Actors’ performances at various year-end celebrations in China

Me raising my angelic voice….not.

It cracks me up that all the broadcasting stations fought quietly in the background to score bigger stars to their celebration parties this past night. HunanTv has a fairly good line-up. With many stars scattering at other smaller stations. Do we have a karaoke queen here? I love to sing but my voice is unfortunate. Lol.

From HunanTV:

Chen Xiao and Michelle Chen sing “You and I.” Both sound really good live. Michelle’s voice is super sweet. For those wondering, Romance of the Condor Heroes did not air new episodes this week due to new year programs filling in.

Gary Chaw and his lovely kids, Joe and Grace, singing the themesong to the widely popular variety show, “Dad, Where Are We Going?”

Happily married Hawick Lau and Yang Mi show off their love with “I want to sing for you.” I hope reporters would stop making up unpleasant comments about their families. Leave them alone!

Li Yi Feng looking dapper in a white tux. I hope he’s wearing socks. *worried* He sings two songs, one from Ancient of the Legend Sword‘s soundtrack, “Sword Wound” and the other is his single, “Remember I Love You.”

As one of the more daring and wild performer, William Chan shakes up the stage with “Queen.” His fashion always puts me off. Lol. But great energy and stage presence!

Liu Tao dazzles in her 40s costume for “Evening primrose.” Literal meaning is fragrance of the night. I did not know this woman can sing and perform quite well.

From ZJTV:

Ryan Zheng and Michael Chen performing “Running” to celebrate their decade of friendship. Aww. I love this performance! So much love and bromance. Not to mention they are running on treadmills! 😉

Our lovable Running Man‘s Song Ji Hyo and Ji Suk Jin are invited to play a few games with Run Brothers crew.

The crazy Run Brothers members wracking up the stage with leader Deng Chao! 😀 Sorry for the bad quality.

From Shanghai/Dragon TV:

Wallace Chung performing the ending themesong to his most anticipated series of 2015, My Sunshine, titled “Counting Love Backwards.” (Roughly translated. Forgive and recommend a better name?) This is the first time the full song is released.

Angelababy and her real life boyfriend, Huang Xiao Ming, performing a few songs + a forehead kiss. Be warned that she’s not a singer. I wonder when he will appear on Run Brothers with her. He seems romantic but quite dominant as well.

Walking through a garden of roses in a white tux is Korean actor, Lee Min Ho, dropping by to duet with Amber Kuo for “Be My Last Love.” They look so awkward. heh. Either the audio is out of sync or the beats are too fast.

Ma Tian Yu singing “Damn Tenderness.” He looks perfect. Love the dash of red at his neckline. But the song is quite boring.

Bonus: William Chan and Zhao Li Ying‘s opening sequence for Anhui Drama Awards two weeks ago. Picture post here. I love my girl to death but she’s just not a natural performer/singer. Lol.

She is so lost during rehearsal. XD

Which act is your favorite(s)?

  1. 6 thoughts on “Actors’ performances at various year-end celebrations in China

    I don’t have any idea why WIlliam love using a skirt? He is look weird..LOL..CX voice nice to hear, heavy man voice type, really want to see he is together with my baby ZLY..I think because of ROCH he always being together with MC nowadays not because they have real relationship..right? usual my baby ZLY look beautiful event she have standard voice…HAppy New Year kap.A..may this new year bring more more joy and happines for you so you can share all news with us…

    • 6 thoughts on “Actors’ performances at various year-end celebrations in China

      POP singers have weird fashions. He had the right energy but the moves are not as smooth.

      Wallace sings pretty nice and I like the song somewhat but Im tired of the endless promotions they dish out every day!! Give me the drama already. Im so scared of watching the 15 minutes trailer so that Im spoiler-free for the drama.

      Lee min ho is so out of place. He has no chemistry with amber.


      THANKS for sharing! Happy New year!

    • 6 thoughts on “Actors’ performances at various year-end celebrations in China

      Welcome ladies!

      Pooh, I haven’t heard of any romantic rumors about Michelle and Chen Xiao. Due to promotions of Condor, they are always together. They seem like good friends in real life. Nothing to worry about, if they’re meant to be, they will come back to each other no matter what.

      Likewise, have a great new year!

      • 6 thoughts on “Actors’ performances at various year-end celebrations in China

        Happy new year!!!

        Dang I wish so much for Chen Xiao and Zhao Li Ying to sing together again~ (Though they did it last year right?) >~< phew~ recently saw her cameo in Condor, so pretty <3

        wish for 2015: rumors of Chen Xiao and Zhao Li Ying to become real~

        • 6 thoughts on “Actors’ performances at various year-end celebrations in China

          Thanks! Have a great one too!

          They sang a few times in the past. But ZLY needs serious coaching from a real singer to show emotions. She is often very rigid in her performance, a total opposite from her acting in dramas.

          The longer the separation, the sweeter the reunion! B)

  2. 6 thoughts on “Actors’ performances at various year-end celebrations in China

    Me too wanna hear the good news from both of them..

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