Give Me 5 Concert: Yadech’s Performance + DL links

I swear Frea is always giving me more work to do. She requested this performance because her babies (combined couple name as Yadech) were “perfect and flawless” in it. Lol, I don’t even know them. I know she’s gonna rip me again for not starting on my lakorns but can you blame me? I have so many cdramas as it is. My mother is a better drama watcher than I am. She has finished 3 lakorns and is currently wrapped up in an Indian drama over 300 episodes. My Lord. That woman is not human!! (cause she’s a goddess but do not let her know, she gloats!)

Apparently, this is a concert composed of 5 popular actors. I recognize Mario immediately because I do watch Thai Movies. The rest are unfamiliar faces. Anyway, the video is ripped from the original DVDs because Frea has no money to buy it and if she doesn’t have the video, she will be depressed. Lol. That girl. She said I should share it here since there might be poor fans like herself as well.

Duration: 20 minutes
Resolution: 984×540
Size: 320MB
Download here: 540p ZASK
Note: Please do not upload/repost anywhere else without permission.

Screen captures (Edited):

 photo Yadech-1.jpg

No amount of money could get me on that wire!

 photo Yadech-2.jpg

This kid has a cute smile!

 photo Yadech-3.jpg

The girl, Yaya, appears like an angel onstage.

 photo Yadech-4.jpg

She’s very pretty!

 photo Yadech-5.jpg

Almost kissing here?

 photo Yadech-6.jpg

 photo Yadech-7.jpg

Another tease.

 photo Yadech-8.jpg

Then he rips off her flowing white dress to reveal a mini skirt underneath.

 photo Yadech-9.jpg

 photo Yadech-10.jpg

 photo Yadech-11.jpg

So many kiss teases between them! Smooch already kids!

 photo Yadech-12.jpg

Her hair flings perfectly.

 photo Yadech-13.jpg

I don’t know what’s going on here but he just hugs her close like this…

 photo Yadech-14.jpg

They must be really close. She’s playing with his sweats! LOL.

 photo Yadech-17.jpg

 photo Yadech-19.jpg

Singing a slow song to finish the performance.

 photo Yadech-21.jpg

 photo Yadech-22.jpg

 photo Yadech-23.jpg

This last part is so cute. They just stare at each other and then break into the sweetest smiles. I can see why Frea and their fans are crazy over them. They have chemistry down to a T.

 photo Yadech-24.jpg

 photo Yadech-26.jpg

 photo Yadech-27.jpg

Ending with a heartfelt hug.

 photo Yadech-28.jpg

 photo Yadech-29.jpg

Oh krap, I think I’m now a fan. WHY AM I SO EASY TO PERSUADE?

  1. 5 thoughts on “Give Me 5 Concert: Yadech’s Performance + DL links

    THANK-YOU ALICE!!! THANK-YOU!!! i have been stalking all morning ever since you said you were gonna post today!!

    yes, my babies were perfect and flawless. yes, become a fan like me!! be obsessed with them!!

    they are very close of course… ehhehe recently caught on a valentine’s date but nadech replied to the media that he didn’t know it was valentines day!! LOL what a liar this kid is. he thinks we are kids???? they are dating! i know they are!! those glances and stares. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

    again thank-you!!

    • 5 thoughts on “Give Me 5 Concert: Yadech’s Performance + DL links

      You being obsessed is enough Frea! Don’t drag me down. *wrestle*

      But yes, they are super cute to watch. 🙂

  2. 5 thoughts on “Give Me 5 Concert: Yadech’s Performance + DL links

    They totally are dating !!!! Her whole family basically help celebrated his college grad recently. I mean that just don’t happen if they are simply acting colleague.

    I kind of don’t want them to date…..what will I do if they break up.

    • 5 thoughts on “Give Me 5 Concert: Yadech’s Performance + DL links

      they totally are!! those puppies think they can lie to me??!! lols.

      i love that they made it to his night party AT HIS HOUSE!! WITH HER FATHER. HAHHA XD DADDY APPROVES OF NA LONG TIME AGO!!

      omg….don’t ever say the word break up!! i don’t think ill be able to withstand that pain….with all the future reading of those two that the media likes to shove in their faces as well. i hope they last FOREVER!

  3. 5 thoughts on “Give Me 5 Concert: Yadech’s Performance + DL links

    i always enjoyed watching them together in talkshow, but somewhat bored with their lakorn lately.. but they are still one of my fave. YaDech forever!!!

    aaaahh the pics Frea gives just.. adorable. they always spent time together. everytime i heard yaya said “P’Nadech kaa”, and Nadech said “Nong Yaya Krab”, they were soooo intimate.. 🙂

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