Running Man: Episode 230 “The New Pretty Boys.”

My, my, my. Have I been THAT out of the loop with K-ent? Five pretty boys are invited on Running Man and I only recognize two! Did you know all five or are we on the same boat? The things about pretty boys and pretty idols being on Running Man is that I get to cackle with glee when our Kim Jong Kook throws them around like stick figures. Stop preening in front of the cameras and hit the gym lads!

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Asia’s Prince – Lee Kwang Soo, leading the pack of pretty boys.

 photo RM230-1.jpg

The guests L to R: Hong Jong Hyun, Seo Kang Joon, Choi Tae Joon, Nam Joo Hyuk, Seo Ha Joon.

 photo RM230-6.jpg

LOL@ Jae Suk’s quib seeing Asia’s prince with his tiny red suitcase, “He looks like a squid next to those guys!” Haha and Gary have the best reaction, they run far away, afraid of being in the same frame as the pretty boys. Aww.

 photo RM230-3.jpg

 photo RM230-5.jpg

 photo RM230-4.jpg

Here, I’ll be nice and give you some pictures to drool over. 😉 They are not my type so no fight from me!

 photo RM230-8.jpg photo RM230-9.jpg
 photo RM230-10.jpg photo RM230-11.jpg

Today’s theme is figuring out teenaged girls’ feelings. The survey asks, “The most difficult moment while crushing on someone?” Aww man, the answers are sad and prod both young and old to agonize over their first crushes. One of them is being asked to come up with date ideas for your crush… Oh…. cruel!

 photo RM230-7.jpg

First game. Running across the pool on a flimsy mat and eliminating the opponent on the platform in the middle. Last remaining player wins the game for their team.

 photo RM230-12.jpg

Running Man team warm up their muscles with stretches while the pretty boys look on before doing little knee-bending. Even while stretching, Gary has to ask, “Are you going to date me or not?” 😀

 photo RM230-14.jpg

 photo RM230-15.jpg

First round. First players are Sparta and Ha Joon. To be fair, the youngin puts up a good fight but in the water he goes. Lol. Here, have fun looking at them being flung like pesky flies.

 photo Rm230_1.gif photo Rm230_2.gif
 photo Rm230_3.gif
 photo Rm230_5.gif photo Rm230_6.gif

Kwang Soo tells the boys to beg on the ground to count this past round as a practice round. Running Man Team become soft and agree; they also let Suk Jin go first in the next round.

 photo RM230-20.jpg

When Jae Suk complains that the pretty boys are weak players and need to work out more, Kwang Soo pushes him into the water. But because he doesn’t watch his back, Impala exacts revenge for his friend. LOL.

 photo RM230-22.jpg

 photo RM230-23.jpg

Kwang Soo’s face when the boys butter him up with compliments – he’s their ace player! He’s their captain! Hidden weapon!

 photo RM230-24.jpg

The boys all think Suk Jin is a weak target but I’m so proud that he takes Ha Joon with him to the water! Go Impala!!

 photo RM230-25.jpg

Gary VS Tae Joon. Our Monday boyfriend is a small package of strength. It helps that he is smoking hot with wet hair. 🙂

 photo RM230-26.jpg

Jong Kook just cracks me up with his quick thinking. Before he even reaches the platform, he elbows one kid into the water. LOL.

 photo Rm230_7.gif photo Rm230_8.gif

Last player on team Running Man, Ji Hyo, versus the two guys – Kwang Soo and Joo Hyuk. Leave it to our Ace to resort to biting Asia’s Prince. That’s not all, Gary jumps up and pulls his hair too. Too funny.

 photo RM230-27.jpg

 photo RM230-28.jpg

 photo RM230-29.jpg

 photo RM230-30.jpg

Ji Hyo pulls both boys with her into the water. Impressive!

 photo RM230-31.jpg

The next round isn’t shown but Team Running Man wins!

Third round. Gary falls in the water with Joo Hyuk. Darn it! Sparta vs Tae Joon and that young guy is fast to lock Sparta’s leg, rendering both men to fall on their backs. In comes Suk Jin and Ha Joon, with the latter pushing his team mate and Sparta into the water.

 photo RM230-32.jpg

Next to arrive on the platform is Jae Suk and Jong Hyun. I gotta give it to the oldest members – Jae Suk and Suk Jin – for hanging and gripping onto the boys without a break.

 photo RM230-33.jpg

What a mess! 6 players shoving and pushing and pulling.

 photo RM230-35.jpg

Then Ji Hyo and Kwang Soo make a total of 8 players in a dog pile. In the chaos, the remaining four players are Jae Suk & Suk Jin VS Jong Hyun & Ha Joon. Team pretty boys win this round.

 photo RM230-36.jpg

 photo RM230-38.jpg

 photo RM230-40.jpg

The upset seniors now deny giving them the practice round. hehe. Haha with his red speaker phone, telling them to line up respectfully.

 photo RM230-41.jpg

Jae Suk’s genius revenge plan. Tucking his hand under Kwang Soo’s shirt, saying, “Did your mic fall down?” And like a lightning bolt, he slaps Gwang Soo in the face. LOL.

 photo RM230-42.jpg

 photo RM230-43.jpg

 photo RM230-45.jpg

 photo RM230-46.jpg

The boys tending to his wound/pride. They are so touchy!

 photo RM230-48.jpg

 photo RM230-50.jpg

 photo RM230-51.jpg

Both teams non-stop cheering, trying to outdo each other. Childish pettiness is the best.

 photo RM230-52.jpg

Final round. Sparta is first so as expected, lanky Joo Hyuk goes swiftly into the water. hehe. See his gaze? So all the boys go into the water but Ha Joon manages to grip Sparta tightly and pulls him down too.

 photo RM230-53.jpg

 photo RM230-56.jpg

Haha quickly knocks Kang Joon into the water. Hilarious.

 photo RM230-57.jpg

 photo RM230-58.jpg

Last players Ji Hyo and Giraffe join the mix. Ji Hyo slips and somehow ends up with her arm around Jong Hyun’s neck, creating little sparks between them. haha.

 photo RM230-59.jpg

 photo RM230-60.jpg

 photo RM230-61.jpg

Another mess. With Jong Hyun falling into the water, Team Seniors win! Wooohoo!

 photo RM230-63.jpg

 photo RM230-64.jpg

The rest of the games are not as fun so I’ll stop here.

The most difficult moment while crushing on someone? (According to the girls.)

#1 answer: Unable to call first and left waiting around for his call. Ah, youth~

  1. 4 thoughts on “Running Man: Episode 230 “The New Pretty Boys.”

    Some of you on the East Coast have the opportunity to stalk Sparta and some pretty boys during their visit for the DF Awards.

    I was very impressed at Sparta’s fluent English during his guest appearances to Run, Brother. I’m still waiting for an epic episode like when BoaB guest starred in.

    Wish I was living in the EC this Winter. D’awww.

    • 4 thoughts on “Running Man: Episode 230 “The New Pretty Boys.”

      Maybe beside lifting them dumb bells, our Sparta has been taking English classes. His pronunciation and the swag tone was spot on.

      Wang Ji Hye was so much fun. She NEEDS to come back. 😉

  2. 4 thoughts on “Running Man: Episode 230 “The New Pretty Boys.”

    i find it so cute that the boys kinda worship giraffe!! that one guy keeps complimenting him. LOL.

    leave it to you to only recap the water or muddy games!! i always love the throwing gifs. sparta does it so smoothly. look at that one gif where gary didn’t even make it to the platform yet and the boy is already in the water. hahaha XD

    when crushing one someone the worst feeling is…for me seeing them flirt with your friend!

    • 4 thoughts on “Running Man: Episode 230 “The New Pretty Boys.”

      They have to be nice to him, he’s the variety unLUCKY star! The boys were clueless though, they needed prompting and Kwang Soo was the best guide.

      You know me, I love muddy/watery games! The dirtier, the better!

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