Rachel Mao poses daintily as a bride

Or if you prefer her full pinyin name – Mao Xiao Tong. She’s the cutie pie in Love is Back and the spoiled Guo Fu in the upcoming Romance of the Condor Heroes (new previews after the jump). No, she’s not getting married. But with the wedding fever in Taiwan and China, every girl wants to take bridal photos too. She’s like a delicate peony in the sunshine. Yep, my list of girl crushes keeps growing longer. I can’t help it, you guys see it too, right? She’s adorable!

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I have always loved the one-sided braids on girls. Too bad I don’t have a lot of hair to pull if off.

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I think that if they remake The Monkey King, she should play the bird angel/demon. LOOK AT HER!! FLUFFY!!

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The big bow somehow makes it modern and elegant on her, not sure if it works for other ladies. LOVE THE waves in her hair.

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Who wouldn’t want to be her groom?

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And I like to juxtapose sweetness with bloodiness. This is her chopping off Yang Guo’s precious arm. Lol.

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NEWEST PREVIEWS! Drama premieres 12.3.14 following Sound of the Desert (if you missed the news the first time I shared.)

Oh Boy. Yang Guo flirts with everything wearing a skirt!

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  1. 2 thoughts on “Rachel Mao poses daintily as a bride

    I really like her bow wedding dress. It’s so cute! And of course, the bride is super cute. :=)

    They actually showed the cutting of the arm off! HAH!

    • 2 thoughts on “Rachel Mao poses daintily as a bride

      I hate that I have to hate her character. Lol.

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