Run, Brother: Episode 5 “Versus Running Man.”

Are you ready to see some action between the newbies from Run Brother and the original members of Running Man?

Race starts!

Running Man members are brought to a massive building, unaware of what lies ahead.

 photo RM05-1.jpg

Deng Chao’s face when he realizes they’re taking on the original members of Running Man in a nametag ripping competition.

 photo RM05-2.jpg

While everyone is worried, Kwang Soo does a video message to Angela. LOL! This kid isn’t here to win, he’s here to fall in love. “You’re so beautiful.” XD

 photo RM05-3.jpg

Wong Cho Lam isn’t here today so actor Lin Geng Xin, or Kenny Lin replaces him. But I don’t think it is a huge disadvantage though cause he and Ji Suk Jin fight one-on-one and both are weakling in their own team. LOL!

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 photo RM05-17.jpg

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They keep going at each other for the whole hour and I’m just sitting here shaking my head at Kenny. He’s so bad and weak! hahaha XD He’s also unstable on his feet and we can tell immediately that the Running Man crew have more experience as they don’t bounce around and push the enemies away. They grab and pull.

I laugh so hard when Kenny and Suk Jin get so tired and decide a mini-break for water.

 photo RM05-33.jpg

With his loss still fresh in mind, I’m not surprised our Sparta spots Jerry Lee immediately. The two exchange a firm handshake and more awkward smiles. Then Sparta locks him as his target and Jerry bends over, yelling, “No! No!” Michael happily runs down for a handshake and then flits away just as quickly, leaving Jerry at a loss. But since it’s so early, Sparta lets Jerry go.

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 photo RM05-8.jpg

The guys running around looking for Angela. hee! Gary is caught by Ji Hyo and she locks his hand in hers. Aww!! I miss my Monday Couple moments so much!

 photo RM05-9.jpg

Jae Suk and Haha run into Angela and they discover a traitor in Jae Suk’s VJ as he blushes and films Angela.

 photo RM05-10.jpg

 photo RM05-11.jpg

Kwang Soo finally meets his love for the day. 😉 He asks, “Can you bobo (kiss) me?” LOL!

 photo RM05-12.jpg

 photo RM05-13.jpg

Anyway, let’s get to the real battles and elimination rounds.

Michael Chen is the first to be outed in Run Brother team after falling trap to Sparta-Ace skillful game play. Ji Hyo lures him into following her while Sparta waits for the kill. The victim is shocked. haha. “So quick, so quick.”

 photo RM05-14.jpg

 photo RM05-15.jpg

 photo RM05-16.jpg

LOL Angela cracks me up. She has indeed done her homework. When Sparta finds Jerry again, she points at Kookie and says, “Yoon Eun Hye! Yoon Eun Hye!”

 photo RM05-19.jpg

 photo RM05-20.jpg

While Sparta battles with Jerry, Angela re-enacts the famous Dangyunhaji’s move on Kwang Soo. This kid is gonna die in the name of love.

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 photo RM05-22.jpg

 photo RM05-23.jpg

Ryan meets Haha. In a distance, Gary eyes Bao Qiang and locks eyes with Haha. The two plan to attack dimple-faced Bao Qiang when he’s unaware but Ryan comes to the rescue. The crazy team work between Running Man members is so acute and spot-on.

 photo RM05-25.jpg

 photo RM05-26.jpg

 photo RM05-27.jpg

 photo RM05-28.jpg

Jae Suk watches the 4 separate battles, puzzled at his team mates sudden honor to play one-on-one. 😛

 photo RM05-29.jpg

Haha and Bao Qiang tumble onto the floor. Victory goes to Haha. I just love looking at Bao Qiang’s kind face. He’s so adorable, even when he loses.

 photo RM05-32.jpg

Back to Sparta and Jerry. Angela conveniently rips off Kwang Soo’s nametag when his back is turned. She then runs off to laugh like a school girl. Poor Giraffe!

 photo RM05-34.jpg

She opens her arm to console him with a hug. And the babo falls for it again when she jumps backwards.

 photo RM05-35.jpg

 photo RM05-36.jpg

Now I really want to see boyfriend Huang Xiao Ming on the show. *crosses fingers*

 photo RM05-37.jpg

Deng Chao in a dance battle with Haha before the real battle.

 photo RM05-38.jpg

Suk Jin succeeds in ripping off Kenny’s nametag. This loss forces Ryan and Deng Chao into real battle mode.

 photo RM05-40.jpg

 photo RM05-42.jpg

 photo RM05-43.jpg

Sneaky Ryan joins the game and rips off Haha’s nametag. Then, Haha poses coolly for his loss.

 photo RM05-44.jpg

 photo RM05-46.jpg

 photo RM05-48.jpg

4-way meeting with Deng Chao & Ryan VS Jae Suk & Suk Jin. You can see in the screenshot how clumsy Run Brother‘s members are when their hands land on the enemy’s back – they still need a second or two to find the tag’s location, compared to Suk Jin’s accurate landing on the Ryan’s nametag. Luckily, Ryan is a second faster and he clinches the win for team Run Brother.

 photo RM05-51.jpg

 photo RM05-52.jpg

In jail, the six weakest members – 3 from each team, shake hands. LOL

 photo RM05-55.jpg

 photo RM05-56.jpg

Sparta: “You won last time!” Jerry: “No! You’re so much stronger.” Male pride, sigh.

 photo RM05-57.jpg

Jerry makes a bog mistake. In a battle with Sparta, never ever let me grab your shirt. It’s lethal move that will only end in his win. Not to mention, Sparta is much stronger and Jerry’s win last time was merely luck and opportunity. Angela tries to tear off Sparta’s nametag when he’s busy with Jerry on the ground but watchful Ji Hyo always protects her teammate’s back. 🙂 Angela then runs away after Jerry loses.

 photo RM05-58.jpg

Gary proposes a one-on-one battle between Deng Chao and Yoo Jae Suk. Funny how he adds that viewers of the battle please proceed to the second floor. Lol.

 photo RM05-60.jpg

Aww I love how honest the main MCs are when they hug each other, unafraid of foul play.

 photo RM05-59.jpg

The brothers feeling sorry and apologizing for every slight brush. Deng Chao’s small nametag helps him a lot in winning this round because Jae Suk takes longer to get a firm grip on Deng Chao’s nametag. In a battle with equal-sized nametag, Jae Suk would have a higher chance of winning since he’s both strong and nimble.

 photo RM05-62.jpg

 photo RM05-65.jpg

Deng Chao better hurry up because it’s three Running Man members versus two Run Brother members. We have Running Man’s strongest trio in Sparta, Gary, and Ji Hyo versus Ryan and Angela.

 photo RM05-66.jpg

Deng Chao takes Sparta away for their individual battle while Monday Couple deal with Angela and Ryan.

 photo RM05-69.jpg

I’m so angry that the girls didn’t get to duke it out fairly! Ji Hyo is always hesitant in attacking female guests! GAH! It doesn’t help that Angela uses cuteness to its full capacity and Ji Hyo also falls prey. 😀

Low how Gary wraps his arm to protect Ji Hyo’s back. 😉

 photo RM05-68.jpg

While the boys battle, Ryan quickly reaches out to rip Ji Hyo’s nametag.

 photo RM05-70.jpg

Woah, attacking Gary’s lovely girl only triggers the inner beast in Gary and his fight with Ryan is the most intense one this episode. You can see the smoke and determination written across his face! No one touches my girl and lives!

 photo RM05-71.jpg

 photo RM05-72.jpg

 photo RM05-74.jpg

Ryan has potential but he’s still rather weak. My eyes are glued to the tv screen now. Both men are ripping each other’s shirts with their claws! It’s so scary!

 photo RM05-77.jpg

 photo RM05-79.jpg

Now it’s two versus two. Angela and Deng Chao, with Gary and Sparta. Dang! If Angela is not in between the boys, this fight would have been way more intense. The boys are obviously not gonna shred girls like they do with guys.

 photo RM05-80.jpg

Deng Chao and Gary tangle together and Deng Chao rips off his nametag. Gotta give it to Gary for the impressive battles!

 photo RM05-82.jpg

Deng Chao and Sparta: one-on-one. Sparta wins and immediately cries because now he’s faced with Angela. LOL!

 photo RM05-84.jpg

She’s all cute and bouncy, “Give me your nametag. Gimme your nametag.” XD

 photo RM05-88.jpg

Poor Sparta. He becomes a puppy being dragged around. But of course, when it comes to the pride of his team, Sparta doesn’t give in so easily, especially when he’s the last member of his team.

 photo RM05-91.jpg

 photo RM05-92.jpg

Although Angela acts cute and fluffy, she’s equally sneaky too. When cutesy doesn’t work, she does put up a fight. I want to see a real battle with her in the future.

 photo RM05-94.jpg

Before Sparta rips off her nametag, he whispers, “Don’t hate me. I love China.” 😛

 photo RM05-95.jpg

A supportive ending between the two teams. ^_^

 photo RM05-96.jpg

I think we all expected the outcome that the originals with skills, strength, and experience were gonna dominate the newbies. Team Run Brother have a lot to learn. I hope they meet again to have some real fun!

  1. 16 thoughts on “Run, Brother: Episode 5 “Versus Running Man.”

    Team RB is still very weak. LOL@Lin Geng Xin’s weak body. I can’t believe he lost to Suk Jin!

    I need to see Eddie on this show!! He’s the true athletic boy!!

    Giraffe is so cute. His in-love face cracks the hell out of me.

  2. 16 thoughts on “Run, Brother: Episode 5 “Versus Running Man.”

    omg this episode cracked me up so much, I love it. Lin Geng Xin doesn’t just have a weak body, i feel like like it has a weak mind too. in the previous episode he kept getting played by O Di lol.
    I really hope they meet again too

  3. 16 thoughts on “Run, Brother: Episode 5 “Versus Running Man.”

    I’m crossing my fingers to see Eddie soon, Moonmoon! That body needs to have a ripped shirt hanging from it. Lol.

    DrinkingHotWater, it’s just so hilarious if you think about his stern and cautious character as 14th prince in BBJX. And in real life, he’s a real simpleton! 😛

  4. 16 thoughts on “Run, Brother: Episode 5 “Versus Running Man.”

    Hai, where can i download this episode? want to watch it
    thnak you

    • 16 thoughts on “Run, Brother: Episode 5 “Versus Running Man.”

      You can download directly from youtube using keepvid.

      • 16 thoughts on “Run, Brother: Episode 5 “Versus Running Man.”

        okay, than you :). but is there any english sub? i find it in youtube but no english sub

        • 16 thoughts on “Run, Brother: Episode 5 “Versus Running Man.”

          Sorry dear! The only English subber I know of is Chrissy and she’s a one-person team. Good news is she’ll be subbing this episode next, instead of episode 3. ^_^

        • 16 thoughts on “Run, Brother: Episode 5 “Versus Running Man.”

          waah, thank you. Looking forward the news that it already been subbed from you.

          thank you very much

  5. 16 thoughts on “Run, Brother: Episode 5 “Versus Running Man.”

    I watched this last weekend. It was very entertaining. Makes me want to revisit old RM episodes. I’ve been off RM for over a year now. There is potential in RB but the members lacked experience in team work & strategy (as they are still new). I would love to see another RM vs RB showdown later (maybe a year later) after the RBs have accumulated adequate experience as a team. Also, RB requires a JK-equivalent in their team to level the playing field. That would be a match worth watching!

    • 16 thoughts on “Run, Brother: Episode 5 “Versus Running Man.”

      Jerry needs to hit the gym more often then. Beside him, the other guys are tiny and not as interested in physical fights, except for Ryan and Deng Chao.

      They need to be playing more nametag competitions to enhance their skills. Running Man members are so THAT good.

      There have been a few exceptional episodes, Aryael. 219, 217, 213 (must watch cause they invited all the female leads often dumped in one-dimensional characterizations of evil second leads, and they were AWESOME. OMG. I laughed so hard.)

  6. 16 thoughts on “Run, Brother: Episode 5 “Versus Running Man.”

    That guy, Ryan who fights with Jong Kook is quite good looking!

    • 16 thoughts on “Run, Brother: Episode 5 “Versus Running Man.”

      I meant Jerry!

      • 16 thoughts on “Run, Brother: Episode 5 “Versus Running Man.”

        He’s all yours, Lia! Early birds get the goods! 😉

  7. 16 thoughts on “Run, Brother: Episode 5 “Versus Running Man.”

    Subbed version on youtube:

    Not sure what’s missing since the duration’s shorter.

    • 16 thoughts on “Run, Brother: Episode 5 “Versus Running Man.”

      Thanks Huyie!

      The subber only subbed the time frame involving Running Man team. The first 30 minutes only have Run Brothers playing games, so it’s excluded.

  8. 16 thoughts on “Run, Brother: Episode 5 “Versus Running Man.”

    I saw this one before ep.11 — it was alright. We’ve seen better adrenaline pumping episodes from the veterans in the Korean version. It’s really not easy to recreate such greatness.

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