Tdrama: Aim High OST

For a drama about modern young people, these two are disappointingly clueless and melo!

Tracklist (If you can provide better translation, please do!):

01. 閃亮的夢想 (Dazzling Dreams)- 葳宣/葳安 (Vianz & Shan)
02. 幸福滿滿 (Endless Happiness) – 蘇盈之/陳曉東 (Wincci Soo & Daniel Chan)
03. Missing You All The Time – 葳宣/葳安 (Vianz & Shan)
04. 吻的溫度 (Kiss Temperature) – FS (Fuying & Sam)
05. 找麻煩 (Looking For Trouble) – 蘇盈之 (Wincci Soo)
06. 藏不住 (Hide) – BY2/MP魔幻力量 廷廷 (By2 & Magic Power)
07. Like我一下 (Like Me) – FS (Fuying & Sam)
08. 別客氣 (You’re Welcome) – 蘇盈之 (Wincci Soo)
09. Dazzling Dreams (Alongside Ver.)
10. You’re Welcome (Mutual Warmth Ver.)
11. Kiss Temperature (Life Flavor Ver.)
12. Endless Happiness (Proud Love Ver.)
13. You’re Welcome (Feelings Declared Ver.)
14. Dazzling Dreams (Brave Dream Ver.)
15. Looking For Trouble (Mood Ver)
16. Missing You All The Time (Smile Missing Ver.)
17. 藏不住 (Hide) – By2
18. 吻的溫度 (Kiss Temperature) – Fuying & Sam
19. Dazzling Dreams – Vianz & Shan


Kappy: So I revisited this drama again after dropping it at episode 3 and my opinion doesn’t change. It’s pretty uneventful and focuses too much on the romance. I wouldn’t complain if the romance is interesting…but it’s pretty dull. After seeing Mao Mao cried like that at the end of episode 3, I expected a dramatic explanation about her break-up with Dao Yuan. Turns out it was over a simple, too simple reason: he didn’t call back after their argument. Oiiii. So silly! Coupled that with Mao Mao’s stubbornness to give the poor (but perfect) man a chance frustrates the heck out of me!

And then there are newbies in love like Qi Feng and Yi Fen and I want to bang my heads on the table. It’s hard to believe you know, two attractive people not knowing what love is in this modern world…. *side eye*

My interest is caught again when they introduce Qi Feng’s younger brother, Yu Pin Yao (Edison Wang), into the mix as Mi Xiang’s love interest. HE IS SO MUCH FUN. Like a breath of fresh air this drama desperately needed. Whenever he coaches his older brother about love, I’m crackling in the background.

 photo AIM-1.gif photo AIM-2.gif
 photo AIM-3.gif photo AIM-4.gif

I’ll probably marathon this drama once it ends using my favorite button: forward! [Currently at Ep.8]

  1. 4 thoughts on “Tdrama: Aim High OST

    Thanks for the ost for this show.

    Haha…yeah Yu Pin Yao is totally funny.He and his couple with Mi Xiang. If he wasn’t in here I don’t know what to do. lol there like no comedy relief its just so boring for the last few episodes now. The storyline for both MM & DY also for QF & YF is not setting with me to well. I’m about to give up on this drama.

    • 4 thoughts on “Tdrama: Aim High OST

      I can see how patient you are Guest!! 😛 You stayed with it for so long. I’m putting the writers of this drama on my blacklist! They have no idea where to take this series, it’s sad.

      • 4 thoughts on “Tdrama: Aim High OST

        Agree with you they don’t know where they taking this series.There nothing about aim high any more.

        DY & MM storyline is so sad and depressed. They really need so happy scene. Haven’t see them happy or lovey dove since New Year episode.

        PY & MX storyline stared to be cutie and blossom. I wish them the bess and hope they don’t turn into like MM & DY or QF & YF storyline.

        • 4 thoughts on “Tdrama: Aim High OST

          The new title: Aim Low. XD

          I wish someone would cut Pin Yao and Mi Xiang romance only parts and I would watch that. I’m so mean. 😛

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