Jdrama: Ouroboros Episodes

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English Title: Ouroboros
Japanese Title: ウロボロス
Cast: Ikuta Toma, Oguri Shun, Ueno Juri
# of Episodes: 11
Airing Days: Fridays
Broadcasting Station: TBS
Synopsis: Ikuo and Tatsuya are orphans. They live at Mahoroba’s house which is a child and family services home. At their elementary school, they see Teacher Yuko, who took good care of them like a real older sister, killed right in front of them. Ikuo and Tatsuya tell the police what they saw, but the case is covered by a police officer wearing a gold watch.

15 years later, Ikuo (Toma Ikuta) now works as a detective. He is a good person and his arrest rate is the highest at the police station. Meanwhile, using his handsome appearance and cleverness, Tatsuya (Shun Oguri) becomes a high ranking yakuza.

Detective Ikuo and Yakuza Tatsuya have a singular purpose, which is to find the man wearing the gold watch, dig out the truth and reveal the dark side of the police organization. [Credit: Wiki]

Note: Video files are raw, encoded by me in 540p resolution. File Size = ~400mb.
Subbing Group: Areea-chan@d-addicts

♦ Episode 1
540p ZASK
– Unsure if subs sync to my encode so please check!

Episode 2
540p ZASK

♦ Episode 3
540p ZASK

Episode 4
540p ZASK

♦ Episode 5
540p ZASK

Episode 6
540p ZASK

♦ Episode 7
540p ZASK

Episode 8
540p ZASK
DL Full OST here (320k)

♦ Episode 9
540p ZASK

Episode 10 *FINALE
540p ZASK


Kappy: YESH. Finally it’s out!! And I have my copy to share! Let hear them thoughts and spazzing!

  1. 24 thoughts on “Jdrama: Ouroboros Episodes

    i love this drama… dark thriller like this is my cup of tea.. Ikuta Toma somewhat reminds me of Jin Yi Han.. probably, their gaze.. eyes.. i dunno 😀

    i like this drama so far highly recommended.. i hope it would be good till the last episode 🙂

    thanks Kap!

    • 24 thoughts on “Jdrama: Ouroboros Episodes

      Maybe it’s the nose? Toma is not conventional handsome but he’s charming in his own ways.

      I hope it’s good too!

  2. 24 thoughts on “Jdrama: Ouroboros Episodes

    Thank you Kappy! 🙂 I’ll take a look at the subtitles and see if the timing needs to be changed. If that’s the case I’ll add a version for the 540p to the subtitles thread.

    • 24 thoughts on “Jdrama: Ouroboros Episodes

      Thanks dear Keiko! Appreciate the help!

  3. 24 thoughts on “Jdrama: Ouroboros Episodes

    i remembered watching toma ikuta in a movie titled brain man..his character really dark there and his acting really really good..his gaze, his action, his voice and character..all of them different from all his dramas before..the storyline also good beacuse the genre are mystery and thrill..i recommended to everyone to watch it..

  4. 24 thoughts on “Jdrama: Ouroboros Episodes

    I’m really enjoying this drama….
    Does anyone know what the song in ouroboros (not the Arashi one, but the one sung by a girl) is? I do not jnow japanese so it’s impossible for me to find out more…

    • 24 thoughts on “Jdrama: Ouroboros Episodes

      “No One” by ENA. OST will be out on March 4th.

      • 24 thoughts on “Jdrama: Ouroboros Episodes

        not it backsound in film epic sound not ena

        • 24 thoughts on “Jdrama: Ouroboros Episodes

          In what episode and at what time does she sing?

  5. 24 thoughts on “Jdrama: Ouroboros Episodes

    Thanks! I only just discovered j-drama and their fast-paced storyline is more to my liking… even if I have to wait a week for the next episodes. Also, thank you for people like you who makes this drama available thru subbing to those who can’t understand the drama’s native language.

  6. 24 thoughts on “Jdrama: Ouroboros Episodes

    Oh wow, I want to love the show but I can’t. Like, I do but the characters just makes you want to laugh because well…from hana kimi. But the show is serious matters. But the characters. I don’t know. I feel like a lot of J-drama cop-ish/mystery shows are like this. No matter how serious the matter is at hand, the character interactions are wonderful. I’m sure someone would be able to name super serious no nonsense cop/mystery J-drama but this Ouroboros is a fun show (?)

  7. 24 thoughts on “Jdrama: Ouroboros Episodes

    yay! OST of the drama is finally out! but can anyone tell me the lyrics to No One by ENA? I really wanna sing along to this song!

    the drama is really good with great actors! loving the hana kimi reunion of toma and shun and i love juri so this drama is perfect!

    • 24 thoughts on “Jdrama: Ouroboros Episodes

      LOL! I see Kaptain’s still fighting off this Youdontmindcompressing postococcus bug… and losing.

  8. 24 thoughts on “Jdrama: Ouroboros Episodes

    Hello there! Is there any other eng sub available for ep 5-8? This drama is great by the way. Just like this site. Love it!

    • 24 thoughts on “Jdrama: Ouroboros Episodes

      I believe there’s only one subbing team and she, like many of us, is busy with real life. Patience is the name of the winner! 😎

  9. 24 thoughts on “Jdrama: Ouroboros Episodes

    A very disappointing ending…….

    • 24 thoughts on “Jdrama: Ouroboros Episodes

      It ended at episode 10?! I need to pay closer attention. Lol.

  10. 24 thoughts on “Jdrama: Ouroboros Episodes

    Thank you for completing this drama! Off to time ep10. 🙂

    • 24 thoughts on “Jdrama: Ouroboros Episodes

      No, thank-you for providing subs!! 😀

  11. 24 thoughts on “Jdrama: Ouroboros Episodes

    I would like to thank everyone who provided the videos and the English translation

  12. 24 thoughts on “Jdrama: Ouroboros Episodes

    Hello, do you have the OST album from ouroboros?? I don’t see the link above. Thank you for the videos and timing

    • 24 thoughts on “Jdrama: Ouroboros Episodes

      The OST link is right under ‘Episode 8’ … look carefully, do you see it now?

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