Co-produced by Vietnam and South Korea, idol drama Forever Young releases trailer

Interesting. Awkward. Trendy. The cross-country acting gigs among Asian countries are becoming popular these days. And I can never wrap my head around the whole situation with them not speaking the same language and relying on translators. What about the chemistry and the connection? I could imagine them skipping lines and speaking about different things in the same scene. Lol. Good thing these chosen cast members are experienced in that area. Latest on the list which has been steadily filming since August is idol drama, Forever Young, co-produced by Vietnam Television (VTV) Film Center and CJ E&M Pictures. Officials stills and a trailer are dropped below the cut.

By now, whenever I see a group of young cast members, the premise basically says the same thing. About dreams, obstacles, and love. Our female lead is a Vietnamese student studying abroad in her favorite country, South Korea. A more accurate description would be a Kpop Fangirl. heh. 😛 Of course, she meets another Vietnamese student and a Korean student/idol. Darn this girl, where do I sign up?

Let’s meet the cast!


Our enthusiastic Kpop Fangirl is played by Vietnamese actress, Nha Phuong. She’s one cutie pie. She has filmed in Korea before, and played Ha Mi on the set of weekend drama, Wild Chives and Soy Bean Soup: 12 Years Reunion this past year. I did not watch that drama so no comments on her acting.

 photo FY11.jpg

Her wardrobe is arranged by Korean stylists.

 photo FY12.jpg

 photo FY9.jpg

Playing one of her love interests is Korean actor, Kang Tae Oh. Some would recognize him in the same actor group as Seo Kang Joon, 5urprise. He was also in a couple of Kdramas, namely Twenty Years Old (tvN) and Miss Korea (MBC).

 photo FY5.jpg

 photo FY13.jpg

With lead actress Nha Phuong.

 photo FY14.jpg

Girl is living the dream of every fangirl. hee!

 photo FY15.jpg

 photo FY6.jpg

The other male (don’t know who is the first male lead here), is Vietnamese actor, Hong Dang. This is not his first time involving in a cross-country acting project. Last year, he was in a film produced by Vietnam and Japan called The Partner with Noriyuki Higashiyama and Takei Emi.

 photo FY2.jpg

 photo FY1.jpg

Here he is taking pictures of our leading girl.

 photo FY4.jpg

 photo FY10.jpg

Shy, are we? *wink wink* (Gurl, what’s with your sock!)

 photo FY3.jpg

Main leads together. Oh, the gorgeousness of the background…..

 photo FY7.jpg

 photo FY16.jpg

 photo FY8.jpg


  • Dang. What an intense music choice for a bubbly and sunshine trailer! The original song has been replaced.
  • It is said that 3 young directors (Two Vietnamese and 1 Korean) are working together to bring forth beautiful scenery from both countries. Coupled that with the divided responsibility in writing the scripts and it looks solid in terms of fairness. They promise a detailed and honest look into the Idol Industry and the chaotic minds of some extreme fans.
  • The drama plans to be 36 whopping episodes (UHHHHHHHH) and will premiere on VTV3 December 17th. It will also be broadcasted in Korea and a number of other countries as well.
  • Color me intrigued! What do you guys think?

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  1. 6 thoughts on “Co-produced by Vietnam and South Korea, idol drama Forever Young releases trailer

    I have never watched vietnmese drama before, do they even have eng sub? The cute, so are the guys. Lets see what happens when V and K work together. Will.check it out in two weeks! Love the mhsic in thre trailer, it gets me excited!!!

  2. 6 thoughts on “Co-produced by Vietnam and South Korea, idol drama Forever Young releases trailer

    Oh man, I have a favorite Vdrama rom-com to introduce, called Cơm Tấm Tình Yêu (Broken Rice Romance)… too bad there are no subs anywhere.

    I can’t forget that actress in WC being protrayed as the mistress, even though I want to erase the mere though of it. She was good in it, her role on the other hand was bad stereotyping. Will have to wait for actual dialog to see if this one is worth chasing. To dub, or not to dub? That is the question. Heh~

  3. 6 thoughts on “Co-produced by Vietnam and South Korea, idol drama Forever Young releases trailer

    Different. I like the main characters’ chemistry. Not done watching it yet, but very cute so far………

  4. 6 thoughts on “Co-produced by Vietnam and South Korea, idol drama Forever Young releases trailer

    I initially had my reservations about this drama. Being a Vietnamese girl who loves Kdrama I was worried that the language barrier would interfere with the love story. However, I was surprised that the leads had such great chemistry and their love scenes was so touching I was in tears. My only criticism with the drama is that it would’ve been better as 20 episodes instead of 36. It started off a bit weak & slow but once it picked up the pace I was absolutely hooked. I had no idea who Kang Tae Oh was when I started this drama but now I’m his biggest fan! This is coming from a girl who’s not into kpop.

  5. 6 thoughts on “Co-produced by Vietnam and South Korea, idol drama Forever Young releases trailer

    The StoryOn broadcast will begin airing this June 23rd, and hopefully won’t be reverse dubbed (the VTV3 broadcast dubbed over the Korean dialogue).

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