Sina’s Weibo Night 2014

Another popularity contest…. Yes. I did vote for my favorites. Lol. #shameless

Zhao Li Ying arrived with her Boss & Me‘s costar, Zhang Han. Do not like her dress! She does not have curves to pull it off unfortunately and it’s colorless! Me want colors, sweetie! That bow-tie is quite big, Mr. Zhang. She is one of the Top Five Goddesses of 2014.

 photo Sina1.jpg

 photo Sina52.jpg

I like her second dress. It’s not that better but points for variations.

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Smile! She’s adorable. 🙂

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Yang Mi came in a sparkly red gown, hanging to the arms of this year’s Weibo King, Lu Han.

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I don’t know much about this kid except he left Kpop group, EXO.

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She sat in between Guo Jing Ming (left) and Cheney Chen. Yea, these two were showering her with attention left and right! Where’s Hawick? 😛

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Hard-working Cheney Chen.

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Suzy also came. Love her dress! My favorite of the night!

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Another Korean actress who was also invited is Kim Tae Hee in a mini number below. I get worried for actress with short dresses! The chances of accidental reveal is much higher!

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Liu Tao looking young in a school-girl uniform dress.

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 photo Sina44.jpg

Manly Louis Fan. I did not know he’s a fervent weibo user. heh. Love how his muscles fill the tux completely.

 photo Sina43.jpg

 photo Sina42.jpg

Ryan Zheng‘s popularity has been skyrocketing these past few months.

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Newly married, Gao Yuan Yuan looking alluring and chic. I guess you have no excuse to look bad if you come home every night to Mark Zhao. Same goes for him. 😉

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In a sleek white outfit, Wang Luo Dan struts confidently.

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And now, Weibo Queen of 2014! Angelababy! She’s dressed like a boss. Lol.

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 photo Sina22.jpg

Qiao Zhen Yu. =D

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That is all for today’s pretty! Your favorites?

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  1. 7 thoughts on “Sina’s Weibo Night 2014

    Yang Mi is always surrounding herself with pretty boys these days. Her production company specializes in finding pretty young males and females? Lol.

    Really liked GYY’s flower imprints dress. 🙂

    Qiao Zhen Yu is showing his age lately… not that we can blame him. He’s been working non-stop since Acient Sword Legends.

  2. 7 thoughts on “Sina’s Weibo Night 2014

    looking ZLY & ZH remind me to SS & FT… 🙂 very adorable couple, never enough watched them together. Do you think Ryan Zheng’s popularity being increase because of running man or “intern drama”? any news when “Intern” will be airing kappy? looking forward to watch it. Yess I agree with you I love suzy dress.. :-*
    Thank you for sharing… 🙂

    • 7 thoughts on “Sina’s Weibo Night 2014

      Run Brothers definitely contributed a lot. His luck started to look up when he starred beside Rainie Yang in Love at Second Sight too. Intern finished filming last week so hopefully it airs during the latter half of this year. So many dramas at the moment. ~^_^~

  3. 7 thoughts on “Sina’s Weibo Night 2014

    I actually really like Li Ying’s first dress! Especially in the one backstage photo (not grabbed here) where she does a side profile and you really see how the dress drapes into a real elegant feel. I think it’s one of my favorites from this season of shows. I was not a big fan of her light pink dress from one of other award shows – nor was I that impressed with the huge red ball gown one that everyone was raving about (I thought that one actually accentuated her lack of curves on top — particularly when you saw that it was designed to be worn off the shoulder, but she had to wear it on her shoulders or it probably would fall off :-P).

    Did you see the pictures from the Sina event earlier in the day? I really like the yellow dress there. Perfect with the new hair cut too!

    • 7 thoughts on “Sina’s Weibo Night 2014

      I did. =D Love her yellow dress and she glowed in it!

  4. 7 thoughts on “Sina’s Weibo Night 2014

    Hope All ZLY drama will be airing this year (totally she has 3 new drama). really hope you can give the link with eng subs of her drama after airing Kappy…Actually I’m vote for ZLY too ( I create my weibo account without understand how to use it..LOL) I just vote with clicking based on my instinct .. 🙂

  5. 7 thoughts on “Sina’s Weibo Night 2014

    Suzy is oh-so-goregeous. She’s grown up alot :C
    I like Zhao Li Ying and she’s a fabulous actress but for me she never gave me that ‘goddess’ aura though tbh.
    Maybe a few years but right now she’s just a pretty, cute, hard-working and talented actress for me.

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