We Got Married: Episode 239 & 240 “Impish hubby.”

These two continue to shine and their interactions are as interesting and colorful as ever. He likes to poke fun at her perfect image, and she laughs at his jokes. Though sometimes, he does deserve a slap or two. 😛

Episode 239 Recap:

Awkward staring contest. He awkwardly compliments her beauty and she shyly covers her smile the whole way. He then apologizes for not recognizing her and she coolly tells him to forget it. When he learns that she’s Jo Boa’s unnie and that she’s 26, he comments, “So you’re a young one huh.”

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Silly Jae Rim keeps suggesting they high-five each other, and at one point, he even goes in for the shoulder bump that boys do, at which So Eun says not to do that anymore. Lol.

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Since her cat name’s is Khun, he looks at her, “Is it named after 2pm’s Nickhun?” She blatantly says no but in the interview cubicle, she answers yes. Lol.

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To the new house! Jae Rim leads the way to his house so they can pick up his luggage and cat, Olla. Then he offers to drive her car to their newly wed’s house and she excitedly agrees, “I like guys who drive well.” He smiles back, “I earned some points then?”

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During the ride, they pick each other’s nicknames, and when he lists all these ancient ways of calling her, she cries out, “We are not in the Joseon Era!” What’s funnier is when he calls her name wrongly and she’s like, let me get off this car now! Given a second chance, he gets it right and they decide to adress each other by their cat’s name. She’s Khun’s Umma, and he’s Olla’s Appa.

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Jae Rim keeps saying curl-inducing stuff, like how they could ride his motorbike all the way to Jeju Island for their honeymoon because it’s fueled by his affection. She confesses shyly, “I don’t think we match each other!” In her interview, she says he’s too cheesy. LOL

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When he finds out she’s his junior from the same college, he wants to be called Sunbae-nim, and she immediately shoots back, “I’m the senior in the entertainment business! Call me sunbae!” He says, “She’s not an easy girl. I like her,” in his room interview.

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At their new home – the house is empty except for some basic furnitures. He likes it though, except the bathroom doesn’t have a bidet-style toilet.

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Unpacking luggage – cheeky Jae Rim tells So Eun to open a red bag and inside it, she finds his underwear collection. Lol. Then she laughs that he even brought along couple T-shirts.

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When her luggage is opened – he’s shocked. Didn’t she say she were a manager before? Her suitcase is a war-zone. Then he smells her sports shoes and says it’s smelly. Lol. This kid likes to ruin her image all the time!! hehe.

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She points to another bag of hers and it contains toys and costumes for her cat, Khun, and for herself for the holidays. As she speaks, Jae Rim fixates on her and softly observes, “Seems like you’ve been lonely for a long while. Looking at these stuff breaks my heart.” Awww, he even puts a hand on the nape of her neck.

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He pulls out his guitar and serenades her with a piece he’s learning. It’s hilarious that as he plays, his eyes are keenly looking at her expression. And she tells him to stop having eye contact with her. LOL.

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The more she finds out about him, the weirder he becomes. He even has a smile brace to practice/train his facial muscles. What the heck?!

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Taking selcas and prankster Jae Rim goes behind the couch and she explodes, “What the! That would make my face bigger!”

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 photo WGM239-55.jpg

She wonders whether he always puts his arm possessively over the couch like that? He further emphasizes it by putting up two arms – this is his comfortable pose at home. heehee!

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Ordering food and it’s another great coincidence that they don’t prefer spicy food. He’s relieved because “Eating spicy food will burn my A$$hole the next day.” She flinches at his vulgar language and he quickly changes it to “Burning exit.” LOL 😛

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Episode 240 Recap:

The food is here! So Eun jerks up from her seat cause she remembers the precious herbal wine she brought here for Jae Rim. The MCs note how she’s calling him oppa already on their first day. He then takes out a permanent marker to write down the dates in which they drink from the glass container but soon he learns that with his wife’s high tolerance, he might as well write the time instead. hehe. 😉

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When he wants to link arms and do a love shot, she covers her mouth and says they’re going too fast. He’s surprised, thinking that she BROUGHT the wine out so they could do a love shot. He’s all, why are you acting like this, “I didn’t ask you to hold hand and sleep with me, right?” Oh gawd. He has no filters!

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After they drink the strong liquor, the drink burns her throat and he immediately puts a chopful of ginger into her mouth. Realizing what she just chewed, she slaps him on the shoulder while he just laughs. His crispy yet high-pitched laugh is infectious!

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They continue to eat and he peels the skin from a shrimp and teases it right at her lips. Frustrated, she holds his hand and warns him not to play. Then she comments sneakily, “Oh! It tasted so good because you peeled it! Peel one more.”

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He’s like, “Really? Must be because I didn’t wash my hands (after using the bathroom).” LOL These two are naughty and always trying to one-up each another.

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After dinner, Jae Rim ends up cleaning the table and washing the dishes, saying that she’s not the organized type. She does admit that he’s more meticulous than she is.

Time to flaunt his saxophone skills. Or should I say SEXophone skills? The music playing in the background. ROFL! 😀

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Then she wants to try and they get thisclose to each while he teaches her the right stance.

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But the serious moment goes down the drain when she blows air into the instrument and he muses, “It’s like you’re pooping!” hahaha XD

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She gives up and when he checks the mouthpiece, it’s broken. He tells her to keep the wooden piece but she thinks he should keep it because it has her lipstick mark on it. He counters with a pound of cheese: “My lips will remember it.” ACKKKK!!

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They go out for coffee and he suggests she wears a miniskirt for their wedding photo shoot. She bites back at him, “I did wear it once before for a drama but since Oppa doesn’t know who I am…. ~~” He repeats her full name again and adds a cute Eun-ah to it. Being mischievous, he even volunteers to shoot the camera from below. Oh you pervert!

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She sneezes once and then turns to him to sneeze (behind his back) but he runs away.

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When a car approaches behind them, he pretends to do a classic drama trope…with a twist cause he ends up removing himself from harm, leaving her there to die first, she laughs.

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He pulls her back to the main road by the wrist and then proposes a handshake (with the opposite hand, no less). Once they do, he holds onto her hand and walks down the street coolly. They are indeed progressing fast! In his private interview, he says he was timid during that moment but did it anyway. hehe.

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At the coffee shop, he quickly points out his sense in leaving the tip of the straw unsheathed so the owner could do it themselves. She laughs because she roughly pokes into his cup.

 photo WGM240-28.jpg

On their way back home, he bends over and ties his shoelace, letting So Eun notice his muscular and expansive back. He adds, “Men is all about the backs!” and starts walking backwards.

 photo WGM240-30.jpg

Then all of a sudden, he takes a sip of his coffee and then turns to give her a hair-ruffle. The look on his face is precious, is it not? He explains that the overflowing emotions to mimic a romantic scene can’t be stopped.

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And just like that they walk home, occasionally shoulder-pushing each other.

A few days later, So Eun drops by his hospital room after he had a minor surgery to fix his deviated nasal septum. She asks if he washed his hair. Jae Rim: “Of course I haven’t, I’m waiting for you!” Then she wonders whether she’s too dressed up for a hospital visit, and he asks why is she all dolled up? She replies, “To make you fall in love with me.” Instead of romantic moment, his snark comes in, “Then wipe the lipstick mark off of your teeth first!” LOL She’s embarassed and starts rubbing her teeth with her finger.

 photo WGM240-37.jpg

Aww in her interview, she comes to the conclusion that he was too straightforward and sharp and wishes that he didn’t see it. In his own interview, he blames the snarky attitude on the miserable days at the hospital.

 photo WGM240-38.jpg

She notices that he wears his hospital gown a bit too sexily…and then he rides on that comment and poses on the bed. HAHA!

 photo WGM240-39.jpg

 photo WGM240-40.jpg

She chops the apple roughly and he’s like, “Your mother must have big hands.” Lol. Careful there, new groom. If your mother-in-law dislikes you, you’re doomed! But in his interview, he likes her style – it’s sexy.

 photo WGM240-42.jpg

 photo WGM240-43.jpg

Jae Rim trying to gain sympathy from So Eun by pointing out his IV infection site. He wants her to blow the pain away and she doesn’t budge from her seat. Good girl. XD

 photo WGM240-46.jpg

He wonders what she did yesterday and she says she was at a dinner for Liar Game and ate pork belly. He’s all, “Must be delicious.” She answers within seconds, “How could I enjoy it when you were lying here?”

 photo WGM240-49.jpg

Waiting for his response. This part cracks me up. They’re like two strategists battling to outdo each other. Jae Rim is better at it since the words naturally flow out of his mouth but So Eun, you can actually see the light bulb goes off in her face. ROFL.

 photo WGM240-50.jpg

haha the first time Jae Rim is flustered because it takes him several seconds and piece of apple to reply… with a sexy wink that makes all the female MCs and So Eun scream in unison.

 photo Wink.gif

Time for Song Jae Rim’s waste disposal system TALK. LOL Since he can’t pee in the normal way, he had to use a urinary tube to remove 500cc worth of urine.

 photo WGM240-55.jpg

Her uninterested face:

 photo WGM240-54.jpg

Then he wants her to shave his face but she’s too nervous, afraid that she might cut him. In his interview, he says she shouldn’t be nervous since it’s his face against her blade, “Maybe she’s nervous because her hand touches my lips?” heh.

 photo WGM240-56.jpg

She’s shaving him and he teases, “Should I shave your legs later too?” Her voice turns serious, “Let’s stop this okay, I’m holding a razor!”

 photo WGM240-59.jpg

 photo WGM240-60.jpg

After shaving, they stare at each other in silence until he stretches out his arm and she holds it. They stay like that while he preaches, “I’m comfortable with you without even speaking a word. Looking at you, we seem like an old couple.”

 photo WGM240-62.jpg

So Eun lightly rubs his fingers back and forth. Aww.

 photo WGM240-64.jpg

She doesn’t like his comment and removes her hand instantly. He defends, “Just because I said that, you don’t think I was nervous [holding your hand?], stop that thinking, you noble thing.” hehe 🙂 He tells her to think of it like a roaring fire, a delicate heat from warm ashes.

 photo WGM240-65.jpg

 photo WGM240-66.jpg

She thinks that he’s still sick for blabbering non-stop and that they should call a doctor. He throws back, “Tell him I’m having a love fever right now.” She’s speechless.

 photo WGM240-73.jpg

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    Omg they are so funny together. I want one of those selfie sticks lol

    • 6 thoughts on “We Got Married: Episode 239 & 240 “Impish hubby.”

      Those sticks are retractable right? I can’t imagine people actually carrying it around. heh.

  2. 6 thoughts on “We Got Married: Episode 239 & 240 “Impish hubby.”

    I love your “a pound of cheese” reference. ROFL~

    This couple is oozing nacho cheese. I’m about to hurl. Too early for me to start.

    He’s a smooth operator. Man-boy got game! Dayum! Good to know she’s up on his level in this game too.

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    LOL!!! jae rim is my favorite right now!! he’s so cheesy it’s not even funny!! hahaha

    SEXophone?!! oh alice, you’re hilarious but the music choice during that scene…. LOL!!

    sometimes, i think so eun was seriously embarrassed for his lipstick mark comment…she wanted to joke around but got bitten back by his snark. even he felt it was hurtful during his interview. this man has no filters for sure!!

    i think he really likes her – constant teasing but she’s still monitoring him.

  4. 6 thoughts on “We Got Married: Episode 239 & 240 “Impish hubby.”

    This couple is too funny! Hope to keep up with regular posts about them!

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