Three Fall TVB dramas to look forward to!

Quite a few solid TVB dramas this year. Though Line Walker went coo-coo and lost its sense of logic and direction after the veterans died, you have to concede to the fact that it started out really well – it was tight, funny, and dramatic. There was action, romance, camaraderie, and suspense all neatly rolled in. Best of all, it successfully achieved the one goal of every production; it drew in talks and generate discussion. People who have never (or rarely) watched Hong Kong dramas were lured in.

Before this year is over, I have three more HK series to follow. Hopefully, you’ll like one of them as well.

One that aired a week ago is Tomorrow is Another Day. I like Kate Tsui and absolutely adore Vincent Wong but the theme grabs my attention, a drama about correctional police overseeing and disciplining inmates in several real prisons in Hong Kong. It’s an interesting theme and one outside the box for TVB. I hope it goes really dark into the life of inmates and the psychological effects this profession have on the police force. It has aired seven episodes so far, so do drop a comment of your opinions!


Second one that is airing this weekend is the return of our muscular boys in Tiger Cubs 2! I still remember my heartbreak two years ago when a certain someone met his demise. 🙁 The other changes include switching out the leading lady. Jessica Hsuan is replaced by Linda Chung. Looks like a challenging role for Linda because she appears a bit psychotic in the trailers. One thing I like about its predecessor was how the boys actually worked out for months to gain muscles and look the part, unlike many other cop dramas where the wind could easily beat the hell out of the cops. Lol.


The last one to air in November 3rd is Overachievers, the modern retelling of the five eunuchs (now men) of last year’s ancient drama, The Confidant. TVB’s best supporting actors all in one drama, how could I skip it? You know I love rooting for the underdogs and some of these actors may never get a dip in the pool of leading roles, but still they make the best out of every given script. I remember shipping Nancy Wu and Power Chan together in The Confidant, and now she’s involved in love triangle with Power and Raymond Wong. ha!


The other good news is HKTV has decided to start airing their dramas in November online. YAY! More dramas in Hong Kong for viewers to choose from. I hope the CEO, Ricky Wong, does get some form of success and will be able to get a physical license to air his productions on TV soon.

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    Tiger Cubs! YES! So excited…been waiting for two years. I’m trying to optimistic that this will be as good as the prequel, but Linda’s crazed-overly-enlarged eyes in the trailer were pretty annoying…

    Looking forward to ManHim though. My ship is about to leave harbor!

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    So happy to see the news that HKTV’s series will see the light of day!! I was really looking forward to Police Boundaries after the first ep but then looking at what’s happening in HK right now, police aren’t exactly a popular group. Unless the storyline features corrupt cops, then it will be interesting…

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    Wow, all three look so intense. I’ve actually watched the first episode of Tomorrow is Another Day out of boredom and wasn’t that impressed. The story seemed good but none of the actors are really ones I like so that probably added to my disinterest. The only one I knew was Kate Tsui but she is not an actress I particularly care about. I haven’t watched the first Tiger Cubs but I want to watch this new one mainly because Linda is in it. She has been my favourite HK actress since I watched Moonlight Resonance with Raymond Lam (they both became my favourite after that drama :D). Anyway the story looks good too and I love HK police dramas, they seem to always do it right, at least at the start. I have no idea what Overachievers is about even after watching the trailer but it’s definitely not the type of drama I would watch so I’ll pass that one.

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    xiaoxiu, there are more explosions this time around! Not sure why TVB thinks more explosion means better in any way, but at least it means they invest in more money for the effects.

    Let’s see where they take ManHim this time!

    Kat, they must not be popular with all the violence surrounding Occupy Central. At least this will be about correctional policemen, so they will be slightly different? And the cast look refreshing enough. I missed Vincent Wong on my screen!

    Em, TVB dramas usually get better after 5 episodes or so. I hope TIAD continues that statement. XD Overachievers looks to be a business-oriented drama, my least favorite genre ever. It’s the type of drama where you watch for the performances, and close one eye about the storyline. Lol.

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