We Got Married: Episode 241 “Daring wife.”

hehe, Hubby wants trouble but when wife causes troubles, he runs away like a little boy. I told you not to mess with her all the time, didn’t I?!

So Eun taking Jae Rim outside for a short walk. She’s pulling his tubing pole and he says he saw her paying for his hospital bills all at once! She did it well and raises her hand for a high-five to hopefully dispel further financial talk. Ha, she learned from him very well, huh?

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When they find a table and he’s about to sit down, he moves over to the opposite chair, and she thinks he wants to sit there. But our guy is full of sense, even in his sick state, pulls the chair out for her. Nope, he doesn’t get brownie points. Lol.

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He suggests they get some baby oil on their way home for a smooth massage session and she quickly quips, “….by yourself?” He smiles at her and says let’s do it for each other.

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She then analyzes how there are steps and sequences to this show, why is he always coming up with moves that could be classified as ulterior motives? He responds that he’s being a faithful husband by desiring to do all these things with her! If she thinks he’s taken too many steps forward, how about he carries her all the way there? Stunned speechless, So Eun sighs, “I shouldn’t have talked. hahah! He’s so witty!

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He goes into aegyo-mode, calling her a wicked girl for saying things indirectly. And yet he thinks she’s too cute, “Eng ~~~ so cute.” The MCs go screaming at his display and tone of delivery. What the hell can this guy not do?

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So Eun asks him to search up their names on internet servers and all these articles come up about his intense and masculine ways of doing things.

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Another cheesy moment, “Why did you wear a skirt here?”

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So Eun: “I just wanted to look pretty.”

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Jae Rim: “Don’t wear it next time because I can’t carry you.” She’s embarrassed but the MCs love it, particularly Mi Sun.

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On their way back into the hospital, things get a little cra–zy. Jae Rim: “Want me to tell you something interesting? When a guy doesn’t wear his underwear? When he’s wearing a hospital gown.” She’s like, Why is he telling me this?

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Then he starts lifting his legs up and down, claiming that he’s cooling his trunk. Her eyes turn mischievous, “I want to upskirt you!” He becomes frantic and she’s liking the turn of event, “You said you want trouble, let’s cause some troubles!”

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He slings his arm around her to hopefully distract her but when she reaches down to caress his thigh, he quickly shifts his body away, while the MCs in the studio scream, “OMG!! OMG!!” at So Eun’s boldness.

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She doesn’t stop in the ward. He stands up to go change in the bathroom, and she tells him to change in the room, like it doesn’t matter. When he pretends to unbutton his shirt, she runs for it. LOL. He’s all, I’m kidding, can we hug once?

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They embrace and he lifts her up for a quick second. Surprised, she lightly hits him in the chest and they look so freakin cute in that moment!! GAHHH!!

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In her interview cubicle, So Eun confesses it’s exhausting to deal with his speedy and mischievous actions and words. She doesn’t know whether he’s doing these things because he thinks she likes it or it’s just his natural way of showing affection.

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In his own interview, our groom reveals that when he looks at her face, he falls heart-first into her beautiful face and he can’t help it when his reactions call for immediate delivery of cheese (LOL, my interpretation.) He believes that if he initiates intimacy first, she will eventually follow.

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At the market, we see their shopping personality pops out. So Eun excitedly hurries to get her hands on the eggs for sale (15 eggs!!) while Jae Rim slows down and shows his astute side, “Don’t get fooled by sales. More in quantity doesn’t mean it’s worth the money. We are not likely to finish all of these eggs in time before they go bad.” Later, she buys seaweed in bulk. heh.

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When they pass by the shrimp stand, So Eun giddily says she loves shrimps! But if they buy shrimp, they would need to buy salt. They walk away slowly and when the ajuhmma calls out, “Buy shrimp and I’ll give you salt!” There’s this moment of aha! We got a deal! look on both of their faces. So sneaky. 😀

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Now at their newlywed’s home, So Eun asks him to get a shower and Jae Rim sneaks behind So Eun and inches thisclose to her face, whispering, “You’re not going to shower?” RAWRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR ALERT! OMG! So Eun might need a defibrillator handy around Jae Rim… I need to get one for myself too. Lol.

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Then he goes into the bathroom and there’s a camera in there. Errr. This is creepy right? And slightly unnerving. What if the camera tips over and film everything bottom-up? But anyhoo, fan service time. Look at Mi Sun’s head!! LOL

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Outside, So Eun makes Kimchi soup but she adds a tad too much water and it looks horrible and tastes bland. Jae Rim, “Why does it look like leftovers?” 😀

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As he watches her cook, his anxiety level rises as well. She’s a big eater and cooker! Everything is added in copious amounts. He’s somewhat grateful though, “I think I have fallen for you after seeing you work so hard.”

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Behind So Eun’s back, he places a spoonful of MSG into her Kimchi soup because “he has no choice.” hahaha XD

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He likes to get closer to her at every presented opportunity.

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Mr. Cleaning on duty.

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Time for dinner! Jae Rim: “Next time, we should order chicken wings!”

So Eun: “To fly away?”

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Jae Rim: “To fly to you.” They burst into these fits of giggles like two cute bunnies. I can’t take it!!!

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Of course, he loves to piss her off at some point. “We have similar taste, except for Kimchi soup.” She glares at him. heh.

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He turns the table around for a second, “Of course I like it. It’s prepared by you. And where else can I get this?” She lights up briefly and then he jokes, “Because it can’t be sold anywhere for money.” LOL

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Together, helping out with the dishes. I guess the saying is right, when you’re in love, dish-washing is a fun activity.

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Watching an X-rated romantic comedy. It cracks me up that when a sex scene shows up, she instantly presses forward while he laughs in the back, “It’s the main scene! Are you 18?!”

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Another X-rated scene comes up near the end and now they’re laughing together. So Eun: “Should we skip this as well? It’s too sexual right?” But she keeps laughing and he’s like, “So you like these as well… OMO!!” hahaha XD In his interview, he goes, “Eng~~~ wicked girl.” 😀

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The movie lasts for a while and So Eun complains of droopy eyes and leans against his chest. Now it’s his turn to be frozen by her contact.

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The comments at the end from the MCs crack me up. “I heard the production team is trying to refrain them (from going too fast) by using anesthetic arrows.” Too much skinship? PEW! Progressing too fast? PEW!

LOL. Omg. My stomach!

  1. 2 thoughts on “We Got Married: Episode 241 “Daring wife.”

    first time ever we see jae rim panic!! LOL so eun got him real good.

    despite his bad boy image, i think he still cares about what he does on the show – cant be too wild yet!!!

    when they were watching the sex scenes!! hahha so eun slowly came out of her prim self!!

  2. 2 thoughts on “We Got Married: Episode 241 “Daring wife.”

    Jae rim thought that she was gonna grab his crotch in the middle of filming????!!!! This just killed me. They are naughty!!!! Omo!! Thanks for the recap!!

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