We Got Married: Episode 248 “Wedding Day Part 1.”

They look like a real couple. P.E.R.I.O.D. It’s wedding bells for SoRim!

We Got Married Episode 248 RECAP:

Preparing for the wedding day! So Eun sprawls on the sofa, nervously waiting for Jae Rim to come. She entertains the thought of running away on this very day. Gurl, you have yet to kiss that smoldering puppy of yours. You’re here to stay!

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The doorbell rings and he whispers sweetly into the intercom, “Good morning baby!” while holding a huge box of flowers. It’s all fresh flowers, chosen by the groom at a local flower shop all morning. Aww. He wants to make bouquets together for their wedding. You know, it cuts down the cost and creates a stronger bond between them.

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So Eun goes over to the kitchen counter and pours herself some hot tea. She offers the same cup to Jae Rim and he asks suggestively, “Did you drink it here?” referring to the spot where her lips might have touched and starts going around the rim with his lips. AHHHHHHH. You nasty kid! Lol.

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Looks like someone is finally in trouble for his stint on tvN’s show, SNL Korea, where he said his relationship with Kim So Eun is just business. She begins throwing cutout flower papers at him while he laughs his head off, explaining that he had to say it like that for work! For business! He had to say that line so the next person could say theirs. He tells her not to think about it too deeply.

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Making an innocent face so she will forgive him ~~~

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In his interview cubicle, he defends himself and his work. SNL Korea is basically scripted and he was just acting according to the scene because “I have to earn money.” LOL Good answer!

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Seeing so many pretty flowers, So Eun wants to save some to decorate their home. She eyes a pretty vase in the form of her mom’s cultivated alcohol glass bottle. He’s like, “You want us to finish the whole bottle and use it as a vase?” Her face lights up, YEA!!

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They continue arranging the flowers and Jae Rim takes out his phone to show her how thoughtful he is for picking flowers with wonderful meaning. For instance, the flowers that look like cotton balls represent his never-changing love and devotion. She adds in quickly, “That’s what happens if you drink the alcohol (her mom’s specialty),” so that the meaning becomes drunk in a never-ending love. So cheesy!! These two!! MC Mi Sun eats up the idea like cotton candy and quickly spins out her own words, “I can’t wake up if I’m drunk on you.” 😀 She’s such a hopeless romantic.

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Continuing with the symbolism of things, they joke and laugh closely. Jae Rim remarks in his interview that So Eun’s skinship comes naturally now. Very subtle and he feels like he’s loved. Aw.

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He lets out a small yelp when pricked by pink roses and claims, “The beautiful thing about roses is that they have thorns. What kind of thorns do you have?” So Eun raises up her claws. heh. 😀

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She accidentally breaks a rose so he guesses, “I see that you’re breaking the necks of flowers prettier than you.” She glares at him, “These flowers are prettier than ME?” LOL. Jae Rim always shoots himself in the foot. After a few seconds, he answers, “No, you’re prettier.” She eye-smiles at him, “If you didn’t say that, I wouldn’t go to the wedding.” HAHAH.

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Done with the bouquets, So Eun jokes, “You can use one bouquet when you get married with the court lady (from his previous drama).” He doesn’t have a good comeback so he swoops in and bumps her head with his intimately.

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Afterwards, she stands up with two bouquets and asks which one looks better if she were wearing a white bridal gown. He looks up, “No flowers can cover up your beauty.” 🙂

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Time to pick out the wedding dress!! On their way there, Jae Rim notices that she seems shorter today without her heels. She wants to be taller but he comforts her with, “I like you at this petite size.” Then he spreads out his long legs to be at the same height as hers. She giddily wraps her arms around his neck.

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At the shop. So Eun coos over the models wearing the gowns and Jae Rim advises her not to compare herself with them. “They’re pretty.” She stands up to leave and he pulls her down to the sofa, “You’re prettier!” hehe. Good save, dude.

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Like all men, Jae Rim becomes a muddled fool looking at the row of dresses. When the sales lady says they are all new, he asks for an old one. So Eun: “I want a new one!” Jae Rim puts his hands around her face, “You’re a sold-out woman to me. I don’t need anything new.” CUE fingers-curling!! I CAN’T HANDLE THIS MUCH CUTENESS.

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Jae Rim: “These dresses are so heavy, will you be able to walk?”

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So Eun: “Of course….since I’m walking to you. How could they be heavy?” Double AWWWWWWWWW!!

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Even Jae Rim says she’s improved heaps. hehe. She gives him two winning peace signs. Such a super sweet line coming from the soon-to-be bride. 😀 So Eun is really transparent though, you practically see the bright glint in her eyes whenever she comes up with something smart to say. Lol. I think I’ve mentioned it before. But she’s getting better and that’s all it matters!

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They could hug forever. I don’t mind. ^____^

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Speaking of dresses, Jae Rim is worried about the difference in cup sizes. HA. She counters, “I told you! Where it matters, I have…!!” He gets a few punches from her.

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While she’s changing, he’s sitting at the sofa with jumbled nerves. It’s hilarious when he hears her cry “UGHH!! HYNCHHH!!” in the fitting room. He then positions his cellphone against a teacup set to recording. He wants to record her reaction when she looks at him. Why do I feel like there’s another reason? He would be too immersed into looking at his bride to record properly using his hands? Yes, yes? 😛

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She’s embarrassed facing him while this dork here chuckles cutely……Silence…. “You’re pretty. Like the first time we met.” So Eun: “You don’t even know who I was!” Jae Rim: “Now you’re so pretty, I don’t know who you are.” ;D

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In his interview, “I can’t easily explain the feeling with words. It’s like seeing a snow-white angel.”

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Nothing to see here. Just him with a foolish grin staring at her beautiful face. Nothing much ~~~~ EEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!! DARN THESE TWO!!

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So Eun asks the curtains to be drawn and Jae Rim moves his hands as if controlling it. I don’t know about you guys but I laugh so hard because it reminds me of Impala (Ji Suk Jin)’s woosa move in the Running Man’s Superpower Episode with soccer player, Park Ji Sung.

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Jae Rim playing by himself while waiting endlessly for So Eun to change. This time when the curtain draws back, he’s sitting on the floor, with the camera facing his face and recording So Eun as well. He observes that while putting on the second one, she didn’t make those HCNNNHHHH sounds, so this one is definitely more comfortable.

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They practice a small walk and when she waddles, he bends over to fix the dress, sneaking a look at the tall heels she’s sporting. HAHA.

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Wedding day. Mr. Groom greets the incoming guests right at the entrance, while Ms. Bride sits prettily in her glorious wedding dress inside. Someone’s nervous huh? Jae Rim jugs down cup after cup of water.

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Her make-up is flawless.

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Kang Joon and his actor mates are also at the wedding. One of them says, “You look beautiful, like the Mermaid Princess.”

Jae Rim takes So Eun’s hand, “I won’t let you disappear into bubbles.” 😉 You better not. *raises pitchforks*

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Jae Rim angles his head cutely when he spots his bride coming to him. hee! How adorable is he throwing flower petals as she walks to the white carpet?

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And then it ends. AHHHHHHHHHHH What the heck!! This show is unhealthy. I’m supposed to be lovesick like this until Saturday?!!!

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I have encoded raw SoRim’s episodes here for DL: http://www.multiup.org/en/project/2866e4f7a2228d5063e2171d625b2629
(I don’t have soft subs but if someone wants to re-sync subs, please do share!)

  1. 6 thoughts on “We Got Married: Episode 248 “Wedding Day Part 1.”

    Great recap! I never been THIS obsessed with WGM couple until this couple.
    Now my whole week is just full with watching & rewatching this couple + reading every single post on Soompi thread + reading every single recap + news on this couple. It is seriously unhealthy. Haha

    Anyhow, thanks for encoding the RAW. I love the quality of your videos!

    • 6 thoughts on “We Got Married: Episode 248 “Wedding Day Part 1.”

      Me too! This couple is a first (I actually don’t follow WGM but because Kim So Eun is one my Korean girl crushes so I checked hers out….and stayed…) Song Jae Rim is a surprise find for me! He’s wonderfully naughty! MUAHAHA. 😛

      You’re welcome! I needed a copy of these two in great quality. Lol.

    • 6 thoughts on “We Got Married: Episode 248 “Wedding Day Part 1.”

      We all have been Carole! 😀

  2. 6 thoughts on “We Got Married: Episode 248 “Wedding Day Part 1.”

    This episode was amazing but what I didnt like about it was the fact that the audience were mostly the film crew… it kinda reminded me that this isnt a serious thing.
    It kinda saddened me 🙁

    • 6 thoughts on “We Got Married: Episode 248 “Wedding Day Part 1.”

      We Got Married is a ultimately still a variety show that feeds and capitalizes on the feelings and reactions of its audiences. When we put our feelings out there, we give them a chance to hurt us when the show is over and the couple parts ways as friends. The crazy thing is we go in knowing this and yet we come back week after week. At the end of the day? We have to judge whether it’s worth our time and heart. For SoRim? Personally, a yes.

      So don’t be sad, Cil. The best part of being a fangirl is the ability to dream hopelessly and endlessly about the future where SoRim would end up together in real life. 😉

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