Alec Su’s directorial debut, The Left Ear, releases trailer and posters

Three posts in one day? Who’s the bomb now?! ME. Well, I have work the next two days so I’m just gonna update consecutively knowing that I’ll be too tired after work to do anything. You ladies have fun with all the pretty. Following the footsteps of actors-to-directors (Deng Chao, Ruby Lin, Zhao Wei, etc), Alec Su‘s movie adaptation of popular novel, The Left Ear, written by Rao Xue Man, will hit theaters in early 2015. A press conference is held today in which the four main actors, posters, and a trailer are introduced to the audience. However, the face of our female lead is hidden/excluded in ALL promotional materials. This is a first.

The writer, Rao Xue Man, is known for writing heart-tugging love stories surrounding teenagers and The Left Ear is described as a painful love story. Our heroine (played by Chen Dou Ling) is a 17-year old high-school student with a weak left ear who has a crush on a quiet boy, whose girlfriend doesn’t really love him that way. Errrr….


 photo Left21.jpg

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Our proud director worked very hard. Writer Xue Man reveals how serious and dedicated Alec was throughout the filming. Two weeks before filming began, he got so upset when one line in the script wasn’t revised and printed timely. Alec responds that slow progress puts immense pressure on him, but when pressure becomes too big, he had to change worry into joy.

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Main character played by Oho Ou Hao. You might remember in Temporary Family with Nick Cheung, Angelababy, and Sammi Cheng. He also starred in a drama called Song of Vengeance. Unfortunately, I do not know this 22-year old kid. He just looks like a gangster to me. LOL.

 photo Left8.jpg

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Yang Yang. Our female lead has a crush on him.

His character dates a girl (Sandra Ma) who *spoiler: later dies in the story…..* And the person she truly loves is Oho Ou Hao’s character.

 photo Left3.jpg

 photo YY13.jpg

Why so kute YY?

 photo YY18.jpg

Actor Hu Xia. Female lead’s cousin, who also carries a torch for her…

 photo Left14.jpg

Bowen Duan. This picture ages him like 20 years. He’s only 27, guys.

 photo Left16.jpg


 photo YY24.jpg

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  • Honestly, I don’t know how this movie is gonna set itself as unique among the herds of other youth films. The story confuses me after 5 minutes of reading the synopsis. Who has read the novel and would like to voice their interpretation?
  • In the trailer, Oho promises to carry out his revenge, Yang Yang doesn’t believe in higher beings, Hu Xia never successfully confesses his feelings, and Bowen recklessly lives out his life.
  • But I will watch to support our Wu Ah Ge. 🙂 And judge the newbies acting (YY is no newbie)! MUAHA!

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  1. 4 thoughts on “Alec Su’s directorial debut, The Left Ear, releases trailer and posters

    My first thought was, ‘why does it seem like the whole cast of HZGG is turning into directors?’

    Second thought, ‘wait that’s Alec Su?! That’s Wu Ah Ge!? Omg he’s fat and ugly now DDDD:’ Yikes. I did not recognise him at all until I saw his name! At least, that first picture of him wasnt the most flattering. ><

    • 4 thoughts on “Alec Su’s directorial debut, The Left Ear, releases trailer and posters

      Wu Ah Ge would be so sad reading your comment. Lol. I think he’s too stressed out with the movie. He was living at filming sites and not showering for days. I don’t think he looks fat though, just more meaty next to the skinny boys. 😛

      • 4 thoughts on “Alec Su’s directorial debut, The Left Ear, releases trailer and posters

        Definitely. He looks so much better in his solo pics!

  2. 4 thoughts on “Alec Su’s directorial debut, The Left Ear, releases trailer and posters

    Another youthful movie? C’mon Alec! Pick another theme! I do like the kids. The one with the glasses look really creepy though.

    Thanks to you now I really like Yang Yang. That cutie!! Look at his smile. Can’t believe he’s such a youngin.

    I think if this movie is not successful, Alec would legitly cry. Sounds like he put all his effort into making it.

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