover wrapped up filming a few days ago. Fast filming as always. It’s on par with live-shooting system in Korea.

      Wallace being 40 is a LIE. 😛

      • 20 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (7)

        C-ent is harder to keep up with than K-ent. I feel like there are so many dramas being produced and went unnoticed most of the time unless the casts are big stars.

        Thank you for still updating drama news from time to time. For the long post, maybe you can split into two to three parts. 🙂

        I just checked ‘Love For Three Lifetimes’ and is a Republican era drama, I will check it out when I have time. I didn’t even see any promo being done when it comes out. Have you watched it yet? I will just wait until ‘Sister Is Coming’ comes out to watch Zhu Yi Long.

        • 20 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (7)

          That’s my next goal, to cover as many dramas as possible. But it gets difficult when the ones with unpopular/unknown actors are not being read or discussed as much. With little interest, it becomes much harder to write about. :/ So here we go! Jia You!

          My friend did watch it and she said it was an addicting watch, even if it got extreme sometimes. Lol.

  6. 20 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (7)

    TvB solution for low cleavage is Genius. It was better than that of talking head. Hope #dramafever could pick this one.
    As for other news, I mostly agree with everyone commenting here ^_^

  7. 20 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (7)

    Oh so long informative C-news! I always enjoy to come here to keep updating C-Ent and I admit I’m so behind about C new batch of actors o.O

    I want to try out Three, always enjoy Vicki’s acting skill plus Wallace and Louis in too it better be good.

    TVB much better than China in editing for sure, I don’t know China series just getting ridiculous these day and partly blaming it to TV station stupid editing and SARFT. Somehow they ruined the production and actors effort!

    Qiao En is everywhere and she is getting prettier and prettier. Gosh I still don’t believe she’s in her mid-30s. How could that be? 😀 Not to mention she looks hot with Tony Yang!
    Talking about Cruel Romance, I wish I can watch the uncut/full version with english sub, so I should not get frustated with how mess and choppy the Hunan’s one. Geez I still don’t get China editing logic ^__;; TBH I worry with Qiao En China projects. It good if she can come back to filming in Taiwan for once a while.

    • 20 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (7)

      Qiao En is like fine wine, she looks better with age. Remember the awkward girl we used to know? hehe!

  8. 20 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (7)

    How does one keep up with C-ent? So many new projects.

    Qiao En looks strangely a bit like Liu Yan in that magazine shoot. Haven’t watched anything of hers in the past few years, but she looks great for her age.

    • 20 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (7)

      Difficult! I just try to keep up with the younger generation+ more, and even they are exhausting to follow, jumping from one project to the next, and/or doing more than one at the same time. BURRRRR!

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