A Virtual Voyage turns 7!

It’s that time of the year again… More wrinkles, more lines, more drinking? πŸ˜€ Since I’m not good with birthdays, the next time I celebrate us getting old will be for our 10th year anniversary, yunno, if we are still around then.

Like every year, I have no idea what to say, except the corny quotes that you guys have probably heard throughout the blogging world: Thank-you so much for the love and support these past few years. 2014 is memorable because I finally figured out what I wanted to do with this blog and where I see it going in the future. In the past, I would blog just to pass time. Now I blog with the mission to share goodies and information, and sometimes a tear or two. I dedicated a lot of time and effort into blogging in 2014, it had the most updates and long-running projects. Heck, I’m even learning to become an encoder (thanks to Sin, Ano, and Zero for being the Kool family in the background, encoding Kdramas for the addicts. Go Team ZASK!)

So I woke up early and baked myself some red velvet cupcakes (second try.) Yesh, I’m going to eat them all alone. πŸ˜‰

 photo food1.jpg

A close-up of one because I kinda…burst the frosting bag after one try… I’m telling you those frosting bags are impossible to work with!

 photo food2.jpg

Let’s walk down the accomplishments we made in 2014!

 photo blog.jpg

Our search engine stats! I find it so adorable that Zhao Li Ying name is crowned first place (if you exclude the numerous variations to our blog name)! Did my mission to become Zhao Li Ying’s #1 fangirl a success? HECK TO THE YEA! And how sweet is it that people actually google-search our blog name to get here? To think that some told me years ago that A Virtual Voyage is a ridiculous name for a drama blog and reminds them of a cruise. I was like, exactly! A cruise to different corners of the drama landscape! And I almost choked on my tea when that horrible drama I recapped landed in 3rd spot. Oh Feast of the Gods!

 photo blog2.jpg

Dang Jeff and his Heartstrings post, still dominating the most-viewed post section after 3 years! Keane‘s massive effort stole the 3rd spot for her numerous soundtrack compilations, and here we have It’s Okay It’s Love as the top dog. The finale of Feast of the Gods got 5th place??!! REALLY? Feels like I’m being haunted by this series… It’s been 2 years, let me go!

 photo blog3.jpg

Haha! This results cracks me up! I found out this past year that I am indeed a spammer for whenever I visit other drama blogs and leave a comment, it goes straight to the spam box, as if there’s a hidden community on the net where my name is whispered in hushed tone. If I know the blog owner, I would email them about the error, if not I just like their posts instead. Such a loser! And I have no doubt that Keane is in second place. πŸ™‚

Congratulations to Frea, Shimo (Yolo), and Millie for being active!

I hope 2015 is more fruitful than the last, let’s make this community an interactive one! Don’t be a silent lurker! Come out and play. ^_^

 photo AVV7thAnn.gif

  1. 25 thoughts on “A Virtual Voyage turns 7!

    i need to be first to secure my spammer status!!

    congrats on another year!! so the next is 10th year?? thats crazy! i hope to see this blog lasts till then. a huge milestone!! love you guys!!

    is jeff and others still active?? i only see you, keane, nutella, and kxzy. Lol.

    • 25 thoughts on “A Virtual Voyage turns 7!

      Gotta be honest though, I disappear from time to time. >< And I'm not even active as 'staff'' anymore… Kappy used to ask me about translations from Chinese but I think I always ended up not doing them and Kappy gave up. Sorry Kap! /sheepishsmile

      Is it 7 years already though?! I dont even remember exactly when it was that I joined AVV, just that it was before it actually became AVV. Happy Birthday!

      • 25 thoughts on “A Virtual Voyage turns 7!

        I started ACW around ~2006, became quite active in 2007, and burst in with goodies in 2009. But when I migrated to AVV (2012), a lot of the older posts with expired pictures and messy html codes were lost in the process. Not a significant amount since there were mostly unfinished OSTs and immature ranting of TVB dramas. πŸ˜›

        Lol. I kinda gave up and tried to be more self-reliant. πŸ˜€

      • 25 thoughts on “A Virtual Voyage turns 7!

        bad kxyz! bad kxyz!! where will we learn about japanese goodies??! put your skills to throw out some first impressions posts! πŸ˜€

        • 25 thoughts on “A Virtual Voyage turns 7!

          First impressions posts huh… The Japanese drama season just started. I might, I might.

  2. 25 thoughts on “A Virtual Voyage turns 7!

    I found this blog through Sound of the Desert and would like to say I have dled so many goodies from you guys since then. For that, I would like to extend a thank-you note as well. πŸ™‚

    Congrats to the AVV team!

  3. 25 thoughts on “A Virtual Voyage turns 7!

    I am going to add on the Congratulations! πŸ˜€ It is great that this blog has been active for already 7 years.Hope you guys will achieve the 10 years smoothly. I personnally regret only knowing AVV this past year…
    I am a big fan of Zhao Liying and I can guarantee you that from all the blogs I follow, you are definitely one of the best fangirl of her I have encountered! πŸ™‚
    Thanks to the whole team behind AVV for the hard work. Not a lot of blogs are following the C-entertainment, so it is great to have this one to keep me updated on all the projects going on right now.
    To a better year to come!

  4. 25 thoughts on “A Virtual Voyage turns 7!

    Congratulations! i am so glad i stumbled upon your blog when i was trying to find recaps for Can you Hear my heart. i use to be one of the people that would search A virtual voyage in my search bar to get here. lol. the .net throws me off so i was never able to find it.

    looking forward to another great year. and Thank you for all the recaps and uploads

  5. 25 thoughts on “A Virtual Voyage turns 7!

    Happy 7th anniversary! thanks for consistently updating news πŸ˜€

  6. 25 thoughts on “A Virtual Voyage turns 7!

    Alright alright… I’ll share my yummylicious cupcakes with you ladies for caring enough to drop by. β™₯ β™₯ β™₯


  7. 25 thoughts on “A Virtual Voyage turns 7!

    Congratulations!!! and happy birthday.. you all now have an excuse to indulge in cakes and ice cream.. that’s what I would do…. hehe…

  8. 25 thoughts on “A Virtual Voyage turns 7!

    Happy happy happy anniv dear AVV!! wow, the cake looks yummy.. i want some πŸ˜›

    time flies so fast, i dunno how long i’ve been visiting here.. i enjoy reading the articles, and the comments..

    Good luck AVV! ^^

  9. 25 thoughts on “A Virtual Voyage turns 7!

    Naaaaw, happy 7th birthday! Your blog is amazing and I can’t wait to pop back and see more from you lovely ladies! Thank you for the effort you put in! (:

  10. 25 thoughts on “A Virtual Voyage turns 7!

    Thank-you everyone for the wonderful words! Feels like I won an award. πŸ˜€ As Evil As I AM!

  11. 25 thoughts on “A Virtual Voyage turns 7!

    Happy Birthday AVV! Thank you for being a fun place to hang out and indulge in our drama obsessions.

  12. 25 thoughts on “A Virtual Voyage turns 7!

    Congratulations and thank you!!! πŸ™‚

  13. 25 thoughts on “A Virtual Voyage turns 7!

    Happy anniversary.. yes I found this blog cause i searching about Zhao Li Ying from google… πŸ™‚ Thank you for shared a lot of info for me…

  14. 25 thoughts on “A Virtual Voyage turns 7!

    Congratulations and happy blogaversary!!!! 7 years is a huggge achievement.

  15. 25 thoughts on “A Virtual Voyage turns 7!

    Thank-you Ladies!!! The best kind of hugs for you all. =)

  16. 25 thoughts on “A Virtual Voyage turns 7!

    Hey hey! guess I am late yet again.

    Congrats to 7 years old!

    I may not be active in commenting..but I do make it a point in checking ur blog at least once a week!

    Love all the goodies that u and ur team put effort in! Do continue to do so!

    Thank you!

  17. 25 thoughts on “A Virtual Voyage turns 7!

    Wow, to the more years to come! *Cheers* Btw Kappy, those velvet cupcakes look yummy!

  18. 25 thoughts on “A Virtual Voyage turns 7!

    Better late than never Memories! *gasps* Only once a week and you don’t even join in with the spazzing and squeeing? We need to change that! Lol.

    Lia, it tasted awesome! Even if aesthetically, not like store-bought ones. ^^

    • 25 thoughts on “A Virtual Voyage turns 7!

      Kaptain A, will definitely work on it!

      3 cheers to turning 7 once again!

  19. 25 thoughts on “A Virtual Voyage turns 7!

    WOW! SEVEN YEARS?… I hope this year brings luck and good blessings for us all.

    Oooooo, your cupcake batter looks divine. You and I can be besties! How did you know I like little frosting too? LOL~ (Drooling…. I’ve been deprived for a long while.)

    OMG-sh, you make me flush crimson seeing all those stats up above. Well, it’s been a pleasant journey thus far, Alice. My only keen interest is to see AVV flourish as it grows wiser and older.

    Wish you and AVV all the best, my friend. Cheers!

    • 25 thoughts on “A Virtual Voyage turns 7!

      I have been learning to bake lately. ^_^ Simply stuff like brownies and cupcakes. Red Velvet is my favorite! FROSTING IS DIVINE. Took a couple of tries to get all the ingredients right but it is worth it!

      Thank-you for everything that you have done Keane. πŸ™‚

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