We Got Married: Episode 247 “Sexual tension at its best!”

Next time there’s a party involving these two individuals, I would advise everyone to come armed with a knife. The sexual tension in the room is so thick you could cut it and serve it. 😀 Our couple has their first photoshoot in this episode. And now that I know what the behind-the-scene footages look like, the official pictures don’t carry the same sentiments anymore. My gosh. *fans self*

I have been steadily following these two lovebirds but because of my “magnificent” time management skills, have no time to blog about them. My favorite so far has to be the fishing episode where Jae Rim totally re-defined the definition of fishing. He was thoughtful, romantic, and flirty all in the right ways. Fishing is never going to be the same again… (Guys, you have Jae Rim to blame. Lol.)

Kang Joon surprises me with his strong demeanor here, as from the few episodes I’ve seen of Roommates, he seems like a quiet guy, accepting the love from everyone, especially from the pretty noonas in the house. He comes off very strong in the offense and I figure it’s the PD’s psychological warfare to get Jae Rim all ruffled up. And it works. Jae Rim takes a stance at showing even more physical intimacy with So Eun.

My favorite part has to be this tidbit:

So Eun: “Which female celebrity would you want to partner up with on WGM?”
Kang Joon: “You.”
Jae Rim: “Ya, this isn’t We Got Re-Married.” So witty and spot-on. 😀

Episode 247 RECAP:

 photo WGM247-3.jpg

After finishing dinner, a mission card arrives with two pictures. Jae Rim’s wish is fulfilled because they are scheduled for a photoshoot immediately after. However, the attached images leave him in a hissy fit. It’s Kang Joon’s and So Eun’s couple photoshoot where she’s leaning against him. The other picture is of back-nekkid Jae Rim on a bed….alone.

Leave it to Jae Rim to sit thisclose to her while they read the mission card together. heh.

 photo WGM247-1.jpg

So Eun adds that Kang Joon was awkward during the photoshoot and he explains, it’s because they were so close to each other and Jae Rim flips the attention back to him by saying, “Yea, if a pretty girl like So Eun leans against me, I would freeze instantly too,” bringing us back to the first time they watched a movie together and she did that.

 photo WGM247-4.jpg

 photo WGM247-7.jpg

 photo WGM247-11.jpg

When she suggests they do another pictorial together with the boys rotating to be her partner, Jae Rim pulls her into his arms for a squeeze, as if saying how dare you, you cute thing?!!

 photo WGM247-16.jpg

 photo WGM247-17.jpg

 photo WGM247-18.jpg

 photo WGM247-19.jpg

The boys’ reaction to their closeness… according to me. 😛

 photo WGM247-20-1.jpg

At the studio, after receiving their clothes, So Eun wants to do a transformation intro where they jump and disappear, and then relying on the editing team to magically put them in their beautiful sponsored clothes. Jae Rim nods his head but when she does the jumping to disappear, he walks off, whispering, “Dummy~~~!”

 photo WGM247-21.jpg

 photo WGM247-23.jpg

He’s done first and waits outside her door. She tells him to sing first and he does it stoically because like the MC says, he sings terribly like Nam Goong Min. Lol.

 photo WGM247-24.jpg

The moment they see each other, both crack up because they look like they just had a fight. Seriously though, I think the laugh is just to sidetrack how attractive they find each other after being all dolled up. =]

 photo WGM247-28.jpg

 photo WGM247-27.jpg

When he describes her head as a pumpkin, she glares. He tries to pinch her but they end up in a hissy fight like 6 years olds. Why so cute?!!

 photo WGM247-30.jpg

 photo WGM247-31.jpg

 photo WGM247-33.jpg

The lady in charge tells the duo about today’s concept, explaining it’s the levels of skinship between couples. They will gradually increase the intensity and the last level for today’s goal is Level 6. Lol. Sexy music starts to play and So Eun jokes that at level 6, she might as well sit in the roof. LOL!

 photo WGM247-34.jpg

 photo WGM247-35.jpg

Level 1. Just casual poses, him wanting to lean against her and kinda butt-bump her out of the chair. hehe.

 photo WGM247-36.jpg

 photo WGM247-37.jpg

 photo WGM247-39.jpg

Jae Rim’s hand being naughty because the owner just wants to hold So Eun’s hand!! They smile like this and I go goo-goo-gaa-gaa.

 photo WGM247-41.jpg

 photo WGM247-43.jpg

Jar Rim and the stupid grin on his face (LOL), provoking the Lady in charge to voice an opinion, “Please don’t smile.” HAHAHA!! He can’t help himself.

 photo WGM247-47.jpg

Serious face back on!

 photo WGM247-50.jpg

Level 2. Thirst for a kiss. Oh, just kiss that kitten already So Eun-ah!! She lightly pats his lips, telling him not to bite down cause it’s bleeding. The moment is captured on camera and Jae Rim exuberantly brags about his sexy adam’s apple.

 photo WGM247-51.jpg

 photo WGM247-52.jpg

 photo WGM247-53.jpg

Lady in charge advises again not to smile and Jae Rim preaches, “There are three things a person can’t hide. Poorness, coughing, and love.” Yea, she’s speechless now. hee!

 photo WGM247-54.jpg

Level 3, the lady begins unbuttoning Jae Rim’s shirt and he excitedly asks So Eun whether she would do something to this lady. hehe. Look at him trying to trigger a fight!

 photo WGM247-55.jpg

Instead of back-leaning, she’s leaning on his yummy chest. 🙂 He likes to tease her hand and fingers a lot.

 photo WGM247-57.jpg

 photo WGM247-58.jpg

Level 4. Back hugs.

 photo WGM247-61.jpg

 photo WGM247-62.jpg

 photo WGM247-63.jpg

 photo WGM247-64.jpg

 photo WGM247-65.jpg

Lady in charge says the wrong thing, “You guys don’t look close.” This stimulates Jae Rim to inch closer and touching her sporadically. Embarrassed, she lets out a shy, “Oppa~~~” and he explains that the lady’s statement hurts his pride. Poor kiddo.

 photo WGM247-67.jpg

 photo WGM247-71.jpg

 photo WGM247-72.jpg


 photo WGM247-74.jpg

Someone wants a kissy kiss!!

 photo WGM247-75.jpg

Level 5 cracks me up. They’re like hobos. Cute hobos that everyone wants to adopt and feed.

 photo WGM247-79.jpg

 photo WGM247-81.jpg

 photo WGM247-82.jpg

 photo WGM247-85.jpg

Level 6. Sitting comfortably on your lap! So Eun wears a night gown while Jae Rim is wrapped from neck down. WHAT THE HECK, stylist. Do you guys not feel the heat in the room? Why put my poor kid in that fleece sweater?

 photo WGM247-88.jpg

The pose: So Eun nestling in Jae Rim’s lap. I laugh so hard when she positions herself and it alarms Jae Rim because he mutters, “Are you sitting on a toilet?” LOL

 photo WGM247-89.jpg

 photo WGM247-90.jpg

Things get steamier and steamier as one side of her gown slips down sexily and he stares up into those eyes. He claims that her eyes are provocative but she thinks otherwise. Nah, I’m gonna go with Jae Rim this time, So Eun’s eyes were smoking with intensity.

 photo WGM247-91.jpg

 photo WGM247-94.jpg

 photo WGM247-95.jpg

 photo WGM247-92.jpg

When her body wavers a little, he steadies her quickly and then links his fingers around hers. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

 photo WGM247-100.jpg

It’s getting HOT in here.

 photo WGM247-101.jpg

They’re seriously about to kiss. Seductive So Eun. 😀

 photo WGM247-104.jpg

Oh man!! He has her wrapped around his legs. PUHAHAHHA TOO HOT FOR TV!!

 photo WGM247-113.jpg

 photo WGM247-112.jpg

I love the teasing moment where he wants to dominate by lifting her chin and she defies him immediately with a slight turn of the head and then stares into his eyes mischievously. Of course, he returns the glare with his own quick wink. HEEHEE!!

 photo WGM247-114.jpg

 photo WGM247-115.jpg

 photo WGM247-118.jpg

 photo WGM247-121.jpg

 photo WGM247-123.jpg

Oy, the happiness on his face.

 photo WGM247-126.jpg

Afterwards, they change and settle down for a bit. So Eun asks whether he’s happy about today’s arrangement and he gives her his best sunshine smile.

 photo WGM247-132.jpg

He notices a scratch on her arm and tells her, “Don’t get hurt without my permission,” making the MCs squirm in their seats again.

 photo WGM247-133.jpg

 photo WGM247-135.jpg

Lastly, he says that after her drama ends, he’ll change. He will become a bad guy! LOL! I cannot wait to see what tricks this kitty has up his sleeves!

 photo WGM247-139.jpg

  1. 13 thoughts on “We Got Married: Episode 247 “Sexual tension at its best!”

    I love this couple soo much. I was always a fan of kim so eun from BOF and always wanted her with kim bum, but this show makes me think otherwise
    Its annoying when you realise that this may all stop in a few months time but still it soo good 😀

    • 13 thoughts on “We Got Married: Episode 247 “Sexual tension at its best!”

      NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! They are my first WGM ship. This can’t end. They promise to do it for 50+ years. They did. 🙁

      I love her with Kim Bum as well. But real life has other plans. ^^

  2. 13 thoughts on “We Got Married: Episode 247 “Sexual tension at its best!”

    Wow, they are really good together

  3. 13 thoughts on “We Got Married: Episode 247 “Sexual tension at its best!”

    OMG. Can I hope to find So Eun by the Christmas tree ? With a big red bow? These two make for a great couple.

    • 13 thoughts on “We Got Married: Episode 247 “Sexual tension at its best!”

      Good luck finding your own So Eun-shi, John. 😉

  4. 13 thoughts on “We Got Married: Episode 247 “Sexual tension at its best!”

    Demmit So Eun and Jae Rim! XD Seriously love these two lol.

    • 13 thoughts on “We Got Married: Episode 247 “Sexual tension at its best!”

      They are hottttttt hottttt and cute cute. =D

  5. 13 thoughts on “We Got Married: Episode 247 “Sexual tension at its best!”

    thanks for the recap, had fun reading it…i was wondering if u will be doing it in the future?

    • 13 thoughts on “We Got Married: Episode 247 “Sexual tension at its best!”

      Glad you enjoyed it! I hope to do it if my schedule allows. If not, I’ll just pop in from time to time. =)

  6. 13 thoughts on “We Got Married: Episode 247 “Sexual tension at its best!”

    I was never interested in watching wgm but this couple caught my attention and had me hooked and fangirling. Btw, does anyone know the background music of this couple in this episode? Especially the level 6 bgm…

    • 13 thoughts on “We Got Married: Episode 247 “Sexual tension at its best!”

      hehe, those songs spiced up the mood don’t they?

      In the order of appearance during Level 6.

      – I’m Not In Love – The Emigrants
      – Something about Us – Daft Punk (Interstella OST)
      – Strict Machine – Goldfrapp

      • 13 thoughts on “We Got Married: Episode 247 “Sexual tension at its best!”

        Thank you so much, Kaptain A!! Now i have something to remind me of them and play the scene in my head while driving.

  7. 13 thoughts on “We Got Married: Episode 247 “Sexual tension at its best!”

    The only episodes of WGM that I watched is the global edition with puff guo and heechul’s. This makes the 2nd! Thanks Kappy for the recommendation. Keep it coming ya

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