Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (4)

I can’t believe 2014 is about to be over. In about two days! What have I done all year long for the hours, days, and months to pass by without saying hello. Well, I graduated this past summer and is now on/off with my current job. What else…. let me think… I’m more productive than this right?

More stills + opening themevideo from Singles Villa. Poor Viann. She might be in four dramas (!!) airing at the same time, and yet the pretty actress can’t find love and happiness anywhere across dramaland. Hopefully, Singles Villa is her golden ticket. 🙂

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You’re My Sunshine continues its massive release of stills and a 3-minute trailer. Finally, I get to see Tang Yan with beautiful long hair. My spidey senses tell me that I might enjoy Wallace‘s character more because Tang Yan’s mellow/indifferent facial expressions are not helping her character come across. She looks scared like… all the time?

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Ariel Lin, girl, didn’t you just tie the knot a few days ago? Why are you rushing to film a movie already? Play with your hubby! She’ll be starring aside Chen Xiao, Blue Lan Zheng Long, and Kara Hui for an upcoming horror film, Mysterious Family, produced by Korea, China, and Taiwan

YAY FOR HORROR. I know some of you are scardy cats but I absolutely love horror movies. Lol.

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Girl’s Generation’s Yoona is cast alongside Lin Gen Xin in an upcoming historical drama, tentatively named, God of War Zhao Yun, focusing on the story of Zhao Yun as he served under Liu Bei. I’m no longer surprised by such casting news anymore. The day a Chinese Actor/Actress takes a leading role in a Korean drama – let me know.

Possible candidates to play Liu Bei is Yan Kuan and Qiao Zhen Yu as Zhou Yu.

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For Hawick Lau‘s fans, his upcoming drama, Life is a Twice Blooming Flower, based on a novel by Tang Qi Gong Zi recently releases some rosy-themed images and a trailer. Other cast members include Claudia Wang (main female lead), Huo Zheng Yan, Ren Gao, and Xuan Gu.

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She looks smoldering.

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Ady An and Qiao Zhen Yu‘s Epiphyllum Dream‘s official stills. If you miss Ady on the small screen, one of her dramas is scheduled to broadcast in January. Check my ultimate airing schedule for updates.

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From the batch of newbies in the New Princess Pearl, the only girl to make a splash in the C-Entertainment Land is Zhao Li Ying. Her co-stars, Hai Lu, has been filming non-stop as well and yet she’s not as well-received nor as popular. I won’t cover all her dramas but the most recent piece of news is her upcoming modern project with Eric Huang and Zheng Kai (Not the Run Brother‘s Ryan but the hot general in Ruby Lin’s Qing Shi Huang Fei.) It’s an urban love story about a hardworking fashion designer (Hai Lu) and the CEO (Eric Huang) of the company where she works. Her sunshine attitude slowly changes his hardcore work ethics and that’s why the drama is called You’re Like the Sun.

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Louis Koo reveals in an interview that he might have a collaboration with Carman Lee in a few months. OMG!! I know many liked Liu Yi Fei as XLN. I do too, but Carman is my ultimate bias in that role. It will be exactly 20 years since Return of the Condor Heroes 1995. Just epic, epic reunion. More so than Yang Guo’s separation with XLN! 😛

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  1. 8 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (4)

    I might have just die a little (if that’s possible) with the Louis and Carmen news. Those two were my ultimate OTP back in the days.

    As for “You’re My Sunshine”, I believe the official tile has been shorten to just “My Sunshine.” If people are interest in the english sub trailer. They can check it out below:


    • 8 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (4)

      I’m just too used to writing it as You’re My Sunshine.

      I will be stalking LouisxCarmen for a long time! 😀

  2. 8 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (4)

    Btw it’s a chinese historical drama, right? just curious.. i wonder,what the producer thinks so they need to import an idol-tress from Korea for a historical drama?

    i like hawick, but the trailer didnt look promising, hehe.. it reminds me of Jerry Yan’s Loving, Never Forgetting..

    and my Wallace Chung.. just cant wait. Ariel’s new movie and those boys.. emm.. looks yummy 😀

    • 8 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (4)

      yep, it is historical…Yoona is mediocre at best in korean dramas, one can only imagine her trying to connect to the audience while speaking in korean on set and then BEING DUBBED OVER. Geez. why why why!! give the role to an upcoming chinese actress?? so hard to do china???!!

      hawicks drama has some nice stills but boring story, repeat of what we have seen. lol. skip! skip!

      ady looks so pretty in her republican drama with qiao zhen yu!

      20 years!! Now THATS AN EPIC REUNION INDEED!! wow… 1995…older than me. LOL.

      • 8 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (4)

        haha.. how old are you? if you were born on 1997, then you’re the same age with my young bro.. 😀

        yes, i forgot to mention Ady Ann..sometimes, i forget her name.. i remembered back then, she changed her name to An Ann.. and now back to Ady Ann.. why some Taiwanese love to change their names..?? sorry, OOT lol

        btw New Princess Pearl, is it Zhao Li Ying in the middle? she looks different.. i guess that’s an old pic.. right?

        • 8 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (4)

          Thats Hai Lu as described. ZYL was mentioned because they were in the same drama before.

          Unless she had pladtic surgery, she cant look that different. Lol.

  3. 8 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (4)

    I’m with you Kappy, Tang Yans character comed off really strange in the teaser, like shes bored and scared. I dont like forced kisses and that looks very uncomfortable when Wallace pushes her across and lands on the sofa.


  4. 8 thoughts on “Bulletin Board: Cdramaland/ENT News (4)

    LOL. That picture of Lin Gen Xin looks like hes puzzled of the casting decision too. These artists just go to China and Japan for the money. Sad.

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