Zhao Li Ying crowned the Golden Eagle Goddess of 2014

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Well, if there’s a HIT GIRL in Mainland China this past two years or so, it’s definitely her. I did not know how official the poll was when I voted a few weeks ago. In the beginning, it was Zheng Shuang versus Zhao Li Ying. Until dark horse, Yuan Shan Shan, came racing to the front line, and finally Miss Zhao clinches the title at the end. Phew. China TV Golden Eagle Award is a Chinese television Award Ceremony, and wiki calls it the equivalent to the Emmy. There are a lot of Award Ceremonies in China and I’m a newbie to all. Every two years (?), they will pick candidates to be the Golden Eagle Goddess from a pool of popular TV actresses. The winner will perform the opening act to commence the ceremony.

I think Li Ying’s golden outfit falls short behind the previous winners’. I don’t really like the spiral, mermaid tale style.

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The Opening Act. Doesn’t it look like how The Monkey King was created though? LOL.

Past winners:

Liu Yi Fei. Like a princess. Pretty.

Liu Shi Shi. Lol. She looked like she was about to pass out. Can’t blame her though she was on an eagle hovering in midair.

Wang Luo Dan. Too much yellowness.

Li Xiao Lu killed it though. She looked so sexy and confident.

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  1. 3 thoughts on “Zhao Li Ying crowned the Golden Eagle Goddess of 2014

    I thought Li Ying dress looks really nice. The only thing I didn’t like is those thing hanging along her arms. That threw me off and her crown is way to big for her small head. The dress is simple compare to the previous dresses but simple to me is always better.

    • 3 thoughts on “Zhao Li Ying crowned the Golden Eagle Goddess of 2014

      It’s just me not liking mermaid-styled dresses. 😀 She has such a small face/head, don’t know why they didn’t scale down the crown. Lol.

  2. 3 thoughts on “Zhao Li Ying crowned the Golden Eagle Goddess of 2014

    hiii…..I’m rossy from Indonesia. i love Zhao Li ying and Zhang han in boss and me…and I watch Zhao li ying and Cheng xiao drama….and I want watch Zhao li ying other drama. if anyone can help me, where website I can what Zhao li ying’s drama on line. thank you (sorry my English not good ^_^)

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