Cdrama: The Empress of China Episodes

English Title: The Empress of China
Chinese Title: 武則天 / Wu Zetian
Cast: Fan Bing Bing, Janine Chang, Viann Zhang, Aarif Rahman, Jerry Lee, Kathy Chow, Viann Zhang
# of Episodes: 80
Airing Days: TBA (starts Dec. 21st, 2014)
Broadcasting Station: HunanTv
Synopsis: The Empress of China is an upcoming Chinese television drama based on events in 7th and 8th-century Tang dynasty, starring producer Fan Bingbing as the titular character Wu Zetian—the only woman in Chinese history to rule as an emperor. [Credit: Wiki]

Note: Videos are RAW. Format = mkv. File Size = ±300MB. File Type = 540p (Team ZASK encodes).
Subbing Group: Unconfirmed

Episode 1
540p-ZASK Link taken down by DMCA.

ANNOUNCEMENT 150519: Please visit Sinecure’s & Team-ZASK’s Private Page for access (code on AVV’s twitter, check F.A.Q. if lost). Thank you for your cooperation. Don’t forget to leave them a line, appreciating what they do to satisfy your drama cravings. Special thanks to Abu.

Keane: Aw, I received a present from Kappy tonight. GO TO SLEEP, BATMAN! Robin’s got your back!

Y’all are in luck. I’ve semi-officially start encoding per Yoda Sin’s teachings. He still needs to approve of his baddest pupil’s work, so I can officiate my encoder title here.^ ^!” Sweating bullets, I am. How did I do, oh Master Sin?

Since this project is loooooooooooong, I will only post up 540p’s. If anyone comes across subs, then please share links below in the comment box. This is a lovely community, I have faith in you.

Now, spamming a few more stills in continuation to Kappy’s prior post. Too pretty to resist.

I predict this OTP will be nothing but awesome, that of Fan Bingbing and Aarif Rahman, and a few of you know what I mean if you’re like me suddenly regaining flashbacks to their prior project together in 2012 for a rom-com movie called One Night Surprise. Daniel Henney was also in the film, however Aarif stole Daniel’s thunder in the latter half of the movie. If you haven’t watched this movie yet, then I recommend it. By the end of the reel, you’ll be saying “Daniel, who?”

So far, there will be three songs releasing under The Empress of China soundtrack. I have a feeling that an album is in the making for all the wonderful scores inserted throughout the series just like in Bu Bu Jing Xin.

To no surprise though, Aarif Rahman is vastly multi-talented, besides acting he also is a music producer, a singer, and a songwriter. He composed this ending theme song and first single release sung by Jane Zhang, [Listen/Download] 無字碑 (Wu Zi Bei) “Wordless Stele” (is in reference to the erected mighty 6.3 meters blank tombstone where Empress Wu and Emperor Gaozong of Tang laid to rest). Be expecting a second single from Jane to follow. So here it is, Jane Zhang’s second single, [Listen/Download] 敢為天下先 (Gan Wei Tian Xia Xian) “Dare To Lead”.

Let the spazz-a-thon… COMMENCE! I have high expectations, the guys will spazz more than gals in this thread. For reasons being….

  1. 30 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Empress of China Episodes

    THANKS BEFOREHAND!! 80 eps is a lot!! Not sure Ill be watching consistently so guys please give me some updates and sunmary! Lol.

  2. 30 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Empress of China Episodes

    Thanks so much! I already watched 3 episodes from day 1, but the updating speed is way too fast to cover… I will not follow it as it airs. 😛 The costumes are soooo gorgeous and the drama itself is so pretty. My complain right now is how they made Wu ZeTian into an innocent girl instead of the evil person she is supposed to be. Ok, I understand that the series is just starting, but what is introduced is so different from I am used to. :S

    • 30 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Empress of China Episodes

      not many actresses have the balls to play villain from the getgo. They want something call… Character development and she was pushed to do this and that.

      Can’t imagine all the pretty girls in one drama… those costumes! Ahhhhh!!!

      • 30 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Empress of China Episodes

        but but … to be frank, FBB had roles before where she played villain from the getgo (she played Daji in Legend and Hero and was quiet convincing).
        Wu Zetian entered the palace at a young age and became the Emperor’s woman (had a sexual encounter with him) at the age of 16. She never loved him and history says she was way more into his son. And they made the Emperor, the very well known LiShiMin into some kind of lover boy only focused on choosing women to sleep with. I really love WZT the character because she had always been more focused on power than love and family, so her story is way more interesting than what is shown now in this drama. 🙁 Anyway, I am only ranting based on what I have seen so far.

    • 30 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Empress of China Episodes

      Empress Wu didn’t do anything less evil than what so many emperors did. She got a bad rap for defying convention by welding power as female emperor.

  3. 30 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Empress of China Episodes

    80 episodes o_o Jiao You!

  4. 30 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Empress of China Episodes

    Wu Zetian is the very definition of “Hell hath no fury than a woman spurned”. In her case, it was not a man who spurned her but the world in which she lived in. There are two type of ppl in this world:- one who after experiencing the cruelty and ambitions of the world, wishes to rise above it and become the greater evil while another after experiencing the cruelty and the ambitions of the world, rise above to be understanding and benevolent, renouncing the evils of the world. Wu Zetian is the former.

    Wu Zetian’s story has a moral to it. Yes, you can become successful by being the biggest evil. This world is a world of sin, so being the biggest evil means you are lord over this world. Look at Wu Zetian, she became the empress and went on to be the first female ruler in China’s history. But then, look at the legacy she left behind. Yes, she was empress but even after so many thousand years later, ppl still curse her for her cruelty. So, was she really successful?

    Look at the total opposite of Wu Zetian :- Mother Teresa (for example). Mother Teresa lived a life of servitude. Despite experiencing all the hardships of life in this world, she did not succumb to it, she rose above it by making herself to be beneath others. Now, after her death, ppl still speak her name in reverence. Even those from other religions and atheists respect her. This sort of reverence and respect will last through the ages.

    One a woman who lived surrounded with all the richest and power of the world, another who lived not knowing where the next meal will come from. Two different outcomes.

    I am in my advanced years and my parents are no longer in this world but I remember what my dad told me in mandarin, “Winning is not the main point. Winning while everyone approves of you is the main point.” He was teaching me that it was ok to be ambitious but do not succumb to the evil ways of the world in order to be successful. Be above it. Do not make enemies in your climb to success. Instead, let everyone who lose to you acknowledge you with approval. That is when you know you are indeed the victor.

    I am retired and throughout my career, I saw the evils of men and women:- the extent ppl are willing to go for that promotion after promotion. There are also those who stayed true to themselves and eventually, they did get promoted. The difference once they are at the highest level is stark. Those who went up there through unfair means will always have ppl under them who will speak evil of them behind their backs and pretenders as followers while those who got up there through hard work and honesty have loyal followers who were more like lifelong friends who will always take their sides. At times like these, the saying “birds of the same feather flock together” comes to mind.

    Anyway, pardon this ahjumma my long ramblings in Christmas day. Main point is: the cruelty of the world should not be an excuse for evil. If you experience unfairness and bad treatment, remember that you are not the first and will not be the last person. How is it that one can turn evil while another rose above and became good? It all comes down to your choice. Do not blame it on the world.

    • 30 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Empress of China Episodes

      Thanks for the great comment! *thumbs up* 😀

      MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone here at AVV! 😀

  5. 30 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Empress of China Episodes

    I am still laughing. Poor fanboys. Just when a series has pretty girls showing off their assets, they are chopped off! LOL!

    • 30 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Empress of China Episodes

      this censorship is pretty funny.

    • 30 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Empress of China Episodes

      Ehh, so HunanTV version is censored completely? I’ve watched up to ep.20 logoless version and it still has a great view. Kiikii~

      Now the fanboys be googling…. life is wonderful and bouncy again. LOL!

  6. 30 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Empress of China Episodes

    Thanks Many Thanks for sharing this project with us silent watchers. I so hope this drama will be worth my time. I LOVE Cdrama, especially the ones with costumes. 😀

    There’s something on my mind: Do you share the UNCUT ones (meaning where the bosom with the consort/feis are showing as in the Tang Dynasty) or the ‘official’ version, where Hunan TV demanded to only faces?

    Thanks for answering! I love your site! I hope and wish you guys to never give up this! THANKS SO MUCH for the sharing!!^^

    • 30 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Empress of China Episodes

      For the first 16+ or more, cleavage wasn’t censored yet… But after the gov’ popo passed out from nosebleed, no more after that. The uncut version floating on the net atm refers to the full episode length, and not the glorious upper body shots of these consorts. We might have to wait for the DVD version…which I have no idea when that will be.

      Poor our Keane. Her first project ends up being face-full and bosom-less. Lol.

  7. 30 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Empress of China Episodes

    please please please, if anyone has english subs, share!! I’m absolutely desperate to watch this show, edited or not, and I know a lot of people are!! I can’t believe a subbing team hasn’t gotten their hands on this yet, I assumed at least the first episode would be done by now. I’d help format them and post them if that’s necessary, but chinese-english speakers, we need your help!!

    • 30 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Empress of China Episodes

      Yes I agree. Can someone pls sub this? I actually am enjoying this drama despite the backlash Fan Bing Bing always received. TBH, I really do admire her efforts on making this and although not historically true I do like like learning more about WuZetian. The only thing saving me for understanding this is watching in vietnamese sub but still prefer eng sub.
      Also I heard that it had the biggest opening rating, how is the rating and audiences thought still?

      • 30 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Empress of China Episodes

        I’ve been searching from when the first episode aired but I really don’t know how they are egnoring such an amazing drama. I realllllllllly want to watch it but I can’t understand at all. Please someone have mercy on us T.T

  8. 30 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Empress of China Episodes

    I’ve watched until ep 20 pls advise me where can I watch the rest from?

  9. 30 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Empress of China Episodes

    Hi…How many episode are there for this drama? I saw some website said 82 episode but some up to 96 episode.

  10. 30 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Empress of China Episodes

    Where can I watch “The Empress of China” online with eng sub. Please help! I really really want to watch this drama.

    • 30 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Empress of China Episodes

      It’s a bit late but if you’re still looking here is the site where you can watch or download.
      HD = english subbed and mandarin dialogue.
      SD= raw, unsubbed and cantonese dialogue

      have a nice day

  11. 30 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Empress of China Episodes

    Yes guys please help.. Where can we watch it with eng subs? I have tried lots of websites but no one seems to be working on the subs

  12. 30 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Empress of China Episodes

    okay guys/gals. visit my pastebin. i know it’s all korean stuff, but in the special section i’ll be encoding this drama at the request of one of my buddies.

    Your link was deleted by a Mod. Please visit Sinecure’s Private Page for access. Thank you for your cooperation. Edit 150519

    it’s 540p-ZASK quality. and contains 2 audio, the default is mandarin, 2nd audio is cantonese. embedded are soft subtitles. (you can turn them on or off in your player, so if you want to see subtitle make sure to turn on subs!)

    this drama is a pain in the butt. commercials are cut, eng subs have to be OCR’ed to make them soft subs. which i’m doing by hand.

    i’ll try to catch up on episodes as soon as possible. right now have e1-03. working on 4-10 overnight. this is the censored version meaning the boobie / cleavage area has been edited and looks like a piece of clothing was CG’ed over the cleavage! lol

    i expect to catch up within about a week or so.. right now e23 i think just aired.

    • 30 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Empress of China Episodes

      Awesome! Thanks mate! 🙂

    • 30 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Empress of China Episodes

      Awesome! Thanks Sin! 🙂

  13. 30 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Empress of China Episodes

    what’s the password to your private page? thanks!

    • 30 thoughts on “Cdrama: The Empress of China Episodes

      Please follow AVV’s twitter (click on my squid giffy top corner, or check F.A.Q, for link) > find Favorites list > access code is there (scroll down the list to find it).

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