2014 and 2015: Where you should have wasted time, and where you will

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2014 was an odd, odd year. And I use that in a way that makes litotes stand up and clap in awe. Many many bad things happened. Many weird things happened.

And then it got weirder.

I didn’t watch a single Korean or Japanese drama past the first episode. None. Now this may not seem like an extraordinary event to you, but as a person who has religiously watched dramas ever since Meteor Garden aired (at the grand old age of 9, folks), I am sure that the end of the world is soon to come. And I’m convinced, that unless I find a good drama to watch in 2015, imma be struck by lightening. And I know ya’ll think I’m joking but I get jumpy when hear the crackle of static from my sweater, so let’s hope something good comes up soon.

Anyway, as a hopeful glance to the near future, let’s recount all the promises in store for us:


  • Hana Moyu: (rough tran. The Burning Flower) As Kappy so aptly put it, Inoue Mao and her historical F4. It’s a 50 epi NHK Taiga, so consider yourself warned.
  • Mondai No Aru Restaurant: (lit. tran. The Restaurant which has Troubles). Girl power, food, stunning cast, brilliant writer (from Saikou No Rikon and fame). Need I say more?
  • Zannenna Otto: (rough tran. Disappointing Husband) Man-child marries good woman, has baby, cannot cope. Cannot figure out why his wife is upset with him. A comedy.
  • Second Love: Kamenashi Kazuya as a dancer who suffered setbacks. All the info you need~~ *throws pixie dust at you* Watch thissssss~~
  • Dakara Kouya: Japan’s apparent answer to Thelma and Louise some 30 years later, in the form of a abused house-wife, who, having had quite enough, embarks on a journey across Japan to be the best housewife she can be. The only hot guy is the lady’s son. Sorry.
  • Kageri Yuku Natsu: (lit. tran. Summer gets dark) Has Atsuro Watabe and a baby. Can I find out any more? Maybe. Will I? Maybe. Right Now? Nuh uh~~~
  • Ourobouros: Refer to Kappy’s delightful post on the squishies~~
  • Tenno No Ryoriban: (lit. tran. The Emperor’s Chef) Sato Takeru. That’s it. That’s all you need. *Gasp* No you say? You want more you say. Ok fine I say. (That was anti-climatic wasn’t it??) Sato Takeru plays the emperor’s chef during a historical era, who, in his bid to rise in the culinary world, travels to France. Based on a true story.
  • Onii-chan Gacha: (rough tran. Big Brother Vending Machine) You know how, when you were a kid, you’d walk past those colourful vending machines and pray real, real, real hard that your parents would find it in their big hearts to chuck in a coin and get you that kinder surprise or a pokemon keychain? Yeah, well, Japan, the land of genius and tech savvy beyond comprehension, has managed to invent one such vending machine, which, wait for it, gives you the perfect big brother you always wanted. As many as you want. Refunds allowed.
  • Ryuusei Wagon: (rough. tran. shooting star wagon) Aliens, Conspiracies, Kidnapping of Ghosts by Aliens, and bad, bad promotional material.
  • Mafia Leurd Mungkorn: Generally I do not wait for lakorns, but damn if this ain’t gonna be an exception. A Mafia love story featuring Ananda Everingham and Kimberly Voltemas for the first part and Tik Jessadaporn and Mew Nittha in the second part of a 5-part series. While the storyline is somewhat unoriginal, the leads make everything worth it. Sadly though, the production likes torturing us by promising tentative airdates but not airing. However, it’s pretty much definite that we’re going to have it in the first quarter of this year *squealing intensifies*
  • Ka Badin: (lit. tran. I’m Badin) A historical show (set roughly in the early to late 1800s), has James Ma as a scholar and military man who, due to life’s mysterious workings, has quite a life. Matt Peranee plays a traditional Thai dancer as the female lead. All the pictures are very stunning, so I look quite forward to this.
  • Tarm Reuk Keun Jai: Has Nadech Kugimiya and Mew Nittha, and is a romance/suspense remake set on a farm.

It was also a common-ish sentiment that some form of end of year drama review list be created, so I thought I’d slip this in here~ So, here in no particular order whatsoever (**DISCLAIMER** Since I watched none of these, please don’t take my word for it):


  • Shitsuren Chocolatier: (rough tran. heartbroken chocolatier) This was one of those love-hate dramas. Fans of Chocolate, MatsuJun, Ishihara Satomi, Mizuhara Keiko, Pretty Cinematography, Pretty Sets, Pretty Clothes, Angst, Deep Philosophical Discussions On Why Humans Are So Complex and Gif-Making loved it. Fans of their sanity, unsurprisingly, did not.
  • The Long Goodbye: Very Noir. Much Detective. How wow.
  • Saigo No Keikan: Squishies in uniform, and the one who is the damn good shot is Ayano Go.
  • Miyamoto Musashi: This had KimuTaku and people actually liked it so that satisfies everyone’s criteria, yea.
  • Roosevelt Game: More office politics and gritty life.
  • Platonic: A hark back to the twisted psychological melo romances in the good old heydays of Japanese Television which flambes terminal disease, older woman-younger man relationship and slice of life, aka the certain recipe for a disaster, in a perfect tarte which everyone raved on about for days on end.
  • River’s Edge Okawabata Tanteisha: More a special than a drama, but Odagiri Joe delivered as a detective.
  • Black President: Whack comedy about a crazy president who’s The Man you so desperately crave to pummel into the cold hard ground *insert goat scream*
  • Wakamono-tachi: All-star in a touching familial story setting which jdramas do so well.
  • Itazura Na Kiss Season 2: Fluffy Babies galore~
  • Secret Door: As the only kdrama on this whole list, let us be supportive. Let us welcome this mystery-fusion-sageuk with open arms. Let us praise the intelligible screen-writing, the powerful acting. The first 14 episodes anyway. *sighhh* Why do this to us.
  • Fun Fueng: In which everyone wants to play charades.
  • The Rising Sun: Roy Ruk Hak Liam Tawan & The Rising Sun: Roy Fun Tawan Duerd: While I know this was quite low key for many, and the first part was quite a drag (which even Mario Maurer could do little for), I do know that many drifters got quite happy with the Nadech+Yaya pairing. It’s also a Mafia based storyline, so do be prepared, but hey, when you watch for a fav, you watch for a fav~
  • Fai Nai Wayu: Matt Peranee and Aum Atichart make for an intense pair in this romance/suspense show, and I heard quite a few good things about the beginning. The ending, however, is unknown to me.

As you can see, my list is… chancey to say the least. So let’s listen to our betters, shall we? (Shamelessly uses other people’s opinions without prior permission)

From our cutie senpai kxyz we get:

From Winter:
Boku no Ita Jikan

Bitter Blood (which I had already uploaded here.)
Alice no Toge

Petero no Souretsu (This is actually a continuation of Namonaki Doku, which I found really boring. This second series totally had me gripped, I love it. Might have to watch the first season for a basis though.)
ST~ Aka to Shiro no Sousa File
Oyaji no Senaka (just a few episodes though. It’s a standalone story in each episode.)

Nobunaga Concerto
Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu
Dear Sister (seconded by drifter Yui)
N no Tameni (seconded by drifter Yui as well)
Gomen ne Seishun!

And here’re some dramas I did watch:

  • Man From The Stars: OK, so I didn’t even get through the first episode, but the hype for this was kinda insane, so I only thought it fair to put it in here somewhere.
  • Full House: While this was not at all a regular lakorn, it was the best remake of a korean drama that I have ever seen (which, admittedly, is not that hard, but hey go along with it.) While the storyline is not new, the tweaked plot was much more coherent, everyone was better dressed (although, once again, the female lead’s hair was butchered) and there was wayyy more chemistry. It was also really pretty cinematographically, which didn’t hurt one bit.
  • Ruk Tong Om: A Matt Peranee and Grate Warinthorn starrer, this show was a must watch for Matt+Grate shippers. It involves besties-who-don’t-know-they’re-in-love adopting a discarded baby and trying to give it a new home. It’s quite cute, although very slow in the beginning.
  • Da Mo Yao/ Sound Of The Desert: Do we even need an intro for this? Eddie Peng, (aka Nutella’s Baby™) and Liu Shi Shi star in the best-selling novel’s adaptation to live-action. Check out the downloads and discussions for the show!!
  • Empress Of China: Aka saga of the trapped boobs, let’s just say that ain’t nobody watching this for the storyline. There seems to be a collective agreement for watching this 80-episode monstrosity for the decidedly gorgeous clothes, sets and people.
  • Romance of The Condor Heroes: Yumama’s hand at a Jin Yong classic where he shoehorns as much heavy petting as he can, logical character/romance development be damned. Everything, however, *looks* gorgeous, forcing one to watch (CURSE YOU YUMAMA *shakes fist*) Join our ranting discussions here~

Now, tell me, how many New Year’s Resolutions have you broken till now? How many were due to dramas? Do you have any stunning recommendations I overlooked? Pray tell ^u^~

  1. 34 thoughts on “2014 and 2015: Where you should have wasted time, and where you will

    LOL! Nuttie and her love for giant images before the jump line. my internet is not fast girl! 😀

    OMGOMGOMGOMG!! you mentioned thai dramas that I did watch and will follow!! kappy still didn’t fulfill her promise to watch my recommended lakorns yet. I REMEMBER GURL!!

    Ka Badin!!! SO EXCITED OMG!! James Ma is so cute and humble. the face that he’s best friends with my babies yadech makes me love him more. they have the same work ethics and are genuinely nice people in the ET.

    the lakorn series has actually five parts to it. im MOST excited about ken and cherry!!! eeee!! he looks so hot and intense!! omg!! ananda and kim match looks wise even though they are way off in ages. she looks so much older than she is. lols. the rest of the parts, i might watch depending on the reviews.

    mew+ na lakorn: she looks like a big-eyed fish to me. lols. im looking forward to it mainly because he has facial hair and he looks mighty fineeeeeeeee!!

    rising sun part 1 was a bore. part 2 was better but storyline fell apart also. it only proves my yadech babies chemistry is as strong as ever and yaya should do more badass heroines. she has the looks and height for it!!

    • 34 thoughts on “2014 and 2015: Where you should have wasted time, and where you will

      Haha, omg Frea, I’m so sorry!! I thought it’d be ok as long as I didn’t put a moving gif in there!! I always make more work for Kappy *hangs head*

      I think poor Kappy”s real life is not leaving her enough time to fulfill her drama-wathing promises.

      Omg yes, so excited for Ka Badin~ There’re not enough pretty Borans out there T_T

      Another 2014 lakorn I liked in the beginning was Cubic, but it really dragged out in the middle, so I ended up not putting it on the list. Did you watch it as well?

      Mew+Na yeah, Nadech’s facial hair is the main reason for me as well… I just could never must up enough love for yadech cos their first drama was sooo slow, and then the next one had Mr. R and lots of angst and stuff. I’m debating trying rising sun if I have the time, let’s see.

      Oh, I completely didn’t realise that it had 5 parts. I thouhgt it was 3 brothers and a sister! I never really got into the Ken and Cherry pairing cos the only drama with Cherry which I watched was Kaew Ta Pee, and that was with Tik. Any Ken+Cherry recs?

      • 34 thoughts on “2014 and 2015: Where you should have wasted time, and where you will

        i just love ken and cherry separately and their part in the trailer intrigues me the most! they have two older lakorns in 2001 and 2002 which i don’t think is available anywhere? those are too long and outdated for me to watch. LOL. but they are collaborating in a new lakorn beside the mafia one so yay!!

        the one she did with tik…hahah!! i love that one too. so cute!

        i saw some of cubic but bomb is such a stiff actor! even if he’s sometime easy on the eyes.

        rising sun is also slow…like snail slow too….but their first lakorn together is the best one for me because they did so well in their roles.

        5 parts – tik, ananda, ken, andrew (he’s the actor that looks like an uncle. lol), and janine.

        interview + quick teaser

        the older generation men pairing up with much younger generation ladies. the girls are literally under 25!

        • 34 thoughts on “2014 and 2015: Where you should have wasted time, and where you will

          Except for the Andrew one (I think my dislike for him made me forget his part XD) I’m interested in all of the parts, but the first one is special because if has my bby Kimberly~~

          Also, I didn’t realise that yaya was tall, but I suppose she is, since she’s the same height as kimberly.

          Yeah, the ladies are really young, I think that’s because the veteran actresses are out of their budget hehe.. Most of them have got their own companies and helming their own productions with them as the leads for roles tailor-made for them.

        • 34 thoughts on “2014 and 2015: Where you should have wasted time, and where you will

          andrew is such an uncle to me, its hard to watch him romance someone so much younger. LOL. skip!

          yaya is tall as kim but because kim has bigger bone, she appears bigger. you should see them next to tiny little mew. LOL

          the actresses don’t have time for this, they have better offers elsewhere. 😎

  2. 34 thoughts on “2014 and 2015: Where you should have wasted time, and where you will

    This is my own list of best Chinese and Taiwanese Drama:
    Best Drama: In a Good Way

    Best Actors: Lego Lee

    Best Actress: Zhao Li Ying

    Worst Drama: Say I Do Again

    Top 10 Favorite Dramas (Not in orderly way)

    1. In a Good Way
    2. Prince William
    3. Different Kind of Pretty Man
    4. Boss & me
    5. One and Half Summer
    6. Love Myself or You
    7. Go, Single Lady
    8. Aim High
    9. Fabulous 30
    10. Three Wishes

    Some of them were premiered back in 2013, but it stil considered as 2014 drama as it mostly aired in 2014.

    • 34 thoughts on “2014 and 2015: Where you should have wasted time, and where you will

      omg! genuinely surprised to see a different kind of pretty man on your list! that drama was so bad for me. i couldn’t finish it despite the pretty cast!

      • 34 thoughts on “2014 and 2015: Where you should have wasted time, and where you will

        Well. I have a plan to rip hardsub video out of it. JCSOH from Asiatorrent has ripped subtitle out of hardsub video. Optical Recognizing Character (OCR) is the only method she could uses and I’m still far from finishing the remaining process. I recently finished watching [while retiming] old tw/c-drama like Single Princess and Blind Dates and Ring-ring bell. And I have a plan to upload subtitle for 2013 C-Drama Flowers in Fog to Asia Torrent too. Ruby Lin never look old!

    • 34 thoughts on “2014 and 2015: Where you should have wasted time, and where you will

      I didn’t count In A Good Way since it started airing in 2013, but I do agree that it was quite good… in fact, it was the last good taiwanese drama that I watched. I didn’t watch Boss and Me cos I preferred the bok, but I did hear good things about it~ But aside from that, sadly, nothing sparked my interest T_T

      • 34 thoughts on “2014 and 2015: Where you should have wasted time, and where you will

        Have you try to watch Innocent Mistake and The Way We Were?

    • 34 thoughts on “2014 and 2015: Where you should have wasted time, and where you will

      2014 is the year of re-watching old dramas, fast forwarding and dropping of dramas for me. It was not a good year for Asian dramas all around. I’ve checked out all of the TDramas discussed here but dropped all of them, except for one that was not mentioned – Rock N Road. It was the only TDrama I finished with decent storyline.

      As for Kdramas – I’ve checked out most of the airing KDramas and came to the conclusion that I Need Romance 3 was the best 2014 KDrama for me while You Who Came From the Stars was the most over-rated KDrama of 2014 (I dropped it at Episode 7 after much fast fowrding!). Empress Ki was ok but having been a fan of wuxia and historical CDramas for most of my life, Korean historical dramas are still behind in plots and dramatization compared with historical CDramas.

      In the JDrama genre – I’ve checked out most of the ones mentioned here and more and found that I could not decide on a winner as they were all equally mediocre. I wasn’t impressed with Shitsuren Chcolatier as how others were.

      For CDramas – finished most of the popular ones and not impressed. Currently following Empress of China and The Condor Heroes 2014. Thinking of dropping Empress of China and not impressed with the newest version of The Condor Heroes but will preserve for the sake of showing my support to Lois Cha.

      Thai Lakorns – my full agreement re. the Thai remake of Full House. In fact, I prefer the Thai version over the original Korean version! Better character and story development and chemistry plus beautiful scenes (from both Korea & Thai!).

  3. 34 thoughts on “2014 and 2015: Where you should have wasted time, and where you will

    Oh snap! Kappy’s in trouble… dun-dun-duuuuun! Frea, take it easy. Haha~

    From Taiwan, I pretty much FFwd a lot of shows in 2014. None I would recommend, even the pretty ones with good soundtracks. All the ones I put a chance on ended lousy. Ruined my mojo, and I ended flippin’ my coffee table to vent off my frustration.

    From China, same lousy endings like the TW shows but I had to waste more days to get there since their production had more episodes. I’m watching Empress of China, however I’m already frustrated seeing a few different cuts for it. I’m holding off encoding this one till I find the best one interpretting Wu Zetian’s story. I already noticed some deleted scenes within the first nine episodes between the two versions I have onhand.

    From Thailand, I was pleasantly surprised the remake of Full House was better than the original. I love the lovely lady playing Mike’s grandmother so much; she’s adorable! My only riff is that I wish I knew about encoding the way I know now to make a better batch to share. I wouldn’t recommend the remake of Autumn In My Heart. I couldn’t watch the Korean version, and goes the same for its Thai version. Too draggy at the beginning to start, I FFwd a lot and I still couldn’t finish it. Bring a heavy heart at this cineplex if you’re into heavy melodramas.

    I’m still anticipating the remake of Coffee Prince. It was out before Full House, however I can’t find HQs for the Thai version, nor do I see a complete folder of subs. I want to watch this one so bad… if anyone has it in 720p (or better) for these twenty-one episodes then please share.

    Coffee Prince (Thai Version) MVs:

    Also, Hormones the Series 2 came out end of Summer 2014. I haven’t finished it, and I don’t know how that came to be since I like the cast a lot; I still have a few more episodes to go so this one is my top priority now when time permits. Even though I didn’t get to enjoy it as much as S1 but it’s considered a breath of baby freshness compared to the oversaturated krap in dramaswampland. I craved the controversial act of taboos in every episode.

    Hormones2 artists shooting for 2015 calendar:

    From Japan, I passionately recommend Boku no Ita Jikan; it was the only Jdorama to which I gave a fair chance to win me over performance wise. All other shows I have FFwd too many times, not much else to praise about since I can’t put my finger on what missing element hinders those other shows from being better. ItaKiss2 isn’t quite there, meeting my expectations, but I hope it won’t disappoint. Too bad I can’t put Nodame Cantabile in 2014’s roster, what can I say, I was a late bloomer… in life and dramas. It should be fitting for 2014 since the Korean version came out late Autumn. I have the Japanese version in HD, and if many requests for it I can encode this one as a twitter project.

    From S.Korea, I really liked The Greatest Marriage — it was good beginning to end. Cable dramas won me over in year 2014, like Marriage Not Dating, High School King of Savvy, Emergency Couple, I Need Romance 3, Secret Love Affair… yada-yada… you see where I’m skipping a beat and tuning in. It’s Okay It’s Love and Man From the Stars had stellar beautiful people in ’em however those dramas lost me somewhere close to the ending. I had to hurdle an obstacle to finish those. Fated To Love You (remake) and Naeil’s Cantabile (remake) were okay rom-coms; dayum shame those two remakes were put on the blinding spot and overrated a bit. If there weren’t so much ruckus about ’em then I may have enjoyed both shows more.

    From Vietnam, I know… I’m more surprised than you are right now. My heart tells me it is praise worthy, so my hands are all over the keyboards right now. LOL! To start, I gotta say, do they not sleep over there? There were so many dramas out in 2014. I’ll only name a few I’d recommend. In the rom-com genre, Cô Nàng Nặng Cân (Miss Overweight) was a quick paced show I liked, of how an overweight fashion designer became successful in work and love. Kappy wrote the first buzzer on Tuổi Thanh Xuân (Forever Young), the show is still ongoing and I’ve only watched up to episode 06 (out of 36 in total) which to me is still too early to tell if it’s a winner. The girl is a bit obnoxious for my taste, however the men are delish in their roles to keep me tuned in.

    On the flipside, in the melos genre, there is Tôi Yêu Cô Đơn (I Love Being Alone) sets up a loner lawyer who doesn’t believe in marriage and love due to her father’s infidelities yet love finds her to test her heart and will. Some others are Lời Sám Hối (Word of Penance), Điệp Khúc Tình (Refrained Love), and a Binh Minh (he’s a famous supermodel turned actor, who pretty much started the trend hot boy marrying a wealthy chick, or in his case, marrying a millionaire hotel exec, to set his life better) drama I’ll be damned I forgot the title. Actor Binh Minh was excellent in his latest drama playing a bad guy who’ll risk anything to take away his dad’s company from his older brother. I’ll ask the video rental owner where I borrowed the dvds for that title again.

    Last but not least, from the US of A, here if I can squeeze in some free time then I’m following the Big (one-million) Bang (per episode) Theory… stuck in season seven even though season eight is out. Stopped watching The Flash since he makes me re-enter my big crush withdrawals for Smallville’s Tom Welling and Michael Rosenbaum a great deal.

    There, my 2014 in a nutshell. I’m ready 2015; try your best to hook me on krack-tastic dramas.

    • 34 thoughts on “2014 and 2015: Where you should have wasted time, and where you will

      Well, I’m not vietnamese to begin with. Hence, I don’t think I will watch the series you were recommend unless it was subbed. As for Thai, I only watch Full House. I wish I can finish Room Alone, Embrace with Love and Star Beside the Moon but the time doesn’t allow me. Most Lakorn came in more than an hour long, how would I manage to watch that in my limited spare of time?

    • 34 thoughts on “2014 and 2015: Where you should have wasted time, and where you will

      to find HQ thai lakorns in quality like korean dramas and chinese dramas are close to 0. they are only in decent MQ quality, unless they have a official right to stream on youtube, reserve for some like full house. even that quality is no where to compare with our fix in kdramaland. good luck keane!

    • 34 thoughts on “2014 and 2015: Where you should have wasted time, and where you will

      Honestly, TW-shows didn’t even spark my interest this year. The only exception to this was Sound of the Desert. I’ve even stopped watching EoC, since there’s this constant tight-rope it’s walking between airing and becoming a complete farce. And since I only wanted to watch it for the sceneryporn anyway, I’ve decided to just watch all the fanMVs that’ll be made. Those are so good, since they’ll have summarized plots to pretty music and all the important scenes. Am I cheating at watching dramas at this point? Maybe. But what can one do when faced with limited time?

      I remember seeing CP’s thai version, but at the time True Asian hadn’t stepped up it’s game. No HD (they aired it in MQ if I remember correctly), and the casting left something to be desired. However, I have found a 480p playlist here (http://www.dailymotion.com/playlist/x25pf5/1#video=xt6qfa ) and episodes 1-6 subbed here ( http://www.dailymotion.com/SomethingSentimentalBP107 )

      Autumn’s Desire I’ve never bothered with. I know what I like to watch, and melo doesn’t even come close to it. And when I do have to watch melo, I feel really lousy for quite some time, which I can’t afford to do, so I simply stay out of it. The only k-drama this season which caught my eye was Marriage Not Dating, but even that fell apart, so I didn’t bother to include it.

      Boku No Ita Jikan is so sad though!! I don’t know how to watch it. All of Miura Haruma’s recent dramas have been busts for me solely cos of either the storyline or the rest of his cast.

      I don’t even start with Viet dramas cos the majority of them don’t get subbed, and I’m nowhere near good enough to watch it sub-less (although, of course, that has never stopped me from trying. Fun fact: people think that if you know thai you’ll understand vietnamese.. like no, that does not happen -__-;;). If you could chuck in a small reply with links to the eng subs (if they exist, that is, especially the Binh Minh starrer– even his real life sounds like a drama plot???), I would be happy to check them out. I like melos when they don’t get too makjang, and have a strong lady as the main lead. Birth secrets and all are too overdone for me. Raeng Pradtana (lakorn) was perfect for me in that regard. There was angst, but believable angst, and the female lead was like a breath of fresh air, she was so believable. Also, you still have video rental places? Lucky~~

      @abu I personally would not recommend Dao Kiao Duen… that lakorn was so difficult to sit through T_T Although I am looking forward to the sequel, since I like the main leads ^^

      • 34 thoughts on “2014 and 2015: Where you should have wasted time, and where you will

        I got my collection from those links too, Nuttie. Too bad its subs are incomplete, and not all were 480p’s. I hope they re-promote the series again but this time in 720p.

        It upsets me VNdramas don’t get subbed enough. Will this motivate me to start a subbing team? Not quite sure….

  4. 34 thoughts on “2014 and 2015: Where you should have wasted time, and where you will

    I didn’t watch a single Korean or Japanese drama past the first episode.

    I wasn’t quite that bad, however , 2014 was the year of the dropped drama for me. The amount of dramas I completed fell considerably. What was the reason? Lack of quality I suppose.

    One drama I did complete and absolutely cherished was Yu Na’s Street.
    Good storytelling and a wonderful cast.

    I’d give Hana Moyu, Mondai No Aru Restaurant and Ka Badin a look.

    • 34 thoughts on “2014 and 2015: Where you should have wasted time, and where you will

      heard a lot about yuna’s street but the cast turns me away…for superficial reason of course. plus, its really long too. 🙁

    • 34 thoughts on “2014 and 2015: Where you should have wasted time, and where you will

      It might not have been quite bad, but time constraints (4th year of uni is definitely not going as planned) and the lower quality forced me to become a much more discerning viewer than in the past. Previously, I had the liberty to stick with a drama even if it wasn’t stellar. But now that’s no longer the case.

      Yu Na’s street didn’t even cross my radar, so I’ll look into it, but longer dramas are sorta out of the question T_T

      Here’s to a better 2015~

  5. 34 thoughts on “2014 and 2015: Where you should have wasted time, and where you will

    I swear, every time the word lakorn comes up, Frea has the strongest tendency to remind me that I haven’t fulfilled my promise! This mean little puppy. *glares* I will! I will! And when I do, I…..you….. *speechless*

    It’s okay Nutella, you haven’t been posting much so leave the cleaning duties to me. Lol. The cover picture, I usually have it less than 540px in width and less than 30kb in file size so that the page loads quickly for Frea aka people with slow internet speed. XD

    I don’t want to make my list because I never really finished a drama full in 2014. O_O It’s a bad habit now… watch beginning….skip skip skip…to ending episodes. Hope to break this habit in 2015!

    • 34 thoughts on “2014 and 2015: Where you should have wasted time, and where you will

      bad kappy! bad kappy! XD

  6. 34 thoughts on “2014 and 2015: Where you should have wasted time, and where you will

    I understand the feeling of not finishing any drama this year. I just end up re-watching older ones. (I have seen City Hunter like six times…) Just nothing appealed to me since a while ago. I couldn’t finish Legend of the Ancient Sword..like episode 18? (my sister, that’s super farther than me says its not worth it) I mean its pretty. But the story or how its paced just…

    As for kdrama its been three months and I still haven’t finished night watchman/emergency couple and I couldn’t even finish mermaid princess. I’m keener on finishing emergency couple than watchman…hopefully this week since most us shows and anime are on hiatus.

    Well, after I watch Bad Guys.

    Still nothing for jdrama ;-;

    At least I get to look forward to Ouroboros.

    • 34 thoughts on “2014 and 2015: Where you should have wasted time, and where you will

      Watchman and Emergency couple aren’t worth your time. Trust your feelings and move on. The plot is all over the place and sometimes…nonexistent.

      Looking forward to some jdramas mentioned here. Ourobors, Hana moyu, and Mondai No Aru Restaurant!

  7. 34 thoughts on “2014 and 2015: Where you should have wasted time, and where you will

    wooooww.. read the post and then read the comments.. guys, you’re the best!

    i rarely finish watching dramas, and i almost forget which dramas i watched till the last episode. especially kdrama, even the popular one like fated to love you and it’s okay that’s love, i didnt finish watching it 🙁
    Now i’m obsessed with HEALER (and punch).
    does anyone watch Bad Guys??? PARK HEE JIN is such a hottie!!! i found him moreeeeee hawt than in MLFAS.. hands up! he’s handsome means handsome 😀 (and of course, my healer Ji Chang Wook is handsome also) 😛

    i watched some thai lakorns, but only finished Hormones season 2 and Full House Thai. Even big names such as Nadech, Mario Maurer and Yaya couldnt make me stay, their lakorn was so meh.. sorry lol

    Taiwanese drama, only some few episodes, then.. dropped. currently, i dropped Boy Sitter for my sake. the storyline just meh. sigh.

    Mainland.. of course my Best Time and Boss & Me. i also watched A Good Wife since i read that drama got many awards, but this kind of makjang story couldnt keep my intention.
    Hoho, Sounds of The Dessert, since i read the novel, i should finish the drama even with or without engsub (plus the power of Eddie Peng, lol).

    Japanese, just like Nutella said above. Dear Sister and N No Tameni. i watched some other doramas, but.. for me personally, the worst goes to Shitsuren Chocolatier.. sawry!

    my anticipated drama : MY SUNSHINE! my Wallace looks so hawt. hehe.. excuse my fangirl heart 😛

    ps : i also watched HK dramas. but mostly skip some parts. aiyoo.. i also watched India dramas. Anyone?

    • 34 thoughts on “2014 and 2015: Where you should have wasted time, and where you will

      its okay its love is such a terrible show about psychological problems being magically solved by korean #1’s solution – LOVE. probably my most disliked character that gong hyo jin has ever portrayed. the only thing worth watching is jo in sung’s performance but of course his charaxter’s insistence on sex is also irritating.

      i might need to check out healer now! lols.

      rising sun is such a bore, i only finished it because yadech has awesome chemistry through and through.

      • 34 thoughts on “2014 and 2015: Where you should have wasted time, and where you will

        indeed. i dunno why so many people loved it.. haha.. i only watched until ep. 10, perhaps. los at the theory : korean #1’s solution – LOVE! LUV said A Pink. 😛
        i think, DO’s acting was better than his sunbaenim in SM town (except Sooyoung from snsd).. lols.. no offense SM Stan 😀

        but im curious about Yaya and James Jirayu’s new lakorn. i hope Viki or anyone on Youtube like Kudalakorn etc will sub it. I rarely watched Thai lakorns now, since the storyline looks almost the same. i need something fresh like Hormones. 🙂

    • 34 thoughts on “2014 and 2015: Where you should have wasted time, and where you will

      I just literally finished Bad Guys a few hours ago. On the fence about s2 (I mean the show as a thrill but the main plot is over and it was kinda obvious who was the bad guy) I loved Kim Sang-Joong’s character/acting and no one seems to do revenge/vengence like kdrama~ But I prefer Jo Dong-Hyeok over Park Hae-Jin. Maybe it was due to Park’s character being…well…eh. Hated Gang Ye-Won’s character. Well, onto A New Leaf and Dear Sisters.

      I would recommend Bad Guys if it fits your mood.

      • 34 thoughts on “2014 and 2015: Where you should have wasted time, and where you will

        i hope for s2. i prefer this bad guys over ten s3. i dunno, i feel bored watching ten s3. maybe, Park Hee Jin factor. lol.
        I love Jo Dong Hyeok too, he’s totally hawt. and yes, his character.. i could sense his guilty, and the broken heart. i think, his story was the best.
        Maybe bcuz i found a new fresh character in PHJ. he mostly played as a good guy, but this time, a cold-psycho killer.. emm.. he definitely got my plus plus attention 🙂

        N No Tameni… i highly recommend this dorama also 😀
        Healer.. i just watched ep.9, and OBSESSED! love it.

        • 34 thoughts on “2014 and 2015: Where you should have wasted time, and where you will

          I’ll check out N No Tameni after Dear Sisters. As much as I have been away from kdrama I’ve been away from J-dorama much longer. A New Leaf turns out to not be my taste…taking way too long showing how evil he is (Only saw first episode but…) before he does good. Just watched six episodes of Dr.Frost which isn’t bad but I can’t help but recallAmerican The Mentalist or the Japanese Liar Game with that white-ish hair. But at episode 5+ a central story sets in so…not bad. I guess I’ll try the Healer but I will probably break down from all the drama marathon.

        • 34 thoughts on “2014 and 2015: Where you should have wasted time, and where you will

          i havent watched a new leaf. i watched King of Drama, he was evil then turned good at the very end.. in process.. lols, he likes that kind of character, i guess.

          i watch Valid Love. aired on channel M now already ep.6. at first i had low expectation about this drama but Lee Soo Hyuk, oh My.. he’s totally hawt. lols.. i still dislike a story about betrayal, love-affair and something like that, yet im curious about how it will end up. just in case, you’re bored with dreamy-lovey-dovey drama, you can give this one a try 🙂

  8. 34 thoughts on “2014 and 2015: Where you should have wasted time, and where you will

    Well, with kdrama they do it quite intense so they’re showing how evil he is before he can become good again. Its just…its lawyer stuff. So slow and so evil. It does seem like it could be good cause Park Min-Young adds comedy/cute charm but…its so yeah…lawyer/evil stuff.

    But wow, Healer is like… really up my alley. (City Hunter…) and also Park Min-Young (I somehow end up watching like four of her dramas) only issue (on episode 5) is the song they chose for episodes 4/5. Its so…not right.

    Healer is a definite recommend at the moment.

    • 34 thoughts on “2014 and 2015: Where you should have wasted time, and where you will

      Welcome to the club dear.. HEALER!!! it’s sooo addictive. i love this more than City Hunter, i dunno.. Ji Chang Wook factor! lols..

      im waiting for the complete engsub for ep.10. 🙂

      • 34 thoughts on “2014 and 2015: Where you should have wasted time, and where you will

        ^^ I think its because City Hunter started off all grim and super serious. Healer does have a charm to it in the cast and humor at points. And omg I am absolutely terrible with names but Ji Chang Wook…from that train wreck Baek Dong-soo… that’s where I saw him before. And I watched ep.10 but the subs were incomplete or maybe it was due to the website idk. >< Admittedly I am a little confused about the connections but I won't say anything here in case I spoil.

        atm I'm watching Cheo Yong which feels weird. Like..I feel it should be Japanese instead of Korean? idk. It doesn't feel horror-ish. But eventually I should catch up on the shows I missed for 2014 ._.;; eventually…

  9. 34 thoughts on “2014 and 2015: Where you should have wasted time, and where you will

    Hi everyone
    I read about all of your comments and I’m not to disagree with your choices but I think maybe you can try at least other two dramas that catched me up in the middle…it’s true that I am more after korean dramas but try them without prejudice maybe(?!)…
    1)Pinocchio_despite the young age of the characters they fit in very well and leave you waiting twinkled
    2)Kill me heal,heal me_it’s of this year and I don’t know why but Ji sung and Hwang Jung Eum are perfect in this,I’ve watched them in ‘SECRET'(that one amazing too)together and maybe it was for this reason that they’re chosen but I love the chemistry they bring on and is the first drama so far that kept(still keeping)my breath at waiting!I don’t know but you can try 😉

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