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Hi hi ^u^ First off, Happy Holidays to everyone~ So I see that everyone around is falling into either one of two camps right around now: very happy, or not so happy (and if you’re Kappy, you fall into your own category of injured and over-worked *hug*). Either way, I’m stepping in with a solution for you all~ It comes in the form of a couple of cuties from the land of mangoes (no, not India): the Phillipines~~

Gif Credit

They’re called JaDine, and they’re a love-couple (as in a pair who do a lot of movies and stuff together), and so far, they’ve had a handful of movies and MVs together. the Ja part is for James Reid, and the Dine part is for Nadine Lustre. In fact, they’re so ridiculously cute, I decided to make a post about them. And just in case you want to indulge in their cuteness in gif form, you should go here or here or here ☆*:.。.o(≧▽≦)o.。.:*☆

There’s a new trend going around the Filipino movie industry where filipino Wattpad (read: where you can post up your original stories as well) stories are getting turned into movies, and actually, both of the JaDine couple’s movies to date have been such movies~ The first one is called Diary Ng Panget, and the second one is called Talk Back and You’re Dead. While both of them are far from paragons of cinematic excellence, they’re very good at one thing: giving loads and loads of fluff~~

So further ado, here’s a quick run-down of their cuteness ^^

And here’s the movies, with english subs, themselves, as early Christmas presents~

The duo have a forthcoming movie called Para Sa Hopeless Romantic, which was originally slated for December, but which I think is getting delayed. As I noted before, I’m not the biggest fan of the director (a lot of it feels like amateur youtube productions- the ones on the lower end of the scale), but the squishy babies are squishy~

So, tell me what you guys think~ Cute, or meh? Comments welcome ⌒(o^▽^o)ノ

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    Congrats, Nuttie! You won hands down… loading nothing but…

    Cuteness galore!

    I totally love that giffy. “@ , @”

    I will be back tmr to watch this. Need my zzz’s now, hadn’t slept well for 2-wks+. I’m about to turn into a zombie.

    Happy Christmas Eve, everyone!

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      Aww poor Keanie *squish* Happy Christmas Eve, and here’s to a nice rest~

      I know right, those two are newbies, but they have insane amounts of chemistry. Like, Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo are also pretty cute (maybe I should do a post on them as well) but these two get along like a house on fire… They also have 2 mini-series together (my app boyfie and hashtag jadine) but I didn’t include those since they’re not subbed and it would only be torture for the people who wanted more.

      But you should definitely check out their interviews, they are so natural and cute together *sighs* I feel like a proud mama hehe

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    waaaahh.. pinoy and pinay! havent watched it.. gotta check this one out.. mahal salamat po 😀

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      Walang anuman po~ you should sit back with some indulgent treat like hot chocolate or ice cream or cheesecake or a full bucket of fried chicken and fries with the works and check them out~ As the saying goes, treat yo self! ^v^

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        im not pinay but i like watching filipino’s dramas. i know some actors and actresses from there. and of course, christian bautista is damn famous in my country, like everyone knows him. lol.
        so do you have any recommended dramas? but please with engsub 🙂 last time i watched this movie i need to use skype asking my pinay friend about the translation lol. thanks anyway.. i miss watching filipinos drama/movie. 🙂

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          Haha, where are you from Yui? Singapore? or HK? I know CB is quite famous there ^^

          Hmm… I don’t watch dramas normally, because they’re normally all dailies, which go kinda cray cray after the initial hook-up with the audience, and they’re almost never subbed.

          I do watch movies though, so I could rec those to you… for starters, I would obviously go with the 2 I listed above, then Bakit Hindi Ga Crush Ng Crush Mo, Bride For Rent, Must Be Love, She’s Dating the Gangster, Maybe This Time and Born To Love You… these are the ones I know which definitely have eng subs… There’s also a Thailand-Phillipines joint production which has Mario Maurer in it, called Suddenly It’s Magic. That has eng subs too ^^

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    The first trailer looks really cute but I would have preferred if they kept her pimples even until the end, haha. I’m not a filipino but I find the language not so hard to digest like some other foreign languages. I seriously see nothing wrong in girls with pimples since they’re so common and beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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      Omg, I remember watching the trailer and having the same thought! When I watched the movie though, I didn’t find it too bad, because they don’t magically just make her pimples vanish, they just teach her how to hide them with make-up, which I think is pretty realistic. I also liked that they showed that the guy had started having feelings for her even when she wasn’t using make-up~ But I’ll shut up now since I don’t think I should let on any more spoiler-ish things~ I want to spazz with everyone when they’ve watched the movie~~

      And yes, agreed, the language doesn’t have as high a barrier~ The other plus thing is that they use a lot of english… I mean, a lot of the times I have to watch unsubbed stuff because the international fanbase is pretty small, but it’s quite manageable. Sure, I miss the subs, but I don’t feel like crying over how lost I am ^^;;

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    Awww this looks ridiculously cute! AHHHHHHHH!!

    “So you and your pimples will be miserable.” LOL!!

    I just did some minor changes to the post. Placing the gif after the jump so it doesn’t burden the loading of our home page. 🙂 We love gifs around here. hee!

    • 30 thoughts on “Nutella’s Recommendation Corner 1~

      I’m so glad you find it cute Kappy~ I had the same reaction ^u^

      Thankies for the editing~~ I’ll keep it in mind for my next post ^^

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    OMG…they are my newest obsession!!! I even have a tumblr blog dedicated to them (well to Nadine at least). You have no idea how happy I am right now when I saw the gif lol.

    I have to say I saw both movies, but DNP is definitely the better one. TBYD is okay, but it felt incomplete and I was kind of lost towards the end.

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      Haha~ Kappy should like TBYD for the male lead’s name is TOP.

      The film editing wasn’t the best, however when Audrey said TOP got into an accident. I was wondering what kind, seeing he’s quite an impulsive guy. It broke my heart when I found out.


      Skip below comment if you haven’t seen the movie.

      _____________ >___< _____________Ѽ./ Ѽ ___________;->( ɕѼ Ҩ .
      [email protected]♥ ‘(█) ♥ *$
      ________Ѽ “( ()♥t (Ѽ)o*♥*
      _______(█),-♥.-Ѽ [email protected],0 ɕ(█)
      ____________>o*oѼ @.< _________o`Ѽ Q Ѽ Q Ѽ[email protected]' ______♥.'Ѽ ♥ *Ѽ ɕҨ ‘♥ @-.)'* ____Ѽ o (█) @ *Ѽ ɕҨ ‘♥ *(█)’Ѽ __________Ѽ -♥-'Ѽ ♥._ Ѽ [email protected]♥ '*Q ♥ *(█), @.♥ '* ___.♥' @ _ ɕ♥ _.-'~♥-. @ ´(♥)`-*.o __.(█)* ♥ ..-' (Ѽ) o *.(Ѽ) 0 *(█)`) _________(Ѽ ) '-._♥__(Ѽ)@ ____;--♥' ♥Ҩ 0‘(Ѽ) Q o *♥ * Ѽ ♥ ___ * (Ѽ). ♥ * .Q.~ ♥- ♥Ҩ.0() Q ♥*'. _(█)* ♥ *‘ o * ♥ _(█)Q~ ♥Ҩ _Ѽ♥_(█) _____________▓▓▓▓▓ __________ ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ He lost his vision, and the dog was his guide dog in the ending. And, that sequel teaser... oh. em. gee. so sad TOP couldn't see what was going on right in front of him. Dayum! It sucks to be him, right then. I guess we'll find out how he lost his sight in the sequel.

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        _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
        / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \
        ( S )( P )( O )( I )( L )( E )( R )( S ) ( B )( E )( L )( O )( W )
        \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/

        Oh thank god someone’s watched it, now I can spazz~~ Yes, the second half of TBYD was honestly unnecessary. It felt like that one peppercorn that you accidentally bite into at the end of a really good meal… And I was also a bit confused like (especially since I FFed all the non-Jadine bits)… so did Red and Sam get married or…? But the cute moments were cute so I decided to overlook it~

        This was the second Filipino movie I saw which had the male lead suffer an accident and become blind at the end… the first one was a Coco Martin one called Born To Love You or something… It’s a really annoying, unnecessary trope I find… It made me cry -__-;;

        The other thing I disliked about TBYD was that in an effort to make the main guy be arrogant, they made him quite abusive in the beginning… if someone was calling me a retard multiple times, or calling me a b**** in front of everyone, the least I would do would be to not speak to him again (although I have this sinking feeling I would be physically violent -__-;;). On the other hand, my heart is quite traitorous and some things I should not find hot (yelling Samantha in front of the house at night– reminds one of Streetcar Named Desire, no?) I found myself swooning at *blushes*

        But you could definitely see this growth between James and Nadine… they were even more comfortable with each other.. the kisses were better too~~ It’s really obvious in the MVs I feel, where their chemistry is stronger ^^

        Anyway, here, for you Keane <333

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        TOP going blind was super random! Probably the most random scene in the whole film. I had the “WTF face” when I was watching that scene. It only makes a little sense when the teaser at the end was shown. Hopefully the sequel will elaborate a little bit more on what happen in between the time Sam and Red left for London or something because I’m still confuse.

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      _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
      / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \
      ( S )( P )( O )( I )( L )( E )( R )( S ) ( B )( E )( L )( O )( W )
      \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/

      @Kim Oooh which tumblr is that?? I probably follow it already XD

      DNP was the better movie plot-wise, but I feel like they had even better chemistry in TBYD, which is always a plus for me. I haven’t read all of the TBYD novels, so I’m uncertain of what happens, but I do hope it gets less melo and more fluffy~~

      I do wish they made it so they were in uni for TBYD… like all the marriage talk, calling each other hubby & wifey is so extremely cute, but every time it hit me that they’re supposed to be teenagers and that made it feel like they were overdoing it or something… I’m not sure how to explain, but I definitely would have liked it better had they set it in university. I mean, I understand why Sam needed to be a minor (so that they could use the threat of accusing Top of statutory rape to separate them), but they could have made her skip grades and be in Uni early or something. From my experience (although it was primary school so obviously it was different), schools are much more rigid in their structures, but these shenanigans could easily go on in some universities. Just my two cents.

      Anyway, here Kimmie, MV for you too <333

      • 30 thoughts on “Nutella’s Recommendation Corner 1~

        I do agree that their chemistry in TBYD was better than in DNP, but with DNP they didn’t really voice their interest or love towards each other until the very end. Which is why I’m super duper excited to see the sequel to DNP!!! Hopefully there will be lots of cute scenes between the two as a couple.

        TBYD was just all over the places. Half the time I didn’t understand what was going on. The editing was really weird and it felt rush. I know they’re doing a sequel to the movie as well and hopefully the sequel is better…but most of the time it’s not lol.

        I also agree that the film should be set in university instead of high school. I mean the gang thing and all TOP’s cursings. And it’s probably the reason why I didn’t like the film so much lol. I feel like they tried to make it all badass but it’s hilarious to me. TOP doesn’t seem bad at all. He’s just a poor emotional wannabe gangster lol

        Oh and my tumblr account for Nadine is this: (follow me if you haven’t 🙂 )
        And I haven’t really post much since I’ve been so busy with work. I hate life after undergraduate! I’m trying really hard to pay off my loans and make some extras before I start grad school but so far I’m paying more than earning extras.

        And sorry I haven’t made any headers for you. I’ll start working on some once work starts to slow down. It’s been crazy due to the holidays.

        • 30 thoughts on “Nutella’s Recommendation Corner 1~

          Sorry I should have addressed the last comment to Kappy lol.

        • 30 thoughts on “Nutella’s Recommendation Corner 1~

          GACKTTTT! I totally forgot new year means new banners! I only made a couple + yours. Aww man. Looks like I have to whip up some 40 new ones this weekend.

          Take your time Kim, it’s the holidays anyway. I appreciate any help!

  6. 30 thoughts on “Nutella’s Recommendation Corner 1~

    DNP was a total fluff movie. Its, intensely reminds me of, like Hana Yori Dango somewhat. I liked it a lot, especially the soundtrack lifted the entire movie a great deal, however the poor editing got me sorta confused. I loved it every time Eya was on a high in happiness… crossing her eyes after being complimented how “pretty” she is, or staring at Cross “about to rape” him look. LOL! I was being suffocated with uber cuteness.

    Thanks for the recommendation. Off I go watchin’ TBYD.

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    I’m a FILIPINO who always visit this site to watch Korean and Japan Drama
    I was really shock, when I saw the picture of Jadine in this Page
    Today, Filipino fans specially Filipino youth really admired the loveteam of Jadine.
    Jadine has a very unique love chemistry (*I admit also that I love their loveteam)
    I hope there will be more Filipino movie,music, drama and etc in this site


    Salamat sa inyong lahat, lalong-lalo na kay Nutella na nagpost tungkol sa Jadine
    (Thank you everyone, specially to Nutella who post about Jadine)

    • 30 thoughts on “Nutella’s Recommendation Corner 1~

      Hey Ayaah! Walang anuman, walang anuman~~~ Gusto mo ba Kimmy Chiu at Xian Lim’s Love Team?? I’m glad you like Jadine as much as I do~~ If people want it, I think everyone’ll try and post more Filipino stuff on here ^^

      I really love Bahala Na and No Erase as well (the videos are so cute ^^) I also really like this song from TBYD:
      Me and You by Nadine Lustre (I especially like the beginning <333)

      • 30 thoughts on “Nutella’s Recommendation Corner 1~

        I like Kim Chiu from the start she join in PBB (Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition)
        But I’m not fan of there loveteam with Xian Lim
        They have a good chemistry in Romantic Comedy Film Like “Bakit di ka Cruch ng Crush mo” and “Bride for Rent”
        As far as I know they are now in the stage of “KNOWING EACH OTHER RELATIONSHIP”

        Nutella…. are you also a FILIPINO?

      • 30 thoughts on “Nutella’s Recommendation Corner 1~

        Right now, here in the Philippines
        The most popular drama is “Forevermore”
        Philippine romantic comedy series directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina, starring Enrique Gil (as Xander) and Liza Soberano (as Agnes)
        I watch this drama and they are alsoa cute loveteam

        • 30 thoughts on “Nutella’s Recommendation Corner 1~

          Aww, I really like Kimxi~~ I wanted to see the in past tense but I was having exams when they were playing it in theatres here (they only played it for like, 5 day, stupid vancouver) T_T Didn’t they already admit to dating?? I don’t follow celebrity news at all, so I’m not sure ^_^;;

          Ah, sorry, hindi ako ay filipino… pero my godparents are filipino, and I lived there when I was younger ^^ many of my cousins are also part-filipino, so I do tend to watch stuff because of them XD

          Ooohh forevermore.. the loveteam is soooo kilig, and Liza is very beautiful… I tend to watch MVs/ clips from the teleserye, but I don’t watch the teleserye cos (1) I don’t have time due to studies and (2) They often become crazy in the middle (like with got to believe). Also I can’t find decent links to watch in Canada T_T

  8. 30 thoughts on “Nutella’s Recommendation Corner 1~

    Goodness, so… there’s gonna be DNP 2 & TBYD 2??

    TBYD was doing fine until the cheesy ending sorta ruined all the good feels. It’s like the writer just dumped a whole lotta Velveeta in the ending. I wanted to hurl. I did like the twist teaser to their sequel though.

    Wished there was a teaser for DNP 2 already. I’m more curious about that sequel.

    • 30 thoughts on “Nutella’s Recommendation Corner 1~

      There is no conformation about DNP 2 and TBYD 2 yet
      I like DNP more than TBYD…
      Those movie are came from Wattpad (a site wherein any Filipino can write a story )
      Both stories are now publish by the authors into a book
      DNP 2 have 4 parts/books while TBYD has 3 parts/books (*TBYD has a longer story than DNP)

      Right now Jadine is now filming “Para sa Hopeless Romantic” or “For Hopeless Romantic”
      That movie is also came from a book which is written by Marcello Santos
      Marcello Santos is very popular now here in the Philippines because of his taught and novel about love

    • 30 thoughts on “Nutella’s Recommendation Corner 1~

      _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
      / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \
      ( S )( P )( O )( I )( L )( E )( R )( S ) ( B )( E )( L )( O )( W )
      \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/

      I’m also more excited for a DNP sequel than a TBYD one, but I think that the TBYD one is more definite. The one thing I did like about TBYD was that Top was different from other leading guys I’ve seen. First time I saw a heroine get splashed with oil while cooking and he didn’t treat like she had 3rd degree burns.. instead he was all “That’s cooking oil, you’re a human, get over it.”

      Ayaah, (or anyone else) have you read the books? Can someone spoil me about the books? Like, I want to read them, but I want to know if they become melo first (I really cannot stand sad stuff, I cry too much) so that I could brace myself.

      Also there’s rumours that there’s going to make a remake of Meteor Garden, and Jadine will be the ones getting cast.. they’re really iffy rumours, but I won’t exactly mind if they turn out to be true~

      Anyway, here’s a mini-interview

      And here’s a cute christmas MV

      Anyway, more MVs here

      • 30 thoughts on “Nutella’s Recommendation Corner 1~

        According to my sister who read full both books in Wattpad and Book Version
        This are written in the book


        1) DNP
        According to my sister, DNP ending is not good…. She is definitely depress when she read the last part of the book… it is because all the things that are happened between Eya and Cross… are all IMAGINATION OF EYA!!
        Even though there is a real EYA,CROSS,LORIE and CHAD they don’t know each other!!!!
        Actually, even me, I get depress

        2) TBYD

        a. According to my sister, Samantha and TOP will going to have a baby (^-^)
        b. Red will going to have a baby but he dont’ know who is the mother (the name of the baby is “BABY BLUE” is it because Fifth one of the member of Lucky 13 name it to the baby while the unknown mother is YELLOW)
        RED, BLUE and YELLOW are the three colors you can find in the Philippine Flag

        What to see the book of DNP and TBYD
        DNP :
        DNP B2B:



        • 30 thoughts on “Nutella’s Recommendation Corner 1~

          You…. have got to be kidding me… whut?????????

          I trusted you, HaveYouSeenThisGirl, I trusted you!!! Is DNP permanently ended? Or is there still hope? Omg why would anyone want to read two books talking about some super long dream? *sigh* I’m so sad… I actually have the wattpad version of the first book for it, but I only read some of the beginning… *sobs in corner*

          Omg TBYD is sounding more and more like a comedy -u-lll The flag family.. how does he not know the mother? Normally it’s the other way round, the lady doesn’t know who the daddy is.. did the baby get dropped on his doorstep with a note or something? I also have the first 2 books of TBYD, but again, I only read the beginning… I’m glad they have a baby though <333

          Salamat sa inyong, Ayaah & your little sister~~ you saved me many tears *hug*

      • 30 thoughts on “Nutella’s Recommendation Corner 1~

        I know all of these stories are connected to past scenarios however if Jadine does Meteor Garden, Full House, and even Heirs (there I said it) version, that’ll be awesome. They both fit those roles well. Vivo Ent. should have a flooding of investors now who want to bank Jadine and the rest of the pretty actors in their company.

        OMG-sh, an imagination!?! Sad to admit however that’ll explain a lot about DNP. LOL! I would be content with that. C’mon, it totally makes sense considering how FAST the flow of the first movie went by.

        I don’t think Jadine should take their roles as Miracle/Sam and TOP that far beyond getting together. If their management is smart, these two are the IT couple, and need to stay away from parenting roles for the time being. Jadine’s image right now is crazy strong, they need to learn from other successful idols in Pan Asia and keep their popularity steadfast. Bank on teenie booper roles for a few more years. They can continue TBYD up to having a baby, years later down the road, when their diehard fans reach into their twenties and thirties. That’s what I would schedule for them if I were their manager. This also will be a public service for their fans too, no need to send the wrong message this early in the stages of Jadine’s popularity saying it’s okay to get pregnant early once you find love. I’m only saying this, in case the movie production truly wants to manifest the pregnancy between Sam and TOP. I honestly wouldn’t, then again, if the flow of the movie requires those scenes, then I would formulate something similar to Goong, acknowledge them having their baby but don’t shoot it in depth. Only tease fans with still photos posing with a baby/kid, offering diehard fans a taste but not the buffet. LOL! This will keep Jadine’s image more fantasy driven and attractive.

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