UKMovie: The Theory of Everything OST

Theory of Everything OST

Track list:

— Official Score Album —
01. Cambridge, 1963
02. Rowing
03. Domestic Pressures
04. Chalkboard
05. Cavendish Lab
06. Collapsing Inwards
07. A Game of Croquet
08. The Origins of Time
09. Viva Voce
10. The Wedding
11. The Dreams that Stuff Is Made Of
12. A Spacetime Singularity
13. The Stairs
14. A Normal Family
15. Forces of Attraction
16. Rowing – Alternative Version
17. Camping
18. Coma
19. The Spelling Board
20. The Voice Box
21. A Brief History of Time
22. Daisy, Daisy
23. A Model of the Universe
24. The Theory of Everything
25. London, 1988
26. Epilogue
27. The Whirling Ways of Stars That Pass

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Keane: I’m like OBSESSED with this album. My favorite soundtrack in a long while ever since BBJX. Jóhann Jóhannsson has become one of my favorite composers. I fell in love with this soundtrack after watching the movie, itself, in theaters. Brilliant film, brilliant cast & brilliant soundtrack. My only beef about this thing is that I wish I had my hands on the limited edition vinyl print for this OST too. Did I profess my OBSESSION yet? Haha~^ ^

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    The gif makes me want to watch this movie…. They said Mr. King shed some tears watching this movie. Now, I want to see Sheldon watch it too….with Amy 🙂

  2. 3 thoughts on “UKMovie: The Theory of Everything OST

    This movie just won best movie on BAFTA right. Is it so good? I’ll try it.

    Btw, quite curious.. Anyone know India movie : “PK” ? People recommended it to me. I’m not used to watch Bollywood though I like 3 idiots. Olala alot films to watch..

  3. 3 thoughts on “UKMovie: The Theory of Everything OST

    @Kappy ~ I was aiming for such attraction adding this giffy.^^ A must watch girl friend.

    @momo ~ Yes, it did win Best Film & Best Lead Male Actor from BAFTA. Sad, it didn’t take Best Soundtrack too.

    This movie is so worth watching, especially when you’ve just had a shitty day/week. You may regain some, if not all, of your equilibrium back after watching it. It’s a brilliant and beautiful film. So much charm oozes out of this bit. The romance has a lot of flirting and none of the sex being exploited. Very sophisticated and classy.

    I’ve actually followed Prof. S.W. Hawking’s bio tracing back to drama related ALS stories years back, and I was totally starstruck how brilliant Eddie Redmayne portrayed Prof. Hawking. Plus, I’ve added another lady to fangirl over, Felicity Jones, is so beautiful in my eyes.

    And, I plan to squeeze time to go watch ‘The Imitation Game’ some time after my Girls Night for ‘Fifty Shades’. Will offer some critiques then.

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